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    Quote from Fenris
    @LockeNKant Yeah I suppose your right I mean Gears a cat and the Nacatl are cats. Should work out no? Except for the whole god sized beast thing....little kitty vs huge beast not sure how much that works out.

    Master Blaster made the relationship work; you can too!
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    Eh, I heard there were cat things there. You're a cat. They're cats. Everything should have been peachy. Wink

    Joking aside, you may have a line if you used links on your old banner. I believe that process splits the image for identification. That is merely a conjecture though.
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    Alive with a new name for the new forums. I sent a PM to Qfx. I'm perusing the updated rules as it looks like we finally introduced the trait system that we had worked on last spring and summer. I will probably do a NGP. By the way, nice to see you again Fenris.
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  • posted a message on Reus
    I checked your Let's Play to figure out where I could give you the best advice. After watching I did notice a few things I think I can clarify for you, by the way you have a nice voice for Let's Play commentary.

    Think of Reus as a sandbox game whose tech tree you have to unlock to get to the different transmutes. Each achievement serves the purpose of unlocking some transmute. Thus the achievement hunting really becomes the game mode for the game.

    This brings me to my number one tip for you: When you establish your villages you only need one resource available, contrary to what the tutorial led you to believe, you do not need food for every village. (Unless of course you are working on the achievement where every village needs X amount of food. >.<) Anyways, you only need that one resource to get the village started. Until the village pops the project, no development is needed. This is the key part to determining your strategy for the era. Check the specialization on the project. Whatever specialization that's been chosen will be the theme for your village's future projects.

    Now If I understand correctly you were still level 1 achievement wise when you began that sixth LP. You will probably pop the last 3 achievements at the end of that LP and reach level 2. Level 2 is important for you due to level 2 unlocking 'level' 2 for your giants. Level 2 also unlocks 60 minute game play times for you as well. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

    The reason I told you to focus in on the specializations is due to you only being able to get about 6 ambassadors in a thirty minute session. So if you're aiming for achievements then you'll need specific aspects later on to complete the later projects to earn the ambassadors that will allow you to unlock other transmutes to help you complete other projects. Vicious cycle, I know.

    Don't worry too much about the specialization. For now just get into the mind set of the villagers. Example: Forest biome pops the granary project with animal specialization. In this case you know the forest village is going to need the ocean and swamp giant (depending on whether it's full food focus or food and gold focus). With that project you then know you will need a swamp ambassador for the ocean giant to unlock the herd aspect, and you will need a desert ambassador for the swamp giant to unlock the predator aspect.

    Referencing this same example you now need 3 villages: the forest which you're in, a desert, and a swamp. Completing the forest project will pop your forest ambassador, which in this case should probably go to your Forest Giant to unlock the fruit aspect. This is due to symbiosis.

    Symbiosis is the glue of this game. Utilizing symbiosis and a town's specialization will usually allow you to complete all first projects by using usually just 2 tiles. The 2 tiles with proper symbiosis triggers a large quantity of either 1 or 2 resources. If you chose the right resource to plop down then the project itself will provide the rest of the requisite resource. You actually did this in one of your LPs, though I think it may have been accidental. I'm referring back to the swamp village with the druid project. This is an example of two tiles and the project being enough. The tech plant by the tech mine generated something like 24 tech on their own due to symbiosis. The project's specialization yielded 15 tech per mine within the town's boundaries (limit 3). Utilizing symbiosis and specialization is the key to later achievement hunting as well as 1000+ prosperity villages.

    To answer a question you had in a LP about mountain villages: You cannot have a true mountain village, that is to say a village that settles on a mountain. What you can do is create a 'mountain' segment that is 14 tiles long. 5 for raising a mountain, 4 for the village to plop down, another 5 for raising a mountain. In this sense you end up with a desert canyon village that will utilize the mountain tiles. You can force the same type of village for fishing in swamp or forest biomes.

    That's another fact to keep in mind when you want to try and manipulate village placement to encourage expansion in a certain direction. The village plot takes up four segments. So if you want placement in a forest near the center then you should place the first resource on the 3 or 4 spot away from the water to force the village to place next to the resource while leaving room to expand.

    For early level achievement hunting you'll want to utilize the fertility boost of the forest giant and the monsoon ability of the ocean giant to power up your aspects for the extra bit needed to complete the projects.

    Once you have level 2 though things become a little bit easier as you can upgrade the resource placement abilities of your giants. For example the Rock Giant will have level 2 placement of both minerals if it has both a desert ambassador and a swamp ambassador. This means precious minerals will drop an improved version of the resource. Basically increased resource value, increased symbiosis value, and 2 aspect slots at 'tier 1' as you put it in one of your videos. Also note that certain transmutes can only occur from the greater form of a resource.

    Remember to use your animals if you need to sneak extra food into a village and can't afford to replace an already existing tile. Most animals have a range of 2 from where you place them. This means you can easily sneak in 10 extra food from the village's borders by placing an animal on the edge to bleed two tiles into the village. Just remember to trigger the symbiosis to get that boost.

    Ah, coming back to symbiosis. I noticed a few times you would transmute everything as high as you could get when it came to plants. Don't do this, you break the symbiosis when you do this. I saw several times when you would have a blueberry triggering symbiosis with a strawberry, but then you would break it by transmuting the blueberry into a strawberry. Using three tiles with beginning Giants you can go blueberry, strawberry, blueberry. This will yield 38 food on its own with three aspect slots open.

    Now I don't want to give everything away about symbiosis pairings in case you want to explore that for yourself. Do know however that you can do things easier than what I did by going to the wiki page for the game. When I first started the game I assumed that since there was no in game tech tree to look through that part of the game was creating your own notes on these synergies. As such I ended up with about five pages of diagrams and tables listing combos that I discovered throughout the course of the game.

    Oh, last thing I can think of: Natura is the plant version of danger/animal range. That is to say it enriches the tiles within its zone to help trigger higher symbiosis as well as bonuses from the aspects you place. And just in case danger is a resource that helps to keep greed in check. If a village has enough danger to be in the middle zone then greed will not progress no matter how much of a difference is going on.

    Let me know if you have any more questions. Oh, and very very last thing I promise: I find I like to start off two desert villages from the start since they're easier to form in a shorter amount of time then the other villages.
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  • posted a message on [[GTC]] DailyMTG Previews 1/15: Soul Ransom; Sepulchral Primordial; etc
    Quote from bfellow
    I guess I'll discard the 2 Loxodon Smiters to get my other creature back from Soul Ransom since it's an opponent's ability!

    I believe you control the ability causing the discard since you are the only one that can activate it and thus will not trigger the free etb off of your smiters.
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  • posted a message on [[GTC]] DailyMTG 1/9 Prime Speaker Zegana, Syndic of Tithes, Biomass Mutation, Pit Fight
    Quote from Thaifortune
    Sooo Bant Flicker fun times with Zegana?

    Deadeye Navigator soulbonded and draw 6 on flicker?
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  • posted a message on [[GTC]] Buy-a-Box Promo: Nightveil Specter
    I'm thinking some of his best use will be in an Esper midrange/control deck (likely in the sideboard) utilizing Azorius Charm. That would allow for the potential of permanently exiling a threat you recently sent to the top. A bit cute though. I do like that it has potential in U/B or Esper if there is enough synergy.
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  • posted a message on [GTC] Fathom Mage
    Maybe a U/G Ramp Midrange deck could work with this. I know this card is unlikely to be competitive, but I still wish to test out some sort of U/G deck utilizing both Increasing Savagery and Ring of Evos Isle.

    I'm also tempted to splash white for some stuff like Sphinx's Revelation and Ajani, Caller of the Pride.
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  • posted a message on [[GTC]] Fathom Mage
    I feel my Johnny coming out. I'll be tempted to work out a Bant midrange grow deck with Fathom Mage and Ring of Evos Isle for the hexproof and extra draw on upkeep. May even throw in Ring of Kalonia.
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  • posted a message on [Magic: The RPG] Welcome/Discussion
    I'm alive. I've simply been overwhelmed with my studies at the moment. Currently I'm planning a unit of instruction on Viruses and Bacteria with Exponential & Logarithmic functions as well as a week long project focusing around blood splatter. Next week I have three Upper Level math tests. I may only be able to update 2-3 times a week now, most likely on Friday and Saturday with a random weekday from time to time.
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  • posted a message on [Aramil] Path of the Walker.
    Shock ripples across Jeremy's mind along with fear and suspicion. He called out from down the hall, his voice echoing throughout. The shadows seemed to speak for him as he questioned Aramil.

    "I saw you die! The two intruders vaporized you with a spell I've never seen before! How are you even alive then? How do I even know you're really Aramil and not the other mind mage!?" demanded Jeremy.
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  • posted a message on [Magic: The RPG] Welcome/Discussion
    Quote from Stille_Nacht
    working on my character xD, hard to come up with a backstory i haven't used in an rp before :/, hard to decide between mature or slightly insane...

    i think ima stick with artifacts xD, cus they're cool xD.
    though making a burn deck in this format is highly, highly tempting

    I'd like to see a mature character if you're going the artificer route. I find insane characters are entertaining for awhile, but then they tend to get boring. That's just me though.
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  • posted a message on [???] Into the Valley of Shadow
    Being unfamiliar with red mana Xen only felt the pressure of the land's energy increase. That combined with the increased strength of the earthquake caused him to drop to the ground clutching the available handholds in the rock shouting, "If this is normal for this plane then our quarry may be counting on the land to slow down any pursuit!"
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  • posted a message on [???] Into the Corrupted Lands
    Their joking is cut short as they feel ripple after ripple travel through the sludge from the 'north'. Something was going on there...
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  • posted a message on [Magic: The RPG] Welcome/Discussion
    Quote from smallcreation
    Does this allow the use of colored spells as well? Say, if I chose blue as one of my artificer colors, could I then use Counterspell to protect my artifacts?

    Unfortunately not. You will need actual training in the color to utilize the colored spells that are not artifacts.

    This allows an artificer to gain all 5 colors by level 9 (four of the colors are for artifacts only and 1 is for all of that color. This is done through artificer specialization two times and training in a color one time at levels 3, 6, and 9. Though the training could be done in any order say, artificer specialization, color training, and then artificer specialization to finish up for the last two colors).
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