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  • posted a message on What happened to MTG?
    Let me ask you a question about a hypothetical scenario and I'm being serious. Say you were someone who doesn't know what Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games are and you just recently heard about Magic: the Gathering in 2020 even though there's more gaming options to choose from nowadays compared to how few there were when MTG first made it's debut in 1993. What would you do? Would you pick up a Starter Deck, go to your LGS, and learn how to play or would you move onto a different hobby being fully aware of the actual LGS environment? You know the sex offenders, the unsanitary restrooms, and terrible hygiene from players.

    What If you had the chance to start all over again? It's always about risk vs. reward. Say you lost your Paper Magic collection in a natural disaster / global crisis or someone managed to steal it from you without your consent. Is the risk to go through it all again really worth the reward? How much of a mental toll would it take to recoup the losses made? These are the types of questions MTG players don't ask themselves enough of these days. Don't get the wrong idea I'm not trying to poke fun at Tolarian Community College when he goes about saying, "Many Magic players ask the question..." People tend to forget that Magic is a luxury item.
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    Quote from ccc1522 »
    i believe he is correct. This whole ordeal is going to shut down many businesses and quite frankly already has as lay offs have begun in many industries such as the service, industrial goods and energy. there is no reason to believe that card shops and LGS are immune or even capable of fighting off this crisis.
    Simply put all sectors of the economy are suffering and will suffer as this crisis continues. LGS's wont be able to stifle the blow due to wotc's recent neglect, a already dying player base, ARENA syphoning off new players and old players, the nature of an LGSs importance in a time like now and the current crisis forcing shut downs. 2 months of profits lost is kind of a big deal. Now there are alot of things that can be done like 0% interest business loans and stuff like that but if game stores were already hurting to stay afloat i cant see how they can make it through this especially when government aid keeps being obstructed. Time is ticking and LGS's are definitely high risk businesses at this time.
    Quote from ICv2 »
    The two stimulus bills passed by the U.S. Congress and signed by the President, including the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES), passed late last week, have provisions that can help retailers and other small geek culture businesses stay afloat through the coming months. The best summary we've seen of all the programs for small business from both bills is on this page from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce site, and the linked pages from it. Here are some of the key elements:

    The Paycheck Protection Program provides for Small Business Administration loans through banks, without a personal guarantee or collateral, for small businesses to fund key expenses. The portions of the loans that are used for payroll, mortgage, rent, and utilities in the eight weeks following origination of the loan will be forgiven.

    Economic Injury Disaster Loans are available not only to small businesses, but to individuals operating as independent contractors, and can be approved based solely on credit score. Loans under $200,000 do not require a personal guarantee. Emergency grants of $10,000 can be forgiven if spent on paid leave, maintaining payroll, increased costs due to supply chain disruption, mortgage or lease payments or repaying obligations that cannot be met due to revenue losses.

    Some businesses may be eligible for both the Paycheck Protection Program and the EIDLs.

    The CARES act provides for tax credits of up to 50% of wages up to $10,000 paid to employees between March 13, 2020 through December 31, 2020, for businesses that lose revenues, suspend operations, or have higher costs due to coronavirus.

    Businesses can defer paying payroll tax obligations and instead pay them over the next two years (does not apply to wages supported by a Paycheck Protection loan forgiveness).

    Businesses are required to provide paid sick and family leave for coronavirus-related absences, but can receive reimbursement for expenses beyond those normally offered via tax credits or direct government payments.

    This is only a partial list; check out the U.S. Chamber of Commerce page linked above, or for another list of government small business programs and helpful hints, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund page linked here.
    Here's some effective ways that the Local Game Store (LGS) can turn a profit during this quarantine period we're in right now. First is Gift Card distributions. The way it works is that you buy Gift Cards from said LGS via curbside pickup or through their online website / eBay account. First you mail them the money while they send you your Gift Card in the mail depending on how much money you put in it. When they open back up again you're free to spend that Gift Card at said LGS depending on how much monetary value the card has in it. Second would be door-to-door deliveries. If said LGS has an active online presence through their own personal website then you can place an online delivery while they ship the product straight to your door or by mail. I think Gift Cards are probably the best method though I've yet to actually test it out for myself.
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  • posted a message on Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths delayed due to the virus
    Quote from OblivionedOne »
    People will still cry about how awful wizards is and how they hate lgs, when they’re literally giving away 0$ boxes that stores will still mark up to 140-150
    It's not like people are going to be able to buy them anyway due to the quarantine unless they shop at their local Walmart or Target since it's considered an essential business by the CDC.
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    So Rudy from Alpha Investments on YouTube finally weighed in on the current situation:

    Quote from Rudy from Alpha Investments »

    So today what we're going to talk about in regards to card shop failures is simply on "Space". Straight up space. I know not the final frontier, not space stock, space (looking at you guys Wall Street bets). Not space just card shop space. Also known as overhead, square footage, cubic feet, this and that fancy schmancy. What happens is that a lot of people you know and I did the same thing originally a couple of years ago when I opened up the Alpha Investments location. I remember telling many people it was like a temporary location so I can expand and do another location.

    Originally I wanted to buy the big shopping center and expand like a fancy store. The problem was with YouTube and the rest of my businesses online expanded so much that I just couldn't get anything done. It almost became like a tourist type stop and it really messed up all my shipping which fell behind. So anyways while eBay and Patreon works and that's still great, the location, everything's fine, and it's good to meet people and do collections and all that which we're not doing now, not meeting anybody, or doing anything but the issue remains that this is a very interesting time because it really exposes a risk that I don't think people fully took into consideration.

    You know, everybody out there who wants to do a card shop or open up a comic book store, coins, or any form of collectibles in general because these are the times when you have tremendous table space just for play area like huge play area space because you're a WPN store which unfortunately as you guys know I'm not which is why I don't get Mystery Booster Boxes and you know Spellbooks. But these are the times when the flaws come out. You realize the excessive risk you took that wasn't so obvious before because at a time like this when we really reflect and think about it you realize that, "Wow! A lot of the decisions I made in the overhead, the space, and the lease I signed was a bad move."

    New York can't even open anything the whole thing is shutdown. I think actually a lot of states are and by the time this video goes live probably even more states. I'm sure it's going to get a whole lot worse. New York and California have some of the highest rents for retail space in the United States and now they're under mandatory quarantine shutdown. So you have the highest space with products that have the thinnest margins and now you're forced to close temporarily. I mean talk about a one-two punch worst case scenario. The amount of people contacting me sending me messages who own Local Game Stores (LGSs) replied back to me saying, "How on Earth am I supposed to recover from this?"

    I've received many messages now probably about five to ten stores now across the United States that told me, "I don't have plans to open back up so do you want to work out a deal to buy out all my inventory because I really have no intentions of reopening after one to two months of no income having expenses deferred." So I don't know why everyone's so excited about student loans, credit cards, mortgages, and rent being "deferred". I really don't get that because deferred does not mean you'll have to pay. If you have a credit card and many of these other things or like a mortgage it just means you'll have to make a payment.

    The interest in the bill is still accrued, you still owe, and they're gonna add it on. So many mortgages and loans add on If you have rental space or a lease and shopping center. They're going to add that payment on to the end of your lease or something. Deferred is not as good as it may sound. Now If they forgive it then that's a different conversation but the "deferred" thing is a very loosey-goosey term. It really exposes the risk and danger of doing these LGSs and trying to work with Wizards of the Coast in 2020 during the "Corona Crash". It's dangerous. It really exposes how weak the system is. It exposes how high risk / low reward it is for most people to try to start their own business in the collectible world.

    Anyone whose interested in this stuff gets blurred by the enjoyment and passion they have for the products. For the MTG cards, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, you know. Force of Wills and Final Fantasies and I guess Flesh and Blood, Argent Sagas, Exodus', and Cardfight!! Vanguards. You know it really exposes the risk of going all-in into a situation like this because we don't really plan for extreme things like this. It's very difficult for the human brain to really comprehend a very extreme Black Swan event and let me tell you something, this is the KING of all Black Swan events. I mean it's up there with the zombie apocalypse and the end of the world though I'm sure the doomsday prepper people out there are laughing at all this but it really exposes the Phrygian nature of everything. How phrygian everything is.

    Yes that is a word I write it on boxes all the time. But seriously everybody it really does show how fragile everything is. It really exposes the dangers of opening up a card store in getting a unit or renting something that's two or three times the space to try to become WPN approved, host tournaments, and go from like a basic store to an advanced or advanced plus Wizards of the Coast store. You know. These are the times that really make you step back and go, "Wow!" I mean is Wizards of the Coast going to step up to the plate? Are they going to bail out all these LGSs and WPN Network stores? Are they just gonna start sending out free product after this to bail them out? Are they gonna adjust prices? I highly doubt it. Should they be required to bail out card stores? Not really it's not their fault either.

    Should card stores require or request something special from them to help cushion the blow? Probably, I mean it is a business relationship and If the stores survive and you buy more product which helps Wizards of the Coast. I mean it's a give and take. Every relationship in this world is you know compromise, compensation, and negotiating. I guess If you look at it this way, If you have a card store that costs $2,000 a month rent in a shopping center (my particular Alpha Investment store is $150 month rent) then you have to pay a couple thousand dollars a month just to have that empty space. Not for inventory. Not for warehouse. Not for storage but just to have it. In times like this when things don't function smoothly and easily then that extra overhead will destroy you. It will crush you.

    That's kind of what's happening. In 2017 about a third or 25-35% (so between a quarter and a third) of all card stores went out of business. During that time so many stores shut down with all the Masters set reprints and I think this is going to be a similar situation. Distributors have already expressed concerns with me about some stores that are on credit 30 day terms that are not going to be able to pay. I guess the point of this video is to reflect on everything in the last 5 years. In my opinion the turning point still remains. I'll never forget when I woke up that one day and Wizards of the Coast announced that they were going to start sending pallets of sealed product to Amazon to sell direct on Amazon and then they remove the MSRP and then of course Amazon essentially became the MSRP.

    You know when they sell boxes for $90-95 so that's what the boxes are worth that release and of course with the stores almost paying $80 and some stores paying $85 a box you know at this point in time why would anybody start a new MTG store at this point? I'm trying to come up with reasons like If somebody sat down in front of me right now and said, "Rudy I want you to convince this person to start an LGS". What would you say? How would you do that? I don't think there's any real argument for me to be able to convince somebody to do that now. I just don't think an argument exists to be able to convince somebody to take that path because anyone with any good common or higher level even basic financial literacy is going to realize that it's all about risk / reward, the teeter-totter, and the amount of potential reward is nowhere NEAR the massive amount of risk that has to be incurred to go down this path.

    With the water level in the ocean dropping now and all the ships going down with it and we're all seeing whose exposed and whose gonna make it or not it really reinforces that it's just a dying business model. I still wouldn't be doing this If it wasn't for YouTube and all my Patreon supporters, the videos, my eBay sales, and the combination of everything is what makes me successful at it and what makes some other stores out there successful at it. But you have to be able to do the whole package just to make it work Post - Corona Crash 2020. There's just nothing else out there to make this stuff work. I don't know If and/or how there can be a full recovery back to before all this happened because I feel like it's almost a permanent change.

    Even when everything stabilizes in the coming months and years I don't think it's ever going to go back to pre 2020 culture and levels. I think we're at a permanent change in culture. It's almost like the handshake when you meet people can almost become like a dying breed. I feel like culture itself is going to be shifted from an event of this caliber. I guess it just really exposes how much on the backs of Wizards of the Coast pumping Secret Lair drops, Amazon sales, no MSRP, and now selling Fetchlands direct to the public now. We knew Fetches were never going to be in a Standard product again but I didn't think it was going to get this crazy.

    We got to look at the facts and the facts are that's the direction that they want to take MTG. Now it doesn't mean that the opportunity for collecting or investing in MTG cards is dead. I don't agree with that. I think many strong will survive and I think a lot of very weak financial people are just going to get completely clobbered. If I was in college right now and I was still waiting tables I mean what would I do? I guess it would be just sitting at home sorting MTG cards or playing digital MTG Arena I guess I don't know. The entire service industry is literally shut off right now. It's the same thing with card stores, If you relied on FNM and the WPN store then how on Earth are you going to make it?

    If you have five to ten thousand dollar a month overhead then I just don't know what to say. What are you going to do sell extra MTG cards? You sell boxes online and make a dollar a box? It's not enough. You'd have to sell 20,000 boxes at $1 apiece to pay your rent and overhead. What are you going to do, pay your employees? I think the conversation is important and I think it's important for everybody to recognize that going through an actual Black Swan event and how Wizards of the Coast, how the WPN, how MTG prices which are actually holding up surprisingly well, or being a business owner is just not a good idea anymore. In post - 2020 I don't see how that would be any better. So hope you guys learned something.

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    You won't have any need for your paper cards then. You can ship them to me, since they're worthless and all that.
    They still have sentimental value as I'd rather keep them as a memento for all the good times I've had with them.
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    Quote from SavannahLion »
    How is that a R.I.P.?
    Guess you got a point.

    Paper Magic is officially dead while Digital Magic is the future unfortunately.
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    In response to COVID-19, Wizards of the Coast has decided to suspend ALL in-store play in North America, Europe, and Latin America until May 10th or later. This policy goes into effect on Tuesday, March 24. They'll continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments when necessary, including potentially rescheduling the Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths launch which many WPN members asked about. Expect final word on that decision in the coming days.

    So your store can't even have an FNM, it's not allowed to. Can't do Pre-Release events, it's not allowed to. This will have heavy implications on Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths. It'll be the first MTG expansion to be played online exclusively and that's how players are going to be introduced to it via Pre-Release online. Then they're going to play on a Magic Fest online from Channel Fireball and maybe they'll draft and play Ikoria Sealed digitally. That's it. This is the end of the WPN store. You don't want to give LGS's the option of holding events because some dum-dum stores will actually do it.

    This means that it's done. It's over. Good night Local Game Stores cause May 10th from Magic: the Gathering, If your LGS relies heavily on MTG then the rest of March, all of April 2020, and then one-third of May. That's devastating for someone's bottom line. It's almost like a restaurant shutting down for two months on top of whatever else has been shutdown. You don't even know, May 10th still may not and the policy is going into effect this Tuesday. It is the right choice but it will change the game of Magic: the Gathering forever.

    If you notice If you play at your Local Game Store you know that If you go every week you go every week. But If you miss one week or two weeks then you never show up again. The LGS isn't going to exist as we know it. Some LGS owners are locked into 8+ more months of this crisis. MTG Arena is going to replace Standard for Paper Magic since there's nowhere you can go to play Paper Magic outside of Casual. If you're playing Casual then why are you not playing EDH / Commander?

    Paper Magic only really exists at Magic Fest, Star City Games Tournaments, and your Friday Night Magic (FNM) events. This is the end of Paper Magic for Standard. I think given the combinations If they hire a bunch of smart developers and coders and they code the entirety of MTG's card pool into MTG Arena then of course Paper Magic for EDH / Commander is screwed too. Usually whenever you play MTG once a month we're either drafting or playing EDH / Commander. This is the end.

    There is no more Magic: The Gathering Local Game Stores. Local Game Stores don't have the cash flow and they don't have the foresight to save enough money to last two months. May 10th is a long time. From March 24th to May 10th we're looking at over a month to a month in a half. More than a month in a half of no events, no money, no tournament money, no Pre-Release for Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths which generally has some money. No 2nd print run for Mystery Booster.

    When you force people to sell online then there's no way that they can compete online because some LGS's like Sports N More don't have overhead. In other words Local Game Stores are still paying rent since they signed a contract with their landlord and that rent is still their overhead. Even If they laid off every employee you didn't buy anymore stuff since you'd be at a HUGE disadvantage. Even If you went online only because you're still gonna have to pay that rent on your store which is totally useless right now. It's sad since we've all grew up in Local Game Stores (LGS's). We could see 50% of all Local Game Stores not folding before May 10th and we don't even know it could be longer.

    It's over.
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  • posted a message on The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Future of the Local Game Store (LGS)
    I think we might still have a chance to save physical retail, brick-and-mortar, and mom-and-pop stores from going extinct If the U.S. Government acts quickly enough. Congress's first attempt at the Coronavirus Stimulus bill didn't go through so hopefully both Republicans and Democrats will find some wiggle room to get it passed for the President to sign. I overheard that they're injecting $1 trillion into this piece of legislation though I don't know If it'll be enough to save these "non-essential" small businesses in the long run.

    Recently at work I was given a parole slip to show to police officers notifying them that I work at a supermarket during this 30 day "Stay at Home" Shutdown so that I won't lose my job or get laid off. I was also rewarded with a $25 gift card to spend in case I needed to buy groceries for my family as well as getting a 50 cent raise on my next paycheck. Just spent $100 worth of groceries so I'm set for the next few weeks. I might pick up some more toilet paper If my store happens to restock them though I think we're going to have to import them from other countries to sell.

    Also you can help urge Congress to send substantial, regular payments to the people:


    Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib also introduced a Universal Relief Proposal to Congress:


    It's imperative for the U.S. Government and Congress to suspend evictions, mortgage / rent, and utility bills / payments during the Coronavirus Lockdown in order to prevent potential economic collapse without intervention. Without acknowledging the crisis we all face currently we're at a much larger risk than just the health concerns over COVID-19. You can help sign the online petitions below to help fight in the effort:


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    U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin recently made an announcement saying that the current U.S. Coronavirus lockdown already set in place by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is said to last 10-12 weeks or as early as June 2020:


    I think it's already too late for these small businesses that are heavily in debt right now. They have no chance of competing online against Amazon and eBay because the margins are too low. When you're buying for $78 a booster box and someone is selling $80 shipped online then there's no way that you would lose money selling for $80 shipped online. Card singles used to be a good source of revenue for these small businesses however they're buying Secret Lair products at the exact same price you are and then marking them up just like a reseller. The Local Game Store (LGS) is really no different from a reseller on Facebook Marketplace or on eBay.

    They might buy collections but as we know Magic collections' value are going to decrease in this upcoming economic recession because Magic is a luxury item as it's going to be one of the first items that people will be forced to stop buying during times of need. A lot of these stores are going to end up becoming barren wastelands due to the Coronavirus pandemic. They don't attract the cleanest people when it comes to personal hygiene and even If they were clean you don't want to be in large crowds. This is going to have a major effect on their bottom line. This is the straw that will break the camel's back.

    I think this will have a big effect on people flipping products and that includes Local Game Stores so it won't last forever. You're going to see card prices and inventory drop. Whose going to realistically buy Standard or Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths when there's nowhere to play? When people get laid off from their jobs and need money they aren't going to buy Ikoria or any future Magic products let alone for other Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games. When these businesses go bankrupt then there's really no place to play Paper Magic so you're stuck having to play on Arena or MTGO.

    The problem is that these store owners don't treat the Local Game Store as a business but more as a hangout place which normally isn't a problem per say. They don't open Local Game Stores to make money, they open them because they love it. However labor of love doesn't always keep the lights on. Stores that are in financial difficulty right now who are juggling credit cards getting maxed out are not going to be able to survive this. Stores that aren't doing really good but are stable and don't have so much debt are going to be pushed to the brink of elimination. They'll have no choice but to liquidate all their inventory and there will be an opportunity to buy these businesses.

    JP Morgan says that 47% of small businesses have less than two weeks of working capital. Assuming even distribution that means at least half of Local Game Stores are closed If there's no customers right? These businesses are still paying rent. Rent is also a huge issue for them right now. They're already on the edge of bankruptcy as we speak. Cards will drop, everything will drop in a recession. Magic cards as well as other Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games like Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon TCG are going to be the last thing on peoples' minds as they're going to need to pay medical bills. Maybe they lost a job. Brace yourself as this is going to get really bad really soon.

    Even though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are encouraging businesses like the Local Game Store and GameStop to stay closed, the rent doesn't go away so the overhead doesn't go away and it would be bad to ask your employees to take a pay cut or I'm not going to pay you because you're not working. I'm very scared for Local Game Stores in my area because I like them and appreciate the service they give me to be able to play my favorite games. We're all in this struggle together unless the U.S. Government manages to intervene and saves them from going under.
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  • posted a message on The Coronavirus Pandemic and the Future of the Local Game Store (LGS)
    Does anyone think that COVID-19 will permanently change the business model for Magic: the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon TCG, and other Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games to digital exclusive akin to Hearthstone by discontinuing the Paper versions since all Local Game Stores (LGS's) are on lockdown? Sources I've been hearing say that it could take months If not a year or two before a cure or vaccine is found for COVID-19 which with the United States in lockdown would have a catastrophic impact on the U.S. Economy by plunging us deeper into recession, with all 3,000+ Local Game Stores (LGS's) forced to go out of business.

    I have an EDH / Commander deck that I borrowed from a friend of mine that I hang out with during the weekends and now I'm worried I'll never be able to return the deck back to him with all the LGS's in my area in lockdown due to the virus. I could try to mail it to him though I don't know his home address as I'd much rather deliver it back to him in person as crazy as it sounds in the current times we're in right now. My job is safe for the most part even though Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been pretty strict in regards to how many people are allowed in an occupied area at once since their limit is 10 people.
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    Quote from migrena »

    Was there any info about changes to organized play as a whole due to current situation?
    This is Wizards of the Coast's Response to COVID-19: https://company.wizards.com/article/news/wizards-coasts-response-covid-19
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    Quote from FlossedBeaver »
    It's a real problem across the economic stratum. Movie theaters, restaurants, and now LGS' are going to bear the brunt of the fallout while people stay home, but the larger economic ramifications will be felt everywhere as part-time workers lack the disposable income to purchase luxury goods. Yes, LGS' will be hurting, but that experience will be far from unique in the coming months.

    Honestly, I can't imagine what I would do if Ikoria dropped into my lap right now; I'd have no one to play with, and little enough to do on my own but twiddle my thumbs, theory craft, and inevitably grow bored of new cards before I even had a chance to play them.
    Well from what I've been hearing the U.S. Government is supposedly working on a emergency stimulus package to help bail out small businesses such as the LGS by getting them through the current closures and cancellations caused by the Coronavirus outbreak. Whether or not If the money will actually go to these small businesses instead of bigger businesses like Troll & Toad, Star City Games, and Channel Fireball is anyone's guess at this point. It's the strong that will survive and the weak shall perish kind of mentality If you get what I'm saying.

    Even with financial aid from the U.S. Government I'm convinced that the Coronavirus will be the kiss of death for the Local Game Store (LGS) If Digital hasn't made it obsolete already since nobody will have a place to play anymore. We're already entering a stage of consolidation in the LGS market as we speak where owners have no choice but to liquidate all their inventory since they're unable to sell product anymore, e-commerce be damned. Let's be real here, the big three: MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Pokémon TCG aren't making a ton of money right now despite what sales figures from ICv2 say about them.
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  • posted a message on The Coronavrius brings a change of plans for pre-release (sort of)
    The vast majority of my locals are closing down their play space and cancelling events until March 31st while their retail space remains open in order to stay in business. I don't think I have to explain why play space is vitally important for the LGS since I've already posted two threads on these forums discussing it. It's not just the mentality of current society pushing us toward a digital space but now Coronavirus as well. Not trying to be rude but it seems to be a harsh truth that we probably all need to accept.

    If that's the case then wasn't being asocial what got us here in the first place? Who cares about face-to-face social interaction with other people when parents are raising a generation of kids who'll grow up not knowing what it was like for their parents. The parents of this generation of kids will try to smear it as more of a traumatic experience when it wasn't (at least not all the time). Reminds me of YouTubers who end up posting about Retail Horror Stories especially ones pertaining to the LGS.
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  • posted a message on Chandra's Spellbook and Secret Lair Ultimate Edition (Enemy fetches) announced.
    Doesn't change the fact that Scalding Tarn is still going to be through the roof.
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  • posted a message on Does Josh (CMZ) missplays on purpose for the show?
    I found it ironic how the Command Zone recently posted a YouTube video telling their viewers to learn from their mistakes just days after this thread was posted. So it's good to know that they still follow MTGS given the popularity of Social Media outlets with reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. There's also MTGNexus which doesn't get as much traffic sadly but it's there.
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