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    Giver of Runes
    Serra the Benevolent (if I expand)




    Deranged Hermit 2

    Sword of BR
    Sword of UW
    Talismans (if I expand)

    Wren and Six
    Nature's Chant

    Prismatic Vista
    5x Canopy Lands
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  • posted a message on Morpheus of the Dreaming: Building a deck with a custom Commander
    I've wanted to make a deck based around Psychic Corrosion and Looter type effects for years. But most of these effects target a single player and there is not enough redundancy to make such a deck work. I recently started reading the Sandman comics and I've dabbled with custom cards in the past. I thought Morpheus would be a terrific choice for a custom commander so I designed this and set out to build a deck based around it.

    Morpheus of the Dreaming 2UU
    Legendary Enchantment Creature - Spirit (M)
    Whenever you draw or discard a card, you may have each opponent put the top card of their library into their graveyard.
    When Morpheus blocks a creature, that creature does not untap during it’s controllers next untap step.

    I want this deck to feel like one of the commander preconstructs. It contains 2 Mythics, 23 rares, 21 uncommons, and 25 commons also. For reference the Saheeli preconstruct contains 4 mythics and 32 rares.

    According to the professor each of the 2017 commander preconstructs would have cost $130-$150 to buy the singles for at the time of it's release. My deck would cost $157.53 as of today according to MTGgoldfish (without the general of course). Most of the value of the deck comes from a few cards. Rhystic Study, Propaganda, and Cyclonic Rift are the only cards that are at or above the $10 mark. So I think this is within the realm of what a preconstructed deck would contain. Though they might try to spread the value of Rhystic Study and Cyclonic Rift out a little.

    I tried to stick with the Command Zone deck template. 10 Card Draw cards (Have that in spades), 10 Mana Rocks, 5 Board Wipes, 5 Spot Removal Spells. I think games would be interactive but I guess I really can't know until I build the deck.

    How do you think this deck would fair. Would you argue if someone pulled a custom commander out against you? If no, would you argue with this specific commander?
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    No. I would check it out. But I'm not really looking for another cube. I already have 3.
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  • posted a message on [Offtopic] Community Thread
    I have a group of friends who use to play MTG. I'm looking to build a gauntlet of commander decks that we can all use when we have a game night. Has anyone built a gauntlet of decks that aren't too over powered? We want something better designed than pre-construct decks. I've tried searching google but have come up short handed.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE] [MH1] Mox Tantalite
    I'm not a fan of cards that are opening hand or bust. Is anyone really excited about getting a free land drop on turn 4?
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  • posted a message on [720][Powered] wtwlf123's Cube
    Quote from wtwlf123 »
    No worries man, I know you're just trying to help. But no, I don't really have the time nor the inclination to go back and fix 540+ cube pictures. It only bothers me a little bit that the light balance isn't ideal and that all the pictures aren't super consistent. But I try to keep it freshly updated and to make the pictures look as good as I can, so it is what it is.

    Fair enough, if you would upload them yourself I could do the color fixing for you. I can just batch download the images from your cube tutor visual spoiler Press "Ctrl+Shift+L" then "Ctrl+S" and then "enter" and I'm done. I could have your cube done in 25 mins probably.
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  • posted a message on [MH1] [CUBE] Archmage's Charm
    This is the kind of card you have to design your cube with. You can't just throw in a ball lightning in cube and expect it to see play. I feel like in most cube decks this will just sit in your sideboard since no single mode is enough to get me to want to play mono/nearly-mono blue. Especially since blue is normally the color that most people want to be in.
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  • posted a message on [720][Powered] wtwlf123's Cube
    I probably could have worded what I said better.
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  • posted a message on [720][Powered] wtwlf123's Cube
    Wtwlf, do you have access to Photoshop? Because you have an amazingly pimp cube and it's obvious you take a ton of pride in it. But the pictures of your cube on cubetutor are terrible. The colors of everything look awful and it would be so easy to fix it.
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  • posted a message on [MH1][CUBE] Nature's Chant
    Quote from wtwlf123 »
    So I either: A) cut monocolored cards for hybrids to preserve gold slots (which reduces overall playability), B) try to build a "balanced" hybrid section (which either forces in bad cards or excludes good ones), or C) I classify them in their guilds and get to remove narrower gold cards to make room for more playable hybrid cards. I choose C because I think it's the clear winner of all the options.

    The discussion on this card is really less of a discussion on Nature's Chant and more of a discussion of the future of hybrid.

    I disagree with your reasoning on C.

    I disagree that a cube would be better if (in a perfect universe) we ran only hybrid cards and no traditional multicolored gold spells. It's like saying that cube would be better if instead of having colored mana everything was colorless. Gold cards give players a reward for going down into multiple colors and allow us to have more powerful spells at their CMC. This is a net benefit to the diversity of the game.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][MH1] Winds of Abandon
    I think this is a card I'll let other people test. My gut leans to it not being good enough but I wouldn't be surprised if I was wrong.

    In comparing this to Declaration in stone. Just remember

    (1) Your opponent still has to pay 2 to draw that card.
    (2) Even if you consider a card drawn better than a land search, About 40% of the time they will still draw a land. And a land in hand is much weaker than a land in play. And Winds lets them easily get a splash color.
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  • posted a message on [MH1][CUBE] Nature's Chant
    Quote from Pringlesman »
    I mean what hybrid G/B cards are you wanting to cube with? I really don't have an answer on how to handle this.

    This probably isn't a helpful answer to your dilemma, but I still happily run Deathright Shaman.

    Touche. I guess most sections have a reasonable option. Though I've never been super impressed by Ddeathright Shaman due to every deck not having a glut of fetchlands like when it was modern in legacy and modern.

    WU: Judge's Familar, Plumveil, Azorious Guildmage?
    UB: Ashiok, Oona, Nightveil Specter
    BR: Rakdos Cackler, Fuliimnator Mage and Murderous Redcap
    RG: Tattermunge Maniac, Burningtree Shaman
    GW: Kitchin Finks, Dryad Militant, Nature's Chant

    WB: Debtor's Knell, Stillmoon Cavalier, Unmake
    BG: Deathrite Shaman
    GU: Gilder Bairn (as cubes get more walkers this seems more reasonable)
    UR: Saheeli, Izzet Guildmage
    RW: Figure of Destiny, Boros Reckoner

    This is just a browsing of each of the hybrid sections. I don't like many of them. (Including the entirety of the WU and WB section)
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  • posted a message on [MH1][CUBE] Sword of Truth and Justice
    Well, I've been looking to cut two cards in my artifact section and this will likely be one of them. If willdice is correct about the number crunch I already have a cut in mind for the next sword to if they add it to the set.

    This raises questions about what will we do when sword 7-10 come out but that is a problem for futre-pringlesman. I have considered at various times running a huge less focused 720 list instead of my more traditional 450 card list and having 10 swords might be something that pushes me towards doing that.
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  • posted a message on [MH1][CUBE] Wren and Six
    I run Burning-Tree Emissary, Bloodbraid, and Dragonlord. This replaces Dragonlord for me.

    A top 10 for the RG section in no order now is?

    • Wren and Six
    • Dragonlord Atarka
    • Atarka's Command
    • Burning-Tree Emissary
    • Tattermunge Maniac
    • Huntmaster of the Fells
    • Sarkhan Vol
    • Domri, Anarch of Bolas
    • Bloodbraid Elf
    • Domri Rade

    RG isn't GW when it comes to options, but it's nice that you have options and you can sculpt the section to what you want to do in it. Unlike BW and UR where most of the options don't feel great. And besides Bloodbraid Elf which is far and away the best option, everything else seems justifiable.
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  • posted a message on [MH1][CUBE] Nature's Chant
    Ug, I don't like what questions this card makes me ask. I run a very small multicolored section of three per guild. Currently I run Qasali Pridemage, Knight of Autumn, and Dryad Militant. I also would like to slot in Kitchen Finks but have had difficulty with room issues.

    Kitchen Finks, Nature's Chant and Dryad Militant I would run if they were mono white cards. And I firmly believe my cube is the better for running Pridemage and Knight of Autumn. And it doesn't make sense to use the fact that these cards happen to have hybrid mana as a mark against them.

    While I would love to make a dedicated hybrid section, we flat out don't have the cards yet to make such a section a feasible option. I mean what hybrid G/B cards are you wanting to cube with? I really don't have an answer on how to handle this.
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