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  • posted a message on B/R aggro-burn(Pre-Dissension)
    Hmm... oki... Yamabushi's flame? Thats an instant.

    and instaKill may have a point. The Rakdos Hellbent mechanic seems to be based on an empty hand... Unless it is just Rakdos in terms of guild colours then its fine I guess =)

    Still it is a month?? before Dissension comes on =)

    actually torrent of stone might be good... but maybe not too many.. 2 - 3 (4cc is a little high, the alternate cost is good, but you need to be able to splice it)

    Hmmm actually why not guerrilla tactics? with all the discard going around, it definitely has value main deck and in worse case it is 2 damage to creature or player and still at a relatively low cc

    .... I love the fuzzy logic of this forum .. =) to see what I mean see this:

    guerilla tactics

    I misspelled, but it can still find close match ...
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  • posted a message on B/R aggro-burn(Pre-Dissension)

    how about volcanic hammer? it is a sorcery, but it is versatile

    3 damage to player or creature
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  • posted a message on Hybrid longevity?
    Another thing is that hybrid cards really allow you to squeeze two cards into one.

    Like Giant Solifuge

    you can play it in mono red or mono green or g/r

    rather than print a purely red or purely green or gold card, a hybrid card can be all of those things at once.

    For that reason, I think they will use it more (for characteristics that are "shared" among colours)
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  • posted a message on Hi there...
    Hi there... mostly lurking but I have decided to join =p
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