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  • posted a message on Clone and Mystic Reflection
    I think this is just 614.12. If you turn Clone into a Storm Crow, it doesn't have the Clone ability so it can't enter as a copy of anything else. And if you turn Clone into Baneslayer Angel, this event is still caught by the Mystic Reflection effect so it enters as a copy of Storm Crow.
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  • posted a message on Ruling about Malefic Scythe (can't find help)
    So, for one, soul counters are not +1/+1 counters. Counters have 1 essential description and it's all they are. Second, the counters aren't on a creature, they're on the scythe, so it still wouldn't gain menace.

    When making a kind of counter, the name of the counter is its essential and unchangeable "kind" or "nature". Its entire meaning consists in being 1 of the total number of counters of that kind on that object or player. The soul counter is just a soul counter. They don't do anything, only the Scythe permanent with an ability that counts them does anything. The power is in the ability, which the scythe can lose.

    Keyword counters give keyword abilities. ±N/±M counters have an associated change to power and toughness. They are the exception; counters are nothing but a name associated with a count of them on an object or player.
    edit: and poison counters, and loyalty counters
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  • posted a message on agitator ant goading your own creatures
    "this way" in a resolving spell or ability's instructions refers only as far back as that spell or ability instance.

    Different spells and abilities resolving don't have anything in common with each other out of which to construct a 'continuity' to base any other interpretation on, except for having the same text/instructions, which is, from the point of view of those abilities, coincidence.
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  • posted a message on Giant's Amulet Rulings
    To counter an artifact spell, it goes into a graveyard. It never resolves. It doesn't enter the battlefield.
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  • posted a message on please help
    So i was wondering and this possibly has been asked but i digress can someone explain if The First Sliver cascade effect works with the commander cost effect or no?

    "the commander cost effect" is an ambiguous expression. The fact of paying additional mana for casting your commander from the command zone, is a rule, not an effect. The cost added itself is an additional cost levied in the situation of using that rule which lets you cast a card from the command zone.

    "works with" is also ambiguous. Everything mentioned exists and applies together - nothing overrides anything else mentioned or causes you to ignore one of them.

    If your commander is a Sliver, or The First Sliver, then casting it in any way, even from the command zone, triggers cascade. If your commander is revealed through cascade, this situation is not where you cast your commander from the command zone. As MadMage says, the commander tax does not change the converted mana cost (soon to be: mana value) of the card. Converted Mana Cost is derived from the Mana Cost -> the attribute in the top right corner -> and that attribute is never changed by anything unless there is an X mana in it or the card becomes a copy of something. The converted mana cost of something with Mana Cost WUBRG is 5, always.
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  • posted a message on Question to the card Parallel Thoughts
    That is the idea. You pick a small set of cards (you must pick as much as seven if you can) and set them in a shuffled face down pile. You can replace your draws with taking from the top of this pile. It's exactly like a second library.
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  • posted a message on Kitesail Freebooter vs Swords to Plowshares
    The targeted player still reveals their hand. You still choose a card, but nothing happens to that card because this "one-shot duration" has already expired. (CR 610.3a)

    Of course, before that, Swords exiles the Pirate and you gain life equal to its power.
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  • posted a message on Timing interaction help.
    Song of the Worldsoul triggers when you cast Phyrexian Rebirth, so that ability goes onto the Stack on top of Phyrexian Rebirth. Therefore, that populate will happen before Phyrexian Rebirth even destroys anything.

    The triggered ability is separated from the time that Phyrexian Rebirth actually resolves by leaps and bounds.
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  • posted a message on Quartzwood crasher question
    Quartzwood Crasher is in our database as Quartzwood Crusher. Anyone who knows how to make the ticket to fix this please help that along.
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  • posted a message on [KMH] Kaldheim Launch Stream
    There's no reason for Tibalt to create an emblem. It's not a transforming DFC so you can't get Tibalt if you play it as Valki. If you control Tibalt, he came into play, and that emblem's ability could just be an ability of Tibalt and it would do the same thing.

    It just stops a copy of Tibalt from being able to get that extra functionality from its abilities. Was that really a huge concern? Even inside the set, what can become a copy of a planeswalker?
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  • posted a message on Ertai's Trickery and a copied kicked spell
    The original spell was kicked. Someone kicked it. The copy copies whether that spell was kicked. Therefore that spell also was kicked.

    Ertai's Trickery counters that spell "if it was kicked." Which is true. It was.

    That is to say, we don't need to have an answer to that distinction because Magic doesn't get us to ask if things "are kicked".
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  • posted a message on willbreaker and homeward path ruling.
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    this happened on a self-ruling web game need to check if it got it right or glitched

    I had a homeward path, willbreaker, Quicksilver Elemental and mirage mirror in play

    What happens is I stole some creatures with willbreaker but someone used an Agent of Treachery to take my mirage mirror, so that player can turn it into a Homeward path to get the creatures back, then flickered it with Thassa, Deep-Dwelling and took my Willbreaker

    Thassa flickered an Agent of Treachery you mean? I was reading this as Thassa flickering Mirage Mirror. Use of pronouns and indexicals is not advised for setting up situations.

    so at my turn, I used the Homeward path to get it back so then I used Quicksilver elemental to target the player's creatures to steal again but it wasn't giving them to me

    You're saying you activated QS Elemental on an opponent's creature, and you controlled Willbreaker at that time?

    Change of control effects are never tricky to apply, they don't depend on things. Each one just supersedes the previously existing ones so none of that sequence should have had any relevance to this inference: Willbreaker was on your side, so when you activated the QS ability that targeted an opponent's creature, it should trigger Willbreaker and cause you to gain control of that creature with duration [for as long as you control Willbreaker].
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  • posted a message on Memory Theft on an Adventure card when there are multiple copies of the same card.
    Magic specifies that each card in exile should be able to be distinguished from the others while they aren't in piles together. (Cards in face-down exiled piles cannot be referenced, but you can choose to "choose one of a pile at random" for those piles.)
    If Magic Arena or another software is not able to provide access to the cards in Exile in a way that lets you verify continuity of your choice with the card you've previously made a note of, that is an error in that software.

    Whether or not that technical possibility exists is for a support forum of that software to answer, and this rules forum doesn't extend to explaining or accounting for how MTG Arena works.

    I can discuss though, that it introduces the question of what exactly the software is meant to do here. The two cards are the same printing. To know one from the other, you have to attach some quality to one and not the other, and see this quality while you're making your choice with Memory Theft or anything else. The quality of being able to cast a card with an inset Adventure from exile, because of the fact that Adventure had been used, is given in the fact of being a party in a currently existing effect that says just that. That effect's existence cannot be concealed, as a matter of communication between players, because it cannot be derived from anything. So what you should have access to is the effect that relates to the one card as a quality of that card.

    At minimum, you'd have to be able to pick the card through an interface with a "continuity" property, which is basically this: You can track the card's identity from the time it becomes exiled so that you always know "where" that card is in the interface (i.e., how to address it). With continuity, you can combine your own memory of what is relevant to "that card" in order to make the choice you want. Essentially, the interface needs to support the concept "that card".
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  • posted a message on Archetype of Courage and Stromkirk Captain
    This is a shortcoming in the rules. Tabak's answer implies the generality that effects are not composite objects, i.e., they are not the kind of thing where an effect plus another effect is an effect, or an effect can be made out of effects. In this case, that the static ability of the Captain is creating a set of effects defined by one ability. But, over a handful of places in the CR, now that I'm looking for it, is language that casts the effects produced from cards as being each indeed one effect, and therefore made out of multiple effects for the obvious examples of it. Some citations:

    613.6. If an effect should be applied in different layers and/or sublayers, the parts of the effect each apply in their appropriate ones.
    Explicitly says 'parts'.

    611.2c {...} If a single continuous effect has parts that modify the characteristics or changes the controller of any objects and other parts that don’t, the set of objects each part applies to is determined independently.
    An unfortunate resort of, it appears, wanting to DISPEL the idea of effects being composite and having meta-rules modify them together, and yet it talks of when a "single effect" "has parts".

    I'd be wary about how many other places have such implications.

    I would wager that the intended semantics are that effects are not composite. They are radically atomic, with the exception of modifying power and toughness which is not to be broken down into a sum of +1/+0s and +0/+1s, for instance. Indeed there is some complexity here, because giving multiple colors, or multiple names, could be broken down into multiple effects each giving one characteristic value, and I don't think that's intended either. The greater part of the CR, the "meat" of the rules, treat with disposing each effect to its correct layer, and in honoring essentially "notwithstanding" clauses, in effects persisting through failures of their peers produced from the same source.

    The trouble with deciding effects are composite vs. that they are radically atomic, is that the wording of CR113.11 talks about effect application. It doesn't say that the effect "doesn't give that ability". The concept of effect composition becomes pivotal to interpreting that rule. It is highlighted as an issue because it is a distinction contained within the single rule itself, its earlier part for spells referring to "parts" but that not being used to clarify static abilities.
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  • posted a message on allure of the unknown + end turn
    Allure of the Unknown

    Any spell cast by a player uses the Stack. If the opponent casts a card selected with Allure of the Unknown, you have a chance to respond to that spell with spells or abilities. You can activate Obeka.
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