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  • posted a message on Goblin sb mtg's deck
    Look at the new goblins from M19, addition of them, especially the one that hits for the number of gobos at etb should help make this more competitive Smile
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  • posted a message on Antiquities War beatdown
    Hi guys, do you think, that the couple of new M19 cards like Fountain of Renewal and Sai, Master Thopterist will help this deck to get to the top? Smile
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Dark Eldrazi
    Hi kpal

    Thanks for your notes. I believe I can move the stranglers to the Side and try it your way.
    I just wonder if it will be then enough early drops to feed the Mindbender too. But I guess testing will tell.
    For now I am trying two lillis in place of one Strangler and one Transgress, which are moved to the side now. And already its recursion ability has won me a game once.

    About the Distended Mindbender. It's very good when you are able to cast it on turn 4. It can't be 'spell-quelled' and I don't see it being bad against any deck other than hyper aggressive aggro right now. Against decks like UR spells, Company and other types of aggro it mostly will hit one card up to 3 cmc, but that's still good enough because it you'll pick up the bes card from their hand and leave a body behind. Against controls and slower midrange decks it is just great.

    For all those delirium-graveyard decks sometimes it feels like you are just feeding their grave by discarding this Ishkanah or Emrakul. But still it slows them down a bit, as they need to pick the card from grayveyard somehow first. And this turn or two more is mostly enough for us to trample with smashers.

    The best combo is of course with Reshaper, but I included more fodder (Crawlers and Stranglers), for him to be able to enter battlefield turn 4.

    About the new mana base I am glad they spoiled Aether Hub recently. It might be what we need to keep up with colored and colorless mana in the deck. Just wonder if any energy enabling spells will be needed for it to work consistently.

    BTW: It is only my second post here. So hello all! Grin
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Dark Eldrazi
    Hi guys.
    I have been reading this topic from some time now, and playing the deck for a month or so, with some success, so I wanted to share my thoughts about it.

    First of all the deck:

    I played this on our local FNMs with about 10-20 players every week.
    Two weeks ago I went 3-1 with only loosing to UR thermospells deck, because I sided preety badly leaving Ruinous Paths instead of the instant speed removall like Warping Wail. And got killed by Wandering Fumarole. Lost 2-1.

    The other matches were against BW Ally combo with March from the Tomb (2-0), UW Spirits (2-1) and final fight against Orzhov Control (2-1). I had 9 points as the guy from Orzhov control, but apparently he got better tiebreakers, so I was second that time.

    Last friday I went 2-2. Playing three games against Bant Company and on two of them could not get the third land in time and got overwhelmed by advocates and Spell Quellers. That time I had two more Languishes in side but seen none in my hand. The other one was against UR thermospells and this time I sided well and went 2-0. I must say, that Collective Brutality was great this games, allowing me to discard excessive spells from hand and protect from damage dealt by Fewered Visions.

    I also tested it against Jund Delirium with about 70% win rate.

    After those matches I saw, that deck struggles against fliers, as I have nothing to block them when needed, and a little bit against walkers (mostly Gideon), just because when it's online only Ruinous Path can kill it (or maybe the Blighted Fen activation, but that's unlikely).
    But overall deck seems to be very solid, coherent and great in disrupting opponents plans and bashing with big bad eldrazi.

    I believe that Distended Mindbender pushed this archetype to the upper level.

    I plan to invest in two pieces of Liliana, the Last Hope in main so she can save few damage from advocates, and deal with those small annoying flying spirits. Just not sure what to remove for it.

    The deck is great and fun playing. Just I am not sure about its future in new Kaladesh standard. We don't loose any creature nor spell from main deck but the loss of painlands will require more careful manabase creation. I am not sure eldrazi will survive in this new environment.

    What do you guys think? Maybe anyone already tested deck without painlands?
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