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  • posted a message on What land on the Reserved List and beyond would you like to see on a DFC for Ixalan block?
    i think we may have seen all the DFC lands except red at this point (5 nonlegendary colorless ones, 5 legendary colored ones = 10?), so im really wondering what red one will be...

    • arena feels more like a green ability than red, but maybe something like it that also taps for red....? pirates and dinos both are into combat...
    • bazaar of baghdad variant that also taps for red feels more likely for red rummage flavor? but the trigger ability for enchantment tieing to that doesn't seem to match flavor of Ixalan and what red is doing.
    • perhaps a color swapped lake of the dead in red even??? though i think the green cradle and the lost vale are plenty of rampy dfc lands.
    • so...valakut the molten pinnacle damage dealing land? i think thats my top pick. matches the flavor the most. BOOM! though ramunap ruins feels similar...
    • BONUS: where's my land that can trigger enrage every turn? maybe the red DFC will do that somehow...

    i also like the idea of a cycle of dual lands that transform from very cheap artifacts easy to flip. fetchlands with no shuffling? yes please. something like:
    Taiga Map
    3 cost artifact
    when ETB, target creature you control may explore
    costs 1 less if you control a mountain
    costs 1 less if you control a forest
    t, pay 1 life: transform into a Taiga

    i suspect this is still too good as it bypasses the land drop and is too akin to a rampant growth for all colors...hmmm
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  • posted a message on Duel Decks: Blessed vs. Cursed
    there could be planeswalkers in a themed DD release, and they are just moving to a naming convention that focuses on setting and theme more than contents? that aligns with the new 2 blocks per year release well, so that makes sense that each DD will tie to the current block thematically. and sorin vs tybalt wasnt the best innistrad showcase deck IMHO. I do think the DD balance and flavor is the crucial thing to nail to make them feel like standalone "board game" magic releases. Personally, I ONLY buy duel decks for the past several years and don't see this changing, and will continue to do so if the play is good regardless of what the chase cards are.
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  • posted a message on Duel decks anthologies
    my only complaint is that the "box" is sized for sleeved cards, unlike all the other duel decks. and the "flap" to close the sleeve box is pretty crap anyway. i wish they were more consistent with the form factor of existing duel decks. so i have a box of ALL the other duel decks (and yes, keep them unsleeved), but can't hold these new boxes in the same type of storage, and they are fat and thick compared to the old tuck boxes. thats kinda disappointing from a "here's all the duel decks ever, let's play a fair game of magic" as a board game perspective. If anyone has the original tuck boxes that fit unsleeved decks for the duel decks and willing to trade them away, please send me a PM!
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  • posted a message on [New Info] Magic panel at San Diego comic-con 2014

    I think they have shifted the plans for the Duel Decks in recent years, as the fall release didn't line up with the fall big set. so now the fall duel deck is a "thematic" pairing that fits in the Fall block universe. Heroes vs monsters last year, now speed vs cunning this year. The Planeswalker release is now the 2nd set of the year, and I have a hunch they will make these a bit less tied to the main set of the year going forward, even though jade vs vraska was clearly a ravnica pack. Or maybe the switch happens this year, and we'll see a more Tarkir duel deck and Theros gets shortchanged by the switch. Duel decks are very much standalone products meant to appeal to different types, so having them be more distinct from each other seems fine to me. VERY psyched they are re-releasing the 4 original duel decks, they are the only ones i DONT have and at this stage, i only buy duel decks for casual play, no longer investing in standard competitive decks. win!
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