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  • posted a message on Raphael Levy's Loam Pox
    Just FYI, Abrupt Decay can destroy a Chalice of the Void on 2. Chalice will not prevent you from casting Abrupt Decay and Abrupt Decay's uncounterable clause will prevent the Chalice from countering it.
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  • posted a message on Junk Haakon Loam
    Hey guys. I've been playing this the past few weeks and I really like it, except I'm super bad at playing it. I've been reading through the new primer, and it's great. I'm wondering if I'm having trouble in particular because of my meta, which usually has me fighting 1-2 UW/UWR Geist decks, B/W Tokens, and occasionally Burn. The other decks in my meta are more comfortable to play against (Scapeshift, 8Rack, Angel Pod, Affinity), but I'm having lots of trouble with the before-mentioned decks. I know that they are all pretty poor matchups in general, so I'm wondering what I can do either to my sideboard or mainboard to hedge against this meta.

    I'm running bGnomes list except -1 Damnation in the board due to availability. I replaced it with +1 Golgari Charm, but I am looking in to Drown in Sorrow to help with Geists and Etched Champion and buffed tokens. That helps with some cards I've had trouble with, but still burn has been giving me headaches. Vault of the Archangel has been slow. I don't think I've ever been able to activate it when it would matter. I was looking at Miren the Moaning Well, but I'm still afraid of dying before I can get it and activate it. So that led me to Blind Obedience, since I remember someone else having some success with it earlier in this thread.

    What do y'all think? Are there any cards I'm completely forgetting about?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] DredgeVine
    @Creamy99 I definitely understand that the SB is tuned for your meta. It was just my starting point :). Thanks for the tips re: Scapeshift. I've been looking for some instant speed land destruction, and mostly what I'm seeing are Boil, Fulminator Mage, Tectonic Edge and Ghost Quarter. Which ones do you usually bring in? Am I missing other cards that you usually use?

    If I'm not mistaken, you can destroy a mountain while the Valakut triggers are on the stack, and if you take them below the 6 Mountains they need then all the triggers will fizzle because of that intervening if clause. I might need to get that clarified by a judge at some point.

    How do you all usually deal with Manlands? Just have creatures/Lightning Bolts to block or kill? I was getting beat down by a Treetop Village when I was playing against the BG Rock guy, and it was frustrating. I'm thinking about Putrefy in the SB or Slaughter Pact in the SB if I need that extra removal.

    Any thoughts on Svogthos, the Restless Tomb? I'm going to think about it as a 1 of if I'm also running Life from the Loam, but I didn't see anything about it previously in this thread.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] DredgeVine
    I just got in to Modern and I'm trying out this deck. I like it a lot so far.

    I took it to Monday Night Magic last night and did okay for my first modern event, I think. I took creamy99's list from a few days ago, except I accidentally removed the 4 Blackcleave Cliffs for 4 Noxious Revival. I realized just now that's how I got the Revivals to fit in :-/, and it makes my mana troubles all the more clear to me.

    Regardless, I went 2-2.

    Match 1: 0-2 Scapeshift.
    Game 1 he basically just did his thing with minimal input on my end and killed me with Scapeshift. I think my only 'mistake' was not having him play out the Scapeshift to make sure he had enough Mountains, but I don't know if I'd really call it a mistake.
    Game 2 was similar. I boarded out most of my creature removal for Inquisition of Kozilek, Gnaw to the Bone, and maybe Golgari Charm (not sure if Scapeshift runs many boardwipes or just counters). Things were going okay until he played an Inferno Titan that I didn't have an answer to.

    Match 2: 1-2 GB Rock (Goodstuff?)
    Game 1: LONG GAME. It took about 35 minutes as I cowered behind some Stinkweed Imps after a Scooze ate my dudes. There were several misplays on my part (double Lightning Bolt on Goyf with Abrupt Decay in hand, dredge for Stinkweed Imp instead of Golgari Thug when I had mana to Thug + Gravecrawler, but not Imp + Crawler, etc.) Mostly nerves.
    Game 2: Not as long a game. I think I took out the 2 Darkblast and something else I had mainboard for Abrupt Decay and 2 IoKs. He mulliganed to five looking for Grafdiggers but never found it. I killed him with Lotleth and Vengevines.
    Game 3: Stomped by some large Goyfs, never got Abrupt Decay in hand. LotV handled my Imps.

    Match 3: 2-0 Scapeshift
    Game 1 & 2: Opponent got mana flooded with no finishers. G1 was just double Vengevine on turn 4 + Lotleth Troll, which was nice. Biggest play in G2 was he used 6 Valakut triggers to wipe my board, but based on the ordering a Golgari Thug put a Vengevine on top of my library which I hardcasted for kill.

    Match 4: 2-0 Monoblack Vampires
    I think this guy is just getting started with modern with mostly cards he already had. A budget deck that ran a lot of targetted removal. Actually made my job easier since he essentially 0-1'd himself due to dredge and vengevine.

    All in all, I had a ton of fun. I was nervous going in to the matches but everyone was pretty chill. Got lots of rule questions answered. Annoyed that I had left 4 lands out of my deck since I was running in to mana issues all night. I'm planning on changing up the sideboard based on what I saw around the shop. 2 Scapeshift decks, 2 Storm (1 Ad Nauseum, and just heard of another), RG Tron, and that GB Rock deck. I'm planning on adding either 2x Slaughter Games, and maybe 1x Boil to the sideboard, removing 2x Darkblast and (i think) 1x Creeping Corrosion since I didn't see Affinity.

    My biggest problem was not getting my beats fast enough against Scapeshift since I was lacking anything amazing for it in the SB except IoK and sort of Gnaw to the Bone unless I'm missing something. 2nd biggest problem was Scooze. How do you all usually deal with Scapeshift if you don't get off to a blistering pace? If you fear Scooze, do you just hold an Abrupt Decay as best you can?
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