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  • posted a message on July MCC Round 2 - The Scorpion's Sting
    Acidic Sandwurm 4GG
    Creature - Wurm (R)
    When Acidic Sandwurm enters the battlefield, put two -1/-1 counters on target creature an opponent controls.
    Whenever a creature an opponent controls an opponent controls dies, you may sacrifice Acidic Sandwurm. If you do, destroy target enchantment, artifact, or nonbasic land.
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  • posted a message on June MCC Finals: A Final Command
    And the round is over! All judges (including Tilwin if possible) are to judge all cards, so no bracket this time!
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  • posted a message on Club Flamingo ☆ Exclusively for Custom Card Connoisseurs and Great People
    Lineage 2BG
    Enchantment (R)
    Whenever a creature you control dies, you may put a creature with converted mana cost less than or equal to that creature onto the battlefield from your hand.
    The next generation will follow the previous's destiny.

    IIW: The card interpretation of internal screaming
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  • posted a message on Fetching Gobling cards that are not marked as Goblin cards.
    It cannot. Goblin cards are restricted to those that have the creature type goblin, not just say goblin in the name.
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  • posted a message on Club Flamingo ☆ Exclusively for Custom Card Connoisseurs and Great People
    Didn't even realize i had won...

    "Dinosaurs and creatures you control with power 4 or greater have haste and menace."
    They're Dinosaurs Brent.
    Power 4 or greater/10

    Every part of this makes me wonder "why?" very slightly. Especially the name.
    Juvenile Allosaurus/10

    Tmw Reef Worm had kids but they were dinosaurs.
    Reef Worm Children/10

    This just in, Dinosaurs can bear flags.
    Coalition Flag/10

    Is this supposed to represent evolution? Because Dinosaurs are at the peak of that.
    Adaptive Snapjaw/10

    Gonna be honest here this is definitely green, not red.
    Hornet Queen/10

    It's like when you're on MTGO and you forget to put a creature out with Show and Tell!
    Mental Misstep/10

    Doesn't exile any dinos from your yard 0/10 flavor fail.

    Winner is PanchoPonceN
    Next is Father and Son
    HM to Cardz5000
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  • posted a message on July MCC Round 1 - Rise Eternal
    Thoughtless Fighter 3
    Artifact Creature - Golem (U)
    Eternalize 5U (5U, Exile this card from your graveyard: Create a token that's a copy of it, except it's a 4/4 black Zombie Golem with no mana cost. Eternalize only as a sorcery.)
    Not all who wander are lost, as not all who are worthy are fully alive.
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  • posted a message on June MCC Finals: A Final Command

    (This month's banner uses the art of Approach of the Second Sun by Noah Bradley. It was created by the wonderful bravelion83.)

    June 2017 MCC Finals: The Final Command

    The second sun is coming, Bolas's return is nigh, and Amonkhet is on the brink of devastation. But, we can't just focus on the present. We also must reflect on the past, the anthologies beforehand. That's exactly what's happening this month. The first two rounds will let you choose between highlighting the Egyptian plane's glory or the past of the Commander series. The Third will put you squarely in the God-Pharaoh's realm, and Round 4 will give you a long look at the achievements of Commander in the past.

    We have come to the end, and when finishing a journey, one must always look at the past. Namely, for this round, Commander's recent past. In this round, you'll be taking on the Commander R&D's Greatest Challenge: Designing 4-colored Commanders.

    Main Challenge: Design a Legendary Creature with Four Colors in its Color Identity.
    Subchallenge 1: The Card does not have more than 1 Evergreen Keyword Ability.
    Subchallenge 2: The Card has a converted mana cost of 4 or less.

    Main: 1) The card must have exactly 4 colors in its color identity, which is the culmination of any colors in the mana cost, text box, and color indicators.
    2) If the card is double-faced, the front side must be legendary.
    Sub 1: The keywords this challenge is talking about is as follows:
    • Deathtouch
    • Defender
    • Double Strike
    • First Strike
    • Flash
    • Flying
    • Haste
    • Indestructible
    • Lifelink
    • Menace
    • Prowess
    • Reach
    • Trample
    • Vigilance
    Sub 2: Converted mana cost is the total cost determined by adding all symbols in the upper right corner.
    Ask about any text that needs clarifying in the MCC discussion thread.

    As always please remember
    Quote from bravelion83 »
    A reminder to everyone:
    In the MCC, putting rarity on cards is mandatory! If you don't put a rarity on your card, expect huge deductions in both Viability AND Quality.
    Also, you should format your text cards accordingly to the forum rules (see the "this formatting looks best" spoiler in the linked OP). Again, expect deductions in Quality otherwise.

    Design -
    (X/3) Appeal: Do the different player psychographics (Timmy/Johhny/Spike) have a use for the card?
    (X/3) Elegance: Is the card easily understandable at a glance? Do all the flavor and mechanics combined as a whole make sense?

    Development -
    (X/3) Viability: How well does the card fit into the color wheel? Does it break or bend the rules of the game? Is it the appropriate rarity?
    (X/3) Balance: Does the card have a power level appropriate for contemporary constructed/limited environments without breaking them? Does it play well in casual and multiplayer formats? Does it create or fit into a deck/archetype? Does it create an oppressive environment?

    Creativity -
    (X/3) Uniqueness: Has a card like this ever been printed before? Does it use new mechanics, ideas, or design space? Does it combine old ideas in a new way? Overall, does it feel “fresh”?
    (X/3) Flavor: Does the name seem realistic for a card? Does the flavor text sound professional? Do all the flavor elements synch together to please Vorthos players?

    Polish -
    (X/3) Quality: Points deducted for incorrect spelling, grammar, and templating.
    (X/2) *Main Challenge: Was the main challenge satisfied? Was it approached in a unique or interesting way? Does the card fit the intent of the challenge?
    (X/2) Subchallenges: One point awarded per satisfied subchallenge condition.

    Total: X/25
    *An entry with 0 points here is subject to disqualification.

    Good luck all!

    Player deadline: Sunday, July 9th, 23:59 EDT
    Judge Deadline: Thursday, July 13th, 23:59 EDT


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  • posted a message on June MCC Round 3: The God-Pharaoh's Will
    Quote from IcariiFA »

    God-Pharaoh's Gift 4
    Artifact Creature - Construct (R)
    God-Pharaoh's Gifts power and toughness are equal to the number of creature cards in your graveyard.
    1, Exile a creature card from your graveyard: God-Pharaoh's Gift becomes a copy of that card until end of turn, except it's power and toughness are equal to the number of creature cards in your graveyard.
    Lazotep was but one way to become eternal.

    (3/3) Appeal: Johnny likes this for the shenanigans with gate and with value creatures. Tammy likes it for being a 6/6 when it comes out via the gate.
    Spike likes the possibility of this in delirium style decks to have a large beater on T3 or 4.
    (2/3) Elegance: The fact that it has to get smaller to activate itself is not something I caught on the first readthrough and I feel like it would be similar for many players.
    (2/3) Viability: Colorless clone effects walk a fine line of viability, but it's mostly fine.
    (3/3) Balance: this seems to be a nice balance between well costed on its own and with the gate. Nice job.
    (2/3) Uniqueness: Similar but different to Cemetery Puca and BodyDoUBlE
    (1.5/3) Flavor: Going around the Lazotep encasement idea was neat for design, but not necessarily for flavor. Additionally, one-turn copying doesn't fit the "eternal" idea either.
    (1/3)Quality: A) You need an apostrophe in "Gifts" to define its P/T. B) In both cases where you define its P/T, you need the word "each" before "equal". C) The "it's" should not have an apostrophe. It's is a contraction. You used a possessive.
    (4/4) Challenges: All good.
    TOTAL: 18.5/25
    Quote from The_Hittite »
    God-Pharaoh’s Gift 2
    Artifact - Equipment [R]
    Whenever God-Pharaoh’s Gift enters the battlefield, you may pay UBR. If you do, return a creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield and attach God-Pharaoh’s Gift to it.
    Equipped creature is a black Zombie with base power and toughness 4/4.
    Equip 3
    Born by death to rise Eternal.

    (1.5/3) Appeal: Tammy likes the size boost, Johnny doesn't like the huge amount of work to do to get this effect (with gate it still costs 6). Spike could easily think similarly.
    (2/3) Elegance: This doesn't really have any special use when used by the gate, although it feels like it should. Other than that, all good.
    (3/3) Viability: This certainly all works for a rare artifact.
    (2/3) Balance: This is really underwhelming, really, because, if you use it with the gate, it costs more than an Hour of Eternity.
    That's a problem.
    (2/3) Uniqueness: Similar but different to Nim Deathmantle
    (2/3) Flavor: The flavor makes sense, and works well for the card name. However, it's a crime that you didn't use the full 5 phrases.
    (3/3) Quality: All good here.
    (4/4) Challenges: All good.
    Total: 19.5/25

    Quote from kjsharp »
    God-Pharaoh's Gift 4
    Artifact (R)
    God-Pharaoh's Gift enters the battlefield tapped.
    tap symbol , Add UBR to your mana pool. Spend this mana only to cast spells from your graveyard or activate abilities of cards in your graveyard.
    Whenever you cast a spell from your graveyard or activate an ability of a card in your graveyard, create a 3/3 black Horror creature token.

    (2/3) Appeal: Good for all but tim.
    (2/3) Elegance: A key part for elegance here is how it works with the Gate to the Afterlife. This card, well, doesn't, which makes you wonder why you'd even bother.
    (2.5/3) Viability: This edges the line between rare and uncommon, but otherwise it's great.
    (3/3) Balance: This seems dulled down enough to be reasonable and fair.
    (2/3) Uniqueness: Similar but different to Embalmer's Tools
    (3/3) Flavor: Neat idea to both combine this with Eternalize and Embalm, and with 3/3 Horrors from the Archenemy set.
    (3/3) Quality: Looks all good.
    (4/4) Challenges: Done.
    Total: 21.5/25
    Quote from iphanx »

    God-Pharaoh's Gift 3
    Legendary Artifact (R)
    Whenever a creature card in your graveyard becomes the target of a spell or ability, exile it.
    At the beginning of your upkeep, choose a creature card exiled with God-Pharaoh's Gift, put it onto the battlefield.
    The promised afterlife is nothing more than an endless wretched servitude.

    (2/3) Appeal: Johnny likes cheating big dudes into play, and so does Johnny. Spike probably thinks it's too much work.
    (2.5/3) Elegance: Speaking of which, this card still requires a good bit of work after the gate, which isn't ideal, but this is better than most.
    (3/3) Viability: Considering this is similar to Eternal Scourge, it seems fine.
    (2.5/3) Balance: This takes a good bit of work to get going even after you get it to the battlefield, so it likely won't be broken. However, this also means that it won't feel as powerful of a payoff to the gate.
    (2.5/3) Uniqueness: Similar but noticeably different from Eternal Scourge.
    (3/3) Flavor: This tells the same story of Amonkhet from a very different viewpoint that seems quite good.
    (2.5/3) Quality: The second ability likely should be worded "At the beginning of your upkeep, put a card exiled with God-Pharaoh's Gift onto the battlefield." The choosing isn't necessary.
    (4/4) Challenges: All good.
    Total: 22/25

    IcariiFA = 18.5 + 17.5 = 36/50
    TheHittite = 19.5 + 19.5 = 39/50

    kjsharp = 21.5
    iphanx = 22

    Marco = 16.5 + 16.5 = 33/50
    Rocco = 17 + 17 = 34/50

    Flatine = 23
    Freyleyes = 20.5
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  • posted a message on [Monthly Card Contest] ***MCC*** Discussion Thread
    I have decided to start round 4, which will be up in a matter of minutes. For Round 3, Tilwin's judging will not be taken into account. It's a sad event to happen, and it causes 4 competitors to only go based on one judge's opinion, but it's the cleanest way to just move on. The finalists for June are now up.
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  • posted a message on [Monthly Card Contest] ***MCC*** Discussion Thread
    Quote from void_nothing »
    We're well, well past the judging deadline for June Round 3. The delays this month don't seem to be letting up. Slant

    Judging and the final round will be up as soon as Tilwin finishes.
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  • posted a message on Club Flamingo ☆ Exclusively for Custom Card Connoisseurs and Great People
    Arnnthrax the Vile 4BRG
    Legendary Creature - Beast Horror (R)
    Haste, trample
    Other nontoken Horror creatures you control have "When this creature dies, exile it and create a token that's a copy of it."

    IIW: Dinosaur tribal
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  • posted a message on Club Flamingo ☆ Exclusively for Custom Card Connoisseurs and Great People
    Overextend 5GG
    Sorcery (R)
    Creatures you control get +4/+4 and gain trample and haste until end of turn.
    When nature calls, it's too late.

    IIW: 4 color cards.
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  • posted a message on June MCC Round 3: The God-Pharaoh's Will
    Submissions are closed, and judging has begun! Here are the brackets!
    TheHittite vs. IcariiFA
    kjsharp vs. iphanx

    Marco vs. Rocco
    Flatline vs. Freyleyes

    TheHittite vs. IcariiFA
    Marco vs. Rocco

    Flatline vs. Freyleyes
    kjsharp vs. iphanx
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  • posted a message on Outrageous Lies About the Last Poster!
    Flatline has flat-lined more than 400 times.
    Damn defibrillators.
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  • posted a message on [Monthly Card Contest] ***MCC*** Discussion Thread
    Quote from Flatline »
    Quote from IcariiFA »
    Considering we are probably going to have that exact card spoiled before this round is over this probably isn't the best idea for a challenge...

    I think it seems like a fun challenge. Although I agree that it will be better if the actual card isn't spoiled before the round closes. I don't follow such things very closely though, so I'm not sure what the odds are of making through the round before the card is spoiled.

    I agree that the challenge will be much better if God-Pharaoh's Gift is spoiled after Wednesday, but even if it does happen (track record on things like this seems to be pretty even, and the Gate wasn't spoiled early.) then the cards will still be judged individually and with the same mindset. This is partially why I suggest to finish your card fairly quickly or avoid that spoiler until you do to maximize practicality without trying to stay close or stray from the actual card.
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