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  • posted a message on Abzan
    So Jund gets Wrenn and Six, Abzan gets StoneForge Mystic. What do you think?
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  • posted a message on Modern Spirits
    Yes indeed. Will Stone Forge Mystic fit into spirits.

    What would need to fit from a deck construction perspective. 4 two mana drops. Those would be Resteless Spirits or Rattlechains.

    1 batterskull and 1 other equipment. Another batterskulls, sword of ice and fire for clock and card draw is good. After that sword of light and shadow or feast and famine. Prot black means you come around the black germ. Even Sinew and Steel could be cool to stop the mirror match.

    I do not know. 6 cards is not that much. On the other hand it has no real synergi with the rest of the deck

    Also, batterskull is not an equipment in most games you play it in. It is a 4/4 lifelink you cheat into play. The equipcost is five. In many ways it will give us inevedabilaty lategame. Early lifegain gets you there, and later on it can be equiped and bounce itself for more creatures. But that is a slow strategy and we are a fast deck.
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  • posted a message on Modern Spirits
    I just want to run a couple of options I've been thinking about for my own UW spirits list. The first is the idea of using Incubation // Incongruity as my main cantrip. Mostly it would be a Commune with Nature that I would be able to cast for U, but I can also throw a Temple Garden into my deck to drop a flying blocker or downgrade a threat if needed. Not finding lands hurts compared to other cantrips, but the flexibility is a huge draw.

    My other idea comes from the amount that I've been flooding recently, but I was thinking about Geier Reach Sanitarium. The combo with Spirit of the Labyrinth is the first thing that comes to mind, but I frequently find myself wishing that I could throw away a fifth or sixth land or a late Aether Vial. Helping the opponent loot could be a problem, of course, which makes me hesitant here.

    I ran Incubation for a while in bant. I liked ut. I used it to essentually find 'more lords'. Back then we had supremene phantom and drugskull captain. How ever, with empyrian eagle I am not sure it is requiered. I was thinking of replacing my gheist of saint traft anf maiby a 2 drop for empyrian eagle. When spirits winn it is either with having the right disruption peaces when you need to, curving out into lords or having some hail marry CoCo. The eagle will help with the second.

    Hanged Executioner could also fit into that strategy, but there just is not enough room. Him + lords seems powerfull. But I would need to do some math, but if we have lords, is not another lord more damage then the one body?

    I played the curios obsession version before. Sky tether looks good there with the exspention of the tallowwhisp. If you go tjat route I would recomend force of negation.
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  • posted a message on 5C Midrange Niv-Mizzet Reborn
    Hi. I am putting the deck together irl. After reafing through the discussions it seems like there are two possible builds. The 'control route' that plays very little creatures. And the midrange route with creatures. The midrange route plays a lott more like a BGx deck like rock, abzan or jund.

    What os unique with both styles of play is that we get to - reload with niv mizzet. Getting a 6/6 and 2 to 4 cards on averadge is quite good. We can also loop it with kolegans command, or glittering wish (in some builds.) Also, the bring to light for silver bullit seems quite good. (Unmoore Ego, Supreme Verdict, Kholigans Command and Primal command mostly.)

    Have anybody done any thought to ditching some of the colours. Izzet in particular seems a bit weak.

    I am planing on experementing with going midrange. Cut the number of nivs down to 2, keep the 4 bring to light.

    Any deck that can play the following cards in the same deck sounds good:

    Good Creatures:

    Discard Spells:


    Good Tempor Card/Anoying:

    Combo killer:
    Unmoored ego

    Universal Tutors:

    Draw Spells:
    Niv-Mizzet Reborn

    (One possible route is to leave Bring to Light behind and get Niv-Mizzet with Neoform. I do not think this is a good way to go as we would have very few 4 drop in the deck and relly on a '2 card combo'. The list would probably look more like old Birthing Pod lists. As well as Neoform being bad of BBE if you have no other creatures.)

    I am sure a very compettetive midrange or controll deck is in there somewhere. Now most GBx decks runs 6 discard spells, so that is probably a good place to start. I am a bit unsure about Tidehollow Sculler. He is usualy best in a deck where you 'trade' cards vs their awnsers until you are left standing. It is like a spellskite for removalspells, and usualy soaked up the removal that was meant for your Dark Confidant. Obvously nothing like that is happening here.

    I would like to see some more good creatures outside of BBE and Voice of Resurgence. I am not sure if Voice should be in our list, but in most midrange decks I play it in, it is very good. He and Teferi should give any instant speed deck a run for their money. Can you also imagine going BBE into Teferi. That just sounds sick.

    The Boros lifegain cards are quite good. Nahiri is also a real threath once she can get Niv-Mizzet. In fact, the multi coloured removal suite from all the colours is just insane.

    Midrange decks die to tron. But Assassin's Throphy into Unmore Ego (or bring to light) can help with that.

    I will think about this and try to come up with a good build. Preferably without izzet in the maindeck. Sugestions for more good 'midrange' creatures are welcome.

    So I sat down and tinkered around a bit. Suggestions on lands is welcome, but how about this:

    Edit: I am a silly goose, the original list was not 60 cards.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Amulet Titan
    I was gonne post a picture. But i can not on a phone.


    Good for us I think.
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  • posted a message on Modern Spirits
    I would asume it is the best 3 drop after Spell Queller and Drogskoll Captain. It should take the place of Gheist of Saint traft. Spirits often winn when they asemble a critical ammas of lord. Before the printing of Supreme Phantom spirits was barly on the radar. Spirits even play Phantasmal Image to have acess to lord 9, 10 and 11. This new one will be good.
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  • posted a message on Modern Spirits
    Yeah? 2 to 4 copies?

    Some smal argument of birds over hiarchs for budget players.
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  • posted a message on G/u Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner
    Is this deck not between a rock and a hard place? Either it is a bad version of amulet titan, GBX Rock, or BXX Deathshadow. Can you not just play one of those three decks?
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  • posted a message on Planeswalker deck in modern?
    The main problem is a lot of modern decks are so fast you do not get to activate your walkers many times. why not play lightning helox over ajani? A edict instead of liliana? Etc? What planewalkers helps you when dredge is killing you?

    Fortunetly there are 3 decks in modern that do run planewalkers:

    - BGX runs some walkers. It's defence vs the metagame are mana eficient threats backed by discard spells vs combo decks.
    - UW(X) runs some walkers. Teferi and Jace are just very powerfull and will burry your opponent in card draw. Counterspells keeps you safe vs combo decks.
    - UX artifact decks sometimes runs some amount of walkers. Tezzaret or karn's. They also have ensraing bridge.
    - Tron runs some walkers. Usualy 4 Karn and 2 Ugins. Both of these walkers are so good once they are in play it is hard for your opponent to winn. You can add the new Karn and Ugin as well.

    If you want to go super friends play discard spells, counterspells, hide behind ensaring bridge or play the biggest walkers as fast as you can. Good luck.
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  • posted a message on 5C Midrange Niv-Mizzet Reborn
    I saw this tweet by Saffron Olive over at MTGGoldifhs Reported CaveDan went 5-0 with 2 weard decks. One was neoform bant Evolve with the pongafies and stuff. (Turns out voice of resurgence with neoform into renegade rallier can put on preasure.)

    Now the other deck just blew me away. I have been trying to build a midrange BGX deck that could branch out into more then 3 colours. Perhaps with Pillar of the Paruns But never in my wildest dreams could I imagine this:

    This deck has a lot going for it. Keep discarding, trading and surviving. Get Niv-Mizzet Reborn and re-load on a lot of cards and then you can outgrind your opponent. This is essentially the same as other GBX decks except you are garuanteed to burry the opponent in cards one you resolve Niv-Mizzet. 4 Bring to Light functions as copies of Nov-Mizzet (7 copies). Find Supreme Verdict to kill creatures. Primal Command gives you life. Unmoored Ego is good vs combo.

    - I have experienced with Lightning Helix in midrange and the lifefain is good.
    - Thought Erasure is good as midrange decks needs discard spells. Thos is further backed up by Sin Collector and Inquisition of Kozilek.
    - Assassin's Trophy is a good removal (you will winn the resource game eventually.) And it is good vs Tron.
    - Old BG decks used to run some numbers of Vampiric Tutor to find Cranial Extraction. (Extended Era.) I really like that Bring to Light can find Unmoored Ego VS combo, and it can also find tron lands. Yes please.

    Some cards I do not understand

    - Domri, Anarch of Bolas is this vs control decks. But the deck only runs 8 creatures?
    - I do not understand Kaya, Orzhov Usurper apeal.
    - Safewright Quest seems slow.

    I do not belive the deck needs at least 2 cards in each colour. But it increases your odds of getting a lot of cards of Niv-Mizzet.

    Here are some cards I would like to see or consider:
    - Nahiri, the Harbinger is so good. Also she can fill your hand with her ultimate and Niv-Mizzix
    - Manamorphose is a good card and it smooths your mana.
    - Ajani Vengeant is a nice Lightning Helix.
    - Blood Braid Elf if we go this route we need less counterspells and more discard spells.
    - If the deck runs more creatures and discard spells voice of resurgence with neoform into renegade rallier can work out. If We run enough 4 drops (BBE?) you can also Neoform into Niv-Mizzet. Perhaps the deck can also run a one of Siege Rhino even though Niv-Mizzik can not find him.
    - A very different deck but the old poddeck had a very good midrange grind. As well as fantastick combo. Could it just be midrange value with Prime Speaker Vannifar to reload the hand with Niv-Mizzek? Rhythm of the Wild perhaps as well?

    Any thoughts you might have would be welcome. I wanne brew on this deck. (Also, do anybody know who CaveDan is?)

    Link to deck:


    Vizial look of the deck: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/visual/1885348
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  • posted a message on The Rock
    It gives your creatures lifelink. The best part of old Sorin, and he does it for free. And he returns creatures the turn he comes in. What is not to like? It is a very good 4 mana resurection spell that leaves behind a walker and some life. It protect itself, witch you need in a good walker.

    Think of it as a modular spell with lifegain and reanimate.
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  • posted a message on The Rock
    I really like the new Sorin. Maiby I can try an abzan build.

    Good with fulminator mage.

    Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord
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  • posted a message on Is Modern Color-Balanced?
    There are many, many, many more decks. You can have Dimir Mill. You can do esper mill with path to exile and Archive Trap. But faries has been the hieghst peforming Dimir list, placing topp 16 and 32 in big competitions. Scapeshift used to be Temur. But then Scapeshift temur used to be 4 and 5 colour after Bring to Light came. There are temur eternal command decks etc. The list of colour combinations will leave quite a lot of decks out once you start listing them. The list is very exstensive. I gues it is the nature of internet communication to jump in and point out anything not mentioned.
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  • posted a message on Is Modern Color-Balanced?
    Modern is fairly colour balanced. The number of playable decks in modern is completly nutters butters.

    Mono blue: Merfolk, Blue Tron, Whir Prisson.
    Mono White: Shows up once in a while, but is not really a thing outside White/Eldrazi Prison/Wheenie/Death and taxes.
    Mono Green: Elves, some colourds might be added. Monogreen devotion. Green Tron, hardened scales affinaty.
    Mono Red: 8 Whack. Also almost all Burn is just Red with splash for Boros Charm. Red Prison. Skred Red.
    Mono Black: 8 rack. Some black devotion at tier 4.
    Colourless: Eldrazi Tron.

    Azorius: Controll. Spirits.
    Dimir: No real dimir deck exists. Fairies is the closest one.
    Rakdos: Hollow one.
    Gruul: Valakut, Ponza.
    Selesnya: Value Town, Hate Bears.

    Izzet: Blue moon, Phoenix, Storm.
    Golgari: Death Cloud, BG/Rock.
    Boros: Burn, Boros control with Nahiri (last seen 2017.)
    Simic: Infect.
    Orzov: Tokens, Death and taxes.

    Bant: Spirits.
    Esper: Not really a thing. UW with splash for Tazigur.
    Grixis: Grixis control.
    Jund: BGX Jund.
    Naya: Not really a thing. Zoo agro.

    Sultai: Not really a thing. Wildernes BUG.
    Mardu: Mardu midrange (look mon, no goyfs!)
    Temur: Not really a thing.
    Abzan: GBX Abzan.
    Jeskai: Control.

    Decks that are more then 3 colours or are hard to place due to colours not mattering that much:
    Jeskai Ascendancy, Titan Amulet, varius Death Shadow, Dredge, Affinaty, Humans.

    So the colours that are over representated is Izzet ,black midrange or Deaths Sadow decks. Colours that are under represented are Dimir, Esper, Sultai and Temur. Even colourless and several decks more then 4 colours are represented. Modern is very colour balanced.

    I see come people cometing on fair decks vs unfairmdecks. That has nothing to do with colour balance. But the general thing is you either winn fast weenie or combo style. If you tap out you play black for discard spells to fight combo. If you want to go long you either play prison pieces (like chalice) or you play blue for cryptic command. If your deck does not fall within thise paremeters the deck will have a hard time in modern. (Not I count tron like a combo deck. Most decks have problem with a turn 3 Karn.) In adition you will often have an infavoured game vs Burn, Gravyeard based decks or Affinaty. So many sideboard slots are dedicated to fight Burn, Gravyeard decks or artifacts. The remaining slots are tuned for you meta or your decks weak spots.

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  • posted a message on Abzan
    Or, you know. The above card with Hope of Ghirapur.
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