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  • posted a message on Stranger things secret lair spoiler and upcoming secret lairs
    Something tells me that Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro is going to wait til they have enough Universes Beyond cards from Secret Lairs and other supplemental products before they start reprinting them as in-Magic versions to put in a supplemental set like Commander Pre-Cons or Masters sets. Reprinting them through The List is only going to make these cards much harder to obtain with whales hoarding so much sealed product containing them not to mention how bad the pull rates are. I think you should be guaranteed 1 card from The List in EVERY booster pack more likely in set boosters since pulling them in draft boosters may give players an unfair advantage yet the downside is that it would encourage whales to hoard booster boxes even more If the odds of pulling these cards from The List were that easy.

    While we're on the subject I do agree with Tolarian Community College in that while this "chaff" from The List may be good for players looking to make these cards work in EDH / Commander and Pauper it would've been better If they had a better selection of cards to reprint yet they know If they reprint expensive cards to add to The List then it'd make these products more expensive and make the whales happy which they're trying to avoid. They don't really have a one size fits all solution when it comes to reprinting expensive cards without running the risk of catering to whales who hoard these sealed products with these expensive cards just to flip for a profit and a lot of times they don't even know what's in the box they sold or bought from someone else because sometimes the reward outweighs the risk involved.
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  • posted a message on Should Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro Be Concerned About Flesh and Blood TCG?
    Quote from Funk Pirate »
    Not sure is my answer.

    F&B is certainly not a fad and will be here to stay. Is there money in it, sure, but i dont think its the only property to take some funds from MTG.

    As far as ive seen, more people are interested in and play the new Digimon Cardgame, like myself.

    At our local store we have a regular base of Digi players now and it seems to grow every now and then, also in the nearby city (i live in a mid sized town), the Digi group is growing fast too (usually about 15-20 per event), so F&B is certainly not the only game potentially taking from MTG, but at the end of the day MTG will keep surviving for its hardcore base.

    Also Digi is much bigger then F&B in our area at the moment (also me being in UK), so not sure if is just bigger in USA. Also the rough stock/distribution is not great for the game. Sure Digi has had some too, but the delays were minimal (usually a week or 2 at most), but F&B delays for its 2-3 sets have been months here, so there is a stark difference (also since Nov 2020 Digi has had 6 releases).

    ~Funk Pirate
    Paper Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games like the new Digimon CCG always have a tendency to homogenize certain playgroups / communities to specific Local Game Stores (LGSs) from what I've noticed over the years either because there isn't enough overhead to support multiple playgroups / communities of said Paper Trading Card Game / Collectible Card Game all at once or it's more out of what's more convenient for certain playgroups / communities because of laziness and not wanting to deal with traffic to get to point A and point B depending on how far apart these Local Game Stores (LGSs) are and even geography / location can make things a hassle as well.

    I just know that Bandai Namco doesn't have a good track record when it comes to their Collectible Card Games with the exception of Naruto CCG which kinda died around the second part of the franchise and sadly I see Digimon CCG facing the same fate as Dragon Ball Super CCG, One Piece CCG, Power Rangers CCG, etc. it just isn't going to end well for them unfortunately. Since most of these Collectible Card Games are tied to source material once they run out the company in charge is forced to move onto a different project it's just how it's always been because I've witnessed this happening time and time again, companies like Bandai Namco only care about the short-term rather than the long-term.
    I have tried playing the game with the welcome decks they offered. I didn't really like it at all. It just felt clunky and a bit too predictable in a way. Its not for me. As for the games "growth" it seems overhyped and being driven by investors trying to make a buck. The growth needs to be organic for the game to survive. I don't see that happening. I wish them luck but I am not on board.
    The reason why it isn't organic is because it was released RIGHT before a global pandemic which led to a public health crisis that grinded the potential for In-Person Organized Play at Local Game Stores (LGSs) to a temporary halt. With a lot of people including myself who've had experienced burnout from various other discontinued Paper Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games in the past due to company incompetence and short-term contractual agreements with no long-term game plan for said card games, I can understand why it'd be hard to get on board with Flesh and Blood TCG especially when the distribution model itself isn't as enticing being branded as another Pay-to-Win Loot Crate / Loot Box Paper Trading Card Game / Collectible Card Game.

    Why can't we have a Paper Trading Card Game / Collectible Card Game that's designed to reward players who want to buy card singles instead of having to pull them in sealed products? We have Living Card Games (LCGs) for that and that distribution model isn't nowhere NEAR as popular because there's always more thrill in chase cards and playing the lottery right? Most companies only look out for themselves and their own bottom line however there's only a small handful of companies who are really willing to stick their neck out for their own customers regardless of the circumstances involved. Eventually capitalism will rear it's ugly head just like it did to Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro and Magic: The Gathering.
    Quote from DL_Ojutai »
    Seems like a lot of anecdotal stuff about F&B's threat to MTG as far as I've seen. I see it advertised a lot and I see some content creators pushing it but I don't know anyone who plays and none of the LGS around here run events even though some do have product for sale. I'd need to see national numbers, but my guess is that F&B's market share is smaller than its marketing makes it out to be.

    We had Weiss-Schwarz tourneys fire for a while at my old store because I got some folks into it, but I don't think that's indicative of it being in serious competition with MTG.
    So far this is the best I can give when it comes to national numbers:

    Quote from ICv2 »
    Legend Story Studios announced that their The Calling Las Vegas main event, for Flesh and Blood TCG, fielded 750 players. The Calling Las Vegas events took place at the Las Vegas Convention Center on September 10-12 (see "Legend Story Studios and ChannelFireball Team Up Again").

    This event offered $10,000 in cash prizes as well as professional tournament invitations and Golden Cold Foil prize cards. The event was also the world premiere of the new Tales of Aria set (see "'Tales of Aria'"), which was unveiled on Friday, September 10 at a six-round sealed Swiss event. The Classic Constructed main event played out over the course of two days, and featured a finals showdown between two decks featuring Monarch heroes, Tyler Horspool's Prism deck and Sebastiano Cavallo's Chane deck. Tyler Horspool ended up winning the championship and took home the top prize of $1200, a Golden Cold Foil Extended Art Fyendal's Spring Tunic, and Professional Tournament Invite.

    The Calling Las Vegas represents a major landmark for Flesh and Blood TCG, as far as U.S. organized play is concerned. The main event fielded 750 players, making it was one of the largest in-person TCG tournaments to take place in the U.S. since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. With Wizards of Coast cancelling the Magic Pro and Rivals Leagues after the 2021-2022 season (see "'Magic: The Gathering' Play"), the success of The Calling Las Vegas event opens up space and opportunity for LSS to firmly establish their own competitive professional TCG structure in the U.S.

    On the FLGS level, the competition, prizes, and potential glory of a competitive pro tour may function as an incentive for players to buy Flesh and Blood product, as was once the case with Magic: The Gathering and their PPTQ system (see "Old Players and New"). LSS has strong TCG partners, TCGplayer (see "Local Game Stores") and CFB, as well an organized play support system for retailers, which makes Flesh and Blood TCG a solid contender to live up to its tagline as being the "The New Classic TCG."
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  • posted a message on Should Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro Be Concerned About Flesh and Blood TCG?
    Flesh and Blood TCG does have a few things going for it that seems to be a vast improvement over Magic: The Gathering, one is the lack of non-interactive Solitaire style plays that come out of nowhere to win you the game as early as turn 4 where opponents are forced to rely on the luck of the draw to stop a combo from going off cause most of the time you're going to be tapped out on mana having to rely on that free counterspell to stay in the game or hinder your Sideboard for other matchups to stop said combo.

    Another thing is that Legend Story Studios actually focuses more on players rather than whales and collectors which Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro tend to focus on the most nowadays by having to keep the game's Secondary Market in check to appease said whales and collectors or did they ACTUALLY forget that people play this game? How is it fair for whales and collectors to drain supply to increase demand just to make it harder for people to actually play the game? Why try to create pseudo Reserve Lists just to increase Hasbro's profit margins?
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  • posted a message on Should Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro Be Concerned About Flesh and Blood TCG?
    My Local Game Store (LGS) did manage to get some Flesh and Blood TCG products in and have recently started doing In-Person Events for the game. One of my friends whose an employee at the LGS I go to has been trying to get more people into the game and so far he's only managed to get a couple into it while everyone else at my locals is either playing their normal rounds of EDH / Commander because they hate playing Paper Standard (can't say I blame them) with those boycotting my LGS playing exclusively on Arena online. Then we have other players trying out Digimon CCG and UniVersus TCG (My Hero Academia) because we actually managed to get product in from our local distributor. A lot of people hate him but Rudy's been an avid sponsor for Flesh and Blood TCG as he's also close friends with the creator of the game James White from New Zealand. The Las Vegas Event I was talking about earlier had a player turnout of over 750 players with $10,000 cash prizes being offered to the winners and Tolarian Community College recently stated in one of his YouTube videos about whether or not Flesh and Blood TCG is a fad that had it not been for the Delta Variant of COVID-19 that 750 player turnout likely would've doubled being the highest player turnout for an In-Person Event during a global pandemic.

    What I've been noticing is that booster boxes / sealed product for Flesh and Blood TCG at least within the last several months had an Expected Value (EV) of $400 to $500 not because people are chasing after Cold Foils but because they're trying to get their hands on the actual cards so they can actually play the game and that's what people had to pay to play with these cards. The Unlimited release of these 1st Edition expansions have helped stabilized the Secondary Market for Flesh and Blood TCG thus far. If you're in this to just play the game then you don't care as much about foils but If you're a collector then you need a base of people who are willing to pay for Flesh and Blood TCG products. The reason why Magic: The Gathering cards keep their value is because once a set's done being printed, it's no longer being printed but with Flesh and Blood TCG that doesn't appear to be the case. No I don't think Legend Story Studios should adopt their own Reserve List for Flesh and Blood TCG, look at what that's done to Magic: The Gathering in the last 20 years under Hasbro's influence. It appears that Flesh and Blood TCG will be around for awhile and eventually these cards will become A LOT more accessible once supply catches up with demand despite current supply chain shortages.

    When it comes to the Secondary Market for Flesh and Blood TCG, you have to keep in mind that most of the prices are inflated because the demand is higher than the supply and that's a very bad way to keep the Secondary Market engaged. Because Legend Story Studios' supply is so low it looks like these cards are worth so much money and eventually a lot of people are going to lose a lot of money on this stuff because the company's not doing anything to keep the market value up. Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro despite everything that Magic: The Gathering players can complain about, the one thing they do pretty well is manage that "after" market because If they didn't then the game wouldn't have lasted for almost 30 years because you'd have that market bubble. Market bubble pops. Then your collectors aren't interested anymore. Then the value of these cards are no longer valuable. There would be no reason to buy a booster pack to get a chase card when you can just get everything like in a Living Card Game (LCG). Part of the problem with Flesh and Blood TCG is that there's WAY too many chase cards compared to just one or two in Magic: The Gathering unless they throw in an expensive Land cycle to sell the set. However the Land cycles they add are mostly just lower rarity cycles unlike Shocks and Fetches.

    There also seems to be some power creep issues with some of the max rarity cards (hundreds If not thousands of dollars btw) as opposed to the lower rarity ones which come in Starter Decks that you'd assume would be just as good and that's not good for the average Casual player and If you're a Competitive player then you can't play with the cards that you paid a ton for. It's not for them to not be able to play those either. That's a HUGE problem. There also seems to be some issues with certain Heroes not being on par as they should due to how small the game's card pool is right now. There's too many new elements being pushed and less to experiment with. So is Flesh and Blood TCG going to kill Magic: The Gathering? Magic: The Gathering has an edge due to having an Online Client with Arena where as Flesh and Blood is named Flesh and Blood because the designers want people to play it In-Person. They want people to support their Local Game Stores (LGSs) which is all fine and dandy except you need to be where the people WANT to play and it's okay that Flesh and Blood TCG doesn't have an Online Client because it's so interactive that it'd be miserable to play it online. Everything I do you're going to do something back and If you can't immediately respond to me then it's just going to take FOREVER. It's pretty much a tug-o-war.
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  • posted a message on Should Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro Be Concerned About Flesh and Blood TCG?
    I don't know If any of you have noticed but Flesh and Blood TCG by Legend Story Studios in New Zealand is proving itself to be a DIRECT competitor to Magic: The Gathering more so than Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon TCG. How so? Well there's a lot of YouTube Content Creators for Flesh and Blood TCG who've said that they sold off their ENTIRE Paper Magic: The Gathering collections either in parts, as a whole, or sold off Reserve List and Power Nine cards JUST to buy Flesh and Blood TCG products either to collect or play the game. So If Flesh and Blood TCG didn't exist then we'd expect these same people to just buy more Paper Magic right? Whales who used to buy sealed product for Paper Magic are apparently now buying sealed product for Flesh and Blood TCG and keep them in storage until they flip them online for the right amount of money. Thing is that these people don't have enough money to buy both Paper Magic and Flesh and Blood TCG due to how expensive they are in regards to how there's not as much supply to keep up with demand. The reason why these YouTube Content Creators are uploading less Magic: The Gathering content nowadays is because Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro doesn't treat them with any respect whatsoever like not giving these people any good promos for helping to sponsor their card game.

    Have you noticed that Brian from Tolarian Community College is swearing more because he doesn't care about Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro anymore? Sure he still puts out Magic: The Gathering content on his YouTube Channel but do you expect Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro to invite someone like Brian from Tolarian Community College as a special guest at a Grand Prix Style Event like what Legend Story Studios did by inviting him to a In-Person Flesh and Blood TCG Event in Las Vegas? Then again Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro were forced to discontinue MagicFest and Grand Prix Style Events sponsored by Channel Fireball and Star City Games on account of the global pandemic. Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro seem to be promoting the wrong people when they favor MPL players more than YouTube Content Creators. How do you think they'll react If Legend Story Studios hires Terese Nielsen to illustrate Flesh and Blood TCG cards for them after Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro fired her as an illustrator for Magic: The Gathering? Don't get the wrong idea I love Magic: The Gathering as a Paper Trading Card Game / Collectible Card Game and EDH / Commander is my favorite format in the game but there's seriously something wrong with the way the company behind it has been handling the game as of late.

    Let's put it this way, If there's more money to be made from Flesh and Blood TCG than there is for Magic: The Gathering (Reserve List be damned) then why would everyone be playing in the same MTG Finance game? The returns are proving to be much better in other areas of Paper Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games. You want to know what really surprised me about the In-Person Las Vegas Event for Flesh and Blood TCG? Over 90% of all the participants at the tournament itself never played Paper Magic before or were familiar with the game AT ALL nor did they have any experience with other Paper Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon TCG. It was all a brand new experience for them. They spent countless hours playtesting their decks and didn't take time for other Paper Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games. That's how dedicated they were to this brand new Paper Trading Card Game / Collectible Card Game. I even know one success story from a good friend of mine of a Local Game Store (LGS) in Omaha, Nebraska that literally thrived off of not selling Magic: The Gathering products, card singles, or run events for the game AT ALL. No EDH / Commander, No Standard, No In-Person Pre-Release, just other Paper Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games and Events held for these other card games specifically.

    So what do you guys think?
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  • posted a message on Innistrad Double Feature and Commander Collection Black
    Quote from 5colors »
    Looking it up it seems this a WPN exclusive set (so only in game stores) which to me reads a lot more like something for game stores to buy and use for double feature drafts nights than players to buy and draft at home.
    You mean like how Mystery Booster was? Makes sense I suppose. I remember during the height of the pandemic back in Spring 2020, Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro did what they could to distribute Mystery Booster products to non-WPN stores due to how Local Game Stores (LGSs) were really struggling to stay in business. Fast forward to now things have gotten more stable.
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  • posted a message on Commander Banned and unbanned announcemnt
    Quote from Crazy Pierre »
    We had a weekly "Gauntlet" event on Sundays in Ottawa for close to 10 years until the organizers moved on.

    Round 1: 4-player pod, no infinite combos. 1 point per player killed, 1 point for last-person-standing.
    Round 2: 2 v 2, but players on same team were diagonal from each other like so:
    You could table talk but if you wanted to ask about casting a card in your hand, for example, you had to show the whole table.
    Round 3: 1 v 1
    You had to use the same deck throughout, so you got some pretty neat showings. Ad Naus won a lot, but then meta adjusted and Thalia, Guardian of Thraben shows up, or Thrun, or Azusa. Entrance was $5 store credit and it was split among top...8? I think. It's been a while.

    Wizard's Tower did pre-con leagues pre-pandemic, everyone got a pre-con and you all battled in a pod of 4. Then next week you could add $X in upgrades to your deck, based on non-foil pricing at the store. Then $50 upgrade, then $100+. Sometimes you got ganged on and it sucked waiting for the next round, but overall it was pretty fun.

    It really is a matter of time until Wizards does this on its own, they don't really need the RC or CAG either way, and they could even incentivize players by allowing the big event winner to make a custom legendary. The salty streamers would have no choice but to get on board because, believe me, they would love to see their face on a Magic card.
    60 card formats just aren't worth it these days because they severely lack the kind of variance that a format like EDH / Commander provides. In a 60 card format you're guaranteed to make the exact same plays as If going on auto-pilot because you have 3-4 of playsets of the same card to dramatically increase your odds of winning. In 99 card Singleton no play is the exact same unless you tutor. It seems as though the lines are starting to become more blurred on this the more functionally identical cards are printed with different names in order to make these decks more consistent than they should be.
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  • posted a message on MTG Pre-Release Kit Purchase Required QR Code Scan?
    Quote from Xcric »
    are you sure you aren't mistakenly thinking of the key to unlock the 6 free boosters on arena?
    Yep. Unlocking the 6 free booster packs on Arena was what it was. Didn't realize it until you just told me.
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  • posted a message on MTG Pre-Release Kit Purchase Required QR Code Scan?
    I've actually talked to one of the managers at my LGS In-Person and she told me that the store isn't following any directive that would be discriminatory toward the players and customers within our local community. She understands that not everyone owns a smartphone for downloading free mobile apps regardless of whether or not If they're Paper Magic players. Besides, Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro couldn't really force this on any LGS regardless of how big they are as a corporate conglomerate but it's times like these that makes me feel grateful for sticking to the Casual side of Paper Magic more than Competitive with everything that's been happening in the last 18+ months up to this point. The company is so out of touch with the Competitive side of Paper Magic that all they're really doing is pushing more power creep to sell more new cards to EDH / Commander players.

    Haven't been keeping up too much with Arena and Standard bans as of late especially Modern but it's not as bad as it was in previous years. At least this situation I've been through will make me think twice before purchasing another Pre-Release Kit without having to attend an event If this is the way Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro wants this to be. Since the Companion mobile app isn't what's keeping Paper Magic players at my LGS from playing in Standard events then it's most likely due to other factors with players having to work more hours due to staff shortages with more Americans quitting their jobs as of late. We did have a turnout of over 30 players in our last In-Person Pre-Release Event for Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. Other than that, Organized Play isn't really what it once was Pre-COVID as you can already tell. Were not quite at the finish line just yet but we're getting really close.
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  • posted a message on MTG Pre-Release Kit Purchase Required QR Code Scan?
    The reason why Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro is enforcing this on Paper Magic players is that they have this false assumption that everyone owns a smartphone device to scan for QR codes when not everyone does. They recently launched this new mobile app known as "Companion" to replace players' DCI Accounts and Win / Loss Records for Official Paper Magic Tournaments. So now If you're wanting to enter an Officially Sanctioned Paper Magic Tournament like a Pre-Release, Grand Prix (which is apparently coming back according to the Magic Historian on YouTube), or Standard Tournament then a smartphone device is mandatory to use the Companion mobile app. Since I've chosen not to own a smartphone to use the Companion app let alone being more of a Casual player than Competitive with my Paper Magic format of choice being EDH / Commander, my LGS was kind enough to give me an exemption for my $30 Pre-Release Kit purchase for Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. Because of the ongoing pandemic you can still choose not to participate in the Pre-Release Event.

    This explains why there's not as many Paper Magic players showing up to play Standard recently because of the Companion mobile app mandate that Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro is trying to enforce on these players and Local Game Stores who are WPN approved. All this is going to do is drive away sales for these Local Game Stores who are trying to profit off of these Sanctioned Events that will eventually make it harder for new players to get into Paper Magic unless they're okay with owning a smartphone device for a mobile app mandate. Whatever happened to just paying an entry fee to enter an In-Person Tournament but no they had to throw in a mandate over something that really should be a players right to choose to begin with. I don't see companies like Konami, Bushiroad, and Pokémon Company International enforcing these kinds of mobile app mandates for Organized Play in regards to Yu-Gi-Oh!, Cardfight!! Vanguard, and Pokémon TCG. I don't think smartphone mobile apps should be mandatory for buying or selling items when monetary exchanges through cash, credit, or debt SHOULD be enough.
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  • posted a message on Why Is Red the Main Color for Treasure Token Support?
    Is it due to Pirate tribal? I don't understand why Red needs Treasure token support when it can ramp just as easily as other colors via Mana Geyser, Jeska's Will, Seething Song, Rite of Flame, etc. when White is only left with Smothering Tithe and Monologue Tax for Treasure token support. Not to mention Green since it ramps the most without even needing Treasure tokens with Tireless Provisioner. Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro probably saw how oppressive Treasure token support can be in Black with Pitiless Plunderer and Shambling Ghast in Chatterfang, Squirrel General. Hullbreacher proved to make Treasure tokens too busted in Blue so that's fair. Replacing your opponents draws with Treasure tokens was too powerful.

    There's Treasure Vault and Treasure Chest but those are mainly Colorless options that can be splashed in any deck but are a bit cost heavy for what they do. I do feel as though the Treasure token mechanic is good enough to where it doesn't break the color pie / color wheel in terms of colors that severely lack in terms of mana acceleration like White for example. Black has Cabal Coffers and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, Blue has High Tide unless I'm missing other cards, and I've already explained what Red has, while Green is Green. Viridian Revel's starting to spike in price due to players running Treasure token cards like Dockside Extortionist which is arguably one of the best Treasure token producers you could possibly ask for.

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  • posted a message on Commander Banned and unbanned announcemnt
    And perhaps there is a magical unicorn printing black lotuses and handing them to pauper player. Really your post quickly got for sensible to conspirationist bull*****.
    We should manage EDH based on the supposition that maybe some competitive players have made their own RC and banlist and it works? Or the supposed fact that many players left mtg for Flesh and Blood because of the RC?
    If the cEDH players have really made something, they should come out and submit it to the public.
    If mtg is really losing so many competitive players, maybe it's because wotc is handling all the competitive formats terribly in the last years? The ban of Golos is nothing compared to all the bans that happened recently in standard, modern and other competitive formats. I don't get why the main source of "tournament grinding" should be commander while there at least other 5 competitive formats that exists only to be competitive.
    The problem is that most of these competitive In-Person Paper formats with Standard, Modern, Pioneer, and Legacy aren't as appealing as EDH / Commander and it's very difficult to sanction competitive events and tournaments for a 100 card Singleton format that would take hours on end to resolve between rounds with 4 player Pods per table unless it's setup 1 v. 1 per table Best of 1 Single Elimination since Swiss Best 2 out of 3 would take too long. The best you're going to get that comes close to officially sanctioned EDH / Commander tournaments is If you have an Achievement System similar to what Triple A Video Games use where players get rewarded for unlocking certain achievements during a game once certain conditions are met and I felt as though the Dungeon cards from the recent Dungeons & Dragons Crossover set was a great example of this that's tied to the "venture into the dungeon" mechanic except this Achievement System would be something that's unlocked spontaneously amongst ALL players kinda like in Planechase.

    Perhaps the best solution for these competitive In-Person Paper formats is by making these formats Singleton so that players aren't needing to spend more on playsets of cards than they have to while also mitigating the financial cost of specific cards getting emergency banned to where it's not as harmful on players' wallets with so many products getting printed to where it seems like it's hard to keep up with and it is. Only problem is that with set rotation as unforgiving as it is, it makes these competitive formats Brawl-lite to where the amount of time it can take to brew a 40 to 60 Singleton card deck would result in these cards possibly no longer being legal in their respective formats anymore and with a very limited card pool to work off of leads to demand for cards that aren't legal in said formats because players are needing the consistency to run "playsets" of cards with different names but are functionally identical even in terms of mana value. There's only so many card functions that a format can contain within itself unless it's an Eternal format like EDH.
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  • posted a message on MTG Pre-Release Kit Purchase Required QR Code Scan?
    I thought Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro got rid of DCI Accounts years ago to get more players into Arena instead of Paper Magic.
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  • posted a message on MTG Pre-Release Kit Purchase Required QR Code Scan?
    One of my local LGS sold me 3 on Pre-release day for $24 each for take home play. (No tax on those either) Some places are chill others are a pain in the butt. Of course I had to drive 25 miles away, 50 miles roundtrip. But I live out in the sticks so I don't have many options.
    Did they require you to scan a QR code through your smartphone by any chance?
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  • posted a message on MTG Pre-Release Kit Purchase Required QR Code Scan?
    So last Saturday I purchased a $30 Pre-Release Kit for Innistrad: Midnight Hunt but didn't realize that I needed a smartphone to scan a QR Code which I didn't have. I asked the cashier If I needed a refund since I didn't own a smartphone to scan the QR Code and he told me no even though I paid for the kit in cash since I didn't have a debt card on me as well. A couple days later I called my LGS about the situation again to confirm whether or not If I owed them extra money for the Pre-Release Kit since I don't own a smartphone device as a QR Code scanner. Unfortunately one of the co-workers hung up on me though I think he had his hands full helping a customer at the time. Long story short: I'm not in trouble and they told me not to worry about it.

    I can't help but wonder If QR code scans are going to be the new normal for purchasing Pre-Release Kits for those who choose not to participate in Pre-Release Events due to the pandemic. Last time I purchased a Pre-Release Kit in the past a smartphone QR code scan wasn't even a requirement to pay for it. There's no law stating that you can't buy or sell without scanning a QR code with a smartphone device. I was worried that the QR code scan wasn't optional but since it appears that it is then I don't really have anything to worry about unless it somehow becomes mandatory. Has anyone here had any troubles with this that don't own smartphones? I'm part of the minority but still I have my reasons for not owning a smartphone though I do carry a regular phone.
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