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  • posted a message on Ixalan General Discussion
    Quote from Onering ยป

    Are we still pretending that the winner wasn't planned? When the story reasons for this ending were so clear that people called the details of it?

    The "voting" and geocaching was a marketing ploy. It was always going to the sun Empire and the next set was always going to be them invading the Legion. This was set up in stories released before the "results" were in. Not that I'm complaining about the outcome, it will be interesting to see the reverse Invasion, but this was the plan all along.

    yeah that kinda reeks of Scars of Mirrodin: they give you the illusion of actually having a say in the outcome, when it was determined when they first concepted the set.
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  • posted a message on Ixalan General Discussion
    Cool way of setting up Dominaria, with delivering Jaya and Weatherlight 2.0 right off the bat. and now we have to wait two months for the Dominaria stories to start up? bummer.

    Huatl and Saheeli becoming fast friends is cool. and of course it totally sidetracks Huatl from returning to her homeplane. Like others hinted at, i would love to see both her and Saheeli as part of Tamiyo's story circle. they'd be perfect fits.
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  • posted a message on Storytelling Critique Thread
    So what are the initial opinions on MTG's new storytelling paradigm, and hiring outside writers to tell their stories?
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  • posted a message on Ixalan General Discussion
    for those wondering where the big battle for the city is, don't forget there's one more story to be told before we shift focus to Dominaria. it'll probably happen next week.
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  • posted a message on Ixalan General Discussion
    This story (and probably the next one too) is basically just tying up loose ends.

    the story is indeed weaker than the ones before it, but in reality, the strength of all of those previous stories was the developing relationship between Jace and Vraska. take that element away, and the stories were at about the same level as this one.

    I do like Angarth cursing everybody out and planeswalking away as soon as he could. he is a very entertaining character

    the dusk legion setup seems intriguing, and something that I can see fully explored if they were to ever return to Ixalan. a Vampire civil war would be fascinating.

    and I do like how Huatl's character arc was resolved. the fact that she is planeswalking away with unfinished business at home seems a bit odd...but also kind of familiar (*couch* Jace *cough*).

    but as it stands, principal players are being taken off the board so they can finally answer the question of who will control the city. And Jace is still unaccounted for. we don't know if he already left for Dominaria, or if he is still on Ixalan for some unforetold reason.

    this story isn't spectacular to em, but it's servicable.
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  • posted a message on Ixalan General Discussion
    The problem with the guildlaw vs. Bolas theory is that Nicol Bolas is not bound in anyway to Ravnican law. The Guildpact only works against people directly under its authority, and Bolas is not, nor has he ever been, affiliated with any of the guilds. Of course, I could be mistaken. if you're just saying the guilds all team up to bring Bolas down, then that is feasible.
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  • posted a message on Ixalan General Discussion
    Another thing:

    what guarantee do we have that Bolas will actually keep up his end of the bargain with Vraska?
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  • posted a message on Ixalan General Discussion
    This story gets the job done. i was hoping for a bit more sappiness in Jace and Vraska's final moments, but at the very least there is still hope that the 'ship can be relaunched after gatewatch vs. Bolas, Round 2.

    Jace's upcoming appearance on Dominaria is now confirmed. along with Karn, Jaya and Ajani and probably Lili, that gives us 5 walkers we can expect to see there.

    and with Jace and Vraska hatching their plan, the chess match against Grandmaster Bolas continues.

    Also, Azor's opinion upon meeting Ugin isn't very rosy. calling him a friend seemed a bit tongue in cheek. Wondering if most MTG Vorthoses looking at Ugin as the "good" answer to Bolas might be a bit skewed?

    the big question this brings up is whether Ugin tried to contact Azor in any way after his resurrection. (i guess the obvious answer is no). Ugin's first concern were Nahiri and the Eldrazi when he awoke. Why wouldn't he be as concerned with his now stranded ally and their plan to subdue THE GUY THAT JUST BEAT HIM WITHIN AN INCH OF HIS LIFE?
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  • posted a message on Call to the Nightwing
    My brother asked me this question and I'm clueless. can you guys answer him for me?

    "Hey i got this magic card called call to the nightwing Im wondering if you give a creature the encode then deal damage, can you encode it again so you get twice the tokens and cast the spell twice when you deal damage with that creature? It feels like you can. What do you think? Im trying to build a deck around it with invisible stalker"
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  • posted a message on The stack during upkeep phase.
    Okay, my brother is running a game and has an artifact that taps artifacts in play. his opponent has an isochron scepter and has a lifegain spell imprinted on it. Now, opponent wants to use isochron during his upkeep. my brother wants to respond by using HIS artifact to tap isochron, and he is counting on the stack to tap opponent's artifact before isochron resolves.

    so this creates a myriad of issues.
    1. first of all, can any of this stuff even happen during the upkeep phase? I thought the upkeep was just the boardstate resetting before a player's turn began.
    2. even if it can't and this happens during a turn, is this the proper use of the stack? because it doesn't seem like it should be to me.
    3. and finally, if two dudes are about to use activated abilities at the same time, who gets priority? is it really just who announces first? if that's the case, then what if they announce at the same time?

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  • posted a message on Ixalan General Discussion
    Azor smells like cats. That is reason enough for me to approve of this story.
    but to see Jace take full authority of his power was refreshing. No doubt or hesitation, and it felt allt he better because he earned that through the developments of Ixalan. well done, Wizards writers. Well done.
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  • posted a message on Bolas's next step.
    Sounds more like he became evil Urza.
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  • posted a message on Ixalan General Discussion
    This story is absolutely delicious.

    The Ugin theory is given some credence after all. Bolas does NOT know that Ugin still lives, and Ugin wants to keep it that way. but Ugin somehow knowing about Ixalan is a revelation.
    Angarth is awesome, and Huatl has accepted that there are worlds outside of her own.
    Azor's entrance was as big and epic as it needed to be, and showing no fear of Vraska's stone gaze was bawse.
    Jace realizing just how toxic his relationship with Lili has been is an awesome setup for future interactions between the two.
    and every time Jace and Vraska talk to each other like two people that genuinely like each other makes y heart ache. I hope in a future block these two get another chance.
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  • posted a message on GDS3 issues
    Hey, has anybody gotten heir Great Designer Search essay questions yet? I saw the announcement on the Mothership, but I never got any confirmation from Wizards that I was signed up for this thing.
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  • posted a message on Bolas's next step.
    People are totally missing the obvious next step in the Nicol bolas plan for multiverse domination:
    Your Socks.

    I mean, think about it. When you put on your socks this morning, how much thought did you put into choosing your socks?did you really take the time to decide whether to put on the light socks or the dark ones, or the ones with the bland gray pattern on the heel and toe? I bet you mindlessly just grabbed some socks and put them on without putting any thought into it. What you don't realize is that the decision on what socks to wear was made for you by the grand puppeteer, as a way of preparing you for your role in his upcoming conquest. You are being conditioned and you don't even know it.

    This is all Part of Bolas' master plan.
    and you won't realize it until it's too late.

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