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    posted a message on is modern worth getting into?
    Quote from Colt47 »
    [quote from="Avatar »" url="http://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/the-game/modern/759200-is-modern-worth-getting-into?comment=58"][quote from="Colt47 »" url="http://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/the-game/modern/759200-is-modern-worth-getting-into?comment=51"]

    So yeah, I'm not too keen on "card value" with this game. Having to pay 20 usd for a craterhoof behemoth or 90+ for a Scalding Tarn when those cards may become historic artifacts at some point sounds like a really poor decision.

    You can play Grixis without Scalding Tarn using Drowned Catacombs and other substitute fetches that are cheaper. Then when Tarns are reprinted in Standard, take the other fetch and use for another deck project. It's fairly simple long term adjustments.

    Most of the issues are with universal pieces versus specific pieces. Affinity isn't a deck that's very good to maintain value because parts of it are probably ban worthy in the right metagame shift. However, historically it has been around since the inception of the format which lends some credibility for it to be around for a few more years in some form.

    Now, taking Twin as an example. Yes the combo cards became next to worthless. Splinter Twin is a $3 card as of right now for the Modern Masters version. There are cards from that specific deck that are still good in other decks such as fetches and shock lands that maintain both value and replay value.

    The issue lays with the pieces of the deck and how many different decks can be constructed out of those decks. Amulet Bloom only had good parts because Amulet Bloom pieces are necessarily specific to that deck. Affinity has some flexibility with Tezzerator and that other artifact control deck. Tron has again a lot of specific pieces, but typically parts can be used for Mono Blue Tron, Colorless Eldrazi, RG Eldrazi, or RG Tron.

    Amulet Bloom for a new player without a "garage" of decks was a bad buy.
    Twin was a good buy because of the effectiveness of the surrounding pieces to become Jeskai Nahiri, Grixis Control, Grixis Delver, Temur Tempo, and various other decks.
    Affinity for a new player is a bad buy because of the lack of flexibility that the pieces have with other decks.

    Typically there are decks that are good for entry level such as BW Tokens that can become Esper or Abzan later as "flex decks" that add upward mobility and flexibility in card buying purchases.

    Ideally you want to build a deck that when you tear it apart to build another deck or two, you don't need to spend much money to build those other decks.

    Which is why again I suggest having two separate decks in the start that can mix and match with other aspects of the collection to build other decks. Unless if you really have a love for that deck like Affinity or that combo deck like Amulet Bloom with the wisdom that the deck can go south if a card is banned out of that deck. Even then, you still want a good standby deck in another archetype to increase variety of replayability.
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    posted a message on is modern worth getting into?
    A few rules:

    A. It's all about your land base. If you don't have a good land base you're never going to play Modern. In recent years, if you play Standard you will be getting SOME lands that are good in Modern.
    B. Pick an archetype, not a specific deck. You can swap out some pieces for others.
    C. Tier 2 is a good place to start, there are some cheap decks.
    D. Get used to substitutions.
    E. Play to your local metagame, not the Grand Prix.
    F. Have two Modern decks. This is because the format has a popularity influx where certain decks vie for Tier 1 status. Equally, if you're that "one guy" who spent his milk money on building Amulet Vial combo deck and then have to quit after it got banned. It does happen, mainly combo decks.
    G. Get used to looking at reprint cycles and speculation cycles:
    -4th quarter around Christmas card prices tend to fall and then sharply rally during January and oscillate through summer during "Modern season"
    -Modern Masters tends to place a downward pressure on prices through to the release and slightly after. Buy up specific reprints.
    H. Make friends and borrow decks.
    I. Buy Khans Fetch Lands now, starting with Windswept Heath->Blue->Black in that order.
    J. Trade off or sell off Standard fodder at the high for Modern staples.
    K. Quit Standard

    That's how I got to play this lovely format owning a number of good decks. Only have 3 left I really want to build. Ironically, they're the most expensive ones :s.
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    posted a message on Peregrine Drake Emergency Ban Effective Nov. 16th
    It's a great format that no one really plays outside of online. And this isn't like that one kid that built the Amulet Bloom deck as his only deck for Modern that built through allowance money that he liked to play. I have empathy.


    Okay so the one person who wanted to keep the deck as their go-to deck might be rage stomping, but then is probably looking at the rest of their collection as the way to go about and build a new deck anyway and spend $5 and sigh.

    Whereas the guy who bought out all the stock on TCG Player on huge speculation demands. I'm laughing with you, right now, as the tears of irony stream down your face.
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    posted a message on Establishing a New Format: Planeswalker Commander
    Planeswalker Commander:

    1. You are allowed any Planeswalker to start as your commander in the command zone in addition to any legendary creature.
    2. 100 singleton card decks.
    3. Eternal Modern. All cards from Eighth Edition July 29, 2003 on up are legal. Including Commander product as well as other supplemental sets such as Conspiracy 1 and 2.

    The purpose of this project is to create a different format that is diversified away from creature Commander based formats, and introducing a Modern plus Eternal format. This means that the dual lands and other previously broken cards are no longer available, while yearly Commander product does feed this format.

    Furthermore will need beta testing and establishing some interest in the format. This is open and will be crowd sourced to develop farther if any structure needs.

    The ideal of creating a Modern Commander based format that involves Planeswalkers and is competitive is the vision. Feedback is welcomed.

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    posted a message on Mothership spoilers 10/26 Ludevic, Kyanios and Tiro and more
    Quote from DementedKirby »
    Ludevic has to be one of the greatest disapointments in a long time. What an underwheming ability that isn't remotely flavorful. The draw isn't even forced so you can't take advantage of it with cards like Nekusar, the Mindrazer or Fevered Visions. Gisa, Geralf, and Gisa and Geralf all lived up to the hype and were flavorful. Then we finally get their idol and he neither reanimates nor creates zombies or anything flavorful. His abilities have nothing to do with his character and it's very underwhelming for a legend. That card is Kamigawa-level legend; I dare say Homelands-level legend in terms of power. He could've have definitely been the UBRG legend being as those colors all have graveyard play and themes of life/death, necromancy, and token production. Of course people are gonna be salty; Ludevic has to be the quintessential example of someone dropping the ball.

    He's an experimenter, and a person who does work with others when it benefits him. This goes with his SoI work with Geralf and entwined into his character. Ludevisc does a lot of different types of experimentation. There are probably ways to exploit him beyond just the usual. I feel he is good in the Kings deck and will be included with them as a part of group hug. I feel that it's an alliance building card that is political in nature, not something that RU do a lot but Ludevisc is known to collaborate with other scientists. This is in flavor of him.
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    posted a message on Commander 2016 4 Colour Commanders
    Say I want to make a G/B/R/U commander deck, what are some of the must have stapples, for mana fixing and what not, maybe this is the wrong topic to post this on, could I be redirected to the right one.


    -Fetch Lands
    -Shock Lands
    -Battlelands with the forest subtype
    -Coalition Relic
    -Chromatic Lantern
    -Evolving Wilds
    -Terramorphic Expanse
    -Command Tower

    That would be where I would first start at.

    -Demonic Tutor
    -Fact or Fiction
    -Skyshroud Claim
    -Ranger's Path
    -Kodama's Reach
    -Yavimaya Elder

    That would give you the "spine" of the deck, especially with shock lands that had the forest card typing would make things a lot easier.

    You could just use:

    -Khans lands
    -Trilands (Khans and Shards of Alara uncommon metacycle)
    -Transguild Prominad

    It really depends on your price range and available resources. In my opinion, there are two paths from there:

    A. Good stuff deck, where you basically shovel in the best cards that have the most synergy irregardless of general
    B. Use the stuff out of the box, enhance and build around the general offered

    It's hard to really say what they'll offer this time around without knowing what the 4 color generals are like. Whether we're dealing with cards similar to cards like Tasigur that have an easy to cast mana cost while having activation costs that are inclusive of more colors or more traditional gold bordered. Four color is a really hard area to guesstimate what their ideas will be without spoilers which have been lid tight and will be more available starting Monday whenever we can an actual idea of what we're dealing with our options.

    The good news is that there will be 4 options for a general, which means the actual construction and diversity will be better offered than previous precon decks.
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    posted a message on Rotation reverted.
    Quote from pulli23 »
    @Downdala About cheaper/more expensive; I wish you to also consider the "non cutthroat competitive player" when making statements;

    I myself have found this fast moving to be utterly annoying: I can only play at FNM less than once every month; Now this means that building an expensive standard deck is always kind of a waste of money (other than for bragging to friends); So I opt for the less expensive ones I can manage to make after drafting a few times and going to the prerelease (I always have time to play magic at saturday/sunday) - maybe by adding another batch of 50 euro on cards. When a new set is released I try to keep the deck and adding another small set of cards to replace a few.
    However with the fast format I had my deck finished after 6 months: that meant I could only play it at most for 12 months before the core of my deck wouldn't be possible anymore.

    I don't really care about having the most cutthroat deck: I just wish to play my creation for a bit longer than ~10 times.

    Now for the the biggest wonder is: "why are they always making new rare lands instead of just reprinting shocks/scry/tango/other old lands". I really wish they would consider reprinting the manabase more: than I would have no problem spending "1 time 100+ euros" on a highly priced playset of a lands. Now I constantly have to spend a lot of money on the "boring" part of a deck, yet the new types of lands are not that refreshing they actually give a feeling that they introduce new playstyles. (I'm in standard to see new playstyles every once in a while - the lands hardly influence this).

    You're the kind of player that is the midline player. The person who spends more than the guy with one Portal Second Age deck, but not as much as the other person who plays at every chance each week. I feel that you are the core of Magic. The person that might not be there all the time, but you're the guy that shows up in enough numbers that allows an event to launch.

    Hasbro is trying to push as much product out the door and provide a better play experience. Their goal is for us to spend more money on product each year, but the issue is this.

    A. There is too much totally new product
    B. Reprint sets are helping to drop prices
    C. "Too powerful for Standard" the power level problem is something that needs to undulate more, we need to expect that we will Doom Blade at some point.
    D. Pushing limited too much in design, neglecting the need for level 5 commons for Standard.

    Standard is the litmus test for Magic health, not Limited. This means that having a mega-rotation cycle of lands designed well for Standard and you can transition into Modern after 2 years of playing Standard and playing at drafts. Limited->Standard/Commander->Modern+Cube is the key gateways for competitive players who play multiple formats.

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    posted a message on Rotation reverted.
    Quote from Taeolas »
    It seems strange to me that they're reverting this so quickly; there's only ever been 1 Spring rotation to date; basically 3 rotations in the New format. I guess the numbers must be looking really bad to go back to Classic Rotation so quickly.

    It also means we'll have a Long block and a Short block now.

    The Fall/Winter blocks will have a 24 and 21 month period in standard, while the Spring/Summer blocks will only get 18 and 15 months. Old rotation this didn't matter as much since the Summer block was usually the "Reprint" block (M10, Origins). Now it is the second half of a story block; but I'm not sure if there is anything that could be done with it. I wonder if they considered staying with 2 rotations, but nudging it so every block has 24/21 months? So no rotation in the Spring 2017, but Fall only rotates Zendikar, then Spring 2018 rotates Innistrad and so on?

    This "idea" of a faster rotation schedule killed off any hope of maintaining Extended as a format. They might have blamed it on Modern, but the reality was that people always preferred a slower rotation cycle for Extended, slightly faster for Standard, and a non existent one for an eternal they play.

    In essence what we have today is:

    A. Commander has replaced Vintage
    B. Modern has replaced Extended and Legacy(from the perspective of a newer player)
    C. Standard has returned to normal
    D. 60 card is the entry level for Magic

    Because of the pre-con situation Commander and Standard are excellent entry level formats for player. The next stage is to offer up preconstructed decks for Modern.
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    posted a message on Commander 2016 4 Colour Commanders
    Quote from cyberium_neo »
    Is preview this coming Monday?

    More towards Halloween from what Rosewater had said. I'm not a huge fan of this new "teaser season" approach without any information about new Commanders. Anticipation is one thing, silence is another.
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    posted a message on Regeneration is over?
    Quote from RSSR »
    This disgusts me that an evergreen ability that's been with us since Alpha is no longer going to be used. I find regenerate to be more flavorful than indestructible, despite indestructible does everything regenerate can do.

    Going with Hexproof over Shroud is understandable, but there was still flavorful design space with regeneration. What's next, dropping first strike because double strike obsoletes first strike? Where do they stop?

    I really fail to see Wizards' logic when it comes to dropping or adding evergreen keywords. Prowess makes no sense flavorfulwise. A +1/+1 bonus for casting a non-creature spell, wait, what? It's like they're throwing darts at a board making these decisions.

    Most of the original Evergreen mechanics sucked. Regeneration is the first good one to be replaced next to an under use of protection now. They want to "design a better game" and right now it's going to be Color Pie and simplifying Magic. The one major thing that makes me think a major rules change in Magic is coming is that Rosewater wants to solve complexity creep in MTG. The first place it's going to probably be looked at is layers.
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