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  • posted a message on Streets of New Capenna (SNC) for Peasant Cube
    Ah, time for an overview since the full set has been revealed.

    Overall: Lots of interesting cards but few true standouts. Really solid base bodies overall but mostly simple mechanics. I wish that there had been new true hybrids available.

    Inspiring Overseer: The best version of this effect in any colour thus far.

    Likely Inclusion:
    Citizen's Crowbar: White still benefits from Disenchants and I like the Ancestral Blade style of 2-drop.
    Illuminator Virtuoso: Almost certainly better than the Kor for me, and I support this archetype heavily.
    Mage's Attendant: Interesting potential delay on many spells and token support with good overall P/T ratio.
    Rumor Gatherer: Solid card draw option, especially with tokens, and even just the filtering is nice.
    Hypnotic Grifter: I like mana sinks and this is a pretty good one with a low initial investment.
    Wingshield Agent: Well, would you look at those stats and that upside for this old effect?
    Night Clubber: My favourite version of this effect yet.
    Goldhound: Honestly, really hard to assess since it's still a 1/1 for 1 but potentially extremely good.
    Mayhem Patrol: It's kind of a slow cycling option on an overall decent base body.
    Riveteers Requisitioner: Nice base body with multiple interesting upsides.
    Brass Knuckles: Very archetype-reliant but potentially very strong in that archetype.

    Boon of Safety: Protection spells are nice and this is not quite as reactive as a lot of them in white.
    Raffine's Informant: I likely have enough more interesting white 2-drop creatures without this, though.
    Brokers Veteran: Can be interesting but rather awkward.
    Sleep with the Fishes: It's kind of a Necrataal in blue. But not quite.
    Witness Protection: Rather efficient 'removal' for blue.
    Cutthroat Contender: Could be comparable to some other black 1-drops. Is one more toughness worth the guaranteed bleed, for example?
    Sticky Fingers: Pretty interesting aura for just 1 mana.
    Witty Roastmaster: A little boring but it's solid damage on a solid body.
    Civic Gardener: Pretty interesting versatility.
    Jewel Thief: A lot of things with a good base body.
    Riveteers Decoy: A rare effect to see on an otherwise usable body, and has upside, too.
    Venom Connoisseur: Maybe a little hard to get that second effect when you need it but it is strong.
    Arc Spitter: Could be a good deterrent on the cheap.
    Paragon of Modernity: Not too hard to enable.
    Quick-Draw Dagger: I probably like this more than the hoverbike as a colourless surprise spell that leaves value on the table.
    Scuttling Butler: If only I could reliably enable this in my CU/be, it would be bonkers.
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  • posted a message on Streets of New Capenna (SNC) for Peasant Cube
    I was definitely also floored to see Inspiring Overseer just thrown in there. Very solid.

    It seems like this set is for the most part cutting down on mechanical complexity, at least in terms of mechanics themselves.

    Hard to say at this point what my inclusions will end up being but vigilance on a 3/3 for 3 is definitely not irrelevant, and neither is either being able to follow up with a 1-drop or boosting you to 5-drops the next turn.

    Thus far, my favourite card would probably be... Really hard to decide on. :p There are a lot of 'solid and kind of interesting but not very exciting' cards here. Scuttling Butler gets an honourable mention, though, even if it might be a pretty bad fit for my CU/be with its limited guild slots.
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  • posted a message on [NEO] Spoiler for Peasant Cubed
    I will not go into every change that I made since there were quite a few. I really like this set.

    Some of the additions that I made that most seem not to have made include, though:

    Hotshot Mechanic: I am not currently big on vehicles but the creature types help with Valiant Changeling and I have some artifact synergies.

    Selfless Samurai: Since I have quite a few available pants, this can occasionally attack by itself (or just naturally be the only attacker). I also just value the kind of protection value cards like this provide since it makes combat math and timing removal that much more painful for opponents.

    Bronzeplate Boar: Somewhat comparable to Dwarven Hammer for me, still. The extra toughness is also great, and that point, the equip cost should be bearable.

    Walking Skyscraper: Replaced Ulamog's Crusher. Some protection, benefits from incidental cost reduction, and still closes out games. (And does not suicide into deathtouchers.)

    Behold the Unspeakable: My reasoning was provided earlier. It is just good value and can even act as a finisher in a pinch.

    Network Terminal: With the new artifacts in particular, this providing card selection is a very welcome alternative mode for a mana rock.

    Towashi Guide-Bot: 3/2 that draws a card with a tap and 3 mana is not the worst value for 4 colorless and its value goes up from there. In particular, since I support equipment in RW, it can give those colours more value in the form of a draw engine.
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  • posted a message on [NEO] Spoiler for Peasant Cubed
    Quote from ArBoR4817 »
    I think the fact that the rabbit gun is a 1/1 creature when it is not equipped is more of disavantage than an advantage. Equipements are usually relatively hard to remove but this is not the case for the bunny.

    While this is true, it also means that the bunny is (almost) never a truly dead draw. Personally, I consider that a larger upside than it drawing removal - especially when we are talking of a 1-drop.
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  • posted a message on [NEO] Spoiler for Peasant Cubed
    Nezumi Prowler seems to just have been confirmed.

    And alas, at least Bronzeplate Boar's Reconfigure cost seems to hint at them playing rather conservative with these. I might maybe consider it over Dwarven Hammer but the use scenarios are rather different, and I would feel bad about the base creature.

    Nimble Hoverbike is also at least a little interesting, even if its stats do not set the world on fire.
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  • posted a message on [NEO] Spoiler for Peasant Cubed
    Ah, the time of spoilers is finally upon us.

    I definitely think that Greater Tanuki is interesting even if I am a bit unsure on how it compares to Beanstalk Giant. The giant is a bit more expensive and does not have trample but you can still cast it after getting the early game value. Whereas the Tanuki would of course need to be reanimated if you wanted value after discarding it.

    Michiko's Reign of Truth is a bit underwhelming as a saga but the transformed side is not terrible value in the right deck for two mana and a bit of a suspend. Probably not for my cube, though.

    I actually really like The Modern Age, though. :p Card filtering is nice and a 2/3 flier is never a bad thing.

    Similarly, I like Life of Toshiro Umezawa. Killing just one thing already makes it great and the pump is not bad. You still get life without targets, too, and the transformed body is decent enough.

    Go-Shintai of Shared Purpose is fun as a concept. Honestly, the effect is also pretty good if you decide to support a Shrine archetype. If this ends up being another cycle, you could probably just pick the best ones to include instead of committing 15+ slots.

    Behold the Unspeakable? I could see this being very playable - even without the super-charging for refilling your hand - even if the initial effect is underwhelming. Though, even that effect can buy you at least one more turn's worth more time, even while you lack other board presence. Once you refill the next turn, it becomes much easier to try and turn things around.

    Spirited Companion is not for me but the cycle of Elvish Visionary variants continues.

    Covert Technician is eh, though it could be interesting once you couple it with a power boost. Plus, the body itself is actually rather decent.

    Akki Ember-Keeper is not terrible, especially if you have Boros Equipment and similar archetypes active. But it is unlikely to make the cut.

    Simian Sling is fun and I might actually run it just as archetype glue. I hope that there are other decent un/commons with Reconfigure.

    Oh, and assuming that this leak, too, is legit since a lot have been: I like Nezumi Prowler.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2021
    In my case, I think that they were cut mostly because there are so many more interesting choices. They are still strong - especially when hasted - but they just interact with almost nothing that you can do, either, because of Shroud.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2021
    When I just did a checkup on CubeCobra by having 8 bots draft, every single one of them went with a WUBR pile and put their green cards in their sideboard.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2021
    I mean, Heirloom Mirror was felt by many to be too much of a do-nothing as a black discard outlet despite rummaging and evolving into a big flier at the end. Cabal Initiate just does not have the stats and the lifelinking only really matters if you get through which is unlikely unless you are already at Threshold. Plus, a card for an expected 2 life is... not great. I would rather (and do) run Miasmic Mummy, for example. The timing is more restrictive but at least it is symmetrical and can even go to an aggressive deck at times without being a high priority pick for those.

    Oh, and @FunkyDragon: I was referring to how the explanations for tag colours are not shown in the main view. Instead, you have to check individual cards to see the meaning of their tag colour (or go to a separate menu).
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2021
    Quote from FunkyDragon »
    +2/+2 is better in the instant, but if your creature survives thanks to the hexproof, the +1/+1 counter can do more damage in the long run, and that doesn't even take into account +1/+1 counter synergies, proliferation, etc. I debated it for a while but eventually cut Blossoming Defense to make room for Snakeskin Veil.

    Oh, I am not denying that. But for the people who care about its use as a combat trick rather than just a hexproof with upside, Blossoming Defense fits that need better. Personally, if I were to run either, I would still opt for Blossoming Defense for that reason, for example. It gives it more utility as a spell. After all, you could make the argument that permanent bonuses are more damage over time for any stat boosting combat trick but the greater momentary boost allows for more situations that can get you board advantage, as I mentioned.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2021
    I have to agree that CubeCobra's draftbots do not feel nearly as intelligent as those on CubeTutor. And I think that the need to hover over stuff to see its meaning is probably why I find this UI less intuitive for the average cube.

    Just to speculate...

    Shriekmaw: It's still a Terror variant and there is less and less need for those in Black. I could see the choice to just exclude them altogether regardless of power level.

    Bloodwater Entity: I did run it for a bit but opted for Experimental Overload instead. Getting the key spell straight to hand just feels so much better and this can grow rather big in the right deck.

    Scale Up: The better your creatures are already, the worse this becomes. Four toughness is a lot but it will also feel like they become more vulnerable compared to a +3/+3 boost. Plus, no trample so less finisher potential.

    Blossoming Defense: As a combat trick, +2/+2 is better than adding a +1/+1 counter. It allows you to get surprise kills in more situations.

    Faith's Fetters: There is some incidental Aura support that people might run. I believe that one of its big benefits has always also been that it can take out utility lands like Maze of Ith. For a more controlling or bouncy deck, the life gain is not bad, either.
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  • posted a message on Innistrad: Crimson Vow spoilers for Peasant Cube
    Here's a this or that, actually, since so many are so hesitant on Reclusive Taxidermist (and I do understand that):

    Reclusive Taxidermist or Ulvenwald Captive?

    That's the replacement that I did, since I liked the Captive as a late game threat. I figured that the colour-fixing on the taxidermist made it better even if it would also be less reliable as a late game relevant body.
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  • posted a message on MTGS Average Peasant Cube 2021
    Thank you very much for it. Though, the CubeCobra, at least, feels harder to read than CubeTutor did.

    Probably the most surprising thing that I noticed was how Standstill no longer gets played.
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  • posted a message on Innistrad: Crimson Vow spoilers for Peasant Cube
    Yeah, Skyship Plunderer is what I would call a stone cold staple for supporting blue aggro. I currently still run Kitesail Corsair. I also have an above average number of auras and the like, I would reckon. Hence why Stormchaser Drake is so exciting for me, specifically.

    Anyway, full spoiler is up.

    Stormchaser Drake: As stated above.
    Fell Stinger: Just what I like to see. I have also been including more card draw back to black.
    Nature's Embrace: This is very much a me card. I think that the modality is better in my CU/be than a Clue token, for example.
    Reclusive Taxidermist: Something something a better combination of Utopia Tree and Werebear.
    Twinblade Geist: By far my favourite Fencing Ace variant.
    Lantern Bearer: I really like this as far as blue 1-drop creatures go.
    Voltaic Visionary: Pretty solid effect on an already solid body.

    Might Test:
    Arm the Cathars: To get full benefits, you need three creatures and it's sorcery speed. It's still a +6/+6 pump plus vigilance for three mana, effectively, though.
    Fleeting Spirit: White 2-drop slots are tight but I still think that this kind of self-protection is really good. Plus, you can threaten first strike more often than you actually use it.
    Parish-Blade Trainee: If you can train this just once, it is already good. That is not hard to do but it does rely on being able to attack and having that other board presence.
    Cobbled Lancer: Not a true 1-drop but also pretty deece and has extra value from the GY.
    Thirst for Discovery: As others have stated, possibly the best version of this effect for our format.
    Dread Fugue: Both versions are relevant. Might go in over Duress.
    Reckless Impulse: It's just solid CA in red. As close as red is to getting a Night's Whisper.
    Wandering Mind: Really solid and helps with archetypes that are reliant on specific spells.
    Distracting Geist: Not a bad version of this effect.
    Drogskol Infantry: Me likey; but very crowded spot.
    Radiant Grace: Not bad on the initial side; the effect on the other side is really powerful in my experience.
    Foreboding Statue: I actually forgot that the initial side was a creature, too. Would have slam-dunked this harder if that was not the case. Still, upgrades to a fine body.

    Piercing Light: Far from the worst cheap white removal option. That scry helps a lot.
    Traveling Minister: It's not a terrible concept for a 1-drop in concept but it is also not that great.
    Scattered Thoughts: I get the comparisons to Fact or Fiction but I am not entirely sold.
    Whispering Wizard: Even at only once per turn, this is redundancy for this effect.
    Hero's Downfall: Not enough Planeswalkers to make this that much better than Murder - for now. But at least they are allowing such basic removal at UC now.
    Persistent Specimen: Kind of a worse Reassembling Skeleton - but that remains a strong, thus far mostly unique effect.
    Honeymoon Hearse: Could be solid; could be not good enough.
    Magma Pummeler: I like the design but it seems too much like a punisher to my liking.
    Retrieve: A bit too limited but definitely has potential for great value.
    Panicked Bystander: Not enough ways to reliably flip this guy. But at least it starts as a bear for a decent floor.
    Mischievous Catgeist: A bit too hard to get the hits in with this body.
    Restless Bloodseeker: Too hard to flip in my cube but excellent for the LG archetype.
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  • posted a message on Innistrad: Crimson Vow spoilers for Peasant Cube
    I'll probably add more thoughts on cards later but for now, I will say that I really like Reclusive Taxidermist and Stormchaser Drake.

    I mean, even if a Heroic trigger is not the best thing in the world, just the baseline 2/1 flier for 2 in blue is very, very playable. And drawing even once from it is great already.
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