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  • posted a message on [Deck] White Stax
    Two things: (1) You've got a pretty high curve. I understand wanting more two-drops, but you've got so many 4 drops and this deck, in my experience, needs more than 27 mana sources to be hitting 4 drops early with any consistency. I understand you may not need them 'early', but you've got so many, it's hard to imagine a hand where you don't start with 1-2. (2) You've got a ton of mini-combos and anti-synergy or outright non-bos. As you point out, Thalia is awesome with Suppression Field. Suppression Field is bad with Cast Out. Ensnaring Bridge is awesome. Ensnaring Bridge plus a high mana curve is not really optimal...

    Do you think it's worth focusing more on the key 'combos' and keeping the rest in the Board?

    Is your build more focused to your specific meta? I play exclusively online at this point, so I'm most concerned about the 'standard' decks - Delver, Czech-Pile, Miracles, Reanimator, and Combo (mostly the stock 'competitive' lists). I find a more generic 3-of or 4-of build around the key 'taxes' with less 'tweaks' is best in that environment.
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  • posted a message on BG Fast Stax Legacy - feedback welcome
    Hi All,

    I was looking for feedback on what I call my BG Fast Stax deck. Basically i built this deck wanting to play smokestack without all the typical MUD Cards. I put in some synergies such as rancor, Bitterblossom, Bloodghast, to work with Smokestack to help me get card advantage. Sometimes I get the lock but it feels like not always often enough. (but I do better than I do with my normal stax deck)

    I've been having some success but am looking to improve it. Any recommendations on what to swap? Feedback is welcome.

    4 x Dark Ritual
    4 x Rancor
    4 x Deathrite Shaman
    4 x Bloodghast
    4 x Bitterblossom
    4 x Tarmogoyf
    4 x Abrupt Decay
    2 x Buried Alive
    2 x Pernicious Deed
    4 x Smokestack
    2 x Braids, Cabal Minion

    4 x Bayou
    2 x Forest
    2 x swamp
    4 x Verdant Catacombs
    3 x Misty Rainforest
    3 x Polluted Delta
    4 x Wasteland

    Maybe I'm missing something, but what's your 'lock'? To replay Rancor after sac'ing a creature?

    I think for the 'synergy' you mention, you have a lot of anti-synergy going on which is going to work against you. Smokestack is bad when it's symmetric, which means you have to break the symmetry. I'm not convinced you've done enough symmetry breaking to play 6 Smokestacks. 10 non-permanents and 10 fetch-lands (plus 4 Wastelands) plus 2 blow-up the world cards makes it a tough sell in my mind.

    If you want to make it more consistent, look at how you intend to win and what stops you. Make sure your cards provide the solutions. I would drop the fetches, lose Buried Alive, and ditch Dark Ritual to start. From there, I think you want to decide if you are going to go Stax or Pox. If you stick with Stax, I would add some number of Crucibles, maybe a Volrath's Stronghold, maybe a Phyrexian Arena... some kind of recurring card advantage.

    Again, I'm just not as convinced that this would be better than a dedicated Stax or Pox deck... Good Luck!
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  • posted a message on Abzan Ramp Deck Idea
    So after the rotation, it seems like the high end of a ramp strategy is fairly weak. That led me to start looking at spells as opposed to creatures and this is what I came up with...

    I'm still working out the sideboarding plans versus the major archetypes and trying to understand what the main weaknesses are in the maindeck. I've tried to include a lot of what has been working going into the rotation... additional sweepers versus energy, lifegain versus red, discard versus WU approach...

    The spell/Tyrant plan on the high end catches a lot of decks off guard. The ability to hit an Approach on turn 5-6 catches even other Approach decks off guard. That lifegain really messes with the math that the aggro decks are doing, too.

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  • posted a message on [Deck] White Stax
    So let me ask you this, why Baneslayer Angel? Isn't there a creature which impacts the board more? Please understand, I'm not being critical, I've just found Sun Titan to be more beneficial to helping my board position. As you said, it's inevitable that he will win attacking, but I can often cast the Sun Titan for an advantage even if it's just adding a Wasteland to the board. Is there something I'm missing with the Angel? Does it help in a particularly bad matchup?

    I still prefer the 4x Trinisphere. I've seen a lot of lists that cut 1 Mox Diamond or 1 Trinisphere, but these result in must-Force situations and I love having access to them. I agree with Suppression Field being worthwhile, but I often find myself siding them out for more focused solutions. It also opens up more win conditions as you pointed out. I'm not really a fan of Mishra's Factory, but that is MTGO-biased. Winning via 10 Factory activations is tough with a chess clock and paying 3 for 2 damage (with Suppression Field) is just bad.

    Bottled Cloister is another card I like to main deck, but side out often when I expect artifact hate. The downside of Cloister is too great in some match-ups. I don't mind running spells into counters, but exiling my hand versus an efficient opponent is never good.

    Now, I know Stax prefers permanents, but could something more universal like Unexpectedly Absent be worthwhile somewhere in the 75?
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  • posted a message on [Deck] White Stax
    How has it been going with your changes?

    I agree with about 50% of what you said, but some of the disagreement is, I'm sure, playstyle or metagame differences. I play only on MTGO where there is a distinct competitiveness to every deck you face (either in a league, a queue, or, most of the time, in the TP room).

    I agree that Stax often loses to itself, but a lot of this comes down to understanding the match-ups and know what order to cast spells. Yes, there are games/matches where the lands just won't support you, so I've become a much more aggressive mulliganer. It's hard, but Stax has many winnable 6- and even 5-card hands if you are willing to get to them.

    I agree that more early interaction is important. I adopted Suppression Field a while back and find it's a great turn 1 or even turn 2 play against 90+% of the field. It's even allowed me to win more games versus Death and Taxes. I'm not sure that I agree with going overboard on early interaction or playing 'non-bos' just because, but I think everything is worth considering.

    I think there are a couple of angles worth considering right now.

    #1) Ensnaring Bridge. You get rewarded for allowing things to get countered. Bottled Cloister also becomes more playable. While there are going to be games where we lose to our own Ancient Tomb (there always are), creature combat is still where most games will be won or lost. Effectively shutting that valve off is going to help. The downside is obviously artifact hate. There is very little that gets played right now and if they are attacking your Bridge, they aren't hitting the Chalice of the Void or Trinisphere. The key is to (a) get to the late game and (b) be able to win from behind the Bridge.

    #2) Helm of Obedience. Obviously this would be a combo with Rest in Peace or Leyline of the Void, but, as you point out, Stax is really about the 2- and 3-card combos. Why not play a couple small combos that can win the game on the spot...

    I have always preferred to play/build 4-of (or 3-of) Stax, but I think I'm getting more used to the idea of varying the numbers more. Not sure I could go to quite as many 2-ofs as you posted without fearing that I'm drawing the wrong outs every game. I'll post a list when I have some time later this weekend or next week.
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  • posted a message on Legacy PBJ (Mono W Equipments)
    I think, regardless of interest, if you want help, you have to explain some of the card choices better and explain exactly what your overall goal is for improving the deck. I understand not wanting to hear 'go play death and taxes', but at the end of the day, most of the advice you are going to get is from players who are looking at it from a competitive view point. There's a reason D&T doesn't play Mortarpod or Squadron Hawk. It would be really helpful if you could explain why you do. [I understand using Squadron Hawk for long-term card advantage, but it does not match up well in legacy.]

    Right off the bat, it does look like a 'fun' deck, but in a competitive environment, it's going to be very slow (this is the reason why a lot of equipment doesn't get played and what does see play is hyper-efficient or game-changing, i.e. Batterskull, Umezawa's Jitte, etc.).

    Avoiding cards like Mortarpod, which are going to do very little in legacy, would be my advice. Thalia plus equipment is a bit of a non-bo, but if you are set on it, are there other ways to cheat on mana? Have you considered Ancient Tomb or Aether Vial to supply more mana faster?

    I look forward to reading more about your choices.
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  • posted a message on G/R Ramp
    Actually, Mullen answered the question in article on StarCity today:

    The Oblivion Sower was for the Temur Energy match-up. Makes sense and it seems to have worked well for him. He ended up like 8-0 over two days vs Energy...
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  • posted a message on G/R Ramp
    Quote from Redirus91 »
    Why are people play Oblivion Sower in SideBoards now?
    How is that better than other cards?

    I currently don't play it in my sideboard, but I could see a use vs U/W Approach since it arbitrarily removes cards from the game and could hit an Approach. I tend to agree with you that this is not better than other options. I've actually found that with 7 enchantment accelerators, I'm able to support Lost Legacy in that match-up which is nice support for a Thought-Knot Seer.

    Question for you, do you think this morphs into some kind of dinosaur ramp with Ixalan?
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  • posted a message on G/R Ramp
    Quote from Redirus91 »

    Some Key points;
    -Deserts are invaluable, its REAL nice having deserts in play already so you can fetch more exotic lands with HoP. Ruins gives you so much more reach with this deck, you can even hit planeswalkers. During the whole tournaments I only took one damage from the lands. I think going a full 9 deserts isnt a bad idea, 4 Oasis, 4 ruin and 1 scavenging grounds. Scavenging grounds has SO many applications in this meta, you HAVE to play at least one.
    -I still wish I had 3 Ulamogs, I only cast him 3 times.
    -I think eight 3 cmc ramp spells and full 4 HoP is right.
    -HoD is a beast, at least 2 main!
    -with weirding wood, sweltering sunds, beaneath the sands and sheltered thicket one can really dig through their deck to find cards.

    Great Finish!

    On your individual points, (1) I agree wholeheartedly on the deserts. I've taken more damage from land than you, but it's critical to have 1 in play for the turn 4 Hour of Promise. You lose so much value if you don't get the zombies... (2) I agree and I'm still playing three Ulamogs. I prefer him to World Breaker and Walking Ballista, but I've gone a slightly different direction (see below)... (3) I again agree with 8-9 3 cmc ramp spells. I split it a little differently... (4) I can see that, but I'm more comfortable in a slightly different direction... (5) I too have been impressed with how easy it is to see so much of the deck and I still don't think I cycle aggressively enough...

    I took this deck through an MTGO league to a 3-2 finish. Should have been 4-1 if not for a major mistake...

    Round 1 vs UW Spirits/Monument (1-0, 2-1)
    Game 1 was decided by a couple of Fumigates keeping his board clear and my life total high enough. Game 2 was a mulligan to 5 followed by spirit beats. Game 3 saw a play mistake (wrong lands on Hour of Promise) not cost me a game as I was still able to cast 2 Ulamogs (after removing one with my own Descend upon the Sinful) with the 3rd in hand...

    Round 2 vs RW Humans (1-1, 2-3)
    Game 1 was a mulligan to 6 and a sound beating. I had no early interaction or sweeper to help against 3 creatures and Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. Game 2 was closer and, maybe, I used my 2x Cast Out on the wrong creatures, but the double striking Needle Spire still went a long way on me. This was one of the first games I lost with an active Authority of the Consuls.

    Round 3 vs Mono B Zombies (2-1, 4-4)
    Game 1 had me lead off with a blind turn 1 Authority of the Consuls. My life total never went below 20. Game 2 was a loss due to a misplay. I cast a World Breaker on a full board instead of the Descend upon the Sinful... Luckily Game 3 saw a perfect curve of turn 5 Fumigate and Turn 6 Ulamog (with a second Ulamog in hand).

    Round 4 vs GB Cryptolith Rites (2-2, 5-6)
    Game 1 was a mulligan and me just trying to figure out what he was doing. Authority of the Consuls kept me in the game to see what was going on, but at that point, I was dead to 2 swings from Ormendahl. Game 2 was understanding that Yahenni, Undying Partisan needs to be removed quickly and permanently followed up by a couple sweepers and Ulamog. Game 3 he had a fast flip on a Duskwatch Recruiter which flooded his board. No sweeper showed up on my side.

    Round 5 vs UB Control (3-2, 7-6)
    Game 1, I'm not sure he really understood the match-up and he may have made a couple mistakes. The result was a fight over an Ulamog with an Ugin trigger. It ended with me landing Ajani and removing the Gearhulk. My next Ajani activation revealed Balista, World Breaker, and Authority... Game 2 was pretty hard fought and once he lost his card advantage, I took over sweeping up The Scarab God with a Descend upon the Sinful netting an uncontested Angel...

    At the end of the day, I was pretty happy with the white over red. Fumigate and Descend upon the Sinful made a nice sweeper suite, but the spot removal was really lacking.

    I think my keys moving forward are:
    (1) Lands make a huge difference. I never activated Sea Gate Wreckage, so while it sounds good - the consistency of another desert or colored mana source is probably better. As previously stated, you really want (at least) 1 desert by turn 4 to maximize the return on Hour of Promise. My own issue was tapping the right mana at the right time... Shorting yourself on white mana is never a positive...
    (2) The deck needs better early interaction. White spot removal is not good. I sided in Blessed Alliance for a couple of Game 2s and almost always sided it back out for Game 3. Authority plus sweepers is great, but you have to find a way to the sweepers. Access to 'exile' interaction also seems to be a key right now... Not sure if the Pacifism approach would work, but maybe...
    (3) Ajani Unyielding blew my mind. I had no idea how powerful he would be. Playing the enchantment acceleration with him is right as the card advantage he provides in the late game is back breaking for opponents.
    (4) This was the first set of matches in a long time where play mistakes cost me in a big way either elongating the game or killing me on the spot. Many people talk about how ramp can 'lose to itself'. I want to quit adding to the number...

    With nothing hitting the B&R list from Standard today, I'll probably make some minor changes and hit another league. If anyone has ideas, let me know! What are the thoughts on adding an additional color?

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  • posted a message on G/R Ramp
    Quote from Redirus91 »
    Quote from Fred Bear »
    Quote from Redirus91 »

    Dude, gotta post your list. Wink
    A lower land count with land based ramp reduces your chance of making your lands drops each turn. Example, I wohld feel comfortable running 24 lands with enchantment based ramp but if I am running 4 Sands and Promises then I wouhldnt, 25 or 26 lands.
    Super minor difference but it could be the difference between winning and losing.

    Here's the list I was playing:

    Most of what I have been running has been much heavier on the enchantment-based ramp (6-7) than on the spell-based ramp (Beneath the Sands). After looking at this more and trying to adapt some of my play, I built this as the following:

    I haven't had much time to test it yet, but the couple of matches I ran over lunch seemed to be a little smoother. I still feel like the deck is better at the ramp portion than the finish.

    I may make a couple more tweaks but I do like this at 25 lands and I'm learning to be a little more aggressive with cycling Sheltered Thicket and Beneath the Sands.

    what are your reasons for:
    1 magma spray
    2 Traverse
    1 harness
    1 deliverance

    how do you feel about:
    walking ballista
    4 MD Kozilek's return......and on that note
    What if one Main decked against red and zombies to improve the matc up with control Sideboard?

    My reasons for Magma Spray and Harnessed Lightning are that I feel like 6 spot removal cards are a good number. I split them to test if I like one over the other. I prefer Harnessed Lightning in most match-ups, but Magma Spray certainly has application vs Red and Zombies.

    Dissenter's Deliverance is a utility card. Lately, I have been using it more for cycling to find land or a closer. I board it out in match-ups where the artifact kill is not needed.

    Traverse the Ulvenwald is one I wanted to test to see if the mana screw issues could be solved simply. There is no non-creature ramp below 3 mana in a lot of lists that I have tried. I have played more than expected games where I sit on 2-mana for 3 turns, draw a land, and am dead on the board. I feel like we should be able to miss 1 land drop in the first 4 turns and expect to still play. I find if I miss 2, you're fighting uphill waiting for them to stall. If you miss 3, the game is lost. I feel much more confident keeping a hand with 2 lands and a Traverse than a hand with 2 lands and a Beneath the Sands. As you pointed out on the number of lands, it's probably a small, subtle difference, but it changes a lot of outcomes.

    I've tried Walking Ballista and, as a 1-of, found it pretty 'meh'. It's best in the red match-up, of course, but I'm see a shift towards Zombies online.

    Same thing with Kozilek's Return. It's certainly a boss vs red, but it's really a disappointment versus Zombies (and most other decks). I shifted to more maindeck Sweltering Suns, but could see keeping a Kozilek's Return in the board for added help vs Red.

    That, to me, is the problem I am probably having right now. I think vs red, this deck should be set up in 1 way and versus other decks, even aggro, you would make different choices. Then again, I may just be playing wrong.
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  • posted a message on G/R Ramp
    Quote from Redirus91 »

    Dude, gotta post your list. Wink
    A lower land count with land based ramp reduces your chance of making your lands drops each turn. Example, I wohld feel comfortable running 24 lands with enchantment based ramp but if I am running 4 Sands and Promises then I wouhldnt, 25 or 26 lands.
    Super minor difference but it could be the difference between winning and losing.

    Here's the list I was playing:

    Most of what I have been running has been much heavier on the enchantment-based ramp (6-7) than on the spell-based ramp (Beneath the Sands). After looking at this more and trying to adapt some of my play, I built this as the following:

    I haven't had much time to test it yet, but the couple of matches I ran over lunch seemed to be a little smoother. I still feel like the deck is better at the ramp portion than the finish.

    I may make a couple more tweaks but I do like this at 25 lands and I'm learning to be a little more aggressive with cycling Sheltered Thicket and Beneath the Sands.

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  • posted a message on G/R Ramp
    So, I've been playing around with this on MTGO and I have a few questions...

    #1) How often do you expect to lose to mana issues?

    I went through a league with Nassif's list and played numerous matches in TP. I went 1-4 through the league losing 3x to Ranumap Red (2-6 in games) and 1x to G/R Pummeler (1-2). In all 4 of my losses, I lost at least 1 game each match to flood (most literally ending with twice as many lands as spells) or screw (stuck on 2 lands for multiple turns with a 3-mana ramp spell in hand). I think I could have easily been 4-1 if the variance could be reduced. Ideas?

    #2) What guidelines do you use on keeping an open hand? Can you ever keep a 5-land opener? How heavily do you require interaction to keep a 4-land hand?

    If I know I'm playing aggro, I've kept a 5-land (at least 1 desert) hand with Kozilek's Return and Hour of Promise with some success. Outside of that, I've not seen any reason to keep a 5-land hand (even against slow decks). For the 4-land hand, I feel like you need at least 1 removal spell (3-mana sweeper or spot removal) in order to keep. This may be because of my experience with the hyper-flooding on MTGO, though. Too often I feel like you take a 4-land hand and turn it into 8 lands in play, 2 zombies, and 2 mana pump enchantments with no interaction and still more ramp left in hand...

    In terms of play, I really like Nassif's mana base. I feel like it is very solid and flexible - 8 deserts with a Scavenger Grounds, Sanctum of Ugin and Sea Gate Wreckage, enough red to reliably cast Hour of Devastation... It seems to work very well. I'm still not as convinced of the 7 3-mana ramp spells, 1 Shefnet Monitor, and 4 Hour of Promise as I feel that with 26 lands this is just a hair too much ramp. What are people's experiences with some of the other set-ups?

    In looking at the last 10 decks published on MTGgoldfish plus Nassif's list (2 weeks of data):
    27 lands - 1 deck (14 ramp - 8 sweepers)
    26 lands - 5 decks (12,13,14,15x2 ramp - 6,7,8,9x2 sweepers)
    25 lands - 1 deck (13 ramp - 7 sweepers)
    24 lands - 4 decks (13,14,15x2 ramp - 7x2,8,9 sweepers)

    That feels pretty wide open.

    I'd love to hear some options on making the deck play a little more consistently...
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  • posted a message on U/R/x Control
    Quote from ciago92 »
    I agree with most of your analysis but have to call this out specifically
    Quote from Fred Bear »

    Censor is only good if you're playing an unaware opponent. It happens, but usually not twice.

    RDW doesn't have the ability to really play around this though. They really want to go 1, 2, 3 or 2+1,4 for their first four turns. If you can censor anything, odds are it'll be a reasonably big road bump. This deck literally cannot afford to wait a turn for their entire game plan. Yeah people running regular decks play around censor, but RDW/RR specifically simply cannot play around it and you can and will light them up with it.

    I understand that they won't play around it, but look at their board, even in the scenario you described... potentially 5 threats played in 4 turns and you countered 1, assuming you drew the Censor. You've likely taken 7-11 damage.

    The red match-up, in my opinion, is about efficiency. Censor is bad here because we don't have time to cycle and countering a 1-2-mana creature for 2 mana is only 'fair' removal. If you are 'reliably' using this on 3- and 4-mana creatures, you are in good shape, but Essence Scatter is most likely better.

    I'm working on a list with a more removal-heavy low-end to go with a more mid-range end-game. A couple of counters for mid-to-late game threats, but low reliance on them early.
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  • posted a message on U/R/x Control
    Quote from siregar0511 »
    The problem with this is that we have to load up on cheap removals and reduce card draw and counter which will make this deck really weak against the rest of the field.

    I think the counters do need to go as long as Red is 20-40% of the meta. You could potentially keep a couple of them for the late game or to hit a Hazoret, but counters are best when they are efficient answers. UU1 for Disallow is a losing strategy when you are countering 1 mana creatures...

    Quote from Mastigosx »
    Essence Extraction is perfect removal against RE as it nukes early game beats + gives that extra life-gain padding. Strong sideboard choice.

    Fatal Push is relevant enough, and scales well enough, to MB/SB split, or just straight MB. Cheap, cheap removal.

    Dark Intimations is a bomb in its own right: carves up opponents creatures (hits indestructible) plus shaves their hand, while cantripping and restoring one of those trades you made earlier. But it also sets up God-Pharaoh for a back-to-back 7 and 7 to face. Dealing 14 damage in two turns with GP is absurd.

    Unsubstanciate is huge for slowing down the game. Big tempo disruption.

    Hell, Censor is a good CS in this matchup.

    Essence Extraction is still not good. BB cost is very difficult for this deck, especially if you are tyring to make 3 colors. Collective Brutality would be better as it kills a creature and has the drain option.

    The best black removal spell in standard is more than likely Grasp of Darkness as it answers every threat in the red deck. I so wish Fatal Push was more relevant for standard, but without fetch lands, it's just not nearly as versatile as it is in modern. In standard, it's a speed bump and vs Red, you're removing a 1-mana threat for 1-mana - very fair...

    Dark Intimations is too slow and while it may hit an indestructible Hazoret (or other), the opponent chooses. Wonder if they will hit sac the Village Messenger or the Hazoret? If you are casting this at 5 and it's 'working', you're already winning. If you follow this up with a 7-mana sorcery-speed walker and can go -4, -4 for 14 damage, you could've done just about anything...

    Censor is only good if you're playing an unaware opponent. It happens, but usually not twice.

    Quote from croftstr »
    I agree that opting for black is probably the better way to go. We could also mention grasp of darkness to deal with hazoret and glorybringer. However, I wonder if doomfall might be a better card in the main. We can either pick hazoret out of hand or wipe their board and force them to sacrifice hazoret. In non aggro matches, we still get the benefit of disruption. What do you think?

    Doomfall has the problem that it is their choice. I like the versatility, in general, but it's too slow in my opinion. Taking a card on turn 3 doesn't affect the board, so you would have to follow it up with a sweeper. Using it to remove a Hazoret after a sweeper requires an open turn from them, so I'm not sure that's going to be too reliably effective.
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  • posted a message on God Pharaoh's Gift Decks
    Quote from Shinyfirefly »

    The deck doesn't play itself, so I imagine some folks who are picking it up for the first time don't know the best avenues of play for each scenario, but enough about that. I've had success with it, and will probably stream the rest of my competitive league this weekend, currently 1-0 with first match against UR control.

    Now, the changes. Gifted Aetherborn is a great card and I won't cut it. Here's why: Deathtouch. Sure, lifelink is all popular these days because of Ramunap Red, but deathtouch is the keyword that makes this 2-drop worth it. Kills Bristling Hydras and Torrential Gearhulks and Electrostatic Pummelers and Ammit Eternals all day long, which is important in this deck. Contraband Kingpin just gives lifelink to a 1/4 body. I'll stick with my Wurmcoil Vampire.

    Yahenni's Expertise I'm still looking at. I like 3 toughness sweepers for matchups where Bygone Bishop or Kari Zev or Sylvan Advocate can get out of hand if not dealt with.

    Censor stays. It's a one mana cycler. It counters stuff. There's no downside.

    Hollow One is still good, but I may make the land/rotbeast addition to see if I like it. Nimble Obstructionist isn't just a cycler, he's (she's?) also a flash 3 power evasive threat if we're playing fair magic. We play fair magic a lot.

    Fetid Pools stays. You need a critical mass of cyclers to make the deck consistent, and cutting a free dual land that also cycles is not the way to add consistency. Ipnu Rivulet also stays, as it's ability not only can grow your grave to give your vile manifestations oomph, I've used it a few times to mill away my opponent's Approach the Second Sun.

    Flaying tendrils underperforms, collective brutality underperforms, and the three cards that were cut are such good tempo plays that I begin to wonder if the streamer has read them. 1CMC instant that wins the mirror or blanks Scarab God and Torrential Gearhulk. 1CMC flash enchantment that renders any threat useless basically. And a 1 CMC nonland boomerang that also casts from grave to make opponent pitch two cards (possibly including the one you bounced).

    All said, I don't like the changes. It pigeonholes the deck as a God-Pharaoh's Gift deck, which can be hated easily. As to your suggestion that GPG is a do nothing token generator, it's simply much much better than that. I invite you to play some matches with or against the deck.

    I don't know that anyone is arguing that the deck can't be successful. The bigger question is, how competitive is it in the current meta?

    I want to believe that this deck is 'better' than the other Gift decks because you don't need to rely on 'randomly' sending cards to the graveyard for reanimation. The problem is that the reanimation targets are weaker than alternatives, i.e. Lurching Rotbeast < Angel of Invention.

    You also make the statement, "We play fair magic a lot" which begs the question, is this a 'good' fair magic deck? That point may be arguable, but this isn't something that I would necessarily play vs Ramunap Red. Censor, Vile Manifestation, and Gifted Aetherborn are all good, early cards, but I'm not convinced they will consistently buy you the time to get to turn 5, drop an Archfiend of Ifnir and then cycle on the next turn to sweep.

    Personally, I feel like Gifts should be a focused combo for Game 1 with a 'fairer' component post-board.

    Is a white splash completely unreasonable?
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