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  • posted a message on Walgreens selling boosters and intro decks B1G1 free
    The Walmarts in Gainesville/Jacksonville Florida area were not doing price match at all. They said that they no longer do BoGo price match at all. On a better note, Walgreens restocked on Sat. for the last day of the sale and I picked up 22 total Khans packs from 4 stores for about $44 and pulled 2 deltas, 2 strands, 1 mire, 1 Sarkhan, 1 Siege Rhino, and various others. Ended up being very good for me. Smile
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  • posted a message on Uncharted Realms Discussions
    You may be right, but that was where it stopped the flashback, so we do not get to see if she believed him right off and what she did to investigate it. If she got back to civilization and found out that her cousin only, of all of her family, survived and was happy and richer than ever, I think she would be inclined to believe the story.
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  • posted a message on BOGO is back at Walgreens!!!
    Got 8 khans packs and 2 M15 packs (all they had) at my local Walgreens and Stoke the Flames was the best card I got followed by siege rhino. Kinda sad not to get anything better, but there weren't too many complete trash rares either. Gonna keep my eyes open as I go into another city later this week, but am guessing that they will be gone that late in the week. Gonna have to grab some rain checks on these.
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  • posted a message on Naya RWG Walkers for post-Rot SCG

    I ran a very close version of your deck at FNM last Fri.

    It looked like this:

    I ended 2-3 with a couple of favorable match-ups and some bad ones.

    1st round I faced a guy running a pretty basic Mardu Butcher/Crackling Doom deck, but in both games he could never get off of 4 lands until it was too late. Won 2-0

    2nd round I face a R/W burn deck that was a little too fast for me. I seemed to be about 1-2 turns from stabilizing when I would lose. Lost 0-2

    3rd round I faced a w/u counter, exile and draw card deck that pretty much shut down everything that I was trying to do. At the point where I was trying to cast 5 mana planeswalkers and such he had a cheaper counterspell for each and if I could play one, it would be Banishing Lighted. Kind of frustrating being as I had practically no answers for that in the deck as a whole (sided in stormbreaths and mistcutters, but never drew mistcutters and dragons get countered.) Lost 0-2

    4th round I faced a fairly standard Abzan Rhino deck and wrecked his world. This deck seems to just hard counter that one. The hornets nests and then hornets themselves really stalled out his board state, as he did not want to trade his siege rhino for a 1/1 token and 3 damage. The best part of the match was when he tried to Utter End my Hornet's Nest and in response, I Lightning Strikeed it for 3 tokens. He couldn't believe what I had just done and said to the player next to us "he just lighting striked his own nest!" It was good. Won 2-0

    5th round I played against my friend that I go to FNM with and he was running a Temur ramp/knuckleblade/stormbreath deck. I feel that this is actually a rather favorable match-up for me however I was unfortunate the first game and foolish the last one. First game I practically lost to haste. He was on play and t2 dropped Sylvan Caryatid. Then t3 dropped Savage Knuckleblade with haste and on my turn I removed it. T4 another Knuckleblade with haste and on my turn I remove it. T5 Stormbreath to the face and on my turn I remove. T6 another Stormbreath! I was effectively done at that point. The only nonland permanents I drew in that game were 2 Banishing Lights that I used on the knuckleblades. Game 2 I was on play and went more as it was supposed to for this deck. Got a t3 hornet's nest and struck it later to block a stormbreath. I pretty much controlled this game all the way through. Game 3 was when I stopped thinking and kept a 2 land hand on the draw and ended up missing my t3 land drop to cost me the game. If I could have tempoed with him, I think I would have been fine, but was stuck an extra turn behind and could not recover. Lost 1-2

    Overall, I enjoyed playing the deck. There are certainly some decks that are glaringly strong against it, and I am not sure what to do about some (the w/u counter deck), and some that it is really strong against. I look forward to trying it again.

    Other thoughts:
    -I was only running 2 sarkhans and 2 stormbreaths because that was all that I had access to. I am not sure if I want to try more or will just stick with what I have.
    -I moved a couple magma jets out of main board because they felt too weak unless going against aggro specifically. I much more preferred having the extra lightning strike and fated conflagration (which worked well as removal; got those pesky stormbreaths).
    - It is really fun to play with hornet's nests, and opponents hate to play around them and deathtouch tokens.

    Any ideas on better dealing with the tougher match-ups?
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  • posted a message on Siege Dragon assigned damage
    Whenever Siege Dragon is declared as an attacker, its ability triggers and deals 2 damage to each creature without flying the defending player controls (if no wall are in play). Note however, this is before blockers are declared. Therefore, they still have the option to block or not with their 5/6 with 2 damage already dealt to it. Plus, the creature in question would have to have reach to be able to block Siege Dragon, if it took 2 damage for not having flying.

    Remember the combat phase goes:

    1) Beginning of Combat Step
    2) Declare Attackers Step - Any abilities that say something like "Whenever x attacks" trigger here.
    3) Declare Blockers Step - Any abilities that say something like "Whenever x becomes blocked or blocks"
    4) Combat Damage Step
    5) End of Combat Step

    and both players are able to use activated abilities and instants at the end of each of the steps.
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  • posted a message on Can Kin-Tree Warden block Butcher of the Hoard's attack to trigger abilities?
    If, for some reason, your Kin-Tree Warden had flying or reach and you wanted to block, you would have 2 options (baring other external factors):

    Option #1) Activate regenerate on the Warden, at any time you could play an instant, before the Combat Damage Step. In the Combat Damage Step, your Warden would be dealt the damage and deal its damage. Since the warden would have taken enough damage to be lethal, the regenerate effect would take place and instead of dying, it would be tapped and removed from combat. No other effects are triggered.

    Option #2) Block without activating regenerate. Your Warden would die, triggering the Dictate and Ascendencys, causing each opponent to sacrifice 1 creature and putting 2 1/1 flying white spirit creature tokens onto the battlefield under your control.

    As was said above, dying indicates being put into a graveyard. So, if your creature happens to get exiled, the abilities on the enchantments would not be triggered.
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  • posted a message on Drafting Modern Masters, walking away with Double Goyf
    Interesting discussion and I can understand both sides of it.

    As to the question of replacing a pack and continuing drafting, I think that the best answer would be to allow a player to replace a pack and continue drafting with an added rule that they cannot place/receive a prize for the draft. That way they get the benefit of getting the money cards that they would have walked with, while at the same time, the other players get to keep a streamlined draft but get the benefit of one less person in the running for a prize. So overall, players would have the option of keeping a specific pack, or placing for a prize, but not both.

    What do you guys think?
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  • posted a message on [DD] Speed vs Cunning packaging error
    On a related note, I was at Walmart a few weeks ago and they had sealed Jace VS. Vraska duel decks without the face card planeswalkers on the front. There were 4 or 5 of them exactly the same. I checked them and as far as I could tell they had not been tampered with. I did not, however, buy any to see if the cards were in there somewhere else, so I do not know how big of a mess up it was.
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  • posted a message on Khans of Tarkir feels like yet another Magic set.
    Quote from Grungedude42 »
    It cannot be a classic magic set without Storm Crow.

    WOAAHHH!!! I thought Wizards was trying to bring down the power level! With that it would just be Urza all over again!
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  • posted a message on The [Un]Official "Buy or Sell?" Thread!
    Buy foil Abrupt decay for $65.00?
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  • posted a message on What will you miss after rotation?
    Going to miss:
    Garruk, caller of beasts
    Domri Rade
    worldspine Wurm
    flesh // blood
    young pyromancer

    Most certainly not going to miss:
    u/w control stuff
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  • posted a message on Gruul Ramp (Post M15)
    Got a decklist?
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