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  • posted a message on Who is the best God to follow?
    Zeus? Thor? Jesus?

    The question begets a good point that it is inclusive of Atheists in that if all gods were created equal and real on a plain who would be the best to rule our reality?
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  • posted a message on What type of Islam do terrorist organizations like ISIS follow?
    [quote from="slave »" url="http://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/community-forums/debate/religion/761131-what-type-of-islam-do-terrorist-organizations-like?comment=4"]

    It's sort of like the KKK over here in America. They may not be very good Protestant Christians by any sane standard, but they themselves think they are, and they would be highly unlikely to let an openly Catholic person join up.

    They allow Catholics in nowadays.
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  • posted a message on "Saving America"
    I think rather than debating, ask what do you do to make America better? Or whatever your country is. What is it that you do that makes your country better place to live? How do you feel that fits into the world order?

    *Please refrain from giving away personal information, such as "I'm a law professor" and "Google me in five minutes to figure out who I am." More towards "I volunteer at a soup kitchen, because I see how it helps people and it shows God's love" and similar specific yet vague answers.

    That and how are you going to change to live up to your own standards and what kind of standards you want to create for the next generation?

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  • posted a message on Liberal Bias in the Media
    Quote from gumOnShoe »
    Quote from gumOnShoe »
    So, I ask again, would you like to substantiate your claims? I'm talking with a video right now, and it hardly feels like an exchange of ideas that would be present in a debate.
    I'm sorry, I thought a New York Times editor stating outright that "Trump has changed us" would be more convincing than you and I splitting hairs over the implications and nuances of some article's wording.

    I don't think admitting that Trump has changed the way you do things means that you've stopped objectively reporting. They may have changed the way they respond to certain things or they may be finding themselves saying things they haven't said in the past without losing their objectivity.

    There are other factors in the world that are more important than Trump lying. Investigative journalism finding corruption in the world does a lot more for the world than just telling us everything that people know already to be truth.

    That and another larger factor, a lot of people are turned off by politics in general. There is no accounting saying that liars do not get ahead. He is obviously someone with deep fundamental problems, that through and through all of it are that which exists within the head and hearts of many. People simply see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear when their emotions are in charge of their spiritual lives.

    Beyond all this, if we ourselves are to look at the future. It is not Trump's country, nor Clinton's country. The nation belongs to all of its citizens, and both Clinton and Trump have spent their lives building something up.
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  • posted a message on Ever worried about expensive decks?
    I double sleeve and use Satin Deck Tower deck boxes and watch the decks like a hawk. I don't go out of my way to find dual lands and so forth, though, to place into my Commander decks. Most decks I own are $100-$300 in value. They are just things. I'm aware of their value and I respect other people' property. I loan out decks on occasion and borrow from others on occasion and respect other people's property as they do my own. In that respect and the replay value is the true value of the deck that I enjoy through experiencing the deck.

    Theft is real, but we can take steps to avoid that. Observation.

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  • posted a message on Peregrine Drake Emergency Ban Effective Nov. 16th
    It's a great format that no one really plays outside of online. And this isn't like that one kid that built the Amulet Bloom deck as his only deck for Modern that built through allowance money that he liked to play. I have empathy.


    Okay so the one person who wanted to keep the deck as their go-to deck might be rage stomping, but then is probably looking at the rest of their collection as the way to go about and build a new deck anyway and spend $5 and sigh.

    Whereas the guy who bought out all the stock on TCG Player on huge speculation demands. I'm laughing with you, right now, as the tears of irony stream down your face.
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  • posted a message on Establishing a New Format: Planeswalker Commander
    Planeswalker Commander:

    1. You are allowed any Planeswalker to start as your commander in the command zone in addition to any legendary creature.
    2. 100 singleton card decks.
    3. Eternal Modern. All cards from Eighth Edition July 29, 2003 on up are legal. Including Commander product as well as other supplemental sets such as Conspiracy 1 and 2.

    The purpose of this project is to create a different format that is diversified away from creature Commander based formats, and introducing a Modern plus Eternal format. This means that the dual lands and other previously broken cards are no longer available, while yearly Commander product does feed this format.

    Furthermore will need beta testing and establishing some interest in the format. This is open and will be crowd sourced to develop farther if any structure needs.

    The ideal of creating a Modern Commander based format that involves Planeswalkers and is competitive is the vision. Feedback is welcomed.

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  • posted a message on Revamping the American Justice System
    Quote from Teysa_Karlov »
    Quote from magickware99 »
    Quote from Surging Chaos »
    I should point out that Brock Turner did not get off scot-free. He was forced to register as a sexual offender for life. You can make the argument that is far worse than serving only a few months in jail. Being a registered sex offender is society's equivalent of a scarlet letter and completely ruins your life in so many ways imaginable.

    At this point, I don't even understand the purpose behind our system of punishment.

    Is it meant to deliver justice for the victims by punishing the criminal? Is it meant to be rehabilitation?

    Our system is medieval in nature: assign massive sentences to make people scared of committing crimes.
    But since the entire purpose is punishment, not rehabilitation, a large percentage of prisoners get released from jail, have no ability to get a job or an apartment because of a felony conviction, so they turn back to crime in order to survive.

    Honestly, if the purpose of the system is to punish criminals long after they have been released from jail, then the US needs to just switch to mandatory executions for major crimes. Saves money, frees up prison space, and prevents them from committing crimes in the future. Yes, this is barbaric, cruel, and inhumane, but so is our system of punishment.

    I understand the purpose behind the sex offender registry, but an automatic DQ from even things like minimum wage jobs and apartments is going too far. If you're going to make it nearly impossible to live once they get out of jail, why have them leave jail in the first place.

    Start with Jeremy Bentham and the movement surround those reforms and move into people like Jane Adams' autobiography. You're really going to have to get into some history of jail reform by reading about the history of a jail. There's a lot of things going on in here that are really complicated and take time to understand an institution.

    Right now the issue in the US is moving away from a simple question: How much punishment is necessary to serve as a deterrent for crime?

    But we also have to ask ourselves what makes people happy and what makes them thrive. So this is not just research but also practice into creating lifestyle choices, ease of access to well paying jobs, and so forth that are offered up.

    Jail->Transition Period->Full time working citizen

    That's the ideal and what we need to move towards. We have the statistics, the sciences, and so on. It's really about implementation.
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  • posted a message on Is it just me or are Republicans hamstringing themselves?
    Quote from Surging Chaos »
    Quote from magickware99 »
    The Democrats have presented themselves nationally as the party of inclusiveness, and virtually all elements of their policies converge on this.

    Since their positions are all connected under a single umbrella, it's fairly easy to present a unified front.

    The Republicans are not unified. It's hard to unify when your party is increasingly nothing more than conservatism towards everything under the sun.

    Here's the thing though- social liberals have to understand that, as far as state politics are concerned, the Republicans tend to win. It's fairly easy to lose sight of this, what with social media and the fact that the random media you see on aggregate sites these days seem to do nothing but endorse some form of social liberalism, but the fact of the matter is-


    As far as the sentiment in the OP is concerned-

    I'm sure there are plenty of people who express the same opinion as you, except the opposite as far as the positions are concerned.

    I say this because I think that means some important things.

    I should point out that some of those GOP governors, such as Charlie Baker and Larry Hogan would be mercilessly branded as RINOs by the gatekeepers of the GOP. They are moderate Republicans in heavily blue states.

    State politics is a lot different than national politics. At the state level you don't have to go through all the gatekeepers that will subject you to purity tests.

    As the GoP splinters, there's a push towards having fewer of those gatekeepers. Some of these groups like Club for Growth aren't really that good for the US policy, whereas Chambers of Commerce would support more of these governors. Chambers are more aligned with the political heart of the business The business wing is already stating more infrastructure spending and is shifting the GoP slightly leftward from the old no spend and no tax formula.
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  • posted a message on Kynaois and Tiros of Meletis Competitive Stax
    With the release of this year's new set, we get the arrival of the Kings of Meletis. There's a lot of talk about group hug, but I find that to sorely uninspired. There has been talk about a competitive version of this deck, so might as well begin the discussion here with what others are thinking.

    Trying to think of brewing a good start:

    Winter Orb
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  • posted a message on Mothership spoilers 10/26 Ludevic, Kyanios and Tiro and more
    Quote from Ljoss »
    Flavorwise: at first I was thinking K&T represented a step forward as far as putting homosexual relationships on an equal footing with hetero ones. But come to think of it, while I believe there have been hetero relationships depicted, I can't remember one coming in the form of a legendary creature. Pia and Kiran Nalaar for example and Gisa and Geralf are each brother and sister pairs, right? Interesting.

    Anyway, Ludevic doesn't look too good and K&T aren't really competitive but I still think it'd be fun to run them as a commander for those of us not using Zedruu the Greathearted

    Edit: Nvm. Pia and Kiran were married...

    Anax and Cymede

    Quote from Hexprone »
    Where's the red in K&T?

    It's clearly a Simic effect, arguably given a whitish feel by the group-hug aspect.

    There's no red.

    For their second try at four-color, there needed to be a reason for all four colors.

    Reckless card drawing/looting effects are Izzet. Donate is both blue and red with Harmless Offering. From a lore perspective, most couples tend to be red in Magic. Equally, considering we don't know their total history either as one could be Akroan originally.

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  • posted a message on Mothership spoilers 10/26 Ludevic, Kyanios and Tiro and more
    Quote from DementedKirby »
    Ludevic has to be one of the greatest disapointments in a long time. What an underwheming ability that isn't remotely flavorful. The draw isn't even forced so you can't take advantage of it with cards like Nekusar, the Mindrazer or Fevered Visions. Gisa, Geralf, and Gisa and Geralf all lived up to the hype and were flavorful. Then we finally get their idol and he neither reanimates nor creates zombies or anything flavorful. His abilities have nothing to do with his character and it's very underwhelming for a legend. That card is Kamigawa-level legend; I dare say Homelands-level legend in terms of power. He could've have definitely been the UBRG legend being as those colors all have graveyard play and themes of life/death, necromancy, and token production. Of course people are gonna be salty; Ludevic has to be the quintessential example of someone dropping the ball.

    He's an experimenter, and a person who does work with others when it benefits him. This goes with his SoI work with Geralf and entwined into his character. Ludevisc does a lot of different types of experimentation. There are probably ways to exploit him beyond just the usual. I feel he is good in the Kings deck and will be included with them as a part of group hug. I feel that it's an alliance building card that is political in nature, not something that RU do a lot but Ludevisc is known to collaborate with other scientists. This is in flavor of him.
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  • posted a message on German YouTube Spoiler - Akiri, Seilschleuderin (RW Rare Legend)
    It depends on who I can partner her with and what other cards are available to be used. She is cheap and a bear, that enough is fair to consider her to side her with another Commander. She's an early aggressive creature in an artifact deck that is recastable and works with other Allies.

    I dislike the art, and will probably at some point have it altered or something.
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  • posted a message on Deck main images - Saskia deciphered
    Alesha, Who Smiles at Death is a trans woman. So considering she is the cheapest and most readily available Commander option for Mardu, it's come as no surprise as well as a relevant ability that she has been a popular commander. Only Tasigur has spawned more interest because of Modern. Got no issue with them expanding the cast.

    I feel that with the four color Commanders that this will go down as one of the best sellers in a while going based on the excitement that has been created with the Partners. Hopefully people will have more than enough options for four color commanders to last a while.

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  • posted a message on Commander 2016 4 Colour Commanders
    Say I want to make a G/B/R/U commander deck, what are some of the must have stapples, for mana fixing and what not, maybe this is the wrong topic to post this on, could I be redirected to the right one.


    -Fetch Lands
    -Shock Lands
    -Battlelands with the forest subtype
    -Coalition Relic
    -Chromatic Lantern
    -Evolving Wilds
    -Terramorphic Expanse
    -Command Tower

    That would be where I would first start at.

    -Demonic Tutor
    -Fact or Fiction
    -Skyshroud Claim
    -Ranger's Path
    -Kodama's Reach
    -Yavimaya Elder

    That would give you the "spine" of the deck, especially with shock lands that had the forest card typing would make things a lot easier.

    You could just use:

    -Khans lands
    -Trilands (Khans and Shards of Alara uncommon metacycle)
    -Transguild Prominad

    It really depends on your price range and available resources. In my opinion, there are two paths from there:

    A. Good stuff deck, where you basically shovel in the best cards that have the most synergy irregardless of general
    B. Use the stuff out of the box, enhance and build around the general offered

    It's hard to really say what they'll offer this time around without knowing what the 4 color generals are like. Whether we're dealing with cards similar to cards like Tasigur that have an easy to cast mana cost while having activation costs that are inclusive of more colors or more traditional gold bordered. Four color is a really hard area to guesstimate what their ideas will be without spoilers which have been lid tight and will be more available starting Monday whenever we can an actual idea of what we're dealing with our options.

    The good news is that there will be 4 options for a general, which means the actual construction and diversity will be better offered than previous precon decks.
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