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    posted a message on Vraska Planeswalker Deck
    Quote from Manite »
    Quote from Azurhawk »
    Tbh while I know these products are intended for new players, the first advice I'd give a new player would always be "don't buy these".
    Which is a little bit sad.

    And why would you do that?
    Because they will not help a new player as a whole. The cards are jank and have no play ability against anything other than other plainswalker decks. The decks are poorly built. They don't provide a good launching point. Honestly I could build a better single expansion all common deck. In fact I build such decks fairly often.

    When I see a new player I teach them with the free decks wizard provides and if they like the game I help them build a deck out of draft leftovers. These decks would retail for less than those plainswalker decks had the bought the cards as singles, but are better decks, with better cards. Yes they will still lose a lot but at least CAN win as the deck is at least built right with a good curve. And upgrading is easier as the deck has a better base.

    I have taught over thirty people how to play in in my life. Most still playing to this day. My advice on these products is to avoid most of them. Play the starter deck I give them. Update ones collection though draft, prereleases and singles. Well and Commander decks as they often have good value and are playable out of the box if they want to start playing commander.

    I would never suggest anyone buy a painswalker deck outside of collectors wanting to own them for completeness sake. They are just a bad product. Poorly built, poor card quality, and poor value. There is no upside for them to start the game with these weak decks that aren't a real upgrade to the free decks wizards gives newbies. I am with Azurhawk, my advice to new players is not to buy those decks. They aren't a good starting point. They don't demonstrate how to build a good deck. They are needlessly bad and aren't a good product for anyone really.
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    posted a message on Poll on what MTGS feels is the most disliked Archetypes
    I honestly like a healthy balanced meta with all kinds of decks and strategies. Stax, group hug, and chaos requires you to think outside of the norm for your deck and adapt, and that is good. Control is my favorite kind of deck to play, and I love playing against it. Trying to read a control player and answer their answers is a blast in my opinion. Agro keeps thing honest and punish slow stops and over costed nonsense. And ramp/reanimator is the norm in commander. What's to hate? And while overpowered combo decks for their meta aren't fun, but combo forces you to pack answers and that is good.

    The real problem isn't with a particular deck strategy it is with an unbalanced power level. I play at more than one LGS, and I play at home with friends and the power level is way different with these different metas. If I take my more competitive decks to my home play group of mostly poor and new players, it doesn't matter which style I play no one will have fun as the winner is determined at the start. If I play the precons I play at home, at the most competitive LGS I play at, I won't have fun as I would be dead to start. Power level is more important that deck strategy in regards to the fun in the game in my not so humble opinion.

    I voted for the record fo combo. It is the least interactive and interaction is what I love about Magic. Plus some combos are so slow and durdle quite a while before they win. I think combo is needed in the meta but in my opinion it is the least fun to play against and with. For the record I do play a few different combo decks myself.

    I will never understand all the whining about deck types. In an ideal world there would be decks of all types in a meta forcing adaption and thought. If any one type of deck becomes to common play becomes boring. Bring on stax, MLD, chaos, group hug, control, aggro, combo, ramp, reanimation, tempo, pillow fort, synergy decks, good stuff, and any off the way deck some mad deck builder can build. AS long as the power levels are somewhat balanced things should be fun.
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    posted a message on Inalla, Archmage Ritualist Multiplayer commander deck.
    It does.

    Shadowmage Infiltrator does some real work in the deck often drawing me 5 or more card before a sweeper kills it. No one uses removal to kill it as its damage is so minor and it never "combos off" like many of my creatures. My other, on paper better, draw creatures tend to die a whole lot as every piece of removal heads their way, and there's plenty of targeted removal in my metta.

    My metta is also heavy on large creatures with multiple vulton style decks running around. Separatist Voidmage has saved me many of games by after the first time using a creature like the separatist to "capsize" there one touch death machine to their hand they look elsewhere while I have mana up.

    And Lich Lord of Unx with Voidmage Prodigy often forms a soft lock on my most dangerous win from nowhere opponents. Plus he works really well with Galecaster Colossus, Azami, Lady of Scrolls, Nin, the Pain Artist, Patron Wizard, Riptide Director, Information Dealer, Patron Wizardand a cast Inalla, Archmage Ritualist. Can you honestly ask more out of a three mana creature?

    You are probably right about Riptide Director. I will think about its slot in my deck. It tends to die before I ever use it, even once, and it does cost a lot to do its thing. My deck could find better things to do with its mana. Like sack a Lich Lord of Unx created zombie wizard to Voidmage Prodigy counter something that could cause me issues.

    Here is what I really like about your deck that is missing in mine, Volrath's Stronghold. I will have to find a home for it. And you are right about Trinket mage and Trophy mage. I will likely find a home for them as well. I will think a bit about what to cut.

    OK new deck list up. Added several targets for Trinket mage to find. Also added a way to win minus going infinite in Docent of Perfection and when it comes out I am going to add Vanquisher's Banner as with Riptide Director out I am in need of another way to draw a few extra cards. There are a few small changes here in there as well.
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    posted a message on Inalla, Archmage Ritualist Multiplayer commander deck.
    Thanks, it is something I didn't think of. Now what to take out.
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    posted a message on Mothership Spoilers Confirmation of Leaks and new Spoilers
    I am no longer looking forward to this set. I am not a fan of ether flip cards nor vehicles and this set prolongs them in standard and puts the both in the same draft format. Boo.I especially dislike flip cards. They tell everyone exactly what you are drafting, add logistic issues of hunting down enough flip cards or buying sleeves, and slow game play by having to take them out of sleeves to flip them. I really dislike the fact they are back
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    posted a message on Does anyone miss blocking?
    I do miss blocking. The lack of incentive to block as a rule makes limited control builds difficult. I am a control player at heart and early defencive creatures are key to a limited control deck. Blocking is how limited control survives till the late game where it has the advantage. Given all the recent combat keywords favor the attacker, blocking effectively or even trading is much, much less common. And lets be honest anything with a toughness less than 4 is useless as a blocker as many, many 2 drops now swing for 3. This hurts control, doubly so because because in Hour of devastation and Amonkhet there is only 4 common/uncommon creatures that have a toughness of 4 or greater for that same two mana. If 2 drops can attack for 3 turn 3 that just is not enough.
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    posted a message on Ixalan FNM / Game Day changes
    What a waste. Are they trying to kill FNM? Fewer prise cards with little or no value. You can't even put a token in a deck. Now that is a winner. Eliminating real FNM promos is a step down. With in demand FNM card like Fatal Push and Aether Hub they were on the right track, but now the incentive is a pointless tokens and fewer of them? That is not incentive. Other than the fact I love the game why in the world would I even bother? Even a random common not even a promo would be better as at least I theoretically could play magic with enough of them.

    I am not happy about this change. This is going to hurt FNM and it was the best place to play. They aren't trying to fix anything or they aren't at least going to. Yes, most FNM promos were a joke, but this is a new low. I mean most tokens literally get tossed after a draft. You can pick them up for free in most cases. I only know of one person that was excited by the two sided zombie tokens and 20 people just handed their tokens to him as they didn't want them. At least they didn't try to pass them off as a prise to be won.

    The other changes I will reserve judgment on. But if they are in the same line of thought ase nerfing FNM support I am skeptical at best. Who really thinks tokens are an incentive to play? I can get all the tokens I want from the trash after a draft. So FNM is now reduced to a game store dumpster dive as a prise? I don't get why they think that would work to drive participation. I really don't.
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    posted a message on Hostile Desert (Simplified Chinese spoiler)
    Quote from Borealis »
    I'm personally surprised this doesn't ETB tapped, not that I'm complaining though.

    It really makes me wonder, is there a legendary creature that cares about deserts though? Cause that would be the cherry on top of this cake.
    Camel and Desert Nomads from Arabian Nights cares about deserts. Now why anyone would care about Camel or Desert Nomads, I have no clue. So there is exactly two non-Amonkhet block card that cares about deserts. Ironically the only desert outside of non-Amonkhet block is Desert from the same set originally.
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    posted a message on Official MTG Facebook (APAC) Preview - Bontu the Glorified
    This card is horrid. It is built in card disadvantage each time it attacks or blocks and for what a 4 power creature on turn 3? Look what you get with it's sad activated ability. You loose 1B mana and a creature and gain what an attack or block from a creature who's power is just barely above curve, a scry, one life and your opponent looses a single life, sorry rarely worth it. This is easily the worse of the gods unless your deck really needs to kill your own crap and even then there is better options. This God is a junk mythic barely playable in limited let alone standard. The worse card of the Gods in Magic. I hate junk mythics, it is like having a winning lottery ticket then to find out the pay out is a quarter. Grrr.
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    posted a message on Scrapper Champion
    Early pick in draft.
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