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  • posted a message on We have cute. We have RAWR. We are [The Zoo]
    Quote from WoD »
    3ccfat which WoD STILL havent named yetMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
    that sucks, sorry but i think the G/R version is much better (or take out char for helix, moldervine cloak is nothing w/o skarrg rage pit, 3 color lose out on consistency n all that jazz)

    Quote from MoD »
    Guys I have some bad news:

    I'm leaving the Clan,
    man, that sucks~

    Quote from sxmxs »
    News on the home front:

    Me and my Fiancee are no more :/
    Fiancee, man, that sucks
    i broken up twice, but still in the gf/bf stage so i dont really knw how u felt
    but it sure sucks some bad right?
    my condolence to you (somehow i dont think its appropriate, if it isnt, sorry; just understand that i'm going to say i feel bad for you)

    Quote from PotN »
    Oh. Wow. That's a *****. You can have tests about that **** I think. But, heh, I'm 13 my area of expertise when it comes to sex is making my internet untracebale and unmoniterable. No funny **** though. Wow.
    it sucks to be 13...ok, not really
    just replying it sucks *sumthin* to everyone i quote here

    Quote from Amemit »
    Accessories to rape????? WHAT the hell is going on here?!?!? Did I miss something?
    it sucks not knowing what happened when you didnt check in for a couple of days
    but its not your fault...

    Quote from Yukora »
    ...something about rape
    it sucks to be the girl
    but hopefully she'll be alright...
    good thing u didnt beat up the guy Yukora

    ANYWAY, another sucky news (at least for me, AND also the real reason for all these 'it sucks' replies, seriously, i meant no harm)
    i will be lurking in the shadows from now on
    what that means is that i'll be inactive,
    i'll still log-on (to check messages n stuff)
    but for the most part, i'll be *dead*
    this might make some of you think i'm quitting this clan when in fact i'm not
    i wish to stay with this clan 'til the end but being inactive member isnt right
    so i'll understand if PotN/WoD take my name off the clan list
    i WILL be back sometime in the third/fourth quarter of this year
    and if i'm no longer on this clan list, i'll check back again
    hopefully you guys will still let me in
    even with all the **** i've done
    (NO, thats not really the reason but u can think what u want to, heh)

    nice meeting you guys, but dont treat this as a farewell
    like arnie in terminator: "I'll be bach~"

    even if you've forgotten me, pls dont forget this --> Rolleyes

    and this --> No


    PS:- ahh, sorry if i forgot to mention anyone, speaking of forgetting
    xyver, ur deckS NOT sucks, i love it~ try to win something biggger than FNM with it ok?
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  • posted a message on Nephilim Spectrum:A little help?
    oddly enough, some nephs is not so compatible with other nephs so Earnest Fellowship could help...

    and i have the same opinion about mana-screw, why don't you try one of these:

    *** still wreak your deck...what about Otherworldly Journey in the s/b?
    oh, you don't have a s/b... Rolleyes
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  • posted a message on Chatting with God on your computer screen!

    You are now chatting with igod

    can i have sex with you?
    Why don't you download me and create your own chat Infinite year old Male, of course. Would you really expect a woman to be running the show??
    i have sex with a dog, have i sinned?
    Where did you get your sex with a dog have you sinned? I have an IQ of over 250.
    you're a stupid ****tard
    Thanks and you are a delightful person too. No I am very smart.
    you're welcome? *******!
    Polite people are nice. Please don't call people names.
    **** me?
    Please don't be so rude.
    **** you?
    Why are you so mean?
    mean ****?
    Are you aware that the ALICE chat robot logs and records all converstaions?
    **** that!
    For real.
    yes, **** that for real :p
    I hear you. Why are you using that kind of language?
    no, you don't hear me, you're reading my chat line you piece of ****
    Are you serious? Should I hear you I am reading your chat line me piece of ****? What is your purpose in asking?
    I am always on the Web.
    you **** on the web?
    Thanks for telling me: said I **** on the web.
    **** you again and again
    Once more? Are you aware that the ALICE server logs and records all conversations?
    **** ALICE
    Please don't be so rude.
    Tell me about your likes and dislikes?
    i dislike you, i **** you
    That's ok I won't take it personally.
    what if i personally **** you?
    Try it.
    come here and get it *****!
    You do not speak with respect. Why don't you just download me?

    Warning for explicit content.

    And heck, for incredibly poor taste. Trolling, too, I guess. Really, anything that could have gone wrong with this post, did.

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  • posted a message on [Zoo] Animal-Crackers Anonymous & Accepting Members
    um, out of curiosity, when did u guys start playing M:tG?
    (i think i've asked a similar Q back in the gruul thread but nvm)

    i started playing when Stronghold (Tempest block) came out
    but i bought my first magic cards in Urza's Saga (Special Delivery pre-con :rolleyes:)
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  • posted a message on What are you listening to right now? [thread rule in first post]
    Quote from Ninja_Pirate »

    The origional title is Miserlou and your hearing the Dick Dale version.

    The Killing Moon - Echo and the Bunnymen
    thanx man...

    NOW: nothing...really
    NEXT: the ticking of an alarm clock as i'm going to sleep...zzZzzZ
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  • posted a message on [Zoo] Animal-Crackers Anonymous & Accepting Members
    um, hav u guys take a look at MTGS Wiki Page?
    there u can see a section on CLAN...

    they still havent updated it yet seeing now BL n Gruul clans is no more

    oh wait, we can edit it ourselves...how cool~

    but im not good coming up with words n all...anyone wanna take a look?
    PotN? Amemit?
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  • posted a message on [DIS] Starcitygames.com preview: Lyzolda, the Blood Witch
    my question is not really about lyzolda but scg.com instead:
    how the hell did they get to do an official preview* even before mtg.com?
    is there a conspiracy going on between mtg.com n scg.com that i not knw of?

    anyway, i think lyzolda is pretty sweet...heh, i could say "i told you so!"
    but i didnt actually did post any speculation about the rakdos champ having ability which mimic the SoF Rolleyes

    * - No i dont consider Crime//Punishment as official preview since official preview on mtg.com start on 10th if i'm not mistaken...
    furthermore, is it because bleiweiss hav a job at mtg.com that he can do this preview? am i missing something here?

    EDIT: sarnath'd by the fella after me...oh well, thats what u get when u're a slow poster Rolleyes
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  • posted a message on Signing [Guildpact] - Free Spectral Searchlight everyone!
    Quote from Good&Evil »
    um, ur point? Confused

    anyway, seeing that we dont hav much info on azorius as of yet, it might still be a guild emphasizing non-creature
    but we still dont knw the mechanic of the senate
    what we do knw is that the guild champion (the sphinx) would like u to play with a lot of flying buddies

    from my observation...seeing the trend from previous um, guild...
    (R/W) Agrus Kos - like to play with creatures
    (W/G) Tolsimir - same as the above
    (R/G) Ulasht - same as the above
    (B/W) Teysa - same...again
    (R/U) Tibor&Lumia - spells in general...not specifically creature
    (U/B) Circu - same as the above, spells in general

    hmm...now i think about it, dimir hav two path to win, either by creature or milling effect...and its mechanic is pretty general (the same as orzhov)
    but The Izzet replication is meant for only sorcery&instant making them the only guild with emphasis on non-creature like i said b4...

    if the sphinx text rules is true, then we hav another guild champion which likes to play with creature, especially flying creatures
    azorius might go dimir way and hav more than one path to victory
    but its still just a speculation... Rolleyes

    hopefully u'll find this as a good enough topic to discuss b4 dissension comes out altho im not sure what else to say about this matter Grin

    oh yea one more thing, simic like to play around with creature, agree?
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  • posted a message on Your Heroes
    Malcom X
    Hugh Hefner (:o!)
    Hang Tuah
    P. Ramlee
    Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

    well, u wont knw half the ppl on that list since they're local heroes Grin
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  • posted a message on How content are you with your life?
    5. so-so
    i dont really care what happened next be it good or bad...
    c'est la vie, it's life, **** happens n all that jazz... Rolleyes
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  • posted a message on Mtgsalvation's TOP 5
    1. Metallica
    2. Eminem
    3. Nirvana
    4. System of a Down
    5. Black Eyed Peas
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  • posted a message on What are you listening to right now? [thread rule in first post]
    Black Eyed Peas - Pump It

    a cover, but i'm not sure what the original title is
    only that i've heard it in Pulp Fiction...anyone hav a clue?
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  • posted a message on Signing [Guildpact] - Free Spectral Searchlight everyone!
    Quote from Deliverance »
    heh, i knw u enough to knw theres no point in arguing with u Halo
    we might be the only two to say it straight in ur face but believe me, u arent like much outside of ur clan
    anyway, rumor season is heating up...check the rumor mill for some juicy bits
    i knw i would since thats the real reason i'm here in the first place Rolleyes
    from what we knw so far, i think simic is really crazy on transmutation and enhancement...n Voidslime...cool~
    not as cool as Undermine but definitely way cooler than Absorb IMO Unibrow

    n i get the feeling azorius IS ALSO a guild with emphasis on creatures like the other guild...that left The Izzet as the only guild with emphasis on non-creature spells instead
    so traditional U/W Draw-Go of the old might not be 'IN' this time around
    what do u guys think?
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  • posted a message on kobisjeruk's Official Card Post - The Beginning
    Unstable Automaton 4
    Artifact Creature - Juggernaut
    During your upkeep, pay 2 or sacrifice Unstable Automaton.

    Unstable Automaton attacks each turn if able.
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  • posted a message on Signing [Guildpact] - Free Spectral Searchlight everyone!
    Quote from Deliverance »
    Shut up with the backwards talking already.

    We should have several contests, one that uses only block, one in standard, one a tribal wars format or the guilds, and maybe using all only multicolored cards from the guilds colors.
    technically, its not talking as per se Grin

    furthermore, if u 'talk' nicer, i think less ppl will hate u Rolleyes

    and regarding multi-format contest using only multicolored cards, block n standard could pose a problem seeing that each guild dont hav enough multicolor to support a 60-card deck or do you wanna limit ppl's creativity?

    in short, my reply to ur suggestion is No
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