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The Role of Ecosystems in Fantasy Worldbuilding
Life's Legacy: Delving into Delver
All Sets Are Good: Prophecy
  • posted a message on Progenitus, Soul of the World
    You could try Rules Lawyer, "State-based actions don't apply to Progenitus" but it's likely that super weird stuff would happen like staying on the battlefield after its owner dies or something.
    I also like "Progentius can't be blocked except by ten or more creatures" as a ludicrous evasion ability if you need one.
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  • posted a message on Worst Possible Ravnica
    Yeah not saying this would be a set, more just thinking about how the worst mechanics would shake out into color pairs.
    Yeah hideaway is pretty hilarious in that it could be on creatures and stuff but they ETB tapped. I recall Jimmy Groove I believe had a mechanic he called Plot that was kind of similar in that stuff let you exile your own cards, and then other abilities gave you access to those cards. Something like that would be an actual good fit for the Dimir possibly.
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  • posted a message on Packaging for Dominaria and M19
    I keep thinking Jaya looks like Mark Hamill in TLJ. I guess as far as story goes that's not too far off.
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  • posted a message on Worst Possible Ravnica
    This is just a thought experiment that stemmed from my M10ish Core Set idea with 1996 cards.

    For each guild, what's the least popular/worst designed existing mechanic that you can think of that would fit that guild mechanically, flavorfully, or however your heart feels is appropriate?
    Bonus points if the mechanics in each color are conflicting.

    Here's my take, which is about half *****post.
    • WU: Flagbearer because the Azorius probably have a lot of flags.
    • WB: Will of the council because the Ghost Council get it?
    • UB: Mercenary (searching a la Masques), reflecting the Dimir ability to be hired out by anyone and how guild members can call on cells underneath them but don't know the hierarchy above them...or something.
    • UR: Contraptions? Ripple is a good troll.
    • BR: Epic but only for parties. Or a mechanic combining flip cards and coin flipping.
    • BG: Sweep because the Golgari have to get rid of waste on the streets.
    • RG: Ingest because Gruul like to eat things. Ok fine obviously rampage.
    • RW: Lieutenant because it's a military rank and the Boros are a military.
    • GW: Kinship, because Selesnya like their family.
    • GU: Megamorph, as the Simic create generic vessels for surprising genetic material.

    Whatcha got
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  • posted a message on Magic 1997 (Ancient Core Set)
    Thanks for the comments Smile
    I think I forgot to specify, but I wouldn't include any reprints from Mirage on. We could make new cards that are similar to a later card like that if needed though. Probably avoiding any mechanics from Mirage on as well though, including evergreens like fight and indestructible.

    Lifegain has been done a lot in Orzhov but that might kind of work. Any tribal theme is kind of bad but there are a ton of eligible Knights.
    Yeah those types of cards, Feedback, Creature Bond in Izzet.
    Walls I did consider, I think the only ways to make them attack already are white and blue but we could use the existing red/black walls and build support I suppose.
    I suppose Basilisk Lure combo is a classic thing that we could try to get in Golgari or Gruul yeah. Poison - Swamp Mosquito, Marsh Viper, Suq'Ata Assassin and Pit Scorpion. Maybe doable, I guess the support cards have to work like Winding Constrictor since power pump does nothing.
    I feel like I need at least one existing on-theme card in each color to make a theme, so I think enchantments are out for Boros (there weren't any red cards mentioning enchantments that I can see). Looks like there are maybe three artifact sacrifice guys including the classic Atog in red, so we should be able to do something there with white and artifact cards that generate tokens.

    Hope I'll have time this weekend to put up a skeleton and start pulling reprints at least.
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  • posted a message on Magic 1997 (Ancient Core Set)
    Hey people, not sure how much time I have to work on this but I had an idea I wanted to relate (possibly people have done stuff like this before).
    I wanted to see what it would be like to develop an M10-style core set (with up to half new cards), but using only pre-Mirage sets and embracing the old color pie (or lack thereof) and generally weaker power levels.

    Here are my tenets so far:
    • Come up with a quirky strategy for each color pair.
    • Not sure on the exact numbers but I guess the set should be about 250 with at least 100 new cards.
    • Not looking for this to be a Masters set with enticing reprints - no Swords to Plowshares, Lightning Bolt, Counterspell or power 9

    Here's my mechanical take so far:

    Let me know if you have ideas for the themes or the project in general!
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  • posted a message on Dominaria Returns
    Yeah that has to be more weeks than the time between Dominaria and Core if they are only one/week. Dominaria story running through core?
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  • posted a message on February 2018 CCL Round 2 - Old Friends, New Faces
    sorry for the late post

    Flatline drop
    Cool enough I suppose, plays on her weird role as a spellshaper. I guess impulse draw is Chandra's thing, kind of wish the card were exiled from top of deck and playable though. I guess Magma Spray is ok on her.
    Gaea is fun although planeswalking seems antithetical to her role as the world soul. I also wish there were a smaller minus ability but maybe it wouldn't fit.
    Pretty fun static ability. Per whatever Gideon that was, I think the + ability is just a +0 that then puts X counters as defined in the ability on her. Also, "onto the battlefield" instead of "into play".
    Pretty fiddly with tokens with counters on them and all that stuff, and despite her existing card I feel like any new Jhoira needs to work more with artifacts than time. I think you're trying to do something kind of neat in saving exiled cards with the last ability but the execution is hard to understand. Would have been awesome to have red's impulse draw somewhere else on her card to take advantage of it at least. Also maybe there's no ultimate but this doesn't feel very new as a walker layout.
    Decent throwback although I kind of wish she stole permanents instead of exiling them as a nod to the original. Seems really hard to get going. Maybe "cycle or discard" a la Amonkhet triggers would up the power a bit.
    Can't be attacked seems antisynergistic with the regrow ability. I also feel strongly that Squee should be one of red's places to not just slap in some random direct damage. Could have been fine and cleaner with just the token, creature regrow, and self regrow abilities.
    willows absent

    1. |Katamari|
    2. Cardz5000
    3. netn10
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  • posted a message on February 2018 CCL Round 2 - Old Friends, New Faces
    FYI TheDrB, looks like you critiqued the people below you instead of above.
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  • posted a message on February MCC Round 2 - Say My Name
    Thousand-Chitters BB
    Legendary Creature - Rat Wizard (R)
    Whenever a nonlegendary creature not named Relentless Rats enters the battlefield under your control, that creature's name becomes Relentless Rats, its creature type becomes Rat, and it gains "This creature gets +1/+1 for each other creature on the battlefield named Relentless Rats."
    BB: Target creature named Relentless Rats gains menace until end of turn.
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  • posted a message on Development question: Mana cost vs Ability cost
    Into the Core says the first one is ok (cycling vs instant), the second one is too strong at that mana cost.
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  • posted a message on February 2018 CCL Round 1 - Adaptive Species
    I guess there's a bit of being resigned to the natural order about Tolkien-y dwarves. Interesting to think about - they're usually shown as living in relative harmony with rocks, but there isn't really flora in the common vision of dwarves, so it's hard to make the green connection. Maybe art or a specific flavor treatment could sell it - as is it sort of just feels like "gardener" was tacked on to force it into green. The trigger is pretty interesting but it seems a bit dangerous and I think repeatable land destruction would be rare.
    Illusions into red seems like a strong candidate, since they have that ephemeral nature that plays into red's lack of planning. This card doesn't play with the traditional illusion skulking ability, but being a virtual vanilla that is mostly a spell effect fits the colors well. I suppose with the cost restriction it could be uncommon. Seems fun.
    Similar to DrB's card, I can only see dryads in red on a card or two, not sure if it would work as a full tribe shift since tree people are about as green as you get. Actually seems like an interesting part of a green-centric four-card cycle. I think it looks appealingly strong but is hard enough to pull off that the development should be fine. I can kind of sense the disappointment of hundreds of people trying to run out Stomping Ground to activate this though.
    Krakens into green follows Kiora's lead I suppose. It kind of highlights the tension in the color pie between mechanical effects and the flavor of each color - "huge animals" are green but "huge sea animals" are blue just because they live in the water. Interestingly per latest color pie article, +0/+N on creatures is primary white secondary green. Maybe -N/+N? The block trigger is fine I guess.
    A more intellectual take on Gorgons I guess? Not sure how far this color bleed can go. I like the attacking trigger for blue, but the return to Thicket Basilisk-style deathtouch with a rider is kind of weird and I don't get the flavor. I see how the abilities work together but most of the time it just means "target creature can't block Spiteful Gorgon", the mechanical synergy doesn't come together very well.
    I don't know what's particularly red about pegasi, I guess they live wild and free or something. Massively better than Skynight Legionnaire who was already pretty good. The Orazca-specific mechanic is also weird on a pegasus, as pegasi on Ixalan or ascend on other planes are both hard to swallow.

    One of my primary criteria here was "can I see this color bleed playing out on enough cards for at least a set" like the Merfolk and Vampire examples have.
    1. Jimmy Groove
    2. Raikou Rider
    3. FreshMeat
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  • posted a message on Mana Tags Aren't Working?
    Two mana symbols next to each other don't even work with the symbols? :symw::symu:
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  • posted a message on February 2018 CCL Round 2 - Old Friends, New Faces
    Jhoira isn't a walker, is it supposed to be Jaya?
    Thanks for the adjustment!

    Teferi, Dimensional Master blue mana blue mana
    Planeswalker - Teferi (M)
    Phasing (This phases in or out before you untap during each of your untap steps. While it's phased out, it's treated as though it doesn't exist.)
    Whenever Teferi, Dimensional Master phases out, up to X target nonland permanents gain phasing until your next turn, where X is the number of loyalty counters on him.
    +1: Phase out target nonland permanent.
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  • posted a message on January CCL 2018 Finals Poll - VOTE NOW!
    Went with kjsharp for omnipresence and a decent planeswalker. The range of influence legend is neat but I think simultaneous attacking is silver-bordered mostly.
    willows's first two cards just took me too long to understand what the actual card did. I didn't really like how the planeswalker needs you to minus before its ultimate. The artifact is ok I guess, kinds of feels simultaneously too much (you can just skip the general and start hitting the Emperor) and too little (generals can't use it to hit all the opposing players at once).
    New status was about impossible but out of the two, I just do not understand what antitap does.

    Just some quick comments, tough challenge for sure.
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