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  • posted a message on Minouris's Library - Collection Manager and Deck Builder (Massive deck builder update!)
    Hey minouris,

    That's a cool tool you built there, congratulations and thanks !

    A few things I feel would make it even better :

    • TCG Player price data (I know you said you would do it but take this as an upvote)
    • A "Go to page X" in the search result pages navigation (top and bottom)
    • Export collection/deck to text/csv/excel
    • Quick add function (write down a list of cards with edition code and quantity and click "Add to collection/deck")
    • Card condition (At the very least the possibility to add foils as different cards)
    • FNM and promo cards

    I'm currently transfering my inventory from The Vault to your site as having it always available even when I don't have my computer at hand is a very nice thing.
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