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  • posted a message on G/B/x(?) Rock
    While I like doomfall a lot as a card, the only point of the main deck discard is to provide a turn 1 play that can possibly stabilize us. With doomfall costing 3, i think it competes a little too much with other things I want to cast on turn three. That's the same reason why I'm wary about lay bare the heart because of how I'd rather a drover on 2. That being said if I did change up the discard it probably be for the set of lay bare and a single doomfall.
    I really like Nissa over greenhulk, I think that's the proper move. Rhonas I'm iffy about but I see the applicstion.
    Never // return seems slow but it could work if I decide that the singleton walk the plank is a better slot than the third torment
    Thanks for the suggestions!
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  • posted a message on G/B/x(?) Rock
    Oh, to be honest I completely forgot about territory as a card. That's perfect!
    The green hulk was originally skysoverign and only because the deck lacked a 5 drop, other than that I'm not too attatched to it. Just felt as though I needed another threat.
    I see the argument about the wtp and extra duress, though I think if anything the walk goes out for a third torment. Because imo, a turn 1 play is really important in the aggressive standard metagame of today. That being said, the spread of scrutiny/duress could certainly be played around with.
    Thanks for the suggestions though, I'm going to update the ok with some changes to the deck right now
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  • posted a message on G/B/x(?) Rock
    For a while, I've had the idea of a G/B Rock styled deck with Torment of Hailfire as a finisher kicking around in my head.
    Originally I wanted to play with dinosaurs such as Ranging Raptors, Deathgorge scavenger, Ripjaw raptor and finally Carnage tyrant to kind of play a midrange deck that uses the incremental advantage of getting lands out to fuel Hailfire.
    Here's a quick totally not final draft of the deck that I brewed up for reference's sake:

    I think the deck could be a force to be reckoned with if tooled up properly and with an effective sideboard. What are some thoughts on how we might be able to make this deck better, while also not turning it into BG constrictor?
    Comments appreciated, thanks!
    Edit: here is a deckstats link where I'm keeping the list the same as I do here but including the maybe board for potential cards or things that I recently cut
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