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  • posted a message on ¡¡¡Upcoming Western Set!!!
    A friend that has been tapped as a Wild West expert by WotC! So you know there's gonna be a sweet Magic set released in the next three years with a frontier justice and gritty wandslingers. Given what he told me regarding when he was contacted and what I know about set design schedules, 2021 seems more likely than 2020. New horses are all but a given.

    I have lots of tangible evidence to back up my claim too, so you know I'm not baselessly speculating. My friend's name is Will Smith, and his credentials include playing Jim West, a desperado, a rough rider, one of whom you would not want nada, in the seminal classic Wild Wild West. His expertise will surely make this set unspeakably dank. He will also post a recording of his video chat with Doug Beyer to his Twitter: @WillSmithNews. Like, don't worry if it isn't there yet, it will be really, really soon. Because this thread is not something I made up for attention, and it definitely shouldn't be locked or moved.
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  • posted a message on Cogmentor - MagicShibby Twitter Spoiler
    Quote from Gutterstorm »
    That is not what I thought Reassemble would mean.

    I agree. To me Reassemble would mean to choose a Contraption in your Scrapyard and attach it to one of your Sprockets. It isn't intuitive that you could Reassemble things that are already currently Assembled. It would need to be taken apart before it could be put back together, and couldn't one guess that destroyed Contraptions are Dissembled? I would more accurately call what Cogmentor does Reconfiguring your Contraptions.

    Not that Cogmentor isn't a worthwhile design, though it feels a little redundant with Clock of DOOOOOOOOOOOOM! as an option (at least you don't need Filigree Sages, Voltaic Key, Aphetto Alchemist, Unwinding Clock, etc. for extra activations). But when you're truly swimming in your mana pool with 20+ mana you don't know what to do with Cogmentor is simpler to get extra cranks out of your giant Contraption Assemblage. Though if you're fond of one particular Contraption this lets you use one every turn at a steep but achievable price. But seeing as I figure most Contraptions would cost about five-thirds of a mana if they were just normal artifacts that tapped for their crank trigger and didn't untap for the next two turns, it seems like the goal is to get the whole machine running so every turn you get a boatload of effects, not just one. But hey, we only know like one quarter of the Contraptions right now so there might be one good enough that paying 4 a turn is worth it. Otherwise I just recommend a Paradox Haze and a Clever Impersonator copying it to get every crank every turn so your mana is open for other stuff.
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  • posted a message on By Gnome Means
    I love how they future-proofed this in a way I assume is problematic for black-border, though I'm not sure why exactly... Maybe it's because they're worried that a future type of counter might cause a rules paradox? If you know the answer, send it to my web-zone and I'll email you a pizza roll.

    The future-proofing has already yielded fruit: Tetzimoc, Primal Death (its name is only in Portuguese right now so sorry if the name ends up being wrong). Since normally the card needs to be in your hand to put prey counters on other creatures, there might be times where you'll wish you could put those prey counters on other creatures in case you draw or tutor for it later but can't (no cards in the game currently make prey counters). So By Gnome Means allows you to put a prey counter on each creature you want to in the early turns before you draw that Demonic Tutor with just 8 mana available, so Tetzimoc can do its Reiver Demon impresssion sooner rather than later.

    I bet Dominaria gives us at least 1 new counter that By Gnome Means can interact with meaningfully.

    Gnomes: The gifts that keep on giving. Also, can't gnomes make toys? If so, then The Grand Calcutron must have heard about how you like toys so they made toymakers that can make toymakers so you can build toys while you build toys.
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  • posted a message on Some Disassembly Required (Holiday Card)
    ...And now we have Modular Monstrosity. Give your Triple Strike, Trample, Annihilator 6, Bushido 5, Provoke, Indestructible, Hexproof, Vigilance, Haste, Infect, Squirrellink, etc. away to a creature (or creatures) with some interesting non-keyworded abilities like Longtusk Cub or Rules Lawyer while gaining a tidy sum of life. Really nice.
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  • posted a message on By Gnome Means
    My understanding is that any printed Magic card counter may be placed, it does not need to be referenced on cards on any player's side of the battlefield to be used. You can put ice counters on permanents before playing Rimefeather Owl so that the Owl is huge on arrival. Plus you can use +2/+2 counters on all your creatures, allowing you to slowly double all your creatures with +1/+1 counters (or make something like Exemplar of Strength really big!).

    I really hope you don't have to "see" the counter to make it, since that's more restrictive and contrary to what the wording sounds like with "a printed card." If it was, it should have been "a card on the battlefield."

    I think the only reason why this doesn't just end at "any kind of counter" is because they didn't want us inventing counters, even if they wouldn't have gameplay relevance. Because I, and those of my ilk, would be giving all my permanents the counters named after stuff from Urban Dictionary.
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  • posted a message on Shellephant
    I feel like I'm missing something. This feels like a fiddly design with minimal payoff. Is Hyena Pack a weird card? Well, how would you like a card that's nearly the same board impact, but not quite (can't survive while killing 3/2s or 3/3s)? Yeah, it transfers from Horned Turtle to Trained Armodon, but that discrepancy isn't wide enough to have many strategic purposes. I feel like this design could work, but why on vanilla creatures that are already so close to one another (-2/+1 or +2/-1)? Primal Clay gets it, those modes feel more distinct. Why couldn't this be "Cougargoyle" and switched between a 4/2 with trample and a 1/5 with reach?

    These claims would be retracted if this were common. Then the simplicity would be appropriate. And with so much else amazing in the set, I don't feel too bad about it. But this design seems really strange in a "is that it?" kind of way.

    Was this designed around the pun name, banking on the overwhelming comedic wellspring that IS the realization that the syllable "el" is contained both within the word "elephant" and "shell" in the English language? (Update: I read its original name was Elephurtle, so that theory is out.)
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  • posted a message on DIY Seraph - Mythicspoiler
    While she is reminiscent of Mairsil, the Pretender, usually these types of cards (like Experiment Kraj or Necrotic Ooze to name two) only grab activated abilities. DIY Seraph gets trigged, static, and maybe even characteristic-defining abilities! Only missing out on cast and enter-the-battlefield triggers (and attack triggers the turn that she "becomes" the thing).

    Some good choices to cyborg into her:

    I don't think those were listed in Meghan Wolff's article. How much fun is this rule-hacking stuff!? It's the best. Grin
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  • posted a message on Urza's Head - Ultapro Unstable Products
    Quote from SilverWolf_27 »
    Urza having normal eyes with pupils would be a mistake considering I can't find any other art of him where his eyes aren't white including the newer Urza's Rage from Phyrexia vs Coalition.

    Sorry to disappoint you, but he has green eyes here, it's just hard to see in card size.

    Ah, but no pupils. Either that greenness is just a big of magical energy, or it is a mistake, because Urza hasn't had irises, pupils, or sclera since Mishra died around 64 AR. I think we're around 4600 AR or something, so about 45 hundred years ago. Urza's Rage takes place around 4205, so he hadn't had normal eyes for as long as it would take to get to 2017 in Earth years from when Noah was on his Ark.
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  • posted a message on Urza's Head - Ultapro Unstable Products
    I don't think Urza's Head is dead. Death Grasp Urza has white eyes for some reason.

    In practically every picture of Urza his eyes are white, because those aren't his eyes! They're the Mightstone and Weakstone. He's biologically blind, but he can "see" the world around him through Extra-Sensory-Perception. I bet it looks like how when Neo looks "through" the Matrix to see the underlying code.

    But yeah, he's not a DeadHead, but I imagine he's more like the Amazing Screw-On Head. Essentially, Urza mounts his head on the Mana Screw so he can "screw into" a Sundering Titan body he could control when he needs to kick ass, screw into an Ornithopter when he needs to get somewhere in a jiffy, screw into a Platinum Angel body when he needs to pose for a swimsuit calendar, etc.

    (Edit because I thought it was the Meekstone, but it turns out to be the Weakstone. Mah bad.)
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  • posted a message on 9/6 Mothership Spoilers - Dino Updates
    Welp, it looks like they're saving Subterranean Tremors's update for when Kaiju becomes a supported creature type.
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  • posted a message on 2 Piratey Twitter spoilers
    Quote from Lumovanis »
    Is it wrong that I really am hoping to see a flintlock pistol equipment? Maybe even a couple weapons that use powder charges or something? I'm going to be seriously disappointed if I don't see any cannons or guns in the pirate set.
    I feel the same way. But MaRo says that firearms in any capacity "aren't fantasy enough". He says this regardless of how many fantasy settings have gunpowder weapons and right after we just got out of a block with cars and iPads but still says that firearms are "too modern".

    I know that they have a Wild West world on the shortlist and I have no idea how they're going to do that block without such weapons because the revolver is vital to the image of the cowboy.

    I am not fond of whinging about the game, but this is one of the few things in Magic that I adamantly want to see changed. The idea that certain items are too "non-fantasy" to be put in a fantasy game is very misguided in my opinion. I see the reasoning behind the idea: if people's expectations of fantasy are not upheld, they might think that the traditional fantasy elements are not important. It would be bad if someone sees a set of MAGIC cards, some that look magical and others that do not, and that person enjoys the non-magical cards more. They would be besmirching the equity they've placed in traditional fantasy spell-casting.

    While I understand this reasoning, there are two things deeply flawed about this train of thought. The first is abundantly obvious: There are already items that appear mundane in MTG that have not begun this supposed loss of equity in Magic. Honed Khopesh, for example, is a very recent card that conceptually has nothing magical about it: anyone with some metallurgic skill could make one without the aid of mana. Cathar's Shield even implies that it was created through mundane means in its flavor text. The very concept of brick counters is mundane. To be fair, these cards aren't hogging the spotlight, but they seem exempt from this anti-firearm-since-it-isn't-magic logic.

    But the second and best reason this train of logic is flawed: Who said that guns can't be magical? I agree that hitting a Wizard with a choppa would be tantamount to saying that "Guns > Magic." But let's say I have magical stones that, upon contact with an individual, they turn into a frog. And I start by throwing them at people, but I realize that it'd be better if I used telekinesis to hit people from far away. So I work with a metal-shaping mage and a psionic mage to make a device that can store many stones, and allows me to propel them out at high velocity one at a time every time that I move a lever on this artifact. And now I have a magical gun, but the emphasis is still on the magic. The gun is just a means for magical delivery, which itself could be powered by magic.

    This is a restriction almost certainly brought about by a lack of creativity. When something seems wrong, the correct response isn't to argue whether or not it is wrong, but rather discern "how could it be done right?" If it really is a bad idea, after a few hours of coming up with nothing fruitful the uselessness of the idea would be apparent. If you do come up with some good ideas, then it wasn't a bad idea to begin with.

    And I doubt I'm alone in thinking it would be cool to see a hooded-robe-wearing mage, staring up at a monstrous Hydra, throwing aside their robe to reveal a hand-cannon at their hip which blasts a Ball Lightning into the snapping heads causing them to convulse and become intertwined. And I'm positive that I'm not alone in thinking that is fantastical.
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  • posted a message on Taigam, Sidisi's Hand Blake Rassmusen Spoiler
    It's cool that we get both timelines of Taigam. After seeing the first Dragon-dominant one so long ago, I assumed incorrectly that we'd only see that version. Nice. Ya gotta love alternate timeline versions of characters (unless you're from a lame timeline, then ya can't help being a hater).

    Fun ability that meshes with Sultai sensibilities. Your normal draw is three times more likely to be what you want, plus you get 2 delve fodder a turn (or whatever other purposes you have for a full graveyard). The assassin-style ability is pretty nice: definitely discourages people from attacking you. It seems like one of those abilities that the mere threat of it will keep you safe from many would-be attackers.

    He's a bit like Gisa and Geralf, but he gets better as he sticks around longer while their self-mill actually wants them to re-enter the field. Also, he's eliminating threats while they tend to produce threats (unless it's Fleshbag Marauder or something similar). It seems like a similar type of deck to build, but without a Zombie tribal focus. I think this suggests a new deck archetype that doesn't exist right now, so I welcome it happily (unless there's a good self-mill Dimir commander I'm forgetting).
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  • posted a message on [[CNS]] Marchesa, the Black Rose
    Based off of FinalLogic's post:

    Turn 1 & 2: Sacrifice outlet and mana fixing and/or card draw
    (Say Viscera Seer and Prophetic Prism)
    Turn 3: Geralf's Messenger
    Turn 4: Marchesa, the Black Rose

    Once she resolves, barring any tampering by your opponents, you instantly win. No further mana or cards necessary. Nice.
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