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    posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 26/08/2019)
    Faithless looting?
    There go a bunch of competitive and fun-to-play decks.

    It's a very sad day in modern, today.
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    posted a message on Hammer Time - Colossus Hammer Beatdown
    Vault Skirge makes for a potential 22 point life swing on turn 2. Not quite as good as an 11/11 double striker, but close.
    Plus, it counts towards metalcraft.
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    posted a message on [Deck] BR Vampires
    I forgot about conquistador.

    You play viscera seer. It's not as good at dealing damage as tracker/conquistador. Sure, you can sac a creature that's being targeted to get to scry, but that's not worth taking up 4 cards in the main 60. Late game after a board wipe, you draw Seer. I, personally, would much rather have a creature that has potential to finish closing out the game in a couple turns rather than have a creature that, at best, is a chump block->Sac->Scry after a couple turns.

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    posted a message on U/x Living As Foretold
    Quote from k0no »
    i've been playing a version of this deck that runs faithless looting, street wraith and hollow one, in addition to the cycling creatures.

    it's grixis, primarily UR.

    i'll post the list later. got to go to work now but i've done fairly well with it while testing with friends. haven't yet made the plunge to play it when i've got to pay an entry fee yet. not tried electrodominance but I reckon it'll give the deck a boost for sure.

    I've been working on a list that uses those cards as well. I'd like to compare lists. Here's my most recent version:

    No sideboard yet. I'll build it as soon as i get the main 60 where i want it.
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    posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    Magic is the least expensive hobby i can think of.

    you're joking, right?
    how does having to shell out $15-$60 or more per card for just a staple land card(and more than likely needing 2-4 of the card plus others around the same price) so you can have proper mana cheap? that's not even mentioning the fact that you'll need rares and mythics, on top of hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of lands, just to make a semi-competitive deck. Magic is Far from, "the least expensive hobby," i can think of. here's a list of hobbies that are cheaper than a Tier 2 modern deck, and you'll Be able to continue these hobbies for the rest of your life without having to invest more money(or little money) after it's all said and done:

    -weight lifting
    -Dungeons & Dragons

    i can go on and on, but i'm going to stop the list or finishing it would take me all day.
    my point is that Magic is in no way, shape, or form, cheap. sure, you can make a budget deck for $50. but that doesn't mean you'll win, have fun with it, or get a lot of use out of the thing. hell, it'd be better to buy a $50 video game if you're looking to maximize the amount of time your money will keep you occupied. Even just semi-competitive Magic isn't for somebody who doesn't have much money, and trying to say otherwise is pretty ignorant.

    the bottom line is this: Magic is far from a cheap hobby. it may even be one of the furthest things from a cheap hobby.
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    posted a message on Eldrazi Controversy Thread
    no need to ban any cards from the eldrazi decks, guys. c'mon, now. just use your own brain and come up with something of your own design.

    heck, throw Typhoid Rats, Ambush Viper, Glissa, the Traitor, and other stuff into a pile and just go to town for all i care. beat their monster eldrazi with rinky dink creatures that have deathtouch.
    but all this ban talk is getting old.

    how is modern going to find a stable ground if all people do is complain and not try to figure out a solution?

    anti-metagame decks.
    i've been standing behind them for tears, and that won't stop now.
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    posted a message on What are the Pillars of Modern?
    modern's pillars. you know, this made me think...

    -Lightning Bolt was a big one, but it seems like not many decks run it these days. i remember a couple years ago when i had to design decks with Bolt in mind, but notsomuch anymore.
    -Path to Exile is still used in pretty much every deck that has any trace of W in it.
    -Snapcaster Mage, although severely overrated in my book, seems to catch a lot of peoples fancy. but, i wouldn't claim it as a pillar.
    -Remand is used in a decent amount of shells, but i wouldn't say that it's a pillar either.
    -Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize are definitely pillars of modern, as a lot of shells and decks use them for their go-to form of disruption.
    -Cranial Plating, hands down. i doubt there would be an affinity style deck without it.

    i'm trying to think of cards that define decks, and it's hard with modern. other than IoK, Thoughtseize, and Cranial Plating, i can't think of any other actual pillars for modern format.
    That's a lie. Urza's Power Plant, Urza's Mine and Urza's Tower are a pillar, as well.

    Eldrazi Temple and Eye of Ugin are working their way up to pillar status, but it's still too early to tell. i know one of them has been used in tron decks, but i can't remember which one.
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    posted a message on 3 Deck Ideas. Feedback welcome
    or, maybe he said He's new and would like some feedback.
    i also think it's funny that a netdecker is calling out a new player for wanting to build his own decks. go back to copying other peoples decks because you lack creativity, jynxed.

    now, back on topic.

    i've a few questions for you:
    -would you be opposed to focusing on one deck?

    -if so, which deck do you have the most fun playing?

    -also, what might be your budget on any of the above decks?

    -the last question: are there a bunch of single cards in your decks because you don't have more of them, or did you choose to only stick one of each card in?
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    posted a message on Cards that should be reprinted to enter the Modern card pool
    Yawgmoth's Will- Another Past in Flames wouldn't be bad for modern.

    Yawgmoth's Bargain- since all the effective ramp is banned(Rite of Flame & Seething Song) or not modern(Dark Ritual, Cabal Ritual, Culling the Weak, Bubbling Muck), I don't think there would be a deck featuring this card that could win on turn 1 or 2. Turn 3, maybe.

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    posted a message on What does Damnation hit that Langush won't?
    What does Damnation hit that Languish doesn't?

    Everything you want to die, really. Unless you're playing against cheesy tribal decks, or Zoo. 

    Basically, Damnation knocks out every creature without indestructibility. Even if they have regenerate. 
    Languish knocks out, well, the little guys. 

    I agree that Anger of the Gods is a better choice, but it's not black. So that's kind of irrelevant. 
    Drown in Sorrow isn't bad either, but you sacrifice half of the -4/-4 that Languish gives you. You Do get a mana cost reduction and a little scrying too, though. 
    Damnation blows them all out of the water. It says:
     "“Give me your Prime Time, your Tasigur, 
    Your Siege Rhinos yearning to breathe free, 
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. 
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: 
    I lift my lamp beside the blackened door.”
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