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    posted a message on Pioneer Banned List Speculation
    I guess veil of summer is like gitaxian probe... it makes it such that it is now safe to cast your stuff.. which is good for weak decks to use but make strong decks even stronger. It is more a threat than an answer in that sense

    I like the current pace of banning, no maniac random bannings, but swift heavy bannings when justified... i like this pruning approach.
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    posted a message on The Pioneer Format
    Quote from Xcric »
    Quote from SpeedGrapher »
    People have already started buying up cards for the format. Siege Rhino went from $1 to $4 two days after the announcement. A lot of high volume buyout gambling is happening right now. Makes me not want to even bother with the format. At this point they can print Pioneer Masters in Summer 2020 or just forget about the format. I also don't feel like playing against Siege Rhino anymore. Everyone was trilled when it was gone.

    prices will stabilize, but i absolutely agree. people in this very thread have complained about the cost to get into modern, and this will be no different in very short order. they can't just go and reprint tons of stuff without adversely effecting standard so they forced themselves yet again into a corner where they won't do anything about the secondary market but it consistently causes a problem because of their approach to reprints

    I think the problem is multi layered... the only way they solve the "reprint problem" is to print it to the ground or very often, so that inventories become very large and prices per card is some arbitrary low number say 2 dollars (and thats for the playable ones, the rest will be worthless in monetary terms)

    The toxic groups in the reprint problem are the speculators AND the people who want 2 dollar or lower cards. Both groups are problems. Its not like the cards were not low in price at some point in time. The problem is people do not cherish their cards and only see the cards from a financial perspective. A siege rhino card is the same siege rhino card, whether it was 1$ a week ago or a buyitnow price of 4$ today. If one did not sell off because of rotation or that the cards has been overrun in terms of playability... then pioneer format or no, there is no issue. As long as players (should we even call them that) see cards from a financial point, we will have this problem unless they print it to the ground Grin .

    That said... the two problem groups are not going to go away, indeed all of us are probably part of the problem since we create the demand. My advice is to get the cards you need if you have a pet deck/cards that you sold off previously if the price is still low. If the price has jumped, then just wait it out, thing is these newer sets inventories are very large... Siege Rhino was actually pretty low in price for its popularity due to the large print run. The people buying out? their money is locked in cardboard. In the meantime I will go out and enjoy the sunshine or whatever weather it is for you out there Smile decklist change ALL the time, just wait for a period when it is not the current hotness. If you choose to chase the current popular decks... then I am afraid its the same old game, in any format.
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    posted a message on Steppe Lynx question
    I think yes.

    1. You play your land, lynx ability goes on the stack
    2. You pass priority, opponent can respond to the lynx ability,
    Plays lava dart, lava dart goes on stack
    3. Lava dart resolves. Zaps lynx. Lynx dies
    4. Lynx ability resolves, but lynx is gone. Fizzles.

    I think it works that way

    Informal warning issued for unsure answer. Please check your private messages. -MadMage
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    posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    I think it will dip a little while decks find their feet sans faithless looting... but i think it will be temporary...
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    posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 20/05/2019)
    Quote from gkourou »
    Modern seems like it's in a healthy spot outside of that Hogaak deck(even this might be fine).
    I saw both Red Bull tournaments and there was so much fun, interactive magic, with lot's of back and forths and decisions in it, where the most skilled players eventually won(especially in Italy, Javier Dominguez proved again why we should consider him one of the best MTG players in the world).

    I would take a "No Changes" today, it's just that I think Modern is soooo fun and interactive outside of Hogaak, that this would make Modern great again!

    Do you have a link for coverage? I would love to watch it. Thanks in advance.


    There should be an archive here

    I think this is the direct link
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    posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 20/05/2019)
    Since everyone is doing it... Modern is fine.

    The game has evolved, we can accept it or ban everything to oblivion, back to battle cruiser standard levels.

    I miss the days when the meta would stew for months , not just days before everyone start talking about bans.

    Magic is not just the gathering of sideboards... sometimes sideboards are all it takes. At other times the upheaval is enough that
    Decks must change to address the new meta.

    Sideboards are a privilege to allow 60 cards to stay relatively the same.
    It does not mean decks do not die and become obsolete.
    That has been true since the dawn of magic as a game.

    That is all.
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    posted a message on Leak Gideon (story spoiler)
    I am sad to see Gideon go, but at least he got a nice goodbye card.. kinda
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    posted a message on [WAR} Official War of the Spark Trailer!
    Quote from arcane7828 »
    I enjoyed the linkin park cover for the video and thought it fit quite nicely with liliana's story arc, well done wotc!!

    How does it fit with her Story Arc?

    How does it not fit?
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    posted a message on [WAR} Official War of the Spark Trailer!
    I enjoyed the linkin park cover for the video and thought it fit quite nicely with liliana's story arc, well done wotc!!
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    posted a message on Bought LP Beta, got a signed one.
    I love signed cards too... so i would keep the card happily Grin
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