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  • posted a message on Bought LP Beta, got a signed one.
    I love signed cards too... so i would keep the card happily Grin
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  • posted a message on B&R Update: Ironworks Banned, Hada Freeblade, Spatial Controtion, Circle of Flame banned in Pauper.
    Quote from An"she »
    Quote from idSurge »
    Comical people still going on as if it was 'complexity' that actually got this deck banned.

    Whats so hard to understand of WotC own words ?

    We're sensitive to community feedback that the combination of polarized matchups, complex interactions, and long turns can lead to unenjoyable gameplay and viewing experiences.

    Powerlevel alone would not have banned the card, as there are plenty of problematic cards to watch for.

    The factor that the people in the streaming chat scream out loud if KCI is shown that they cant understand anything how the deck works is much more relevant, and if you deny that, well ...

    The real solution to fight the rules complexity would be to actually CHANGE the rules in a proper manner (or give "mana-abilities" on cards a instant speed restriction to get it over with, fixing kwerky Chromatic Sphere problems right away).

    But they didnt do that, so the rules complexity problem still exists, there just isnt a deck that takes advantage of it in tier 1 anymore.

    Its just a matter of time till the next "eggs" style deck runs around the corner and it just happens again and again , as they simply didnt fix the problem in the first place.

    (You could even argue a tournament rule could be established that states that a turn is not allowed to take longer than X Minutes, enforced just like slow-play and stalling by a judge, which would solve the issue of 10+ Minute turns by itself, as doing that in a tournament would ramp you with warnings, game-loses and match-loses, unless you are really quick and know your deck, in which case there is no problem at all , and THAT would be a proper solution that solves all the future problems of super long turns equally well)


    But oh well, quick and dirty, ban the card, forget it ever existed and just pretend everything is fine now, Lala-Land supreme.
    Yea it is really silly that they didn't actually fix the rules behind it, "Treating the symptom, not the cause", and all that jazz. People cheering at its ban are the most funny in my opinion, eggs just needs a replacement for KCI and its online again for the same old nonsense. If they choose not to print a new card that could be abused by eggs, they are allowing the current rules set to twist their arm with future card design and testing. If they accidentally let one through, they will need to ban it in modern again.


    I do like the suggestion on a rule to limit by time, that would not kill the deck, but force the pilot to be proficient or lose, which seems fairer to me. (And would still allow the deck to exist but remove the durdly players ... which may still effectively "kill" the deck or at least the players left do not annoy the other players... and would solve other decks taking too long as well - many ppl complain about combo.. but seriously a midrange or control or gasps those token stalemates are as esperating to watch :()
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    Most special edition stuff that are not functional, will fall from their peak after awhile even if limited run. If you have "special" + "functional" you have a winner. Mass reprints in terms of other special versions of the same card e.g. another run of expeditions-like run but with different art will diminish the need to get the expedition for example. (Unless you are really into eldrazi, else its just a pretty pattern)
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  • posted a message on Thoughts on the Magic/Life Balance
    It is definitely healthy to take a step back.

    I too feel i spend too much time and energy on mtg :/

    I think a schedule is great , plus go do stuff with friends who do not play mtg, so that you really do something absolutely unrelated to mtg

    I should do the same Smile
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  • posted a message on A family member damaged my cards- Is there any way to restore them?
    Quote from Xinaar »
    For a long time, I've been wanting to buy in to modern so I can play with a few friends. Now, I'm not wealthy, I'm in a position right now where I can't really afford magic, and I sold a lot of my cards, but finally I decided I needed an outlet besides my cube and buckled down to play Storm, since I used to dabble with it on MODO before Gitaxian Probe was banned and I sold all my cards. I went to my gamestore and picked up all the spare cards I needed totaling about $230 Canadian, and I got home at 6:50. My mom came around at about 8:00 and we talked for a bit. I resolved to take a nap while my new singles were on m computer desk and she said she'd play some games while I rested. I woke up at 10:30 but it was 11:20 before I noticed anything was wrong. It was incredibly humid in my old apartment, which was weird because it was never like that, lo and behold, my radiators are on and spitting humid air into my small domicile. My mother had turned them on because she was cold, which wasn't that odd, but then I didn't think anything of it. about 30 minutes ago, after my mom left to go home, I saw the cards on my desk. She had riffled through them, which wasn't unusual nor do I harbor any bad feelings. She used to play Magic, and she just wanted to see the cards after all. I started to pick them up... and they flexed. They made that telltale 'krik' sound and I knew I was screwed. I double sleeved them immediately but the damage was already done. Now... is there any way to fix this, card gurus? Is there any way I can make my new deck playable? I shuffled it a few times, but some of the cards are completely rigid and bent backwards, like draft chaff that's been on an Alaskan windowsill for days. No visible damage, but I don't even think they're casual playable. Is there any way to fix these cards and make them how they were? Or, at least something that I can play in a GP? I'll be honest, if they're unplayable, I'm probably just going to quit magic- sans cubing. I just don't have the money and dropping 1/3rd of my monthly pay just to have it go up in flames is more than a little disheartening. I'm a pretty stoic guy, but I'm almost in tears. I was so looking forward to playing 60-card magic with my friends just like back in middle school. I hope you can help, I'll be grateful forever.

    If there is no crease or bent , they are still good, you just need to get thr curl out. What i normally do is i will curl it the other way and hold it there for awhile , say a minute (becareful not to bent it), it might be good if it is humid (but not wet). It should go back to relatively straight (but this is probably temporal - since the card naturally curls in a vertain direction) next you but it inbetween somethung dry and absorbent maybe a book, make sure it is flat, if you must do it to several cards a time make sure they are aligned (but its really safer to do this individually) put thr card in the book or inbetween books then put as much weight as you can ontop of the book (maybe more books). The cards should flatten out after a few days or a week. After that double sleeve it and trybto keep it flat with no exposure to air. New sleeves tend to trap air, so be sure yo squeeze them and keep them tight in a container to maintain no to minimal air exposure.

    Thats how i normally do it. But a crease is kinda a goner. But non-structural damage or non-defacement level damage is usually salvagable. Good luck Smile
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  • posted a message on Full Gallery is up

    And noone has still answered my question. Do you want to see the hobby become more or less expensive. The silence speaks volumes and reeks of elitism.

    Hmm i have no opinion on this really, i guess i don't care either way? If pressed to make a decision, i guess cheaper eurekas would make me happy. So ya cheaper cards but other than that no, i dun care. Sold some pieces of power, still got most of em and most vintage decks are buildable. But i am alright with chronicles level printing :p hell i think it would likely happen without chronicles printing (price collapse). Magic is really running on a demographic surge, if it cannotjustify itself as a game, price notwithstanding, it will collapse. But there will always be a core group still playing or collecting (yes i am still harping on legacy, i am quite fascinated by its resilience). But as it is there is too much fat and is due for a collapse. I mean i hope i dun sound like all doom amd gloom, but this is a great time to cash out.
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  • posted a message on Full Gallery is up
    Quote from Colt47 »
    Quote from Dontrike »
    Quote from cfusionpm »

    Either way, at the end of the day, hobbies cost money; usually a lot. If you're not comfortable with spending money, either stick to budget decks, proxy your cards and play casually, or find a new hobby. I am fully comfortable paying the price I am for the UMA boxes I'm getting because the likely value contained within is at least the price of the box. But I'm also in a spot financially where it's not as big of a deal to spend that much on my hobby. And it turns out many thousands of other buyers also agree.

    Ah yes the "great" argument of "you're poor and therefore don't get to have a hobby" while also throwing in some "I'm okay with buying this expensive product because I have money". So glad you threw in that non argument smugness in there.

    The one big issue with the product line is that Wizards of the Coasts strategy has been split. Most other TCGs on the market are a game first and a collectible second, with expensive cards being reprinted regularly to keep prices in check and to make sure both casual and hardcore players have access to the same cardboard.

    Magic the Gathering is treated far, far differently, and it took a while for me to realize the truth behind all of this price scalping going on. Basically, to muscle out other card games and push the presence of the game on the market the company inflated the prices of modern cards intentionally via very controlled reprint practices. The only reason this works is because the game has a very dedicated core of players and has a strong online media presence in comparison to the competition. Because the cards are so blasted expensive, it takes forever for players to get the cards they need, so in the mean time they end up following the basic rule of grocery stores: get someone into your store and if they can't afford the fancy thing that drew them there, they will still likely buy 3-5 cheaper things they probably didn't intend to via impulse.

    Yes, it's basically hardcore usage of human psychology to earn money, and yes it's basically as bad as what casinos do with gambling, because unlike groceries that can usually find at least some use even if they aren't the thing one is looking for, Wizards built the entire game around disposable cards and only a few playable ones. A buyer will likely impulse buy a dozen or more things they will only get limited, if any, use out of, than have those things get relegated to bulk storage or tossed in the trash. None of the impulse buying aids in the goal of buying that mox opal, and the company knows this. Hence they keep people doing this constantly while chasing after the super expensive modern playable cards.

    The only reason they don't do this in standard is because the same trick doesn't work on less dedicated players. Those players swoop in, draft and play standard, then just constantly trade out on the market. This process then feeds into the system set up with the impulse buying that long term dedicated players are roped into. To put it bluntly, it is a never ending cycle of pain for the dedicated player.

    Ultimately, the issue of finance is one of the most highly quoted reasons for people leaving magic. The focus on market watches over gameplay and the huge amount of time and money it takes to build a deck outside of one shot, short lived wonders; it's a miracle most people still play the game at all, really.

    I actually have a rather different view.. well at least of the game... well mostly just the last line... else i am mostly in agreement with the bait tactics.

    It is very strange, but i think it is the high value that keeps people in the game. Take away the value, the system surviving on it falls (lgs, scg, artists, ermm cosplay?) and easy access to other humans playing falls and the player base dwindles.

    The players will likely all leave. Well most of them, but there will always be a core group left.legacy proved this. There was a time when most cards are worthless and lotus was a couple of hundreds. The price spike overall is a recent thing, it is an anomaly. It can die. Not that it will, but it can.and playerz will likely leave in droves. But the game will still live, regardless of the company that spawned it or whether it has equity. Which is why i am oki with them printing equity to the ground, or not. I know the game will always be around. :p
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  • posted a message on Full Gallery is up
    Quote from The Fluff »

    Back on topic. Terese Nielsen's awesome UMA art on Pattern of Rebirth made me want it to be Modern legal. PoR on an eldrazi token, sac token and boom! Ulamog. Ceaseless Hunger comes to party. Well, but a Standard reprint is probably impossible.. as the power level of PoR is quite high.

    Hehe they could reprint it and ban it if too strong, they have banned stranger cards :p
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  • posted a message on Full Gallery is up
    Quote from The Fluff »
    Quote from arcane7828 »

    The problem is why is it even a problem? Should'nt most people have manamorphose already?

    It was a .25 cent card at SCG when I got a playset. The reason for buying is for Pauper Storm. I think most people who played a budget Storm of some kind has at least a playset of this card. Fast forward to the future.. I no longer play storm, then this guy pm'd me on facebook asking if I still had my manamorphose set.. he bought the set without a second thought for 16$. I would have been making big money right now, if I bought hundreds of manamorphose when it was still cents. Well, hindsight is always 20/20. XD

    Hehe thats awesome, well less so for him but thats the thing everyone is trying to make a quick buck, including the guy cornering the market... is that wotc's fault? I think its a systemic problem, and only a mass print would solve it, but it must still make monetory sense for wotc. I like conspiracy, but i think standard print run is bigger and more impactful. Conpiracy should focus on premodern with maybe just a dash of modern to prop its value up :p
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  • posted a message on Full Gallery is up
    Quote from Dontrike »

    Quote from arcane7828 »
    Should'nt most people have manamorphose already?

    This stuck out the most to me. Why should players have that card? Should they just buy it for no reason?

    They get in in standard, wotc caters to standard.

    Outside of that should wotc care for non-customers essentially?

    I mean, i brew decks so to me, looking out for cards to use is part and parcel, i don't suddently want a card because the price went up. If you suddenly want a card because it is the latest hottest new thing ... i guess thats the price. I am not sure how any system can help someone in that situation

    Again the problem with the price spikes are scalpers, i think the only solution is to build with stuff post rtr, since cards from that era have massive print runs. Manamorphose (like many other older cards), they can print in standard i guess if it is something wotc wants, but printing more modern useful cards in standard, that would give options and prevent scalping (i think). Simply attempting to tank prices is reactionary. And i dunno blaming uma for not printing manamorphose... it could have been any other card that got useful and then became a target for scalping, should wotc just reprint everything then :p and should we just buy whatever they print then? I dunno i feel the prices issue is always self inflicted. If it is lousey value, don't buy it! Speak with your wallet. The best example i can give is iconic and m25, the value was low, so now box prices are low. Same with uma, if it sucks, it will tank. But for other random cards that got scalped, thats a different systemic issue. Yes my solution is always to print it in standard :p not a focus on reprints but modern competitive cards. That will give people options. If there are options deck a, b, c out of a set of a,b,c,d,e,f,g competitive decks. I think we will be in a good spot. Now arguing for why should'nt everyone be able to play all decks, a,b,c,d,e,f,g: that is a different argument. :p

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  • posted a message on Full Gallery is up
    Quote from cfusionpm »
    It sounds like people just won't ever be happy until they get From The Vault: Staples. A set with a defined list of cards, all of which are the top 50 most played cards in each format, all cards are available in the box, and the MSRP is some ridiculous low price that crashes the entire market.

    That alone will not kill the price. Given those conditions LGS will just soak up the quantities and charge market value. Which is what happen with mma. Thats just a reload button for price gorgers. (Thats partly the effect of a high msrp, It cost LGS more to soak up the stock).

    What will do the trick, is to have unlimited print to demand run + distribution to mass market channel (to remove the effect of LGS artificially ordering less). That should kill the prices of those 15 cards (assuming ftv). Now if we want to kill swathes of cards, Standard print run is your man. I am actually all for it Smile

    And no. People will still not be happy. :p

    I think the 25 dollar manamorphose is symptomatic of a bigger problem. Scalpers. I think the only solution is to print better cards in Standard at all rarities, especially common. The problem is us. We are the ones paying the ridiculous prices (assuming the 25 dollar manamorphose sticks). The problem is why is it even a problem? Should'nt most people have manamorphose already? It was a 4 dollar card not too long ago. Then i realised at 4 dollars it might not be very palatable just to complete a set. I got my manamorphose when they were like 1 dollar or less.cos i collected over the years. So what is the solution? I actually think wotc is doing a great job with the printing at least with standard. They print so much of it, it is actually really cheap, and post rotation BAM. There is just too much stock for scalpers to consume. So in addition to the massive print run, they should print more and better cards that are minimally competitive in modern, maybe throw a bone to legacy and vintage; be it an entirely new card or a reprint. Then, if there are enough cards such that competitive decks can be built in modern with cards post RTR, at that point in time, if scalpers still have a hold on you... its really on you.

    (Oh yay me 1000th post)
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  • posted a message on Full Gallery is up
    The set looks great, just don't pay money for it unless you're a cigar-chomping gambler who can stand to waste some cash. Rejoice, and enjoy your deeply discounted Faithless Lootings before the price resettles to being about the same as previous printings. I'd bet this is a fun set to draft, but I'll never know, as I've been priced out of it.

    The vitriol is not without reason, and reducing it to "people are being toxic because the internet is toxic" is a bit disingenuous, even if this is an easily observable trend.

    Here, people are reacting with excessive cynicism and vitriol, but the core complaint of lottery packs is very true. However, most of the people making this argument are really just annoyed that they're being priced out of a product that is mostly designed to be opened by stores.

    The packs are a trap, and we know it, and complain about it. Just don't fall for the trap. A sad person opens a UMA pack with Seismic Assault. A happy person orders it at less than half the price of previous printings.

    Hmmm i dunno maybe its cos i am really happy to see fauna shaman, and noble hierarch at rare, so even if i do not get packs i will still target singles, thats a win no? Oh and engineered explosives 0.0
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  • posted a message on Full Gallery is up
    Quote from dkingsland967 »
    This is my personal opinion on Masters set quality:

    MMA > MM17 > EMA > MM15 = A25 > free boxes of IMA > dog feces on my shoe > paying money for IMA

    IMO, if this set was at the $10 price point of the past sets since MMA, we would be talking about it lagging just a little behind the original for the best Masters set ever.

    With the price increase, I think it will end up placing a little ahead or a little behind Eternal Masters, depending on where prices settle in 6 months.

    Yes it feels about ema, honestly... i was'nt really impressed by mma, but i did like ema.


    Wow thats an explanation i guess Smile
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  • posted a message on Full Gallery is up
    Quote from cfusionpm »
    Quote from Dontrike »
    Quote from cfusionpm »

    I'm just saying that the backlash on the set is based around something that isn't even true ($14/pack) or something that is petty and selfish (doesn't contain random card X, Y, or Z). I fully think this set is amazing and see massive value, and I stand by that claim by purchasing it (as do the thousands of other people buying boxes).

    There are things to nitpick, sure, but this is easily the best Masters set WOTC has ever made, and people still whine and complain about it.

    The $14 packs are something to complain about, fact is WotC thought that this was worth that much. Just because people aren't willing to pay that doesn't mean that isn't an incredible fault of WotC thinking that. There has yet to be a reason as to why they did this and there isn't one.

    This set is average and nothing more. Even if I had money I wouldn't buy packs of this.

    Why does MSRP matter when nobody is paying MSRP?
    How is this set average, when it contains more value reprints than any other set ever made?
    What set is better, in terms of value, than this?

    Heh, yes MSRP is not going to matter to the consumer in the end... thing is the price of the product will speak for itself when the dust settles

    I think this set is oki, its pricey but its better than previous. And it has many expensive cards at rare, which should knock down prices somewhat. I think its a win so far. I am not really sure why there is alot of toxity. And i agree that alot of people say they understand ev or card equity, but then argue like they don't. I guess they are trying to talk up or down prices. But i don't really care either way :p i am just going to take the opportunity to pick what i want, and maybe a box if it so tickles my fancy. It is really just a card game afterall. Chill ppl.
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  • posted a message on Ultimate Masters & Box Topper Promos + PSA regarding sealed Box Topper Boosters
    OK Warmachine prime you have two things confused. the cost of materials for a goyf and a stormcrow are the same (- minus the holo foil), but that is not the only cost involved. Reprint equity/ value is a real thing. the more copies of a thing you make the cheaper it will get because of supply and demand . this is true for magic cards, TV's , Comic books, anything that isnt perishable or has a set life expectancy ( cars, appliances , food items). Goyf use to be a 100 dollar card, they have printed it down to a 50 dollar card and i suspect this printing will get it to 40. in this case wizards used 10 dollars of reprint equity up in the set. if they dont reprint goyf again for a long time price will rise and they will gain reprint equity , or they could do another reprint soon and push the value down lower and lose more equity in exchange for liquid capital, it works somewhat like pulling principle out of an investment . Wizards pulling reprint equity /value out of cards HURTS LGS and single sellers.

    we wont buy sets if there is no value in them , to give us cards with value they have to expend reprint equity , this set has a ton of reprint equity in it, and some of it was slow build like back to basics and ancient tomb, neither of these will regain the lost reprint equity . other like lilli and snap caster might go down a little to none due to demand and price inflexibility. in either case they have spent equity in the cards. The more a card is printed the less value it has unless demand is super high. If you put snap caster in a standard bulk set like guilds/m19/ixalan even at mythic due to the increased supply he would be a 25 to 30 dollar card and that is one of the most price inflexible cards in the game right now . look at cruicable or scapeshift both were in the 50 to 60 range now both under 10 . Slow build cards like back to basic and ancient tombs are about to be 10 dollar cards cause they are expensive for being low supply not from true demand , at least the new prints will be the old ones will lose 50% or more value once it settles out.

    Now the more reprint equity/ value you put in a set the cheaper overall and the quicker the price will drop on those cards unless the liquid capital cost of the product matches or exceeds the reprint equity . they spend more reprint equity and raised the liquid capital cost to cover the expended investment of equity.

    to dumb it down some, 99% of the people playing this game like valuable cards, most would not play the game if every card they opened had 0 value money wise. As much as some people fight it , the secondary market is real , it what gives wizards the reprint equity, and its also why Magic unlike every other card game has lasted 25+ years . If wizards put out this set at 4 dollars a pack every rare in it would be under 7 and the mythic would be at 25 or less if it mass printed , with no true gain for wizards, tons of equity lost, and every single seller / lgs being punched in the nuts. they could have put it at 10 a pack and short run, but then why would the stores sell the boxes? when the equity in the boxes is higher than what they are paying , the LGS and singles guys would just pop the boxes and sell you the singles. Its in Wizards best interest to keep card values high because it gives them more reprint equity to use in future products, and it keeps the people selling wizards products and running their events in better shape and with more liquid capital . Higher card prices "in general" are good for the games health and well being .

    This is the truth. Like it or not Smile
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