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Ravnica: The Broken Guildpact
Magic Market Index for May 18th, 2018
A Brief History of Dominaria's Thallids
  • posted a message on May CCL 2018 Top 4 - Indirect Synergies
    Ok, thanks.
    I assume Daybreak Coronet needing the creature to already be enchanted will probably qualify.
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  • posted a message on Regna and Krav, Angel/Demon Duo
    So the Angel makes tokens that the demon can't sacrifice when they are in separate decks...nonbo.
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  • posted a message on May CCL 2018 Top 6 - Keyword Synergies
    Great idea for a take on Evoke to replace Incarnate, doomfish. I think in that case you just make them Evoke Titans (and develop accordingly): "Whenever this enters the battlefield or attacks, ~." I suppose Channel is also another possibility here if we flip the creature and spell, which I should have noticed since I chose Channel as my underused mechanic in the GDS essay.
    For extra background nobody asked for, as I mentioned in my review I was looking at manifest also and was trying to work on a way to cast/play the noncreature cards that you might end up manifesting. First thought was like "return a creature as you cast this and reduce cost by that creature's power" but that was both janky and dangerous.
    The ever-popular quest for "spellmorph" came to mind, and somehow I ended up deciding to make a token that represents a spell. A couple of knobs I considered were having it cast on dealing damage (probably to a player), but that favors evasion or haste. It could also make a fixed-size token but the flavor seemed weaker, and I was also thinking about "localized exile" like imprint or haunt to stick the spell on a token or even another creature, but it was too wordy to do easily.
    The repetitive nature is probably the biggest strike against the mechanic as is, so I was envisioning it as just a splash cycle mechanic like epic or tempting offer or something.

    I'll keep that in mind if I ever decide to elaborate on the mechanic or something.
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  • posted a message on Gorm The Great and Virtus the Veiled
    My first thought on "Azra" was Azrael, who I guess is originally an angel of death.

    These cards are a fun combo and interesting "twosieness" or whatever they called it on Gorm.
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  • posted a message on Astonishing Reversal?
    Quote from Sniffnoy »
    Anyone have any idea what the flavor text says, by any chance?

    "Sometimes the difference between victory and defeat can be as thin as a razor's edge."

    Something like that.
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  • posted a message on May CCL 2018 Top 6 - Keyword Synergies
    I think you showed this mechanic another time in the last couple of months. It's not terrible, but it would be hard to work in any of the normal + or - counters as well, and you would want either counter manipulation or ways to get rid of your own creatures to interact, which doesn't sound like the funnest environment ever. Good common execution though.
    The witch has a lot of weird things going on but seems like a pretty cool way to fuel proliferate for black and doesn't feel like the mechanic as we have seen it before. It's sort of odd to have a proliferate engine that doesn't make any counters of its own, but I guess the contest restriction held you back there.
    I actually tried for a while to work with manifest as well, it deserves another run. The Knight is a fine execution for a manifest-heavy environment, but is confusing at first glance (how do I get it face down?). I'm not sure if the flavor or mechanics really work for me on the Feral card - why lots of people are 2/2 as well, why do they become feral? I think "power 2 or less" might have been the right way to go there, and perhaps a different flavor.
    Flashback card seems like a great execution, no problems there. I would kind of expect Runecraft to be an enchantment-related thing from the name. Rebound is another interaction that comes to mind, or cascade. It's an awfully weak trigger in a vacuum though. I like the discard or draw.
    Distant Neighs is a hilarious name. Kind of feels like a one-shot Pegasus Refuge which is neat. I suppose this rate is fine.
    Phenomenon is pretty crazy and you came up with a very interesting card to spotlight it. I kind of want it to cast them face down? I guess we could have Phenomenon masking tokens like the morph one to help a little bit.

    1. Hemlock
    2. rkohn1357
    3. Raikou Rider
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  • posted a message on Play along with the GDS Challenges
    Here are some quick ideas (before looking at Archemediesx's cards)
    Divallo, the Knife Thrower 2BR
    Legendary Creature - Human Rogue (M)
    BR, T: Choose target creature, then exile the top card of your library. If the exiled card's converted mana cost is greater than that creature's toughness, destroy that creature. Otherwise, you may cast that card without paying its mana cost.

    Circus Tent 2WB
    Enchantment (M)
    At the beginning of each player's upkeep, that player may choose any number of creatures they control and pay 2 for each of those creatures to have them enter the Circus Tent.
    Creatures in the Circus Tent can only block and be blocked by other creatures in the Circus Tent.
    Whenever a creature in the Circus Tent dies, return it to the battlefield under its owner's control (it is no longer in the Circus Tent).

    Plate Spinning 5U
    Enchantment (R)
    At the beginning of your upkeep, exile up to one instant or sorcery card from your hand. Then you may pay the total mana cost of cards exiled with Plate Spinning. If you do, copy each of those cards and for each copy, cast the copy without paying its mana cost. Otherwise, sacrifice Plate Spinning.

    Three Rings
    Land (R)
    2, T: Add three mana of any one color.

    Stilts 2
    Artifact - Equipment (U)
    Equipped creature gets +2/-2 and can't be blocked by creatures with power 2 or less.
    Equip 2

    Juggling R
    Sorcery (U)
    Exile a card from your hand and the top two cards of your library. Until end of turn, you may cast cards exiled this way.

    Trained Elephant Wink 3G
    Creature - Elephant (C)
    Trained Elephant has trample as long as it and another creature are attacking.

    Tightrope 2W
    Instant (C)
    Destroy target attacking creature with power greater than or less than its toughness.

    I like the concept of Contortionist, it seems a bit big for the cost though, 3/3 maybe?
    I'm not sold on the new subtypes, parasitic as you say and the flavor of "trained" is problematic (I can train Vedalken and Elves?) and the mechanic slows things down.
    You executed spectacle counters fairly well, but like whoever had the blade counter guy in their GDS design test, would that really replace +1/+1 counters for the whole set?
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  • posted a message on Pir & Toothy
    Apparently 11 pairs so every color pair plus colorless i guess.

    Yeah sadly I don't think this helps us with any more variety in the four-color combinations.

    Also would have been sweet if they could have gotten Gabor Szikszai to do the art for Zoltan Boros's partner guy for old times' sake.
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  • posted a message on Where's the D? (3rd set in Ravnica "block")
    There was a pattern to the set initials for the last two Ravnica blocks.
    Ravnica - Guildpact - Dissension
    Return to Ravnica - Gatecrash - Dragon's Maze

    Now with Guilds of Ravnica - Ravnica Allegiance, we have G-R announced, breaking the R-G-D pattern. Oh no!
    Is this some kind of a clue for the pattern-craving Magic populace? Let your voice be heard!

    Also feel free to speculate on the unnamed 3rd set's name or story importance here.
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  • posted a message on May CCL 2018 Top 6 - Keyword Synergies
    Scavengers' Feast 1BG
    Sorcery (U)
    Sacrifice a creature, then populate X times, where X is the sacrificed creature's toughness.

    Call of Growth 5GG
    Sorcery (M)
    Incarnate 7GG (Pay 7GG and exile this card: Create an X/X colorless Incarnation creature token, where X is this card's converted mana cost. It has "Whenever this creature attacks, <text below>.")
    Look at the top five cards of your library. You may put a creature card and a land card from among them onto the battlefield. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.
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  • posted a message on [Monthly Card Contest] ***MCC*** Discussion Thread (ORGANIZER NEEDED FOR JUNE)
    Judgings for RaikouRider, netn10 and Hemlock are up.
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  • posted a message on May MCC Round 2 - What do you do for work?
    Judgings complete
    Quote from RaikouRider »
    Inkfathom Imitator 1UB
    Creature - Merfolk / Mime {R}
    Inkfathom Imitator has all activated abilities of creatures you don't control.
    You may spend mana as though it were mana of any color to activate abilities of Inkfathom Imitator.

    Design -
    (2/3) Appeal: Feeding off of other players makes it hard to work with, but it reads as fun.
    (3/3) Elegance: Nice pairing of the abilities.

    Development -
    (3/3) Viability: I don't see any issues here, most of the prominent ability-stealing is in these colors and they're all rare.
    (3/3) Balance: The size and cost seem fine. I don't feel like it would be a major Standard player unless it fit into a Dimir Merfolk deck already with other synergies, or there were a couple of rampant creatures with abilities in the meta. It's certainly worth considering for Commander though and slots into a lot of decks there. Slightly subpar for Limited but may lead to occasional fun moments like that one time in Born of the Gods when my opponent copied my Phenax with Artisan of Forms and we mill raced each other.

    Creativity -
    (2/3) Uniqueness: Quicksilver Elemental most closely.
    (1/3) Flavor: I guess this is where I critique the type chosen. It's amusing for sure and I guess I won't count Goblin Mime against you, but I have a hard time imagining that Magic is going to want lots of mimes. The Shadowmoor merfolk were pretty vicious also, so miming seems like an oddly cute way of getting abilities.

    Polish -
    (3/3) Quality:
    (2/2) Main Challenge:
    (2/2) Subchallenges:

    Total: 21/25
    Quote from netn10 »
    Meraz of the Five Songs 3GU
    Legendery Creature - Elf // Bard (Rare)
    T: Reveal the top card of your library until you reveal a land card and a nonland card. Put them into your hand.

    Design -
    (3/3) Appeal: Sounds like a fun way to load up on cards every turn.
    (2/3) Elegance: It's a pretty clean concept but the full package doesn't gel very well.

    Development -
    (0/3) Viability: What do I do with all the other cards? (correct answer - put them on the bottom in a random order). As is, you see all of the rest of the cards and have to put them back in the same order, which is awful. I actually have official Wizards feedback to give you about this ability - see Verdant Ingenuity at that link. Colors and rarity are fine.
    (2/3) Balance: This isn't quite as bad as the GDS card because it costs 5 mana and takes a turn to get going. It's too expensive to do much work in Constructed except Commander. I guess it wouldn't really attack there anyway since the ability is so good, so being a 0/7 is weirdly ok.

    Creativity -
    (2/3) Uniqueness: Kind of Abundance but pretty new.
    (1/3) Flavor: Really bugs me that she has five songs but the only five is her CMC (which doesn't even include the number 5) and she doesn't get five cards or anything. Maybe you could have bound the reveal to five cards? Bard is a fine type to choose.

    Polish -
    (2/3) Quality: "Reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a..."
    (2/2) Main Challenge:
    (2/2) Subchallenges:

    Total: 16/25
    Quote from Hemlock »
    Tek Master Trainer 1RW
    Creature - Human / Soldier Mentor (r)
    Whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, set that creature's base power to 3 if it's power is 2 or less.
    The first toy every Tek boy gets at birth is a wooden sword. They get a steel one the day before they turn seven.

    Design -
    (3/3) Appeal: Lends itself to a lot of explosive deck concepts.
    (3/3) Elegance: Takes a second but it's pretty easy to grasp.

    Development -
    (1/3) Viability: It's weird to use an intervening if clause here when Brine Hag and (appropriately) Mentor of the Meek indicate that you can just say "Whenever another creature with power 2 or less enters the battlefield under your control, change the base power of that creature to 3." Pumping only power of small creatures works for red/white. I'm not totally sold on the memory issue of what happens after this dies but I imagine your flavor dictates that he teaches them when they are born and it lasts their whole life, as opposed to the mentor granting a static bonus.
    (3/3) Balance: This can get pretty crazy with mass token producers and is reasonably large itself. I could see it in a hypothetical Standard driving a lot of decks, kind of like Goblin Rabblemaster. It's probably safe enough for Limited and older formats, could show in Modern but I don't think it's oppressive.

    Creativity -
    (3/3) Uniqueness: Nothing like this really.
    (3/3) Flavor: Sweet flavor text and the fact that he teaches them up to his own power, and has enough toughness to take a hit from them (sparring) is subtly awesome. Bigger than 2/3 is weird for a human but happens occasionally. Also is this a whole people dedicated to Tek? As I always say, "Tek in every deck." Mentor is a bit weird but could have some fun flavorful applications and is broad enough for many colors. I like the notion that whoever showed up before him is too old to teach also.

    Polish -
    (2/3) Quality: "its power"
    (2/2) Main Challenge:
    (2/2) Subchallenges:

    Total: 22/25

    RaikouRider: 21
    netn10: 16
    Hemlock: 22
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  • posted a message on Dominaria General Discussion
    It kind of makes sense that at least some people would think thallids come from Yavimaya (and fits with the history-as-remembered themes of the story).
    Icatians did make it from Sarpadia to Terisiare and I guess we can assume that the Sarpadian Empires volumes still exist since they still get referenced. However, that knowledge might be lost to many people over 3000 years later (who were your ancestors fighting in 1000 BCE?), so it's natural for them to see lots of them in Yavimaya and speculate that that is their home.
    We definitely have thallids in Urborg now and it seems like Llanowar as well.
    I guess Nemata, Grove Guardian and Rith, the Awakener were both originally from Yavimaya but ended up in Urborg. Maybe some thallids had made their way to Yavimaya by that time and got transferred to Urborg (Fungal Shambler?), where it would have been a shorter distance and longer time (over 300 years) to spread to Llanowar. There is very little flavor text from Time Spiral block about thallids/saprolings but I thought maybe they left Sarpadia then due to the widespread drought and maybe ended up in Terisiare first, flourishing there after the Mending since there were already saprolings there from at least the Invasion era.

    Other interesting Saproling musings:
    Weird that Verdant Force alone made them on Rath but I guess it fits in on Dominaria now.
    I wonder if the bity insect Saprolings from Invasion died out in favor of the fungusy ones?

    I rechecked the story, Thallid Omnivore and Fungal Plots specify Saprolings are food, so I guess the characters (not Slimefoot) referring to them as babies in the story are just making assumptions. kaburi also linked to Ethan saying something like that on Twitter.
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  • posted a message on Play along with the GDS Challenges

    First elimination challenge is up, anybody want to work up some submissions for fun/possible critiques?
    Here's the challenge.

    Tribal themes (cards that mechanically care about one or more creature types) have been popular since Limited Edition (Alpha). For this challenge, we want you to choose a creature type, ideally one that hasn't seen a lot of love in Magic's history, and design eight cards. As this is a design challenge, there are few requirements you'll have to meet:

    The creature type has to be unique from the other designers. We'll be taking requests first come, first served. Each designer will be using a different creature type. The creature type must be one that already exists in Magic and we strongly urge you avoid ones that have had a lot of previous tribal designs.

    All the creatures should be designed as if they were from the same set. Assume the set is a Standard-legal set.

    All eight cards must mechanically care about the creature type. They should not simply be the creature type.

    Two cards must be designed in each rarity (common, uncommon, rare, and mythic rare).

    At least two different colors must be used. The colors have to thematically fit the creature type in question. Multicolor designs are not required, but are allowed.

    You must have at least one artifact, one creature, one enchantment, one instant, one land, and one sorcery among your cards. (The remaining cards can be whatever you'd like.)

    For named keyword mechanics, you are allowed access to all evergreen mechanics and up to two non-evergreen mechanics (keywords and/or ability words). Note that there is no requirement to use named mechanics. Please do not create any new named keyword mechanics.

    Also the criteria if you're interested.
    Flavorful Design: The designs need to capture the feel of the creature type. These shouldn't be designs that any creature type could use, they should be designs that specifically make sense because of the creature type you're designing for.

    Fun Gameplay: These cards can't just read well, they need to play well, most importantly in a tribal-themed deck. Make sure to build a tribal deck and playtest your designs.

    Synergy: As the cards are all being designed as if they appear in the same set, we'll be looking at how well they play with one another.

    Originality: Magic has made a lot of tribal cards over the years. We would like at least some of your designs to explore new tribal design space.

    Color Pie Appropriateness: Your color choice needs to be appropriate to your flavor as well as your mechanical designs. Bends are allowed if appropriate (although be frugal with them), but breaks are not.

    Rarity Appropriateness: Your designs need to fit into the rarity you're designing for. You can assume your tribal theme is large enough that it can show up in all rarities. Be careful in how you interact with creature types that aren't normally referenced at common.

    Card Type Appropriateness: Make sure that your cards are properly representing the card type they're in. Note to be careful with cards that are mimicking other card types (for example, instants or sorceries that only create tokens). You have a little flexibility as we're only asking you to commit to six card types. You can use the extra cards to play in that space (aka if you make a sorcery that creates tokens, also make a sorcery that acts like a sorcery).

    Might see what I can do with this at some point - I guess I probably shouldn't do red/white Rebels again :p
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