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  • posted a message on BUW Aggro/Control - Esper Midrange
    I havent tested the list much past just jamming a few games against a proxy gauntlet, so I'm not really certain about a lot of the list yet, but I had some similar concerns for a couple of the cards.

    Queller: Coming from bant where this guy is awesome, I figured he would slot in nicely, but like you mentioned as one of the only good targets for removal in the deck, my opponent would usually have something for it. It might be better in a smaller number, as it has still been good in the late game in grindy matches, where it can last for a while after catching someones only card with it. Maybe the answer is shaving a couple for another Geist or two instead and focusing on pushing geist damage through.

    Snaps: 2 was intentional because I wasnt sure I had enough high value targets to flash back, though I can definitely see wanting a third just for consistency after playing the deck a bit.

    Snare: I really like playing with spell snare, it catches a lot in the early game that you can let slip through hand disruption to focus on taking higher impact cards, if you have a mana up for the snare. Some of my favorite turn 2's are a hand disruption spell seeing a 2-drop and taking something else, then snaring it right after. In the late game it does a good job of protecting colonnade from terminate in Jund/Grixis matchups which are always big in my local meta at least, though with field of ruin seeing more play, people have other answers for creature lands too right now. Also catches a lot of annoyances like Thalia and red Eidolon in the first couple turns.

    Reinforcements: I didnt put a lot of thought into the board yet to be honest, and these are definitely cards I'm not fully tied to having here. At the same time though, in bant at least, I have always been underwhelemed by Blessed Alliance. Maybe if boggles sees a rise in popularity or is common in your meta, but I don't like it much for the lifegain mode.

    As a side note for the sidebaord, I've also been considering Zealous Persecution for the Pyromancer matchups, my friend playing Abzan has been loving having 2-3 in his board.
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  • posted a message on Knightfall/Bant Company
    Since I've been getting hyped on the new possibilities of this deck I also drew up a BBE version to build. I haven't tested this one yet, but might play it instead of my Jace version at a modern event this week. This is what I was thinking for a BBE build. Trimming Quellers since they are not a good hit on a BBE. I think this deck could really push the beatdown/tempo plan well. Realistically, this might just be better off as a non Retreat deck that is fully Naya, but still this looks pretty fun.

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  • posted a message on BUW Aggro/Control - Esper Midrange
    I've been messing around with decks that could play Jace and Geist and ended up revisiting this archetype that I used to play a lot. I was thinking something along the lines of this for the decklist. There has been a lot of discussion in the Bant Knightfall forum about whether Jace is "worth it" in the deck. The consensus and my opinion as well was along the lines of - "When the format unbans one of the best midrange grind tools in the colours of your midrange deck, you should probably try to play it." I think that same logic works with this archetype as well.

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  • posted a message on Knightfall/Bant Company
    Quote from aparthia »

    What creature selection would you make with this kind of meta? I'm thinking Reflector Mage does little here, whereas cards like Spell Queller and Selfless Spirit are more valuable? Utility creatures I'm considering are 2nd Qasali Pridemage and more Ewits for recursion.

    I've always been a fan of 2-3 Pridemages. It can be really clutch maindeck against a lot of decks right now, and also helps with beating down from exalted. Having a Noble and a Qasali out together for double exalted can be a game changer with getting a creature through or speeding up your clock against decks that can stop you from going wide but can't take out your whole board (lots of spot removal, but not a lot of sweepers like BGx etc), especially if you have a couple lantern and affinity players around often for the incidental artifact hate.

    You might want to consider some/more Kitchen Finks and Voice of Resurgence in that metagame too if you don't play them already. Both are great against removal heavy decks, and most aggro decks (they take 2 removal spells to really eliminate (other than path) and can block/trade twice most of the time against aggro.

    E-Wit is definitely great in grindy matchups like BGx and UW.

    Queller is generally strong, with its worst matchups being against decks like Jeskai that have so many extra ways to take it out, though at the same time, a well used queller in that matchup can really turn things around for you, like hitting a 4CMC walker or wrath/verdict (remember it doesnt counter spells it exiles, so supreme verdict and abrupt decay can be hit). I'd probably run them in any metagame due to versatility and general strength.

    I've never been a huge fan of selfless spirit. It's not a bad card, but find it's usually less valuable in a proactive gameplan, and it's not too hard to play around it (other than hitting it off CoCo in response to something, but that is pretty unlikely) I'd rather just play more efficient creatures that can have higher game impact.

    Reflector Mage has a lot of value in midrange matchups, where removing a blocker while on the tempo beatdown plan can make a big difference in getting through a stalled board, and aggro matches where it can profitably block a lot of creatures and also slow them down. Especially worthwhile against Deaths Shadow, anything else that plays Delve creatures, Hollow Ones etc.

    Geist of Saint Traft on the other hand, I find has value in the opposite matchups from Reflector Mage. Great vs creature light decks like Control and Combo decks like Storm or Ad Nauseam as a fast clock to back up some tempo plays/disruption. Usually I prefer to have 2-3 copies of either Geist or Reflector in my maindeck with the other available out of the sideboard, since I rarely want both at once.

    I've been a fan of creature spreads such as:

    6-7 Dorks
    6-7 2 CMC (Usually 3-4 Voice, 2-3 Qasali, 0-2 Scooze)
    13-15 3 CMC (4 Knight, 4 Queller, 5-7 "Flex" based on metagame)

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  • posted a message on Knightfall/Bant Company
    I was messing around with Jace builds and did pretty well with this list just playing against a proxied gauntlet with friends. Dont have Jaces on MTGO so stuck with proxy testing this till next week.

    I don't know if I'm crazy for wanting to play the Nissa, but she has actually been pretty good the times I cast her. In a few games I had her down beside a Jace and was able to set up her 0 with brainstorm for crazy card advantage.

    I have a pretty greedy mana base right now, not sure if I should try to keep the kessig/red source, but its pretty hard to let go of turning my dudes int fireballs. I already dropped the sejiri steppe since I rarely ever need to use it, and it messes with a lot of opening hands or if you draw it early. Not sure about the basic Island either, but it feels like I should have it. I've been liking Moorland Haunt in my recent Company builds for the grindy matchups, where holding a board state is a challenge. I think it's easier to get value in more situations compared to Gavony. I'm also trying Field of Ruin over a GQ, to be able to get rid of problematic lands without setting myself back.
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  • posted a message on Knightfall/Bant Company
    Played Knightfall last weekend in GP Toronto going 5-3. Sadly picked up my 3rd loss in the last round of day 1, eliminating me from playing day 2, but I felt that overall the deck was performing well, though I think I let my list become a little too weak to burn (2 of my 3 losses).

    Here is the list I played. I've been on 6 dorks for a long time and feel that it works well. Thalia H.C. was a great maindeck addition in quite a few matchups, I usually run Mindcensor or Ramunap Excavator that slot, but felt that Thalia would be e benefit in slowing down some decks I was worried about such as Humans (which I didn't even play against in the end). It ended up being a pretty powerful card vs. BGx and Pyromancer decks even when it only stuck for a turn or two. I ended up playing Moorland Haunt over the traditional Gavony due to expecting some grindy matchups like BG and Mardu, it definitely payed off in my grindy games, where gavony would have been pretty dead because of the removal I was facing.

    I ended up taking for granted my burn matchup because of the strength some previous builds of mine had in the matchup, slowly my changes over time have made the burn matchup weaker and I wasn't adequately prepared for it or at least didn't draw my good cards vs. my two burn opponents. I'm reassessing the sideboard now to help have better answers to fast aggro, as I felt E.E. was a little slow, often needing me to take a turn off when using it and held me back from advancing my own plan.

    I had no byes, so my 8 matchups were as follows:

    Burn - Loss 0-2 (0-1)
    UR Pyro/Thing - Win 2-0 (1-1)
    BG - Win 2-0 (2-1)
    Temur Moon - Win 2-1 (3-1)
    Abzan - Win 2-0 (4-1)
    Eldrazi Tron - Loss 0-2 (4-2)
    Ad Nauseam - Win 2-1 (5-2)
    Burn - Loss 0-2 (5-3)

    With unbanning of Jace, I'm considering trying a build with no Company and more tempo oriented plan with 3-4 Jace(focus on flash creatures, light countermagic w/ knight and retreat), or even a trying to fit both 4 drops (maybe just fitting 2 Jace over a couple creatures in this case for the late game grind)
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  • posted a message on BUW Aggro/Control - Esper Midrange
    Hi all, not sure how active this board is anymore, but I've been messing around with a bunch of Esper Tempo/Midrange variants since Aether Revolt gave us Fatal Push. I ended up pushing pretty hard to create a good shell for Geist of Saint Traft with how I developed my version of the deck.

    So far from the games I played, I think I need to find some more early game pressure. So far with this list, I think that the Resto Angels have been less impactful and slower than I wanted, also I think between IoK, Thoughtseize, and Collective Brutality, I can probably shave a hand disruption spell. With ~3 slots to play with, does anyone have a suggestion for a low (1-2) CMC threat that might compliment what I am doing here? I could also likely find another cut if I wanted to bring in a full playset of something, the Steel of the Godhead is a spicy 1-of for Geist, but can probably go if I need the slot.

    Is Delver of secrets a decent option here? I was thinking maybe even some seeker of the way.

    Besides the changes I am looking to make, anyone else have suggestions for an Esper Geist list like mine?

    Here is my current list:

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  • posted a message on RG Titan Scapeshift
    Quote from Karist »
    What do you think Prismatic Omen v Khalni Heart Expedition?

    I'll preface this by mentioning that I personally prefer KHE, so I might be biased.

    Prismatic Omen essentially allows your deck to be faster, you can kill with scapeshift on 6 lands instead of 7-8. Also in longer games, when Valakut is online, it allows fetches to double trigger. My issue with the card is that it doesn't actually do anything.

    KHE is a more powerful card on it's own, acting as a double ramp spell with the downside of needing some time to activate. This card also makes the sequencing of ramp spells very important. I like that it can be instant speed interaction with valakuts online and also can help close out games faster when we land a Primeval Titan.

    Overall I think prismatic omen shines more in other versions of Scapeshift where the number of mountains in the deck is actually a bit of a concern, while in straight RG it doesn't feel necessary.
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  • posted a message on RG Titan Scapeshift
    Im sure the new Chandra isn't "bad" but I'm not sure there is anything that is worse than it to cut. I could see maybe running it over Courser or Anger of the gods if it is right for the meta, but I don't think that time is now. Otherwise, it cant replace any win conditions, and I don't think its worth cutting more ramp for adding her in addition to everything else.
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  • posted a message on RG Titan Scapeshift
    Quote from Pedestriantse »
    what would you like to know about my sb Smile

    Congrats on your finish!

    I played 58/60 same maindeck as you (ran a third explore and a baloth main over the 2 coursers you had), but the sideboard was where I saw some really interesting choices. My main questions were about your Witchbane Orbs and your Emrakul. How did the orbs perform? I assume they must have been pretty good vs. scapeshift mirrors, which there seemed to be a pretty decent number of. Is it also good against anything else like Burn, or is getting it out around turn 3-4 too late?

    The Emrakul is pretty spicy, what matchups did you board it in generally? Do you think it was worth the slot?

    I walked by the top tables a couple times while you were playing and saw a game you played against 2 blood moons, but you didn't seem to phased by it. With no enchantment removal in your list, were Blood Moons not something you expected to see? Or were you just confident in the beatdown plan vs those decks? Similarly did you run into leylines much, and how do you deal with those decks that play them?

    Thanks for any insight on your deck you can give!
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  • posted a message on RG Titan Scapeshift
    Hey guys check out the list at the top of page here. Felix Tse won the Toronto WMCQ with his titanshift list. His sideboard looks weird, but after also playing in the event, I believe he made pretty good meta calls with it.

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  • posted a message on RG Titan Scapeshift
    Thanks! A lot of great advice here, sounds like I might be better off sticking to 27 lands with 3 forests as well.

    Hopefully I can help provide some insight into the eldrazi matchup soon, as I know a lot of pepole that play it. I'll make sure to pay close attention to those games.
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  • posted a message on RG Titan Scapeshift
    I just bought the last cards I needed for this deck, and have been having a blast playing it the last few days. I built it for an upcoming modern WMCQ as well as a Face to Face games open event because I feared that dredge hate in sideboards would disrupt my two main decks as collateral damage (Kiki-Chord and Knightfall both are pretty soft to grafdiggers cage and other yard hate sometimes and also just feel a little too slow/not powerful enough in the current meta).

    I have a bunch of questions that I would love to hear more experienced players thoughts on, if the context is relevant for any of my thoughts here I started with Oliver Tiu's exact 75 when I played it at first, and made some tweaks from there.

    Given the relatively linear main game plan, that part wasn't too difficult to pick up, but I have mostly questions regarding the sideboard.

    One question regarding mainboard: When is a forest considered the correct fetch over a mountain? I assume if you can only get a basic (most ramp spells) and need the second green it is the pick, and also when you want to save mountains because you have a scapeshift. Is there many other spots that picking a forest is a good idea?

    For some matchups that I want to bring in more than a few cards, I have trouble finding what to cut. Its mainly in the aggro matchups where I want a lot more interaction. Do I just have too many cards to bring in vs. things like Affinity/Infect/Burn here or do I dip into cutting more ramp/win conditions to make sure I have a better shot at controlling the opponents? It seems like hyperaggro is the weakness of the deck, so is it good to be packing ~8+ cards that I want to bring in against them?

    I was brainstorming sideboard cards last night and noticed that I didn't really include much for the Eldrazi and Tron matchups. How are those usually? Is it worthwhile to pack a couple crumble to dust for these matchups and the mirror? Anything that I already have in my board that I might have overlooked for these matchups? I'm mainly wondering, because I would likely want to cut bolt and anger against those decks but don't seem to have a lot to bring in.

    I cut the 4th Explore because I found that when I drew multiples I was often running out of extra lands to play by the second one. Might have been to hasty of a cut though? I notice not all lists are playing 4. I figured that if I was cutting an explore, I would also cut a land and have 2 more "free" slots. This lead into me wondering if 2 forests is enough (down from 3)? I was playing around with running 26 lands instead of 27 and cutting a forest, and in those games it didn't seem to have a big impact, is there an important reason to have 3 that I am overlooking?

    Now if this logic of cutting two cards isn't too terrible for the deck, I can have 2 flex slots for more interaction using cards that I think would be good against the overall meta. I had imagined that maybe a mainboard Baloth and Engineered Explosives would be nice. E.E. alongside my bolts and angers to have a bit more removal. The Baloth I thought it might help as a pact target when under aggro pressure, though not sure if paying 4 over two turns would negate the effectiveness of it. Seems sweet to pact into it in response to a lili + in game 1 as well, though I understand that is already a good matchup.

    For clarification: My first change was just the addition of the Baloth after cutting the Explore which I played at one small event (2-1), and now my untested idea is also cutting a forest for a mainboard E.E.

    Based on that I was able to free up a couple sideboard slots. I also posted some of my other sideboard card thoughts below, do any of them look good enough to play over something I have already?

    Here is my current list that I am planning to test tonight:

    Other Sideboard or Flex Slot Thoughts
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  • posted a message on Kiki Chord / Kiki Company / Kiki Evolution
    Quote from Ludafish »

    I think the new Thalia is awesome and definitely worth testing. Is it great? or even good? Hell if I know.. Testing will tell. It does interact fantastically with a large percentage of the format though.

    Works especially nicely with Nahiri on creatures. I'll definitely be playing it in this deck and also in my Bant CoCo deck.
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  • posted a message on Knightfall/Bant Company
    4x Noble Hierarch, 3-4x Voice of Resurgence, 1-3x Scavenging Ooze, 1-3x Qasali Pridemage are what I would consider core cards for CMC 1-2.

    For three drops, I find they can be more meta dependent since there are so many good options.

    Some of my favorites are

    Kitchen Finks is great against aggro and even jund/k decks.
    Aven Mindcensor many decks use a lot of search effects, and worst case its an evasive threat that can make use of exalted in board stalls.
    Loxodon Smiter can be good against UR based control decks and discard decks.
    Geist of Saint Traft has fallen out of favor recently a bit it seems, but could be a good choice if you plan on running thassa.
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