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    posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 4/5 - Massacre Girl and Tomik
    Lol, Massacre Girl's ability is like defile from Hearthstone.
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    posted a message on 4 Lords of Limited preview cards
    I'm a little sad that Rescuer Sphinx doesn't have flash for flavor and ability, but it probably would have been extremely pushed then.
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    posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 26/11/2018)
    Quote from Ratrek »


    Can you imagine the firestorm if Twin was unbanned long enough that new and old people picked up the deck and foiled it out only to have a "oops, this needs to go away again" 6 months or a year later? Ick.

    Well, they could put it on "probation", letting the player base know upfront that it is only un-banned for the next however many months and it will be specifically re-evaluated then as to whether it will remain un-banned (still on probation or not) or be moved back to the ban list. That might help against the rush and temper expectations.
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    posted a message on Stompy
    Interesting card spoiled for the White splash builds Knight of Autumn. Thoughts?
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    posted a message on BW Tokens
    Quote from MagicYio »
    How do you feel about the card choices? (6 planeswalkers, of which 2 Liliana of the Veil, no Spectral Procession, Start // Finish, 3 Bitterblossom instead of 4, Ghost Quarter/Field of Ruin, how did the sideboard work?)

    I didn't use Liliana enough to get much of a feel for her. I have generally run the 2/2 Sorin/Gideon split and liked that, but this was the first time running Liliana.

    No Spectrals was interesting but not a big issue on token generating, generally. I was actually happy not to have them that day as I faced Blood Moon or Land Destruction in 4 out of 6 real matches, and it would have been hard to cast it.

    Didn't really see much of Start // Finish either, so not much to write home about. I do love the instant speed of it though against decks that I may need to remove a creature on their turn but also need to create a board presence if I don't.

    The Bitterblossoms seemed fine. I saw them a decent bit still, but I faced enough aggro/combo decks that they didn't matter much in most matches and I sided them out a decent bit. If it was a heavy control/midrange meta, I would probably go up to 4.

    I didn't blow up any lands all night with my lands as none of the decks I played against really cared about it, except Ponza and we didn't draw destruction lands and mana enchantments at the same time. I dodged the Tron player and saw no one with man lands. They were more useful as mana for me and the colorless didn't seem to hurt (and they made just as good mountains as any of my other non basics. :p ) So, they seemed fine. Better to have and not need, I suppose.

    The sideboard seemed solid for what I faced. My friends had told me beforehand that there was all kinds of things running around at the LGS but a lot of aggro and combo stuff, so I adjusted accordingly. I dropped 3x stony silence for the 3x damping sphere (and it paid off) and I think I switched out 2x Pithing needle for the 2x blessed alliance (which seemed a solid choice for the night). I felt like I usually had the cards I needed in the sideboard, it was just a matter of drawing them, like usual. As MisterMuffin21 mentioned above, it certainly wouldn't hurt to bring back a runed halo or 2 with some of those decks running around.
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    posted a message on Stompy
    Quote from Cirnu »
    I would run something like this list for company:

    I have run a list similar (mainly leatherback baloth over Steel Leaf) before with some decent success.

    Groundbreaker limits the use of Collected Company to being cast in your own main phase. Part of the appeal of Collected Company is that it lets you play around board wipes. Overloading on haste creatures limits that effect and playing one-shot damage sources, like Groundbreaker, works directly against it.

    So, expounding on what thatmarkguy said, here is what I have told others about using Collected Company in regards to Groundbreaker.

    1) I am casting it during the pre-combat main phase on my turn to try to find haste and/or devotion to either get in lethal or push it close. Groundbreaker is great here in both ways.

    2) I am casting it during my opponents combat step, after attackers are declared, to attempt to flash in some blockers. Groundbreaker is usually good here as it can usually get a kill or at the least soak up some damage that I could not afford to take.

    3) I am casting it during my opponents end step. This is the sneakiest part because, even though at first glance it doesn't seem so, Groundbreaker is strong here too. With the way the rules work, during the end step, all "at end of turn" triggered abilities trigger before players are able to cast spells or activate abilities. Therefore, if I put a Groundbreaker onto the field with Collected Company at that point, the time for the sacrifice ability to trigger is already passed for the turn and has to wait until the next end step (on my turn) before it can trigger, giving me the chance to still attack with it before having to sac it.

    There are very few times that I will be casting Collected Company outside of those 3 scenarios (maybe in response to hand disruption). In those rare cases I just hope I don't hit any of the 4 Groundbreakers.

    As for the haste, you are correct that it is wasted if used at end step, but the plan is to be fast in general, and the haste is partly trying to make the difference of not having as many smaller creatures; getting in the damage hard and heavy more than swarm. Generally, I am not worried about a couple of creatures not making use of haste if I just so happen to get them with Company to block or at end step. I feel that I making more use of the benefit of haste than what is being wasted at those times.

    However, that was all prior to Steel Leaf Champion, which, as I said, I mostly just switched for the Leatherback Baloths. When I ran this deck before, I did not have 2 creatures of comparable power like Steel Leaf and Baloth, and I haven't had a chance to test to see how it would do with both of them and dropping the Boggart Ram-Gang. I feel it would probably be stronger but slower. Gotta say, I really just love ram-gang though, as it is part of the turn 3 win scenario for this deck. But, I need to try the heavier version when I get the chance.
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    posted a message on Brawl feels like a solved format

    3) Adapt. Play Baral


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    posted a message on Is Magic Attendance and Sales dropping?
    I think that it is a little ironic that in the midst of terrible standard play-wise, the support for FNMs is even worse than before. Like, they are not willing to try any of multiple ways to get people to play standard.
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    posted a message on Side Quest - Big Magic Spoiler
    I mean, you can just choose yourself, right?
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    posted a message on Ixalan Double-Faced Cards Card Stock Issue
    Announcement Here:


    This brings up a couple of questions to me:

    1. Has anyone seen or noticed this?
    2. What card stock was it printed on? How many types do they use and for what?
    3. They say they are still legal in tournament play, but being different card stock what is the chance that the cards could be cut to too easily during a deck check or such?

    What do you all think?
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