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  • posted a message on [Primer] U/G Merfolk
    I think that Ghalta is great if somehow Temur Energy and Rdw are viable.
    But all I play against are Settle, Fumigate, Contempt and Disintegration, while not needing help against Hazored.
    Wrong time for it, probably.
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  • posted a message on Merfolk
    Played UG in Standard today, 5 rounds + top8. After 3:0 I was double downpaired, lost both, finished ninth and got home early for Mtgo.

    After 4:0 in competitive Modern league with mono U I was paired with Grixis Jace Ctrl. I won game 1 with double Waves with him with 11 min on his clock (I had 20).
    Then I had nice hate hand but he outgrinded me with endless Snap-Azcanta-K Command for 1:1 and 5 min on his clock.
    Then I had another nice hate hand, played Spyglass (seeing Serum, Jace and 4 lands) on Jace, then Spell Pierced his freshly drawn K Command and played second Spyglass (for some reason naming Scalding Tarn because that was the only other thing he could activate...). They played Jace and another Command to free him.

    Then Creeping Tar Pit.

    After furious 5 min I lost to the unblockable land (and my mistake not naming Jace again with second Spyglass) while drawing blanks, they had 15s left on their clock.

    One of those days...
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  • posted a message on Merfolk
    Close to bottom, mono blue, nothing much to talk about, which is ok.
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  • posted a message on Merfolk
    4:1 mtgo competitive league today. Beat 4 Jace decks (Grixis ctrl, 2 4-color (no white) goodstuff (Ancestral, Goyf, Electrolyze, K. Command, BBE, Jace, Bolt...) and Jeskai ctrl), lost to Dredge 1:2 because in two games I had many turns to draw Seas but no cigar.

    Since I opened Jace at random in a Chest I HAD to play it Smile
    Had dueling Jaces with Grixis, his 2 copies died quickly, mine was holding his Delve creatures in hand so he was shuffling them with Jace. After 3 Damnations my Jace still prevailed by bringing more troops. Beat Jeff Hoogland (one of the 4 color) 2:0, maybe I was in his twitch stream.

    I like lack of stupid decks like Elves, Affinity, Lantern; I root for Jace decks to plow their numbers.
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  • posted a message on [Deck]Merfolk
    This article reads to me that True-Name Nemesis is getting a reprint.

    A third will be new cards so they have to fill the others with existing, and TNN is just ok in 2hg, while being excellent chase card to make people buy the set.
    Hopefully that slashes his Mtgo price.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] U/G Merfolk
    I believe I won every red matchup so far. Two problems, as mentioned, are Snek + Ballista and removal into Scarab, RDW has neither.
    We have draft superstars like Defense, Boon and some 4 toughness dudes.
    So I believe you.
    We have other issues but red removal is not one of them.
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  • posted a message on Merfolk
    Maybe we will need to return Copter + Kira duo. They are great against both cards, work gloriously together and does the job against Humans (block flyers and Reflector can't tempo us out) and Affinity (block flyers and Etched).
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  • posted a message on [Primer] U/G Merfolk
    It looks like Dead_folk was right Smile
    Why? Well, I did my usual 0:5 yesterday, feeling like that is "proper" for Merfolk strength in Standard.

    Then I copied this list:
    (except those 2 Nissas in the sideboard, they never did anything whenever I cast them, paper or online)
    and I just 5:0-ed Mtgo Standard with it. Obsessions and Blossoms are exactly what I needed.
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  • posted a message on [Idea] Grand Architect
    Played 2 Online Leagues today: 4:1 twice, lost to Jund when we were in topdeck mode, I had Master of Waves but he played Liliana of Last Hope (next draws all x/1s); lost to GW Tron (this is not Merfolk, no Spreadins Seas here, he had everything).
    Speaking of Merfolk, luckily that wasn't my deck of choice today because I beat Devoted Elves, Affinity and TWO Lanterns, which would never happen Smile

    Copter was MVP as usual since Affinity can't past through it, blocks Etched and drew many cards through both Leagues. Play of the day: against Elves, he Reclamation Saged my Ballista so it pinged it on his way to graveyard. He played Ezuri and this was my "cue" that the game is ending next turn. I need something. But I drew Academy Ruins. Then it hit me. Crew Copter, Ruins the Ballista to top, draw it with Copter, play for million with Architect and gang, equip Collar that was already there...
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  • posted a message on [Idea] Grand Architect
    Green is not really friendly to artifacts. Before diving into green for chunks of hunk, have you tried Myr Battlesphere, God-Pharaoh’s Gift or even Inkwell Leviathan? Gearhulk can never be paid by only creatures, we always need at least GG and mana base took great hit against Burn, Scapeshift and Blood Moon.

    Not that I tried your build, maybe it’s great, I am just concerned since blue isn’t lacking beef.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] U/G Merfolk
    Quote from Dead_folk »
    Is 20 lands to few?
    I tried out a 20 land build but I mulligans a ton. Was it bad luck or common to get a lot of one land hands at 20 lands?
    On there are 7 lists that had somewhat decent result, all 7 had 22 lands, so probably yes.
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  • posted a message on [Idea] Grand Architect
    In my view aggressive approach would be with 4 Signal Pest and Master of Etherium.
    Those cards did nothing in my testing, so I am off that route.
    That said, with Lantern as PT winner, Pests become more interesting in helping Throne and Ballista fightning against it.

    I also don't see the deck successfully control everything Modern has to offer, we are not fully stopping what the other side wants to do.
    I hope Thorn and Lodestone can stop some degenerate combo, or maybe equip Ballista with some death rays to stop assault, but we are not specialized for either.

    As primarily Merfolk player, I find myself more in the middle, aggro or tempo, I want to curve out, to use all my mana every turn.
    In this case, if I can have turn 3 attacking creature equipped with sword; big Ballista; al my hand out with multiple threats; Trinket Maged perfect answer and played it immediately because turn 2 accelerator, then I am happy.

    Good thing is that blue is bff with artifacts (Whir of invention says Hi!), we can always expect some headscratcher in new sets (just like Humans deck), so that is exciting, even if we are not tier1.

    What approach everybody else has: aggro, tempo, control?
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  • posted a message on [Deck]Merfolk
    Quote from mtgsalaccount »
    I'm interested to know people's thoughts/experience on splashing green for simic merfolk. With the new ixalan set comes a few interesting options:

    Merfolk Mistbinder, combined with Lord of Atlantis and Master of the Pearl Trident gives merfolk 12 2-drop creatures that boost each other. While there are still aggro decks that can bash Merfolk like Burn, Maverick, B/G Elves or Delver, if you're putting down an "All other creatures you control get +1/+1" every turn while you sit on counterspells, your opponent has to spend removal on them at some point or be inevitably overrun.

    Merfolk Branchwalker can be argued as an alternative to Silvergil Adept because you don't don't have to pay 3 more if you have no merfolk to reveal, and if you don't draw something good you get a free +1/+1 counter. In a fringe possibility, its to-graveyard ability may also pair well with graveyard acceleration.

    Then, there is Kumena's Speaker which isn't Goblin Guide but it will more than likely be a 3/3 on your second turn, conveniently matching the speed of Delver for only 1 mana.

    Deeproot Elite is worth a glance, but it's more than likely that it is too slow for 2 mana.

    Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca looks interesting, but for 3 mana I would rather play True-Name Nemesis or Vendilion Clique. However, its tapping abilities would pair well with having 12 merfolk boosters should you decide to venture down that path in Modern.

    But beyond Rivals of Ixalan, splashing green opens the door to other possibilities.
    Simic Charm, buffs you against spot removal or swing for the win if someone decides not to block (which happens more often in legacy), but also gives you the flexibility of harbinger's effect.
    Sylvan Library Lets you rearrange the top cards of your library in any order and switch cards in your hand for cards in your deck every single turn, in addition to providing draw if you need it. With this, you may not even need Chart a Course or Silvergil or Smuggler's Copter.
    Natural State, costing only 1 green mana would make a good sideboard card against nearly any artifact-using deck like Affinity, Death and Taxes, Maverick, or Steel Stompy which typically don't run counterspells. The only drawback is that it is more vulnerable to Chalice of the Void if you don't counter it, though chalice for 1 mana is hardly a the deciding factor against merfolk to begin with. However, it can also be sideboarded against control/midrange decks that rely on key artifacts and enchantments such as Sneak Attack or Cursed Scroll where 8 counterspells in deck may not be enough to match their Thoughtseize or own Force of Will.

    These kinds of cards would likely come at the cost of Harbinger of the Tides or Phantasmal Image or Silvergil which are all good cards, so you can't have everything, but if you find Merfolk is missing aggro and runs out of gas, this is how to refuel it.

    Merfolk Branchwalker in possible UG Merfolk deck in Legacy can't ever be considered alternative to Adept. Nothing can be. Adept is set in stone.
    If you like playing with Branchwalker or Library try finding another slot. You can even make Mono Green Merfolk if you like, but any Merfolk list that has Island in it starts with 4x Silvergill Adept.

    Simic Charm is not good enough for Modern and even worse in Legacy since we play more lands like Wasteland and Cavern that can't cast it.

    Copter is great in our deck, Library is too slow, doesn't attack/block and there is no space.

    Natural State is not great since we are the ones playing Chalice of the Void and we don't care for Chalices on the other side.
    It also doesn't work against Sneak Attack and Cursed Scroll saw play 10 years ago.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] U/G Merfolk
    I think blue mana does not work in your deck. 9 blue sources for 9 blue nonmerfolk spells in the main + 6 more in the sideboard is not enough.
    11 feels like a bare minimum. With that many 3-drops + Oasis and the need to cast merfolk and leave protection up, adding 2 Islands could be a solution (-1 One With the Wind, -1 Unsummon).
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