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  • posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    Quote from Dontrike »
    I think the biggest thing that bothers me about entire sets of cards that are not Magic related is that it tells us the game can't stand on its own and now they need other IPs to help sell it. It makes the game feel cheap and rake like (look up rake for why I used that word.) If I wanted to play a LotR card game I would have played the actual LotR card game when it was out, if I wanted to play 40k I'd go spend $400 on painting supplies for one miniature.

    The fact that MTG as a brand isn't selling as well as it has in the past whether it be due to Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro's incompetence or proof of a generation gap of younger players more drawn to IP Crossovers compared to older players who are more conservative in their views of the MTG brand staying the same so that it doesn't end up losing it's own sense of identity with the original source material is definitely worth debating. MTG managed to stand the test of time because we've always believed in the notion that the gameplay mechanics and nostalgia alone were enough for the brand itself to stand on it's own but as it turns out that doesn't really seem to be the case here. The reason why I brought up Upper Deck Entertainment's Marvel / DC Vs. System Trading Card Game as an example earlier was because players actually feared of what the game would look like If it strayed too far away from American Comic Books to where it might look unrecognizable to those who play. I couldn't imagine what Vs. System would've looked like If we had crossed that threshold but oddly enough the game was discontinued only to be re-released as a Living Card Game by the same company with minimal success.

    Another problem I have with Paper Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games like Universal Fighting System by Jasco games (re-branded as UniVersus) and Weiß Schwarz by Bushiroad is that instead of these licensed properties having their own Paper Trading Card Game / Collectible Card Game with it's own unique gameplay mechanics they're forced to share the same gameplay mechanics with other licensed properties within the same Paper Trading Card Game / Collectible Card Game that plays nothing like the source material they're based upon. It feels too watered down and generic with low learning curves for players who struggle with games being too complicated to learn. Less complexity equals more sales however something too complex won't sell at all as we've already seen with a lot of failed card games within the past couple of decades that missed the mark due to poor marketing and advertising. The sooner the Pay-to-Win business model changes from loot crates to something more convenient that isn't Online / Digital exclusive the better. Unfortunately we haven't found a real solution for it yet especially since now the ongoing pandemic has dramatically changed the paradigm.
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  • posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    Quote from Drangsal83 »
    I play since 2004 and there were several ‚Magic is dead‘ moments:
    - Future Sight: Futureshifted card frames
    - Lorwyn: Planewalkers
    - Alara: Mythic rarity
    - M10: new terms (cast, battlefield, exile)
    - Innistrad: double face cards
    - Ixalan: Pirates vs. Dinosaurs
    - The Guildwatch as Avengers wannabes
    - Secret Lair Drops
    - Ikoria: Kaiju artworks

    My love for the game survived them all.

    But this could maybe the Jump the Shark moment of MtG.
    I used to be the same way with Upper Deck Entertainment's Marvel / DC Vs. System Trading Card Game since I was deeply concerned that adding different Intellectual Properties into the game could potentially ruin the main source material it had with Comic Book Superheroes and Supervillains. I think the problem with MTG is that Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro thinks they can make more money relying on other Intellectual Properties instead of focusing on MTG's own lore which they've actively neglected since War of the Spark. We have little to no explanation for what's been taking place on Kaldheim, Eldraine, Theros, and other recent planes we've visited barring Saga cards that leaves more questions than answers. It's a problem when Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro isn't as emotionally invested into MTG's own lore as they are designing the game itself.

    The problem is that when it comes to MTG's own lore it just isn't as exciting as other Intellectual Properties that have their own communities and fanbases where it can be very hard to bridge that gap without ruining something that was once held sacred in a sense. I think Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro could learn a thing or two from Bushiroad who knows how to actually market their Intellectual Properties in a way that's exciting especially with how Square Enix promotes their products for the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. As long as they don't get lost in the marketing and focus more on the basics of what made MTG the powerhouse Trading Card Game it is today then they should do fine IMO. Unfortunately with the way things are right now they're doing the exact opposite of what they SHOULD be doing. They're sort of going back to basics with Remastered versions of old sets.
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  • posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    Not gonna lie, I'm really hoping for an actual Gandalf Commander with the flavor text, "You Shall Not Pass!" with the illustration paying homage to Angus Mackenzie from Legends. Almost thought they were going to go with Game of Thrones but I'm glad they actually went with Lord of the Rings instead. Don't really care that much about Warhammer 40k though I can see how it could convert players over to MTG.

    I know I probably shouldn't bring this up but is a Princess Bride (1987 film) Crossover out of the question? Westley/Dread Pirate Roberts/The Man In Black is an automatic shoe-in for a Gerrard Capashen clone. Of course Inigo Montoya would have the flavor text, "My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!" Buttercup would have her own card too of course as well as the phrase "Inconceivable!".
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  • posted a message on USPS Hurting E-Commerce Deliveries for Local Game Stores (LGSs)?
    So about 10 days ago on Valentine's Day I recently placed an eBay order for $20 worth of MTG cards for my EDH / Commander decks and they haven't come in the mail like they were supposed to. At first I thought it had to do with the recent snowstorms that tore through most of the United States when it turns out that Postmaster General Louis DeJoy was to blame aside from holiday shipping delays and has now threatened to slow down first-class mail. What he doesn't realize is that he's hurting a lot of small businesses or in this case Local Game Stores (LGSs) who are needing an e-commerce presence whether it's eBay, Etsy, or Crystal Commerce to deliver card singles and other products to people's homes to compete against not just Amazon but online vendors like Card Kingdom, Channel Fireball, Star City Games, and even Sports and More.

    This is especially bad at a time when most people aren't able to go to their Local Game Store since they've been stuck in quarantine for nearly a year due to the ongoing pandemic by being forced to play Arena online or give up their gaming hobbies for good. I'm guessing the goal is to destroy the USPS so that it can be dismantled especially with what happened with mail-in voter ballots last year just so that UPS and FedEx can make massive profits at our expense. Sounds to me like this could be a last ditch effort to save Brick-and-Mortar Retail with how much money e-Commerce businesses like Amazon have been making and the USPS probably feels as though Brick-and-Mortal Retail and e-Commerce can't co-exist when one business model is making more than the other. President Biden can't simply fire Louis DeJoy since only the USPS Governing Board has authority to do so.
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  • posted a message on Old Remastered Sets New Norm for Reprints Going Forward?
    Quote from SpeedGrapher »
    I see them doing more remix sets or remake sets. It's going to be an on going theme until they hit every old block that they can.
    I don't take any issue with this. Apocalypse remastered in one booster box set. The power level of that block is low by todays standards so they have to remaster it.
    It would more than likely be printed as Invasion Remastered since Apocalypse is the third set from that block. Notable reprints would include Phyrexian Altar, Sterling Grove, Aura Shards, Empress Galina, Captain Sisay, Diabolic Intent, Orim's Chant, Lord of the Undead, and Phyrexian Arena. Maybe they could give us Zendikar Remastered as an excuse to reprint Training Grounds again even though it's on "The List".
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  • posted a message on Old Remastered Sets New Norm for Reprints Going Forward?
    The hard part is that there are few sets where this would be a big draw.

    For TSR, players will likely enjoy getting Rift Bolt, Tolaria West, Dryad Arbor, SSG (even post-ban), Sprout Swarm, Pongify, Mana Tuthe, a wide array of slivers...

    For Mirrodin Remastered, meanwhile, we have... uh... eternal witness... artifact lands... cloud post... did I mention eternal witness?

    If there isn’t a critical density of semi-exciting non-rares to go into the set, I can’t imagine a set being pulled off... and I can think of maybe 1-2 other blocks (Lorwyn being one) that can pack enough of those to make it halfway plausible.
    Still holding out for a Reiterate reprint in TSR.
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  • posted a message on Old Remastered Sets New Norm for Reprints Going Forward?
    When I first heard about Time Spiral Remastered I automatically assumed that it was just going to be another online / digital exclusive to Arena and MTGO when later I found out that it was getting a Paper release which made me think that Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro may have finally solved the problem with Masters sets by re-releasing old expansions in a way that presents the best cards within these blocks. This was back when we used to have 2-3 sets per block in Standard before they changed it in Amonkhet to where now every Standard legal set is a stand-alone set including Core Sets. The big arguments I've been hearing about this distribution method is that it could end up devaluing the original sets' Expected Value (EV) quite a bit which is okay IMO because you were only going to invest in Reserve List.

    I can already imagine Odyssey Remastered with the pre-Mirrodin card templates with reprints of the most popular cards in that block such as Cabal Coffers, Tainted Pact which has now become a staple card in cEDH, as well as Worldgorger Dragon and Mirari's Wake which have spiked in price recently on the Secondary Market. We could even get Lorwyn Remastered with new reprints of Bitterblossom, Thorn of Amethyst, Maralen of the Mornsong, Stigma Lasher, Polluted Bonds, and Greater Auramancy. So what do you guys think? It's definitely a nice change of pace from having reprints in different product releases like the Planeswalker Spellbooks and the Color Collection series starting with Green. We'll still get reprints in Commander Pre-Cons though they'll mostly just be new Pre-Con exclusives anyway.
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  • posted a message on Netdecking has killed standard for me
    And here I think is a good issue. Cherry picking the best cards is part of the game, but lately MTG has seemed happy to ban cards instead of creating answers or hate dedicated to forcing players to grind out matches instead of just goldfishing to a win.
    Wizards of the Coast knows that EDH / Commander players like to goldfish more rather than grind out matches like most players in competitive formats do especially in cEDH to a lesser extent which explains their current design philosophy as of late. The difficulty is in designing cards that accommodate both Standard and EDH / Commander in a way that doesn't make the other imbalanced to the point where there would be less bans in Standard where as in EDH / Commander it's not broken enough due to how vast the card pool is in dealing with those threats.

    There does seem to be a reluctance on Wizards of the Coast's part not to print answers or hate cards to problematic cards in Standard because they aren't willing to take a financial loss in Expected Value (EV) sales at the expense of balancing the format. For example If there had been plenty of answers and hate cards for dealing with threats like Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath or Oko, Thief of Crowns then there's a good chance that those cards never would've gotten banned and probably not worth as much as they were going for. They'd still make money but probably not enough to appease the shareholders at Hasbro.
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  • posted a message on Esika brainstorming
    The goal is that you want to run as few creatures and planeswalkers as possible to get the full benefit of Esika, God of the Tree // The Prismatic Bridge akin to Hermit Druid in Dredge decks. The version I built relies on controlling the board with Child of Alara and Reaper King while using Saheeli, Sublime Artificer's static ability to make Scarecrows every time I cast a noncreature spell with Maskwood Nexus and/or Arcane Adaptation naming Scarecrow for Vindicate triggers. You also want some pillowfort with Spirit of Resistance, Norn's Annex, Energy Field, etc.

    I did try to experiment with just Esika, God of the Tree to utilize turning my Legendary Creatures into mana dorks though that would require me to run Sakashima of a Thousand Faces just to pay the 5 Kicker for Rite of Replication to make five copies of Sakashima that can now tap for one mana of any color with Esika, God of the Tree. Leyline of Singularity was also an option with non-Legendary Creatures but was too risky with not hitting the right creatures and planeswalkers with The Prismatic Bridge. If Indestructible is a problem just run Shadowspear, Bonds of Mortality, and Hour of Devastation.

    Hope that helps and good luck!
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  • posted a message on February 15, 2021 Banned and Restricted Announcement
    No changes to standard? They are seriously just leaving turn 2 ugin plays happen in best of 1 on arena?

    Not to mention rogues goes unchecked? Standard is an absolute garbage format yet they do nothing? Thanks wotc
    I'm guessing they're choosing to do nothing with Standard on account of most of the player base playing on Arena over In-Person Events due to the Ongoing Pandemic when that seems like a really lame excuse IMO. The format itself could be in for a rude awakening the sooner we get back to In-Person Events and FNM at Local Game Stores to the point where I'm not even sure If rotation will make any difference by then. EDH / Commander has taken whatever passion or enthusiasm Wizards of the Coast had left for Standard and thrown it away completely which is reflective toward their current design philosophy.

    Seems like the attitude among the MTG community is that we want Wizards of the Coast to preemptively ban cards rather than wait on metagame data before taking action. However considering how long they've been around as a company you'd think they're already able to tell just how broken certain cards are at least before they're officially printed as Hasbro doesn't allow Wizards of the Coast's R&D department enough time to properly playtest. Their philosophy is really just to throw a bunch of random stuff against the wall to see what sticks and what doesn't when a lot of times that tends to backfire and not in a good way either.
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    Quote from SpeedGrapher »
    Yes, the value is not there for buying a booster box of Kaldheim. One of my friends I was talking to said that you're paying $95 for the box and maybe getting $50 of value out of it. That's bad. I'm sure in a year from now the set value will go up. But if no ones buying the boxes. No ones playing standard then it might take longer than that.
    Wizards of the Coast is dedicating so much of their design philosophy toward EDH / Commander that it's becoming a major detriment toward Standard and other competitive formats at least from a power creep perspective. Why do you think they just now decided to ban Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath in Pioneer, Modern, and hopefully Tibalt's Trickery in Modern? They could've banned one of these cards a long time ago but waited until they've made enough money off of them via sealed product sales.

    They can't expect to always make a home run with new land cycles selling Standard sets when they've backed themselves into a corner with one or two Mythics being the overall Expected Value (EV) of the sets themselves. Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath was the ONLY reason why sealed product for Theros Beyond Death was able to be sold. It only proves that Wizards of the Coast only thinks short-term rather than long-term as the ongoing pandemic has given them a free pass to sacrifice competitive formats for EDH / Commander with little to no consequence involved.
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    Probably explains why most of the "value" has already gone toward Pokémon TCG mostly due to the fact that Standard is only being played on Arena or in ill-advised, non-sanctioned underground Paper Magic tournaments. If the only place a player can compete is online (aside from playing In-Person Casual EDH / Commander at their LGS) then there's really little to no incentive to collect playsets of cards for the Standard format. In return it limits the Paper Magic Sealed product customer base solely to collectors, investors, and Casual EDH / Commander players, thus impacting sales.

    As you pointed out earlier, another issue is the Kaldheim product itself in that it boasts only four cards with different titles that can be pulled from a Draft Booster Box which are worth more than $10 on the Singles Market (excluding foil versions of these cards). The Expected Value (EV) of Kaldheim is lacking but that's only because players are buying less booster boxes as a result. One issue I do have with "The List" when it comes to Collectors Edition boosters is that the pull rates for valuable reprints are atrocious. Why not add the reprints as If you were guaranteed two rares a booster pack like in Double Masters?

    What Wizards of the Coast is doing instead is creating artificial scarcity to increase the price of these reprints for when they design a new Secret Lair for them in order to make money directly off the Secondary Market. At least Mystery Booster was a home run because you were guaranteed reprints in every pack but in Collectors Edition boosters for new Standard sets? Not so much I'm afraid especially when the reprints are sometimes foil by default. I'm not sure If Tolarian Community College has already gone over this or not but It'd make for good discussion IMO.
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  • posted a message on Concerning White, the problem child of Magic.
    Can someone explain to me why Hullbreacher's CMC is 2U instead of 2W or is that too much to ask for a color that could REALLY benefit from stealing draws in exchange for producing mana?
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Ban Coming? (Hint: Tibalt's Trickery is Lame)
    Might as well also ban In Search of Greatness while they're at it.
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  • posted a message on The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Future of the Local Game Store (LGS)
    Quote from motleyslayer »
    tbh I'm not surprised edh/commander staples (reserved list as well I guess) are pretty high. Because of the lack of ability to play in store, we can only really play at home with friends and edh is a great format to play with friends.

    I keep forgetting that Modern Horizons 2 is this year but it should have some good staples, including I believe fetchlands which might have been confirmed already
    Wizards of the Coast designs their Paper Magic products so far ahead in advance before they're officially released to the public that they didn't take the Coronavirus Pandemic into account with Mystery Booster / The List, Jumpstart, and Commander Legends being "lucky" hits last year. They were probably under the impression that everyone would get vaccinated and return to "normalcy" by early to mid 2021 or later when we don't exactly know when the pandemic will end for when In-Store Organized Play can open back up again where people actually feel safe rather than insecure. Much like other businesses they're severely underestimating just how big of a logistics operation of having a 90% effective COVID-19 vaccine widely available to the general public really is even though it isn't the "end all be all" since sadly it really only seems to benefit those who haven't caught the virus yet by following the non-pharmaceutical procedures of wearing a face mask in public while practicing social distancing.

    It's like when you never contracted smallpox, tetanus, or diphtheria because you were able to prepare for it by getting vaccinated during your childhood only in this scenario there's not much of a way to "prevent" COVID-19 or decrease the risk of dying from it If you've already contracted it from someone else since you have to REALLY rely on protocol to save your skin. I don't think doctors and scientists have figured out yet how to extend the immunity period of the COVID-19 vaccine to where you don't have to get an annual shot similar to the Flu every year like with two shots per year. I'm blessed that I still have a Local Game Store (LGS) to hang out and socialize with my friends playing EDH / Commander with as I sometimes think of my other LGS I used to frequent on Friday nights even though they're mainly a Comic Book Shop that also sells anime figures and graphic novels. It's been nearly a month since they posted their last Facebook update though I've been hearing rumors that they might open back up their play space later in Spring or Summer.
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