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  • posted a message on GP: Portland or High School Dance?
    It seems like the answer is obvious for any Magic player. Go to Portland. You have three byes and GP's are rarely in your area!
    But for me... I am not sure if I want to go.

    First off, I am 17, a senior at my school and I know just about everybody because I get around and make myself known and I know people. The only people I don't know are the freshmen, and no one cares about them much. I love to dance. It is basically one of my favorite things to do, and I am not talking about ballroom dancing or crew dancing like Step Up movies, I like to go to dances and just dance and have fun with friends or various girls I know.
    But I also play Magic and have never made Day 2 of a GP or won a PTQ.
    However, I did win a GPT and earned three byes for GP: Portland.

    So I found out today at school that the first dance of the year is on September 10th from 9-12 like normal. GP: Portland is on September 11th however. It takes me about 7 and a half hours to get to Portland from where I live. I do not drive, so that is out of the question. I talked to friends to see if they wanted to leave at midnight, but they weren't really down. My dad and mom are also out of town that weekend so they can't help.
    I want to go to both, but I don't know how I can or if I can.
    Additionally, going to Portland is going to cost me a lot more money than just going to the dance.

    If I do go to the dance, I know that I will have fun with my friends and make sure that my newest friend, who just moved here from where I used to live and doesn't really have friends, would have fun because she declared me as her "dancing buddy".
    I just feel so torn between the regular life of a high school kid trying to have fun and a Magic player trying to get his one big break.

    So what would you do if you were in my shoes?
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  • posted a message on [Official] Combo Archive
    I cut Time Warp. It is easily the weakest card in the deck. A lot of people think you need it to win via infinite turns, but that is just too gimmicky when you can just Bolt/Burst your opponent to death thanks to Call to Mind and an active Ascension. Time Warp is great against Control decks, but you don't really need it. Here is my list:

    I board in Time Warp to wreck UW even more.
    Relic is for the mirror and can come in against RDW and Naya.
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  • posted a message on Sanctioning Pauper Tournaments
    Is Pauper a format that can be Sanctioned?
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  • posted a message on Fair trade?
    There is this thing called "value of want" or something like that. If you are the only person with a Protean Hydra and somebody wants it, the price naturally goes up, because that person wants it. It makes that Protean Hydra worth more, up to whatever the price is of what you want most likely. So if you get a Dragonskull Summit for your Protean Hydra, and both of you are happy because you have the card you want, then the value of those two cards has to be equal. Card value changes between players.
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  • posted a message on July 24th, 2010 ~ PTQ at Santa Clara incident with Matt Nass
    Quote from AsianHammer
    I mean, I just want to add a few details to the conversation which I think have been missing from this thread.

    1) This incident took place at Superstars Gaming Center. They are the store/gaming lair that runs the online website, Channelfireball.

    This was not at Superstars. You cannot just assume things like this. You weren't there. It was at the Santa Clara Convention Center.
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  • posted a message on [Developing] R/x Neo Wildfire
    I think that Khalni Gem is terrible. I think that the only four drop cards you should play to ramp into Destructive Force should be Everflowing Chalice and Garruk Wildspeaker. They both set up nicely for a turn five Destructive Force, which is probably the best time to play it, hindering your opponent of whatever they have, Garruk can then produce tokens or Chalice makes mana. Cultivate the turn after you play Force with Chalice in play seems like a fantastic comeback plan.
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  • posted a message on [Deck Discussion] Brian Kibler/Sam Black/Martin Juza Tap-out U/W Control
    To whomever posted all of those lists of decks: The majority of those decks don't exist or are just plain bad, plus the point I was trying to make was that I don't need to play turn four Jace, TMS against most decks and against decks that want to play Jace, TMS on turn four, I have Jace Beleren to stop that.

    To whomever talked about replacing M11 cards with Divination: I didn't cut Mind Spring for a card from M11, I cut it because a card from M11 beats the crap out of it which is Mana Leak.

    To whomever suggest the terrible Leyline: Why would you waste 3-4 slots in your deck on a dead card in multiples that you want early on? Why do you need to play all of your spells at instant speed? It is mostly irrelevant.

    Here is the list I am talking about people:

    Yep, still no M11 discussion.
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  • posted a message on [Deck Discussion] Brian Kibler/Sam Black/Martin Juza Tap-out U/W Control
    I cannot post my list because it is post-M11. But basically, I cut Mind Springs because they are worse now because of a certain card.

    What decks are you going to play turn four Jace, TMS anyway?
    The only matchup where I want Jace, TMS in play on turn four is Mirror Match or Turboland (to counter their Jaces). But I'd rather have a turn three Jace B.

    By playing 8 Jaces, you can be more aggressive with them, just letting them die here and there.

    Plus in the mirror match, you are drawing so many more cards. Jace B can just sit there on one counter, stopping their Jace, TMS. Then when you draw another Jace, you can just -1 and play it immediately for value.

    Also, by playing 8 Jaces, they don't suck as much against Jund because you can now just play them and draw a card and if they spend a non-Blightning* Spell to kill it, you net value. Of course BBE and creatures get in the way, but you shouldn't just run it out there to die.

    In general in testing so far, there has never been dead space with my Jaces, I have always had another to play after they kill the first one and my hand was never just all Jaces. Turn three Jace Beleren is a very, very underrated play right now. I almost cut all the Mind Sculptors for him, but realized how good they are together.

    That is all for now.


    *I don't think Jund will be playing Blightning Post-M11 anyway so that makes it even better.
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  • posted a message on [Deck Discussion] Brian Kibler/Sam Black/Martin Juza Tap-out U/W Control
    What do all of you think of playing eight Jaces?
    I tried it out today, and was always happy to draw one. I just always had more cards that my opponents and it was pretty nice that they could either kill them selves, or my opponents would want to kill them so my extras weren't dead.
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  • posted a message on Have you won or placed in any big tournaments this Standard season?
    I top 8'd a PTQ in Sacramento on 5/22/10.
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  • posted a message on weird insistence of high roll
    Quote from Abracadaver

    Odds (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11) - 6 total chances
    Evens (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12) - 6 total chances

    Both of you are wrong. The odds of rolling an odd number on two six-sided dice is ALWAYS less than the odds of rolling an even number, because 1 doesn't exist on two dice; only numbers greater than 1.

    EDIT: 'Nath
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  • posted a message on weird insistence of high roll
    Personally, I always ask for the even/odd roll as well. If they don't like it and want to do high roll, I am alright with that. I prefer even/odd though. It is just more simple.
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  • posted a message on [Deck Discussion] Brian Kibler/Sam Black/Martin Juza Tap-out U/W Control
    Quote from Squall
    KoTWO and WoO replace themselves and as stated, force misplays by causing overextending. DoJ is still gaining you great card advantage.

    And the times you don't get turn 2 Knight, turn 3 Wall with PtE in hand, you still have the option of turn 3 DoJ with Chalice. Control has always been about versatility of options.

    I don't run Chalice at all, so the turn three is irrelevant for me.
    For some reason, I just blanked and totally forgot that Ko2 and Wall replace themselves.

    Quote from badjuju
    Be careful with making blanket statements. Boss Naya sees more play than UW Control based purely on the fact that the high cost and rarity of UW's cards (Jace's and Baneslayers) works as a bottleneck to many players. While I agree with you that Mono Green and Mythic barely need to be taken into account at this point, you can bet your ass Vamps and WW will be hanging around for a while. A single HOTP can allow any of WW's creatures to run right over KotWO.

    Online right now, more people are playing UW Control and Jund than Naya. most WW's do not play Honor as well.

    Also, I played a few games against Jund and White Weenie today (10 a piece) and I didn't really miss Day of Judgment.
    I just played smart and cast Planeswalkers, they Pulse/O-ring them, then I cast a Baneslayer or Sphinx and just play creatures and Planeswalkers to keep up the pressure and defense.
    Also, I still have a Martial Coup maindeck, which is randomly good. The only problem I really have is not drawing removal or a blocker early on to defend myself.
    I still have DoJ in my board however, I may put one or maybe two back in the MD, but I don't feel like they are needed.
    Also, most (good) players play around DoJ and when they do when you don't have it, you just gain so much of an advantage.
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  • posted a message on [Deck Discussion] Brian Kibler/Sam Black/Martin Juza Tap-out U/W Control
    Quote from jscolton
    And if they don't have a creature able to kill the wall, they have to overextend to get around it which just makes Day that much better.

    Except that now you aren't trading as highly with Day of Judgment because you have creatures also.

    Quote from dPEsper
    your assumption about being shut down is correct.. the creatures we can run for early game dont outclass anyone. you really think wall of omens can block a leech more then once? same goes for KotwO

    If Day of Judgment gets cut, some more spot removal could come in to handle creature such as Leech. Also, Jace TMS helps here too.

    Quote from HarvesterUT
    There are plenty of creatures that make your life a nighmare and no Sphinx or Wall of Omens will save you. Vamps especially needs to be swept clean due to prot-white, hexmages, deathtouch, etc.

    Boros is weenie heavy, as is WW, Mono G, Naya, Mythic. Even going 2 for 1 with Day is usually worth it

    Just about none of those decks are played. Vampires and Mono Green are dead. Not many people play Mythic anymore. You can beat Naya with just a Baneslayer most of the time. WW has a hard time beating Knight of the White Orchid unless they draw Student or Steppe Lynx (and Lands).

    Plus, I am not saying to completely cut Day of Judgment from the deck, but to simply move it to the sideboard.
    The two most popular decks by far are Jund and UW. Day of Jugdment doesn't really do much against either of those two decks. I'd rather have better cards maindeck, and leave the Day of Judgments in the board.

    This is just theory though, its not like I am preaching that everyone should always cut Day of Judgment forever from the maindeck, it is just an idea that I would like you to all consider.
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  • posted a message on [Deck Discussion] Brian Kibler/Sam Black/Martin Juza Tap-out U/W Control
    Day of Judgment

    Is there even a reason to have this card in the main deck post ROE anyway?
    With Knight of the White Orchid, Wall of Omens, Sphinx of Jwar Isle and Baneslayer Angel, it feels like we can just cast more spot removal and use our more effective creatures to outclass our opponents.

    They can always be in the sideboard against decks where we actually need them anyway.
    I am obviously going to just be shut down by everyone, but it is something to think about considering at the very least.
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