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  • posted a message on Official 2008 United States Presidential Election thread
    Quote from Cyan
    The only things that Obama is 'weak' on are Terrorism and Iraq. The problem is that you, unlike most of the country, don't realize that these are not actually issues, the GoP just wants you to think that they are. On things like the economy and the environment(you know, things that actually matter and have a relevant influence on people), Obama has McCain completely outclassed.

    Obama is weak on all foregin policy (lets look a month or so back, when he wanted the UN to act on georgia - where russia has veto power), military matters, and terrorisim issues. Of those, the fact that his foreign policy experience and knowledge are so minimal actually scares me. He seems to know less about the world in general than most 8th graders. To borrow a democrat line, hes really "out of touch" with the world audience.
    As for the economy - I've discussed this before, and you continually ignore the fact that the disproportionately high taxes on the rich that Obama plans to use to fund his idiotic healthcare plan do NOTHING to help the economy, while Mccains across-the-board tax cuts do. Supporting small business and investment are the ways to make more jobs, while neutering nearly every investor in this country is NOT, healthcare be damned.
    Healthcare wise, I've made my stance - the canadian system kills, and it kills in far more brutal ways than our system does. Fostering competition (see the privately owned emergency centers that are PACKED) is the best way to decrease healthcare costs, and the same goes for insurance.

    What other issues do you care about, that you believe mr. Hussein Obama is stronger on that McCain - please, enlighten me!

    Quote from Cyan
    And don't act like McCain is special because he's tied with Obama, or maybe a point ahead of him in some polls, for the first time ever. Obama is still leading overwhelmingly in swing states, which is all that will matter in the end.

    This is merely the continuation of a trend that begun after obama clinched the nomination - that is, his badly run campaign has been loosing points to mcain from the beginning. While I'm still giving it time to stabilize, if the past few months have been evidence of anything, it is that the more people learn about obama, the more they (correctly) come to hate the fork-tounged devil.

    Quote from Cyan
    Lastly, the fact that McCain has any supporters is just a testament to how completely blind and stubborn Republicans really are. McCain is very, very obviously of the same mindset as GWB on virtually everything. Yet somehow, despite the fact that Bush's approval rating at this point is like 5%, Conservatives still delude themselves into thinking that things will be better w/ McCain. McCain is nothing more than Bush-lite. If there is a major difference between them, it is that McCain is opposed to torture. Of course, this is virtually meaningless, because it is only due to the fact that he WAS tortured himself. Voting for McCain is just voting for GWB for 4 more years. It's not going to happen.

    Bush has had approval gravitating around 30%, while your dem congress has had single-digit approval for the past half year. Now, now - isn't that the pot calling the kettle black.

    As for the bush lite bit: Seriously, you dems are gayer for this line than the two guys from brokeback. Please, please quit trying to convince yourselves of this gross misrepresentation of McCain, beacuse its both getting old and annoying.

    Infraction for Flaming/Trolling/etc
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  • posted a message on Official 2008 United States Presidential Election thread
    Quote from Cyan
    O'Reilly. Hannity. Coulter. Limbaugh.

    When this is the best that your party can come up with for media representation, it's no wonder that Republicans are in such dire straits.

    McCain had one valid criticism of Obama, which was that he was inexperienced. He punted that one entirely when he tapped Palin. And any chance of winning the election(not that he actually had one) along with it. His platform no longer has any leg to stand on, and this whole fiasco w/ Palin's daughter being pregnant, while completely sordid and no one's business, has still served the purpose of showing what complete hypocrites the GoP are.

    Dire what now? You are far, far more biased than ANY of them (barring coulter). Furthermore, in an election year where our party is incumbent, approval ratings are low, a war is going on, and the economy is bad, and we're STILL winning - I would hardly call that dire ANYTHING.

    As for criticisim, there is plenty more that we have gone over in this thread. Obama is weak on most of the key issues, and the american people can see that quite readily now...
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  • posted a message on Official 2008 United States Presidential Election thread
    Quote from SRdude
    Hodoku: Do you believe Sean Hannity and Bill O'reily to be unbiased journalists? You've spoken poorly about the "liberal media" before, so I just want to get an idea of what you think is balanced news.

    Also, McCain is up by 2% in national polling, but still down in the electoral college. I guess he sort of has a lead. It's nothing to get excited about. Obama is still polling ahead in three of the necessary swing states, colorado, ohio, and new mexico. I wouldn't be shocked if he lost ohio, but I also wouldn't be surprised if he won nevada. In either situation he's the president. Like, Obama doesn't have it in the bag, but I don't think the McCain camp should be celebrating.

    bit 1: I know Hannity and Oriely are biased. I was merely quoting hannity to emphasize my point (journalists have been totally ****ing obnoxious to Palin). However, I fail to see how Obama's weak performance in his interview has anything to do with Oriely's bias. Bill merely called him out when obama was play around an answer without actually saying anything - something more people should do.
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  • posted a message on Official 2008 United States Presidential Election thread
    Quote from box of terrapins
    There is no way McCain is winning this election. Looking at the electoral map, Obama is far ahead in every state Kerry won except New Hampshire, and ahead of/ tied with/ slightly behind McCain in ~8 states that Kerry lost. If Obama wins one of these states, he wins the election.

    Orielly interview shows obama for the yammering idiot he is. People in battleground states watch him, and I'd almost be willing to bet that there is a notable swing in mccain's favor after the whole thing is over.
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  • posted a message on Official 2008 United States Presidential Election thread
    Quote from CherryBoom!
    Hmm. While I'm optimistic about this election too, Hodoku, I would be careful about overconfidence. Our hubris lost us Congress 2 years ago, we can't afford to be complacent.

    Fair enough, but I just don't see obama winning:
    -He has NO idea on how to campaign. Hes outspent obama 5 to 2/3, and yet hes lost over 15 points in the polls.
    -He is a liar and the american people know it. More and more are coming to terms with this decision and are making the intelligent choice.
    -He really IS nothing but talk, and americans are getting sick of his slick, con-man style rhetoric.
    -People are coming to realize that Obama IS one of the most liberal political figures in this country - and most americans really don't want that kind of twisted communisim.
    -People are also sick of the media's bias - to quote Sean Hannity, "Journalisim is DEAD."
    -Bradley Effect.

    Among other points that I don't feel like making. He just seems like such a.. bad choice. If they had gone with someone moderate, maybe - but they chose the least electable candidate, while republicans chose their best. Though only time will tell, I'm fairly confident that I will be vindicated in this and I'll have the right to rub this into Obama sheep for the rest of time Kekeke

    What do you all think about McCain setting up shop in Cali? good idea or bad idea?

    More edit:
    Rassmuessen and two other polling groups show mccain up anywhere from 2-6 points on obama. The trend continues Kekeke
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  • posted a message on Official 2008 United States Presidential Election thread
    Quote from XDarkAngelX
    Which just goes to show. Repeatedly rubbing your nose in your own mess for 8 years straight works on dogs and cats, but not on the average American voter.

    Cool, I suppose equating mccain to bush makes a TOTALLY valid point - that is, you either are retarded, or you are being hand-fed democrat talking points (total lies, btw?).

    That's a flame.
    Quote from r3p3nt
    In one poll, yeah. If you take a look at polling across the board it is more even. Irregardless, we are at the height of the McCain bounce (I talked about this earlier in the thread), we *should expect* this to start to level off in the coming days to show Obama with a couple point lead.
    Quote from r3p3nt

    From there we get to the debates, where the bounces will be much more meaningful for the end game.

    1) please don't use irregardless - not a word =(
    2) I expect mccain to lead by a few points among likely voters until the end - coupled with the bradley effect and his superior campaigning, I don't doubt that he will win this.
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  • posted a message on Official 2008 United States Presidential Election thread
    Quote from Sibtiger
    As far as Canada's health care system, try living here for a while. The vast majority of Canadians are fairly pleased with our health care system and wouldn't change it to an American style system for anything in the world. And, you see, we spend much less per capita on health care, and yet every one of us is covered! Who's dysfunctional now?

    At my parent's office, we have had 9 cases of people coming from canada and dying due to too little to late done in their ****** system. There is no way that piece of crap could ever be implemented on a larger scale in the US =/
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  • posted a message on Larry MacDougall
    bleh, you kidding? I almost vomitied when I saw his art (no joke) - his style is like guay's but even worse =/
    It looks like hes using colored freaking sand for paint and feces as a substrate.

    Gotta say tho, of the newcomers, I'm so glad they brought daarken into the fold!
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  • posted a message on Official 2008 United States Presidential Election thread
    Quote from iRebel
    I'd say McCain just hit a Grand Slam with that speech, right after Sarah hit one.

    I'd go as far as saying it was as good, if not better, than Sarah's.

    Not at all, to me =/ Sarah came off as more personable and energetic - McCain said what needed to be said, but I'd have liked a little bit of his good ol' self shining through. I hope he DOES elaborate on the issues a bit more in the first debate - that will stick a potato in the dem's tailpipe Kekeke
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  • posted a message on Official 2008 United States Presidential Election thread
    A well structured speech, but pales in comparison to Palins - he needs to show more emotion, I miss angry mccain =3

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  • posted a message on Final Fantasy 7 Fan boys!
    So, here is a question:
    Is this girl fake, or is she actually real-life tifa? I can't figure it out O_o
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  • posted a message on Would you let your 14 year old daugter Date a 17 year old boy?
    Quote from Sakura
    To be honest, I've found the girls I have known in my life generally more perverse than most of the boys.

    Most just hide it well (not nikki) :p

    Really tho, I still think its a bit much at that time - hell, even 16 and 19 is better, but 14... is still just barely a child, not an adult. I second all the rational posts above about how theres plenty of time later. I like the whole 18-21 bit as a bottom line for 3 years apart.
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  • posted a message on Official 2008 United States Presidential Election thread
    Quote from Phyrexian
    For christsake... Debt and Deficit are completely different animals.

    China owns alot of US Treasury Securties. Yes, that is a form of debt for the US government... but anyone can buy these things. In fact, they are probably the most trusted type of bond in the world.
    It isn't as sinister or as disastrous as you make it out to be.

    Problem is that interest on our debt is currently 9% of our national budget, and I consider that pretty sinister =/
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  • posted a message on *TAKE 2* of "Ciao! ^_~ I'm Nikki <3"
    Nice collage, dork XP

    Oh, and in your face, saph.
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  • posted a message on Official 2008 United States Presidential Election thread
    Quote from Kraj
    Sure. But I'm pretty confident Medicare is a much bigger expenditure than Medicaid, and I'm damn positive Social Security spending is immense compared to unemployment and food stamps. And those programs are primarily benefiting the elderly. So my points stands.

    Fair enough, but that doesn't undermine my point that ALL of these programs are deprecated and need to be eliminated or torn down and built from the ground up in order to free up a massive amount of wasted money.

    AS for the iraq war: what is done is done. Though I'd rather have spent that money on us, we can't simply leave now and let them all kill themselves - it would simply be another repeat of history, and we'd create even more people that hate us.
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