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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2021
    In my case, I think that they were cut mostly because there are so many more interesting choices. They are still strong - especially when hasted - but they just interact with almost nothing that you can do, either, because of Shroud.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2021
    When I just did a checkup on CubeCobra by having 8 bots draft, every single one of them went with a WUBR pile and put their green cards in their sideboard.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2021
    I mean, Heirloom Mirror was felt by many to be too much of a do-nothing as a black discard outlet despite rummaging and evolving into a big flier at the end. Cabal Initiate just does not have the stats and the lifelinking only really matters if you get through which is unlikely unless you are already at Threshold. Plus, a card for an expected 2 life is... not great. I would rather (and do) run Miasmic Mummy, for example. The timing is more restrictive but at least it is symmetrical and can even go to an aggressive deck at times without being a high priority pick for those.

    Oh, and @FunkyDragon: I was referring to how the explanations for tag colours are not shown in the main view. Instead, you have to check individual cards to see the meaning of their tag colour (or go to a separate menu).
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2021
    Quote from FunkyDragon »
    +2/+2 is better in the instant, but if your creature survives thanks to the hexproof, the +1/+1 counter can do more damage in the long run, and that doesn't even take into account +1/+1 counter synergies, proliferation, etc. I debated it for a while but eventually cut Blossoming Defense to make room for Snakeskin Veil.

    Oh, I am not denying that. But for the people who care about its use as a combat trick rather than just a hexproof with upside, Blossoming Defense fits that need better. Personally, if I were to run either, I would still opt for Blossoming Defense for that reason, for example. It gives it more utility as a spell. After all, you could make the argument that permanent bonuses are more damage over time for any stat boosting combat trick but the greater momentary boost allows for more situations that can get you board advantage, as I mentioned.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2021
    I have to agree that CubeCobra's draftbots do not feel nearly as intelligent as those on CubeTutor. And I think that the need to hover over stuff to see its meaning is probably why I find this UI less intuitive for the average cube.

    Just to speculate...

    Shriekmaw: It's still a Terror variant and there is less and less need for those in Black. I could see the choice to just exclude them altogether regardless of power level.

    Bloodwater Entity: I did run it for a bit but opted for Experimental Overload instead. Getting the key spell straight to hand just feels so much better and this can grow rather big in the right deck.

    Scale Up: The better your creatures are already, the worse this becomes. Four toughness is a lot but it will also feel like they become more vulnerable compared to a +3/+3 boost. Plus, no trample so less finisher potential.

    Blossoming Defense: As a combat trick, +2/+2 is better than adding a +1/+1 counter. It allows you to get surprise kills in more situations.

    Faith's Fetters: There is some incidental Aura support that people might run. I believe that one of its big benefits has always also been that it can take out utility lands like Maze of Ith. For a more controlling or bouncy deck, the life gain is not bad, either.
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  • posted a message on Innistrad: Crimson Vow spoilers for Peasant Cube
    Here's a this or that, actually, since so many are so hesitant on Reclusive Taxidermist (and I do understand that):

    Reclusive Taxidermist or Ulvenwald Captive?

    That's the replacement that I did, since I liked the Captive as a late game threat. I figured that the colour-fixing on the taxidermist made it better even if it would also be less reliable as a late game relevant body.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2021
    Thank you very much for it. Though, the CubeCobra, at least, feels harder to read than CubeTutor did.

    Probably the most surprising thing that I noticed was how Standstill no longer gets played.
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  • posted a message on Innistrad: Crimson Vow spoilers for Peasant Cube
    Yeah, Skyship Plunderer is what I would call a stone cold staple for supporting blue aggro. I currently still run Kitesail Corsair. I also have an above average number of auras and the like, I would reckon. Hence why Stormchaser Drake is so exciting for me, specifically.

    Anyway, full spoiler is up.

    Stormchaser Drake: As stated above.
    Fell Stinger: Just what I like to see. I have also been including more card draw back to black.
    Nature's Embrace: This is very much a me card. I think that the modality is better in my CU/be than a Clue token, for example.
    Reclusive Taxidermist: Something something a better combination of Utopia Tree and Werebear.
    Twinblade Geist: By far my favourite Fencing Ace variant.
    Lantern Bearer: I really like this as far as blue 1-drop creatures go.
    Voltaic Visionary: Pretty solid effect on an already solid body.

    Might Test:
    Arm the Cathars: To get full benefits, you need three creatures and it's sorcery speed. It's still a +6/+6 pump plus vigilance for three mana, effectively, though.
    Fleeting Spirit: White 2-drop slots are tight but I still think that this kind of self-protection is really good. Plus, you can threaten first strike more often than you actually use it.
    Parish-Blade Trainee: If you can train this just once, it is already good. That is not hard to do but it does rely on being able to attack and having that other board presence.
    Cobbled Lancer: Not a true 1-drop but also pretty deece and has extra value from the GY.
    Thirst for Discovery: As others have stated, possibly the best version of this effect for our format.
    Dread Fugue: Both versions are relevant. Might go in over Duress.
    Reckless Impulse: It's just solid CA in red. As close as red is to getting a Night's Whisper.
    Wandering Mind: Really solid and helps with archetypes that are reliant on specific spells.
    Distracting Geist: Not a bad version of this effect.
    Drogskol Infantry: Me likey; but very crowded spot.
    Radiant Grace: Not bad on the initial side; the effect on the other side is really powerful in my experience.
    Foreboding Statue: I actually forgot that the initial side was a creature, too. Would have slam-dunked this harder if that was not the case. Still, upgrades to a fine body.

    Piercing Light: Far from the worst cheap white removal option. That scry helps a lot.
    Traveling Minister: It's not a terrible concept for a 1-drop in concept but it is also not that great.
    Scattered Thoughts: I get the comparisons to Fact or Fiction but I am not entirely sold.
    Whispering Wizard: Even at only once per turn, this is redundancy for this effect.
    Hero's Downfall: Not enough Planeswalkers to make this that much better than Murder - for now. But at least they are allowing such basic removal at UC now.
    Persistent Specimen: Kind of a worse Reassembling Skeleton - but that remains a strong, thus far mostly unique effect.
    Honeymoon Hearse: Could be solid; could be not good enough.
    Magma Pummeler: I like the design but it seems too much like a punisher to my liking.
    Retrieve: A bit too limited but definitely has potential for great value.
    Panicked Bystander: Not enough ways to reliably flip this guy. But at least it starts as a bear for a decent floor.
    Mischievous Catgeist: A bit too hard to get the hits in with this body.
    Restless Bloodseeker: Too hard to flip in my cube but excellent for the LG archetype.
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  • posted a message on Innistrad: Crimson Vow spoilers for Peasant Cube
    I'll probably add more thoughts on cards later but for now, I will say that I really like Reclusive Taxidermist and Stormchaser Drake.

    I mean, even if a Heroic trigger is not the best thing in the world, just the baseline 2/1 flier for 2 in blue is very, very playable. And drawing even once from it is great already.
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  • posted a message on MDFCs, ETBT Lands and More!
    It's got a high ceiling but the average case scenario is still rather lackluster. The land side makes it a pretty good deal, yes, but it is hard to justify a spot for what all too often stays a 2/3 Menace for 3. Even if it might be better than some of my cards at this time, those that fall below it in terms of power tend to be roleplayers for archetypes.

    I remain tempted by it but get pushed back by the realities of slot availability.
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  • posted a message on Innistrad Midnight Hunt for Peasant Cube
    Quote from vertigo451 »
    I missed Gavony Silversmith when I read through the spoilers originally and I was curious about everyone's opinion. Basri's Acolyte is nearly identical and shows up in a lot of people's lists (including mine). Gavony Silversmith lacks lifelink, but it is easier to splash (single white pip) and can place a counter on itself (so at least you get a 3/4 on an empty field). Is Basri's Acolyte still the better card?

    I noticed the card but since I have no interest in a second creature like this (otherwise, I would play the original Support 4-drop), the lifelink is more interesting to me than an easier mana-cost on a 4-drop that works best for in-colour strategies.

    Edit: Actually, I only now realized that it can indeed put the other counter on itself. Yes, you mentioned that. I forgot by the time that I got to responding. That could definitely make it more relevant.
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  • posted a message on Innistrad Midnight Hunt for Peasant Cube
    We've got the full set so here goes. Overall, though - I do like this set. I feel like they added more aggressive early drops with good effects than usual (which almost feels like an Innistrad thing by now). There are definitely some must-includes even though they are few. A lot of things also come to personal preference this time around. Not the best set ever but not putting the Innistrad legacy to shame, either.

    Will Play
    Cathar Commando: I just said something about good aggressive early drops above, right? White needs disenchants more than green does.
    Consider: Almost strictly better Opt. Me like card quality cantrips.
    Infernal Grasp: See opening message of the thread. I want the unconditional instant 2 mana removal option in black.
    Morbid Opportunist: Easy value and at 3 mana, I can still excuse the bad body.
    Famished Foragers: The extra mana is almost never wasted thanks to the activated ability and in an aggressive deck, it can still help build that last push of aggression.
    Heirloom Mirror: I think that this should be primarily evaluated for the benefits of the mirror side, with the demon just being a way to recoup the inherent card disadvantage of an artifact like this.
    Outland Liberator: Green still also benefits from naturalizes on quality creatures.
    Mystic Skull: Mana fixing is not bad and the condition to transform it is also very doable.

    Might Test
    Borrowed Time: Do I need more O-Rings? Unlikely - but I might throw it in, still.
    Candletrap: Now, this is more interesting white removal, for sure.
    Duelcraft Trainer: I am a double strike addict.
    Gavony Dawnguard: A potentially very nice white CA engine that comes with a respectble body.
    Cathartic Pyre: I remain a sucker for modal cards and both options are nice, even if the draw is card disadvantage.
    Falkenrath Perforator: Have we already had this effect? Hard to evaluate as an approximation of a 3-power creature. Though, probably not playing it.
    Lunar Frenzy: Thanks to first strike, can be useful even at X=0. Potential finisher at high mana values.
    Obsessive Astronomer: Considerable card quality in red if it ever triggers. Comes down to how hard this is to trigger in the end.
    Seize the Storm: Spellslinger finishers are always welcome.
    Diregraf Rebirth: Not for traditional reanimator but could still prove nice value.
    Moonsilver Key: I might need to check what secondary effects there are available on mana rocks.
    Ambitious Farmhand: A kind of CA and avoidance of mana screw in white and can transform to become a worthwhile creature.
    Mysterious Tome: Pretty cheap to use to draw repeatedly, even if it's extra slow. But the other side is not terrible, either.
    Overwhelmed Archivist: It's already decent for the cost and the Disturb is also fair and good.
    Flame Channeler: A bit cooled on this one but definitely still like the idea of it.
    Burly Breaker: If this flips, it's huge. And the front ain't all that bad, either.
    Deathbonnet Sprout: Likely to flip right away later in the game for value in the long game. You might get it done on turn 3 otherwise.

    Loyal Gryff: It's a nice effect and the flying helps quite a bit.
    Search Party Captain: A cantripping white creature that you can decently easily play for 2 mana.
    Sunset Revelry: Does a lot of things but I do not like the uncertainty involved in its expected value.
    Firmament Sage: I think it's too fiddly to trigger it relative to its body but it's also a CA engine.
    Ominous Roost: Always does something and could potentially be great in the right deck. But also too niche.
    Otherwordly Gaze: That's a decent amount of self-mill and card selection with flashback.
    Unblinking Observer: That second point of power makes it useful even when the mana ability is not being used.
    Dreadhound: It big. But not what I want from my black 6-drops.
    Play with Fire: Strictly better Shock shows that they're willing to up the power of removal again.
    Raze the Effigy: Not the worst modal artifact removal in red.
    Dryad's Revival: I like flashback on this effect since it works on anything that you mill even if you mill it even if I am unlikely to play this card.
    Harvesttide Sentry: A decent green aggro creature.
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  • posted a message on Innistrad Midnight Hunt for Peasant Cube
    Quote from n00b1n8R »
    Outland Liberator looks to be the best card in the set so far.

    Definitely looks amazing. I would tend to agree with your assessment here.
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  • posted a message on return to return to Innistrad [MID] Spoiler
    Quote from Al_Z_Heimer »
    Overwhelmed Archivist/Archive Haunt seems kind of ok. I usually don't like 3/2 bodies, because they usually trade down against any 2/X, but in this case a trade doesn't seems like the worst. I think the Disturb cost ist very fairly costed for what you get.

    It's also an uncommon, though?
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  • posted a message on Innistrad Midnight Hunt for Peasant Cube
    Quote from user-23643864 »
    Quote from TyranidBill »

    Heirloom Mirror seems fun, enabling reanimator in-colour is definitely an upside, however, sorcery speed is a bit of a bummer. Incidental gravehate on the back is cool, though.

    Heirloom Mirror remembers me too much to Bloodsoaked Altar, but I think I would play the Altar before the new one. It costs 6 mana, but is repeteable and faster to enable.

    I mean, all proponents of the mirror have been talking about enabling reanimator with it in-colour for minimal cost. Six mana to play the Altar makes it terrible for this particular task - especially because you also need to sacrifice creatures before you even get to activate it and discard a card.

    This is also partly why I do not understand n00b's comment about 'spending a lot of resources'. You pay 1 life and 1 mana per discard after an initial investment of 1 card and 2 mana. The sunk cost on the card is repayed once the card flips into a creature that affects the board itself. Maybe they missed the part where you are also drawing a card (hence, rummaging) whenever the card is activated since this is almost unheard of with black discard enablers.
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