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  • posted a message on It's literally just Graft for Planeswalkers
    Flavour-wise, I was thinking about loyalty as an idea to concept the land. I remember the justification for calling it loyalty was that a planeswalker had the ability to cast their ultimate straight away, it wasn't that they needed time to charge up their mana or something, it was that you needed to demonstrate they could trust you - that you were worthy of their loyalty and therefore of them expending their power and resources to protect you etc. So maybe the land is a nice place you take them? Just a thought.

    Whereas leylines for most players are probably most heavily associated with that one mechanic (Leyline of the Void and friends).

    There could even be a cycle:

    A Lovely Skull 1B
    Sorcery - Gift
    Put two loyalty counters on target Liliana planeswalker.
    Great. I'll put it next to the melty candles and pentagrams.
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  • posted a message on Arcanis the Grand Illusionist & Junk Lands
    I forgot how to answer how it's suspense building.

    Because you're revealing a little backstory about the character, which casts a little light but still leaves you guessing as a whole. It leaves people wanting more, but you can just include little bits like this from time to time and the character remains a mystery in whole, while stimulating the interest that people have towards the character.

    I'm not against filling in characters' backstories. I think it can add a lot to our understanding of them. Heck, WotC is doing it right now with The Brothers' War.

    I just think if you're going to do backstory, it's got to fit in with what you already know about the character. So, saying something like "Arcanis has travelled all over Dominaria using his magic", I can buy. We don't know how old he is, so maybe he could've been around 100 years before his first 'official' appearance - there's plenty of long-lived characters around and he's supposed to be omnipotent, so why not? But why tie him to Volrath and why talk about shapeshifting? Neither make sense for what his first card does.

    I think if you really want to make him a changeling, there's a route. He's in the same block as all the Mistform stuff. And we never learn who/what created Mistform Ultimus, I don't think. So, maybe at some point (pre-Karona) he decides he's learned everything he can in the pits, and puts his knowledge of fighting many different types of creatures together into creating the Ultimus. And then he decides the only way to truly become omnipotent is to transform his own body using his knowledge of Mistform magic. That would fit with the line, "He has journeyed where none have been before."

    Or, if you really want to do time travel, why not show him as a boy at pre-destruction Tolaria? Maybe he gets into a fight with another student and loses badly. They call him 'Arcanis the Impotent' and he swears he'll become more powerful than they can ever realise. He fights in the pits because beating other people and showing he's stronger and smarter than them is getting revenge for that loss - proving he's no longer 'impotent', but 'omnipotent'. A bit of a black motivation, tbh, but whatever.

    I'm spitballing there, because I don't really care about the character. I just think there's better stuff you can do with him than tying him to Volrath, whose thing was always pretending to be other people to trick them - not really applicable to being a pit fighter - and not the same thing as becoming all creature types.
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  • posted a message on Arcanis the Grand Illusionist & Junk Lands
    I don't know what the story you're telling is, but Arcanis stealing Volrath's magic to become a shapeshifter seems unlikely when Volrath died on a different continent 100 years before Arcanis appears (not as a shapeshifter/illusionist).

    I'll concede Arcanis' past is unknown, but also that's the point of the character. Filling in the blanks in such a weird way, as you'd put it, doesn't pop.

    Also describing his magic as "incredibly arcane" in the flavour text is pretty clunky. Like, 'dude named "Arcanis" has arcane magic? No duh...'

    The actual card is okay? Niche, but most of your designs are. And a reasonable enough combo with the original Arcanis the Omnipotent if you have a spare 9UUUUUUU.
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  • posted a message on Susi Ironsights
    Quote from caulkwrangler »

    There was that article recently about letting green have access to animate artifact effects, and turning the equipment into creatures seemed very green to me. I agree with you about white being a part of the identity, this makes the most sense in that area of the wheel.

    Yeah, okay, I can see that, especially given equipment means you're playing creatures. Maybe Bant or UW, then? That's also the pair most associated with spirits (although they're pretty universal).
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  • posted a message on Hands Bound Angel & Mox Shards
    How come the angel doesn't fly? Are its wings bound as well as its hands?

    I'm not reposting everything I said before, but haste doesn't belong in mono white. No, not even as a new crumb because they already printed Akroma, Angel of Wrath and are clear they wouldn't print it today.
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  • posted a message on Susi Ironsights
    I like this latest execution, caulkwrangler. Not 100% sure on the colours. It doesn't seem to be doing anything green? And it's not exactly screaming red or blue either. In fact, an exile like this is maybe more white than anything else, plus that's the colour most associated with equipment.

    There might also be some unintended stuff with that last line. Paradise Mantle and Avarice Amulet seem the strongest effects, with Manriki-Gusari and Viridian Longbow/Wolfhunter's Quiver good, but not totally busted. But, whatever, you've already paid for Susi, plus the equipment's costs, so I figure you deserve some good combos.
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  • posted a message on Purgatory Frog , Alpha Aetherfrog, Frograptera & Magician Frog
    I'm not sure it's Rosy, user and rowan being subjective when they're all pointing you at WotC's design guidelines.

    I get that you want blue to have deathtouch and haste and other things for some reason. I'm just not sure other people are clamouring out for that. Imagine a UU 2/2 with deathtouch. It's new. It's that crumb design you're talking about. But it's also unplayable outside of Limited, because there's no deck for it. I personally wouldn't be excited, I'd mostly be confused.

    So either it just sits there and maybe the handful of people who have been screaming for deathtouch in blue get the card they've always wanted. Or you have to reframe the rest of blue to be more of an aggro colour, which shifts the balance between the colours, and very likely annoys a sizeable proportion of the player base who dislike counterspells and think blue is too powerful already (evidence: that one thread in General I'm not linking to because I don't want to give it oxygen).

    The point I'm making is I think you design in a vacuum a lot. I know you'll hate it, but a printable design for Frograptera is Lightning Stormkin. It's blue because it flies. It's red because it has haste. It's not a 1/1 because that would be too weak. It's not a 3/3 because that would be too strong. And it's not a frog because frogs are green. It doesn't say anything about giving +1/+0 to creatures with base power 0 because that ability is too narrow to print. Okay, maybe on a splashy rare or in a set with lots of 0/1 Eldrazi or something, but not on an evasive creature that goes sideways in Limited - that's what it's designed for. That's what it does best. And adding more words would take away from that.

    You can tweak this stuff around the edges a bit, but add deathtouch, or turn it into a skeleton and you can't print it any more. Not because of power level concerns, but because the flavour would be weird. Tell me you understand this, yeah?

    And Lightning Stormkin is absolutely a great piece of design. When I first saw it, I was shocked it hadn't been printed before. When you can design Lightning Stormkin, I will accept and praise your crumbs.

    Heck a UG 1/3 with deathtouch and reach is all that first design needed to be. That's never been printed before and would make a Limited environment a bit slow at common, but would be great at uncommon. Design that, then we can talk about crumbs.

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  • posted a message on random bear support
    I can't work out if you deserve a medal or need to go to jail for Unbearable One, so I'll simply say, "good work".

    I'd like it if Surrak was a 4/4 (1G 2/2 + 1G 2/2 = 2GG 4/4. That's bear maths.).

    The untap on Aylula's Confluence seems weaker than the other options. And, on the flip side, I think the potential to destroy 2 artifacts and 2 enchantments is quite a lot of card advantage for 3GG. But I guess that's only really likely in Commander, which I'm guessing is where you're pitching these designs?

    I agree with FetalTadpole on Hidden Bears. Maybe increase the mana cost a bit so opponents have a chance to sneak small creatures in underneath it?
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  • posted a message on Susi Ironsights
    Another suggestion. Instead of animating the equipment, you could make a 1/1 with haste and attach the equipment to it, then either unattach or sac the creature at EOT. That lets you attack with an extra body in scenarios where you might not want to attack with Susi or want to risk losing the equipment itself.
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  • posted a message on Warlock's Continuum
    I was thinking it's actually oddly tempting to play just for all those draws. It's tough to get it to 0, but there was that one super fringe deck with Etherium Sculptor, Ichor Wellspring, Mycosynth Wellspring and Vedalken Archmage...

    And I think there are some white commander decks that would definitely consider playing 3W Sorcery Draw two cards.
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  • posted a message on Magic Team Considering Keywording ETB
    For the record, the fantasy is a product of emulation; a culmination in the level of interactivity and dynamic interactions (verbal/literature) fantasy context.

    When you boil down terms into bland and monotone functions, you are taking the D&D gaming table, and turning it into an IRS paperwork table.

    We're not at the game shop anymore? WE'RE BACK AT WORK?!!


    It's exactly this. Very important to keep people in the fantasy realm and keep the game actions as interactive as possible to preserve the life of the game.

    The more you simplify things, the more interaction you're taking away. You are losing stimulation.

    For the overstimulated, this might seem and feel good. For the gamer seeking that stimulation for life, you have killed the game experience for them.

    I'm sorry you don't like it. The game necessarily includes both abstract/evocative terminology you have to learn the in-game meaning of ("battlefield", "flying", "library") and things like power and toughness, which use numerical values instead of "weak", "strong" etc. It can't all be abstract "stimulation", as you describe it, because then it's not a game with rules that can be played competitively. But obviously it shouldn't be your IRS spreadsheet thing either.

    It's the same for D&D. Some DMs would happily say, "You deal 12 damage to the orc. It's only got 5 hit points left." Others would want to keep those more mechanical aspects of the game away from the players: "Your swing gravely wounds the beleaguered orc." without including any numbers. Magic doesn't really get the option to keep information from players because all players have to be clear on the game state for it to be a game you can play competitively.

    The trade-off has to be including what gives the game flavour, while still letting you play it as a game e.g. how many hits could you take from an unblocked creature with 'medium' power? I think players would disagree.

    I'd argue that giving designers more space for words on their cards by keywording ETB actually opens up design space - and I've seen some of your wordier efforts in the CCC forum, so hopefully you can appreciate that aspect even if you think it's less flavourful. After all, Magic isn't trying to be an RPG. And mechanically, a keyworded or shorter version of ETB is just as 'interactive' as it was before - at least in the sense that people usually use that word in the context of MTG - you can still respond to the trigger, still blink the creature to get another trigger etc.
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  • posted a message on The inspiration is probably obvious
    Quote from user_938036 »
    Quote from Gothblin »
    Because can't trumps can in MTG, I have a sinking feeling that you can play your Shivan Oasis with this out and it will still come into play tapped. I'm guessing that's not what you're intending. You could use the wording on Amulet of Vigor to fix that.
    That's not quite right. No part of ETBT is a can't effect. It's simply a replacement effect that modifies how the card enters the battlefield. This card also has a replacement effect that alters how cards enter the battlefield. As the controller of the affected permanent, you choose how to order the effects such that you can get an untapped land.

    Requiring a creature to unearth gives Cryptolith Rites feelings. That card had combo potential but wasn't broken so this is probably safe as well.

    Makes sense. Appreciate the correction - always nice to understand this game better Smile
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  • posted a message on The inspiration is probably obvious
    Because can't trumps can in MTG, I have a sinking feeling that you can play your Shivan Oasis with this out and it will still come into play tapped. I'm guessing that's not what you're intending. You could use the wording on Amulet of Vigor to fix that.

    I appreciate it has a lot of combo potential, but I think a three-card infinite is fine, especially if it makes you play stuff like Abandoned Outpost.
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  • posted a message on Sing-along
    Interesting design space. I wonder if there's a design where you get the trigger when it enters, then at the start of each player's pre-combat main phase, they can add a lore counter and both they and you get the effect. You'd run through the chapters quickly, though, so maybe it also needs recurring sagas (e.g. IV removes all lore counters).
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  • posted a message on Event Driven FFIX Designs
    I know you've abandoned it, but I think Rapid Petrification wouldn't work because once the creature is a Forest, an Enchant creature Aura can't be attached to it and it falls off. Enchant creature or land fixes it, but does also turn it into a Spreading Seas-type effect, which might not be your intention.

    I thought about doing the same thing as Pentarch Ward etc. and adding a line saying this effect doesn't remove Rapid Petrification. However, I'm not a rules expert, but I think that only works because how protection is defined in the rules, whereas I think this is an SBA.
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