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  • posted a message on The Supposed "Death" of Card Single Sales at Local Game Stores (LGSs)?
    Wizards is shifting towards the normalization of nonphysical products, which will be prioritized over paper magic at an increasing rate over the next 1-3 years. By 2025 most players will be online exclusively. This is their goal.
    I'm guessing one of the higher ups at Hasbro told you this? This decision was probably based on an assumption that In-Person Play and Events at Local Game Stores (LGSs) will NEVER be what it once was before COVID-19, so they're taking extra precaution by forcing players to play online exclusively because they don't like the idea of players continuing to play Paper Magic In-Person at their Local Game Store (LGS) for public health reasons. It apparently puts the company in a bad light so it's easier for them to isolate more players for a less desirable MTG experience while trying to reduce the risk of getting sued for potential damages looking out for their own bottom line of course.

    If this really had been an issue you'd think that Wizards of the Coast would've made a public statement about this already so it has to be something else for why they would be wanting to do away with Paper Magic for good. The Secondary Market itself would be my next guess since it's gotten unsustainable to the point where Wizards of the Coast constantly has to reprint specific money cards to make them affordable for players however it's only good for a short period before they spike back to the same demand they had before. By discontinuing Paper Magic certain expensive cards outside the Reserve List will be treated as another Reserve List for collectors with players wanting to purchase the cards to play them being priced out of the game entirely.
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  • posted a message on The Fate of the LGS, Paper Magic, and the Future of Retail
    Quote from WizardMN »
    This isn't new (and I am positive, because of your penchant and overall desire to be chicken little, that you have brought this up before) so what is the purpose of this post? The cynic in me says that you don't give two *****s about any of this. You are just trying to stir up drama because instead of continuing your existing thread, you made a new one. And this one has far less content than your previous one. Though, to be fair, your previous one had literally 0 content from you as it was just a video (and the one before that was too) and that was still better than the drivel you have come up with here.
    What's wrong with me being concerned about not having a physical location to play Paper Magic at my Local Game Store (LGS)? I know I'm not the only one who feels this way but to those who mostly just play on Arena online they could probably care less. If I didn't give a damn I wouldn't be spending as much of my disposable income on this gaming hobby of Paper Magic. I do it because I care. I care about hanging out with my friends playing EDH / Commander and having a good time. A corporate monopoly like Amazon has no right to take that away from me and anyone else whose spent their hard earned money on Paper Magic as a gaming hobby. Sure it doesn't seem to be having an impact in the short-term but in the long-term there could be potential consequences involved If something isn't done to stop Amazon's takeover of small business retail and Local Game Stores (LGSs).
    Quote from WizardMN »
    I don't really get your end game? Is this simply going to be a monthly post by Card Slinger J where nothing of value is offered and instead it just acts as a (very) thinly veiled advertisement for Rudy's Channel and Patreon? At least the previous threads were a bit more subtle with it where you simply linked to a video but here you not only said "Rudy from Alpha Investments" 4 times (seriously, you could have just said Rudy after that) indicating you wanted to hammer home that he has a business, but you also linked to his Patreon just in case. And, of course, your signature includes a meaningless quote from him (along with some other BS). You seem to be dead set on doing whatever you can to grow Rudy's viewer base for some reason and I am guessing your previous attempts weren't all that successful so you had to be a bit more brazen about it now. I noticed that you never mention any other Youtubers trying to make a living off this game. Only Rudy gets your attention.....
    Pretty much everybody within the MTG Community already knows who Rudy is as I didn't realize that I was publicly advertising for his business assuming that not many people knew who he was. That was a dumb mistake on my part. The truth of the matter is that Rudy could care less about the Local Game Store (LGS) when he's really good at tricking people into thinking he does through his charismatic personality. It can be real easy to fall for. Part of the reason why I brought up Rudy's business earlier was to give an example as to how his vision similar to Amazon's is ruining the Local Game Store (LGS) business model and why the LGS desperately NEEDS to avoid that trap in the first place. People hate the way he runs his business model sure that I understand completely but as a person he seems pretty down to Earth who actually sometimes knows what he's talking about.
    Quote from WizardMN »
    I will admit that there are a lot of things wrong with what is going on with Magic from LGS's being overlooked in certain cases (they do get special Secret Lairs so while not enough for long term, Wizards is trying to engage with them), to the way Arena functions in terms of Wildcards and Arena Only cards, especially with sets like Historic Jumpstart making keeping up nearly impossible, to their apparent disinterest in a Pro Tour, to their overwhelming desire to control the secondary market without admitting there is one with Secret Lairs and "strategic" reprints. Hasbro/Wizards is not infallible but to see someone who focuses entirely on the bad about what is going on in the Magic community is tiresome. Sure, things deserve to be discussed, but basically every thread you have ever created is about how the world is falling apart with Magic. Not simply that something is wrong; that the very existence of Magic is at stake. Which is asinine.
    I have taken it a bit too far. I'll do my best to tone it down a bit.
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  • posted a message on The Fate of the LGS, Paper Magic, and the Future of Retail
    So as we all know Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro's business partnership with Amazon has been catastrophic for anyone online including local distributors such as Southern Hobby (who just recently merged with another company) that Local Game Stores (LGSs) used to be able to rely on by being forced to charge for their products more allowing Amazon to charge for less by cutting the middleman out completely. It's not just game over for local distributors but also for Rudy's No Employee / No In-Person Play business model and Local Game Stores (LGSs) whose business is open to the public for In-Store Play and Events. People are ALWAYS going to buy what the cheapest items are. When they come to your physical store, they'll buy a booster box from Amazon in the Amazon box, take it to your LGS to try to trade it or sell it in cash to your customers. Local Game Stores are actually making less by ordering from Amazon than from their local distributor despite Amazon being cheaper.

    If you're the business owner of a Local Game Store (LGS) you can't compete against Amazon it's just impossible in this current small business climate that seems to be eroding away. You literally have to match prices which you can't with an employee and since Rudy doesn't have any employees who work for his business, he's still good. Any Local Game Store (LGS) with employees the profit margins aren't there because the more they pay the employees the more it hurts the business overall. Less employees to work with means more profit margins for your business which means you'll have enough money to pay rent to stay open. An employee can cost roughly $35,000 to $40,000 a year as most Local Game Stores (LGSs) would need 2 full time employees. If the rent to keep your business open is $200 a month from an empty lot that one of your clients owned then of course you'd be forced to close shop for good. You'd probably need a self-help / staffless store at that point.

    One thing you need to realize is that local distributors are always going to behave in their own best interest. They have a lot of product and they'll give you a discount If they don't have much product then they're not going to give you as big of a discount or any discount. They'll even recommend that you buy these products on eBay because it's cheaper that way. A lot of Local Game Stores (LGSs) nowadays are having their products being delivered from Amazon and GameStop cheaper than their local distributors especially during the whole Pokémon TCG scalping craze from last year when the local distributors didn't have any Pokémon TCG products to deliver while Amazon had Pokémon TCG products at a reasonable price. So If Local Game Stores don't need a local distributor why even own a store? The reason is because you want to provide a physical location for people to play their favorite Paper Trading Card Game / Collectible Card Games In-Person with their friends and local community. You also want to get distributing pricing and the pricing isn't what it used to be.

    Unfortunately the future of retail is not community based in terms of an In-Person community in which retail stores of course are. It's going to be more YouTube content creators, more mass box openings in terms of "Hey my customers pay me a lot of money to open a box for them" akin to what Rudy does for his Patreon followers or used to anyway. Most YouTubers from Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon TCG, Flesh and Blood TCG, etc. they're not opening their own products as they're opening someone else's products for them. Rudy used to come in as an eBay seller for card singles and of course it's very difficult to sell card singles on eBay. You have returns, you've lost mail, you have all types of things that can go wrong. Conditioning issues right? Angry customers for no reason, however selling sealed products are a little bit better because it's a "fungible" item If you will so you don't have to catalogue different inventory right? Maybe the problem is that the sellers aren't getting enough positive feedback for the items they sell.

    The Hasbro business model (based on their recent earnings report) has proven that you don't need a Local Game Store (LGS) to provide a physical location for players to play In-Person. During this period of "growth" there weren't any In-Person Pre-Releases that could be done due to the ongoing pandemic, there were no Channel Fireball Events because they realized they could still make record profits without providing players a physical location to play In-Person. With Arena replacing Paper Standard that's going to make it more difficult for these players to dip their toes into these eternal formats particular EDH / Commander that are more reliant on Paper than in Digital because aside from MTGO there's no consistent way to play these formats and still have the kind of social aspect as In-Person. SpellTable or any other Webcam app doesn't cut it IMO. Deep down we all crave the LGS experience as much as the Amusement Arcade experience from way back when. Of course not everyone feels that way.
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  • posted a message on 31 new digital-only cards for upcoming Jumpstart : Historic Horizon
    Quote from Xcric »
    I mean its a great way to test ideas in a practical environment without truly corrupting the physical product. This prevents feel bad moments if something experimental needs a ban.

    Its also ******* obnoxious if something great gets added and then never gets printed in paper.

    This in turn further divides digital from paper instead of homegenizing it. That can be frustrating and confusing to both old and new players, or players changing mediums. Flawless transitions between digital and paper would be more sound for both mediums of gameplay.

    Ultimately it wont matter. We'll keep consuming.
    Kinda like how Hullbreacher getting banned in EDH / Commander proves that the format needs to have a separate ban list for cEDH instead of trying to homogenize it into just one? As for reducing the risk of more Emergency bans in Standard via Arena and in Paper form that seems like a really good idea actually. For cards printed as digital exclusives on Arena that's really good but will never get printed in Paper is just another pseudo-Reserve List add on like how Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro are going about reprints with "The List". The original Reserve List was already bad enough yet somehow Wizards of the Coast figured out how to capitalize on the idea to generate more revenue for Hasbro.
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  • posted a message on 31 new digital-only cards for upcoming Jumpstart : Historic Horizon
    This is really nothing more than a push for Arena to compete against Digital Exclusive Card Games like Hearthstone and Shadowverse with card effects and gameplay mechanics that are almost impossible to be duplicated in Paper form. The more that Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro are able to entice players to help compete against the Digital Card Game Market the more it could potentially backfire on the Paper version that got MTG where it is today. If Arena stops relying on a Secondary Market to compete against these Digital Exclusive Card Games that aren't tied to a Secondary Market then it becomes less of a luxury where you're not having to spend as much as you would in Paper. It's good in the fact that it feels less obligatory compared to the daily grind of having to keep up with Paper MTG in regards to the latest product releases constantly in fear of missing out due to inside traders making specific cards more expensive on the Secondary Market. It's more of a luxury and incredibly taxing to those where they feel like they're dedicating most of their personal lives on a particular Paper Trading Card Game / Collectible Card Game when life is short and tomorrow is no guarantee especially in the age of COVID where people are still dying everyday.

    The events of 2020 as well as all the chaos and turmoil we see in our world today made me realize just how fragile it really is. It almost makes me wonder how long Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games will continue going in Paper form before the entire ecosystem and economy built around it eventually becomes completely unsustainable. Video Games have it easy because it was a system that wasn't primarily built on In-Person social interaction like Paper Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games are however I do feel with Video Games relying as much on the Internet as much as Paper Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games that we could be cruisin' for a bruisin'. I don't feel we pay enough attention to the world around us or how we're affecting the world today outside of gaming in general as we've become slaves to Social Media and Smartphones forgetting what life was like beforehand especially with how we seem to be indoctrinating future generations to be more reliant on technology rather than our humanity and empathy for one another as human beings. It's hard to keep away from technology nowadays due to how enticing and seductive it really is.
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  • posted a message on Is This Format Too Dependent on Online Resources?
    The reason why I ask this is because when it comes to building an EDH / Commander deck it requires some form of using online resources (a.k.a. netdecking) as in using the Internet to help identify what cards and strategies go with said Commander to make for more optimized builds as opposed to less optimized builds. If you didn't have Internet Access like in the old days of Paper Magic, you literally had to rely on going through books of set expansions to find the right cards you're looking for or dig through thousands of common and uncommon bulk cards at your Local Game Store (LGS).

    Online resources are what separates those who are able to brew their decks more creatively as opposed to those who struggle with being as creative as those that are without proven game data or the Internet. When I first started playing MTG we didn't have anyone use online resources as the players at my locals with the best decks were the ones who put more time and effort into crafting their decks as opposed to players like myself at the time who weren't familiar with card type ratios and having the knowledge to build decks in a way that was just as satisfying as those that didn't use online resources.

    Without the Internet I can imagine it being incredibly hard for an EDH / Commander player especially a newbie trying to find functionally identical cards in playsets within less time than it is with using the Internet in some way. Imagine If EDH / Commander was invented as a format WAY before 2009 like in the mid to late 90's when our Internet wasn't where it is right now. How would players be able to access the official rules unless it was from a Wizards product or via Strategy Guide that book stores like Barnes & Noble used to sell?
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  • posted a message on Monogreen Creature Storm Backup Plan?
    Best Storm combo for Mono-Green that I've found involves Malachite Talisman, Priest of Titania, and Whip Silk. How it works is that you need at least 6 Elves on the battlefield, tap Priest of Titania to add 6 G. Use 2 of that mana to cast and bounce Whip Silk to hand, then pay 3 mana with Malachite Talisman to untap Priest of Titania, rinse and repeat.

    Hope that helps and good luck!
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  • posted a message on The Supposed "Death" of Card Single Sales at Local Game Stores (LGSs)?
    The singles market isn't dead. It may be contracting but players like myself will always want paper cards.
    It's only contracting due to competitive pricing where buyers care more about saving as much money on the card singles they purchase rather than paying a premium by directly supporting Local Game Stores which is now more important than ever even in the age of COVID. To us players we don't care about how much we're paying for these cards as long as the prices are reasonable and affordable unlike the majority of high-end Reserve List cards where you're spending two to three times as much on cards that potentially have functionally identical versions of themselves that are much easier to afford and obtain. In a format like EDH / Commander sometimes being forced to play something that's inconsistent won't cut it even If restriction breeds creativity though it really depends on the cards themselves I guess.

    Now when it comes to Local Game Stores buying and selling card singles, players apparently don't like the idea of selling card singles to make store credit to help purchase the card singles they need for their decks from the Local Game Store's inventory. They could ultimately decide to quit the game entirely and are only looking for cash to spend elsewhere instead of using the store credit from the card collection they sold to buy items from the Local Game Store that they're mostly uninterested in. Then you have a scenario where the Local Game Store might not have enough money from their cash registers to pay the seller the full amount of how much the card collection being sold is actually worth thus hurting their business overall especially when it comes to cash prizes for winners at In-Person events.

    So unless the Local Game Store has an online presence to actually move the card singles from the card collection sold then they're basically stuck with card singles they lost money on and won't have enough money to pay rent in order to keep the lights on for their business. This is how Local Game Stores are making less money on MTG because they don't have enough cash flow to properly satisfy these collection sellers AND themselves. So the collection sellers are forced to get the money they need online because most of these buyers aren't tied to a brick-and-mortar retail store where they don't have enough money to support BOTH the buyer and the seller as it's really dependent on how much income these online vendors actually have. Bottom line is that sealed product sells faster than card singles.

    Players don't like this because they'd rather pay more for individual cards they want by buying card singles rather than buying sealed product where they run the risk of losing as much as they spent by playing the lottery. So in the mindset of the LGS, the less inventory they have the more items they can add to sell more of as long as it's something that doesn't sit around for long. Though I really don't mind the Local Game Store adapting an equivalent toward the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) that we commonly see in Public Libraries for storing their card singles inventory, it can be really hard when you're a store trying to multitask card singles for various Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games simultaneously even when you have customers waiting in line for their card single orders to be pulled.
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  • posted a message on Have You Ever Unintentionally Pissed Someone Off In Your Commander Playgroup?
    In my last Commander game running Chatterfang, Squirrel General I managed to piss off the same person from earlier (because I was running Chatterfang as my Commander) except this time he was running Heliod, Sun-Crowned as his Commander. Eventually the 4 player pod came down between me and him where the game itself ended up in a draw due to The Book of Exalted Deeds from him pulling it out of a D&D: Forgotten Realms Pre-Release Pack. He finally got his revenge on me so it's fair game. Kinda had another Commander deck I wanted to build that's on the back burner since I got other projects to take care of one of which involving a discontinued Trading Card Game / Collectible Card Game that me and my friends used to play.
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  • posted a message on MTG Encyclopedia For Cards Past 7th Edition / Apocalypse
    Anyone know where I can find a physical paperback MTG Encyclopedia covering cards released after 7th Edition and Apocalypse since 2002? I'm not expecting price guide magazines like the Duelist and SCRYE but something tangible to look back on with in-depth analysis covering everything released from 8th Edition and Onslaught up to the most recent expansion in 2021. Considering that it would be 20 years worth of cards it'd be interesting to see. Hopefully it wouldn't be too expensive at Barnes & Noble or on eBay / Amazon given a reasonable price point at maybe $30 for the whole book?

    I already own The Complete Encyclopedia of Magic: The Gathering in Paperback from 2002 when it was first released before the book itself spiked to $80 for a used copy however a near mint condition is apparently worth $300 according to Amazon. So If anyone knows where I can find a physical copy feel free to let me know. I looked everywhere online and couldn't find an actual follow-up to the book I've owned for 20 years. The Comic Book Shop I used to frequent even had a copy in much better condition than mine.
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  • posted a message on Dice of Rolling
    1) cards are not supposed to be auto-includes in every deck. Not even in Commander. I know Sol Ring isn't banned there, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't print it if it didn't already exist.

    2) If you want this to be like Jeweled Lotus, you need to actually include the restriction. As is, it'd need to be emergency-banned in both legacy and vintage.
    True. That's how staples a.k.a. "cookie cutter" cards became a problem in the early days of Yu-Gi-Oh! 20 years ago. Hard to believe it's been that long ago. Players take advantage of running functionally identical cards in Commander ALL THE TIME as the main argument against it is that it hurts variance. To some degree it does but I don't see any harm in printing a functionally identical version of Sol Ring with a different name If it helps with deck consistency though I can see how it can take up valuable deck space within the 99.

    Maybe to prevent Mana Trap from getting emergency banned in Legacy and Vintage instead of having to roll dice during your upkeep you exile cards from the top of your library equal to the total mana value of your Commander. Similar to Cumulative Upkeep it adds up every turn until you decide to sacrifice it. That way it doesn't boost Dredge and Graveyard based decks unnecessarily but for cEDH decks with Commanders that have a mana value of 2 or less it probably won't hurt as much as running a Commander with a mana value of 3 or more.
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  • posted a message on Dice of Rolling
    True though I was hoping to keep the mana value low so that it would be an auto include in cEDH and Commander decks that like a very low mana curve early game to get those explosive starts similar to a first turn Sol Ring followed with Arcane Signet or Fellwar Stone. I'd reduce the mana value of Mana Trap to 1 or 2 while leaving the rest of the oracle text the way you have it. People thought Jeweled Lotus would end up being one of the most powerful cards ever printed and it's only because it's Commander restricted that it's not as good. In Mono Color EDH it's amazing but in Multi Color it depends on the mana value of the Commander.
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  • posted a message on Dice of Rolling
    Artifact 0
    At the beginning of your upkeep, roll a d6 and call evens or odds. If you roll odds, Dice of Rolling deals 4 damage to you.

    T: Add 3 mana

    I figured since most players roll dice for Mana Crypt why not print a card that actually capitalizes on that?
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  • posted a message on Question Regarding When to Copy Triggered Abilities
    So If a triggered ability I control is completely done resolving or isn't on the stack anymore can I use Strionic Resonator or Lithoform Engine to copy that triggered ability afterward or can I only do it say If an ETB trigger from a creature triggers without being copied? Say that nothing is triggering any of my permanents on the battlefield and I decide to copy one of their abilities as long as they say, "When", "Whenever", and "at". Can I still copy those abilities or can I only do it simultaneously when the original source of the triggered ability isn't being copied?
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  • posted a message on July 2021 Commander Rules Committee Update
    Criticism loses it's meaning when it is leveled pointlessly, such as alleging that a company has a bizarre aversion to Merfolk. And honestly, after being on this forum for about 2 days now, I can see it. I've been accused of psychologically abusing someone literally on my second post. I probably won't stay.
    I was hoping you wouldn't take it personally and I did apologize for my behavior earlier. I feel as though people nowadays are too quick to condemn and judge others without really giving them a chance to defend themselves. Let's just drop this discussion before it gets any worse.
    I didn't take it personally because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was not gaslighting you. But what type of person would want to be part of a community that welcomes members like that? There just isn't motivation to stay.

    Apologies aren't really worth anything. Anybody can apologize.

    People nowadays are just not willing to put up with more BS than they have to. Nobody is condemning you. If you feel this is happening frequently, wouldn't make more sense that the person involved in 100% of your interactions is at fault, rather than believing that the entirety of society has shifted against you?

    Anyways, I hold no animosity towards you, you seem you mean well and all. I just dontfeel any requirement or benefit to continuing to be part of a community with members that don't feel any sense of community or personal responsibility.
    People mainly get into MTG due to escapism however given the current political climate with cancel culture it's almost impossible to escape from nowadays since it's mainly just online elitists trying to score PC brownie points when realistically nobody cares about whether or not If these elitists have the moral high ground when the people who don't care only want to escape from reality just to have FUN playing MTG. When you add Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro's constant mismanagement of MTG into the mix to where people who are passionate about MTG are addressing problems but not offering real solutions in how to fix those problems; it's aggravating yes but the idea is to bring this to the company's attention to try to move the game more in a positive direction away from a future digital only direct-to-consumer business model that ends up destroying the ENTIRE ecosystem of Local Game Stores (LGSs) that MADE MTG what it is today. Players playing In-Person and not Digital only. Digital can't emulate the social aspect as much as In-Person can.

    If less people complained about MTG then Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro would've gotten away with decisions that most likely would've been terrible for the game as a whole and right now they're on that slippery slope due to business decisions that they feel is for their own best interests rather than the interests of the community that they're supposed to serve. It's really the effect of Hasbro having a much bigger influence on Wizards of the Coast's decisions when it comes to how they're managing MTG as a whole and where they're really wanting to go with the game. The pandemic may have been a big game changer for them in how they think that just because Local Game Stores have difficulty setting up Organized Play that they automatically assume nobody's coming to these stores to stay and play EDH / Commander for hours on end when it's the complete opposite. People ARE coming to play EDH / Commander for hours on end at LGSs because that's what they prefer to do rather than get in trouble at some strangers' house due to age difference.
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