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    Khrys entered Epicrin.
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    Please let me know if I missed anything! Thank you.

    Stats & Descriptions
    Name - Khrys Destoyvich
    Race - Human
    Age - 29
    Affiliations - Peackeeper
    Appearance & Apparel - Khrys has beautiful hazel eyes. She wears light pink gloss. She is overly conscious of her morals, which are slightly longer and sharper than her other teeth. Her tastes in clothing are fashionable yet pragmatic: a navy skirt, black leggings and leather flats. Her skirt is star patterned with a glitter outline. In the light it sparkles, and at night it shimmers. She has a light metallic crown, it looks handmade. On her non-glove hand she wears several bracelets and a ring on her index finger. Her gauntlet goes halfway down her arm. At her wrist there is a an open grey iris. The pattern of the rest of the glove is random, like wind. Her sandals

    Personality & Background - Khrys has ventured off from her family to live her own life. She rejects the conventional 'male/female' dynamic and believes she can enjoy life in her own way rather than follow a tired old script. With enough money to start her journey she left her home to find her own way. She arrived in Epicrin because that seemed liked a better place than any to begin an adventure. Khrys has a love of architecture, art and music. She enjoys exploring new places, and the company of friends. She can manage on her own but will not turn down good companionship especially if it leads to an adventure or two.


    Nautral Charisma

    Average Strength

    Flickers of Memories Past
    During a conversation with a NPC, a random image/word may appear to Khrys (Effect controlled by WM).

    A gauntlet, tailored to the style of your choosing, capable psychic enhancement. Made of a bronze-tough silver alloy veined with amethyst.
    Lvl 1. The touch of the gauntleted hand has a charisma effect.
    Lvl 2. Touching an item with the gauntleted hand will can give you a mental impression of the most recent people to have touch it.

    Rod of Encouragement- Originally a diviner's rod, it was retooled when it never found a basin of water after several uses. A four foot staff with an obsidian orb attached at the tip.
    >The staff is steel strength but not made of metal. The orb gives off a feint hum when someone is frightened.

    Non-Weapon Items
    Peackeeper Sigil
    Pscionic Papers


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