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  • posted a message on [M12] Oblivion Ring? (Most Important Reprint to Standard Speculation)
    Just to point out, Journey to Nowhere first appeared in Zendikar, which MaRo was the lead designer for. Journey does not meet the criteria.
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  • posted a message on Rudicon 2009 Legacy Tournament - October 31st
    Website has been updated! naeryo.rit.edu/~rudicon2009

    In addition to the posted Legacy tournament, a Zendikar booster draft is running each day. We are also having a Standard Tournament in addition to the legacy tournament, and a Booster Draft of a Custom Set, provided by myself!

    These events have not yet been added by the webmaster, but should be on there by the end of the day today.

    Further details: Rudicon 2009 is being held at Rochester Institute of Technology's Student Alumni Union (34 Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester NY, 14623). Cost of entry is $15 for the weekend or $10 for the day, plus the cost of each event ($7 per booster draft, constructed event price under review). Legacy tournament payout will be selection based and will be based upon attendance.
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  • posted a message on Rudicon 2009 Legacy Tournament - October 31st
    Yeah, we're working on that... the guy who was working on it had some difficulties getting it going and updated. I'll let you know when things happen Smile
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  • posted a message on Rudicon 2009 Legacy Tournament - October 31st

    I am the President of this event, and I look forward to seeing you there. For more information about our convention, our website is here.

    The convention takes place at the Student Alumni Union at Rochester Institute of Technology, located in the center of the campus.

    Overall Convention Details:
    When: October 30th-November 1st
    Where: Rochester Institute of Technology's Student Alumni Union
    34 Lomb Memorial Drive
    Rochester, NY. 14623
    What Magic Events will be there other than the Legacy Tournament?
    3 Zendikar booster drafts
    will be run at Rudicon.
    Friday, October 30th @ 7pm.
    Saturday, October 31st @ 7 pm.
    Sunday, November 1st @ 9 pm.

    A Standard Tournament will also be held.
    Saturday, October 31st @ 2 pm.

    A Custom Set Booster Draft of my own Sanctuaries will be run on Sunday at 2pm. (Free with admission)

    How Much? $10 for the day, $15 for the weekend
    , plus the cost of entry fees for events.
    $7 per booster draft, entry for Standard and Legacy is under review. Payout will be determined based upon attendance.
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  • posted a message on The M10 prerelease thread
    Quote from "[hizzouse »
    That's an interesting sealed pool, I'd probably play GWr, you have access to 3 mana accel cards and 2 Expanses. What sucks is that there isn't much to splash for. Something like this:

    I'd change the splash to Black if you're playing against G/X fatties for the two Deathmark and Wall of Bone.
    Yeah, I realized a little after the fact that I could have splashed in whatever answers I needed, but sadly I never played against anyone in green to swap in the Deathmarks and such. My deck was actually almost straight green with red splashes, as I felt that most of the good white was only good if I built the deck around it. The control isn't great, as it seems to pretty much just be the creatures... so as a result, I just went Gr, which was probably a mistake. Here was my build:
    I actually figured this would go farther than the 2-2 that I ended up pulling off. Oh well, I can't complain about the quality of the rares I got either. Thanks for your feedback, I probably should have tapped into the white flyers and aggressive stuff a little more... my problem was often that I didn't have enough midrange stuff down early enough to be able to finish things in the later game... also I ran into a lot of people playing walls, and just couldn't handle them effectively.
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  • posted a message on The M10 prerelease thread
    Yay, consolidated stories.

    First card I saw among the cards in my pool was Lightning Bolt. Really made me smile Smile

    Overall, I was happy with the pool, but things didn't quite come together as I was playing, so I'm seeking to learn from mistakes both in play and deck construction. I won't post my deck, but what would you build from this pool?

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  • posted a message on [Magic CoffeeHouse] Is Supplier of Cookies!
    Quote from Alacar Leoricar
    Afternoon, folks. I'm not in class today, but I am working on a final project..

    * Alacar Leoricar toasts LexIcon

    Good luck on your final project Smile
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  • posted a message on [Magic CoffeeHouse] Is Supplier of Cookies!
    Quote from Omna15
    Hi everyone... Seems that things are kind of dead... i am a little disappointed that there wasn't more celebration and conversation here... and I couldn't really post the thread cuz Alacar hasn't been around in the first place, to post the 2nd post, anyway... so I couldn't really do anything about it Frown

    And hello, Ryan, how are you?

    Sorry I haven't gotten the thread up, I've had a rough couple days, been arguing a bit with Brad, and his dog just died on Sunday, and he found out while we were out celebrating our anniversary, so that put kind of a damper on the evening and then I wasn't feeling too good last night, and didn't end up getting to sleep until 4:30am, and slept in a bit, missing a couple hours of work, cuz I'm staying late today, but I still kind of got people freaked out cuz nobody knew where I was.. kind of bad idea not to let people know.. been busy, and tonight is a Town Hall meeting so I'll be here until 8:30, then when Brad gets out we'll be able to catch last night's episode of Amazing Race, DVR'ed, plus a show called Castle which is also pretty good.

    Got a meeting here in about 20 mins and then who knows...

    I don't think people mean to rush you too much for making the new thread. You'll probably be able to get it up soon :-)... which hopefully will bring about some needed happiness, what with the arguing again. This is sad to hear... although I hope that it was restricted to the death of his pet bringing about some foul moods. Hope you were able to cheer each other up, or will be able to tonight Kekeke It sounds like you're going to have a long day, and you're probably very tired, so I hope you feel better today than you did last night, and enjoy your evening.

    As for myself, I'm alright. Busy as usual, but this is comparatively speaking a light week. I have to get some Rudicon stuff done (convention being held at RIT which I am the president of), and I need to handle some project work, with the intent to get things done so I can meet deadlines next week. And of course, there is Tora-Con this weekend, which I have obligations to, and maybe the prerelease the following day. Things are going to be crazy, as expected.

    Quote from Alacar Leoricar »
    Things sure have changed since we started. Back then, Sterling Angel was a regular (now she's getting married) and PurpleD was all over the place. Itinerant Soldier was Crimson Avatar. Spanglegluppet was a darling and Photon Eater and Mamelon were regulars. Ravnica and Guildpact were in full swing and we were in the middle of a heated Dissension Rumor season.

    Sterling Angel is getting married too, huh? Along with Photon Eater and Ethersphere? I'm glad people are still keeping in touch outside the house then as well. Ah, the days of the original members... indeed, a lot changed since then. Really, a lot. Also, Dissension was a tad disappointing to me, I remember, I loved Azorius as a guild concept, but was a tad disappointed with its execution. Oh well, it was fun overall though Smile

    Some interesting times, those were.
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  • posted a message on [Magic CoffeeHouse] Is Supplier of Cookies!
    Quote from Mr. Stuff
    Hey, Ryan, good to see you! I don't think you missed much showing up late, unfortunately...

    Things are just a little slow right now... still ok, the coffeehouse is still alive Kekeke

    Yes indeed. *waves to Lexicon*

    I hadn't before, but I have now. Wow... interesting. I might give this wackiness a shot just to see what it's all about. I must say I'm not the biggest fan of browser games, though.
    Actually, would you mind holding up on that just a minute? When you go and check it out next time, before you register your character, please click here, and if you make a character, put me (Arguas) as a referral. We both will get stuff for it ^_^.

    BvS has a referral program, and actually the system is very good. For an MMO-ish kind of game, it is good as it restricts the amount of time you can spend on it per day, so it can't consume your life, even if you get obsessed with it. As a parody game, it also was pretty funny... now I haven't even been that into anime, particularly Naruto (which the game parodies most), and I still catch references here and there. It also makes references occasionally to other things and games, from Portal to Reboot. Bleach is also a well integrated into the game as a set of things you can do.

    Yeah, we're missing... well, almost everybody. What happened, I wonder? Even Chris isn't here.
    Actually, I saw him lurking last night around the same time I posted... so he's kind of around, just didn't say anything.
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  • posted a message on Happy 3 Years to Magic CoffeeHouse!!
    Quote from Magic Mage
    Bah, darned bilabial moraic nasal (and history?). x( Fair enough. *whimpers*

    Besides, it's not like everrryone in the Coffeehouse knows Japanese, so it's not all that appropriate anyway! :p

    Whatever happened to Ryan/Arguas, anyway? It's kind of a shame that he's not all that present, and/or he no longer visits; I hope he's well.

    Actually, I was, just a little late. :-p Happy birthday, Magic coffeehouse!
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  • posted a message on [Magic CoffeeHouse] Is Supplier of Cookies!
    Hey everyone Smile I'm about 26 minutes too late, but I figured I would stop in and say happy 3 years to the coffeehouse Smile I apologize for showing up a bit late to the party.

    I see Omna is still spreading around my signing :-p That video wasn't the best translation of the song, and I got better at it shortly after that recording. It wasn't actually taped, though, so I wasn't able to update it or anything.

    LexIcon seems to have picked a good time to come in and say hi to everyone, based on the timing and the meaningfulness to the house Kekeke

    I have to ask, Mr. Stuff, have you ever heard of a game called Billy vs. Snakeman? Actually, any anime fans here in particular heard of it?

    Wow, Cecilia, you're still doing legacy of the week? It's back again, and that is actually really kind of cool Smile I'm glad you're still doing what you enjoy most Smile I find the Call the Skybreaker to be an interesting alternative win cond... it's not quite as quick as Decree though in an equivalent deck, but it is a win condition that is hard to deal with. Granted, I don't play legacy myself, but I've been researching it a bit recently, simply because of the fact that the convention I'm running is likely going to be having a legacy tournament, and at the very least, I need to make sure decent prizes are available. At this point, it's looking like a set of duals, forces, and Tarmogoyfs.

    Although... the turnout seems a little less than I expected? Oh well, still good to drop by again Smile
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] - Magic Set Editor 2
    Thanks for your help on this one, guys. I had some trouble with the templating at first with this thing, as I didn't know that the card type shouldn't be capitalized with keywords. That and you managed to help with typesymbol things, which was a big help. Thank you for everything, things look a lot better now Smile
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] - Magic Set Editor 2
    Hey there, having some troubles with the syntax of the keyword translator, hoping to see if anyone has any helping words.

    So, I have a mechanic that requires another word to be added when the card type is the same as a specified type. Rather than talk around it, let me show you what I have and what I would like:

    Relevant background:
    Card type = Creature -- Human Knight

    Parameter = Creatures

    Desired output: (Each other Creature card you reveal from your hand as you play this spell reduces its cost by 1).

    Example 2:

    Card type = Sorcery
    Parameter = Card

    Desired output: (Each other card you reveal from your hand as you play this spell reduces its cost by 1).
    What I have so far:

    Each {if card.type == english_singular(param1) or english_singular(param1)=="Card" then "other "}{if (english_singular(param1) == ("Card")) then "" else english_singular(param1)} card you reveal from your hand as you play this spell reduces its cost by <sym>1</sym>.

    What I think is happening is that card.type returns the entire type line. However, strings in this language don't seem to have a split command, and I'm not exactly sure how I would go about performing a check and returning a value in this thing. Furthermore, I can't really just figure it out, as I don't see how print statements are possible. The language seems like a recursive language... any way I can get some help in constructing the syntax for this thing? Again, here's what I'm going for:

    1) If the card type matches the english singular version of the parameter, ie: Creature for Creatures, or if the parameter is card, then stick an 'other' in the reminder text.

    2) If the card type is Card, don't print the parameter. Otherwise, print the parameter.
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  • posted a message on Adventures in Shandalar
    I was reading through the comments about this game which brought back tons of memories for me, and I know it would a friend of mine, when I ran across this quote:
    Quote from Jester"s Tear
    You could stir up nightmares by talking about the OTHER MtG game that came out the same time as Shandalar. I don't remember much about it other than it really sucked. You would summon the creature and it'd start wandering around the board towards the other wizard. I remember that the key mechanics of the game didn't work, like First Strike or Protection. IIRC, Microprose sued the company that released it, stating that it was causing confusion in the marketplace or something like that.

    Early in my magic days, I managed to at one point or another borrow both of these games. Shandalar can really live on at times and keep recurring. The other game, as Mr. Superlove pointed out, was called MtG Battlemage. It was an interesting concept as a live action game; essentially summoning monsters actually did summon monsters, playing lands added mana to a pool that simply refreshed over a time interval, and there was a sliding window that allowed you to switch around your spells to "active" spells.

    The problem was indeed as someone had mentioned, that certain mechanics didn't always work as expected, and I'll also point out that it was almost impossible to block unless you were on a map in which there was a bottleneck, forcing a creature into a particular spot. Creatures would fight until they died, if I remember right, as well. It was because of the fact that blocking was largely impossible that the game became "summon monster A and send it at the opponent". Serra Angel was the best creature in the game, I felt, because of the fact that Vigilance played very much like haste; when the creature hit an opponent, it would warp back to the mage's side, and if it didn't have vigilance, would sit there for a moment before it went back to automatically moving towards the opponent and attacking them. Vigilance made the creature come out of the gates running, and not tapping down when teleporting back. Therefore, Serra Angel was a constant stream of pain for the opponent.

    A lot of cards were functional, but the problem was that the pace was just too fast to capture the feel of real magic for the human player. However, the computer could switch up spells fast enough to play counterspell in the narrow window, and the spell trees were never needed because there was just never any time to play more than 2 spells at once. The computer could also block and use activated abilities in a reasonable amount of time.

    This game had one MAJOR advantage however that I really liked; there were several planeswalkers all out to take over Dominaria. Dominaria itself was set up like a map of Risk, with different regions having an encounter with someone which could lead to a great card, and conquest of a territory. Through it, sometimes you could conquer lands controlled by other planeswalkers by talking your way into it. This made that element of the game feel like Risk with some diplomatic possibilities. This aspect of the game was actually quite fun and was really enjoyable, even when you memorized the best routes in the conversation to get whatever it was you wanted. The simultaneous action duel could definitely have been approved though... Sadly, I felt Battlegrounds overall did a BETTER job of that feel than Battlemage. I guess that's really saying something.

    Shandalar was a much better game because it really was Magic as an RPG, and was wonderful for that. I remember several of the discussed bugs, but I seem to have found one that no one else has mentioned involving Mishra's Factory. I noticed that when you tap Mishra's Factory, it asks you what you want to do with the Factory. Since it has an ability that can technically be activated even when its tapped, the window will come up even if Mishra's Factory is already tapped. However, in either case, the cursor will begin at the top action, which is "add 1 to your mana pool". It won't highlight it when the Factory is tapped, but if you press Enter, since the cursor is technically on it, you add 1 to your mana pool! Repeat for infinite and illegal mana. Colorless, but when you have a Fireball in hand, it wins games. Just a little less broken than making your opponent mana burn themselves for the loss.

    The Polka Band sound effect was actually really amusing. While the rest of the sound effects had a magical feel to the them (even that obnoxious Power Struggle noise), this thing was just some deep voice saying "Everybody Polka!" Followed by a raspy instrument playing.

    Oh, and one more thing about this discussion: In the earliest version of the game, I remember in the deck editor being able to build Lightning Bolt.dec. I think that actually there was either an edit for the released game down the line to force the 4-of restriction. Earlier versions allowed you to just play around with any number of cards, particularly in the external deck creator. I remember when I got the patched version, I didn't see the ability to create decks with more than 4 cards anymore.
    Thanks for the article; some great memories!
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  • posted a message on Elemental Mayhem!
    My concern here is that it is pretty easy for you ending up needing to blowfly your own creatures here. This deck is straight up aggressive, and that may not be too bad. Another concern I have is that you don't have any direct removal. It wants to overextend pretty badly in order to achieve its potential, which can leave you open for mass removal, or opposing control elements. Give the deck a try and see how it does; I think that there is room for improvement. I'd almost consider Puncture Bolt maindecked, or Puncture Blast.

    Also, it is easier for us to read if you use Deck Tags. [*deck] Contents [/deck], without the *. Thanks Smile
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