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  • posted a message on May I have some advice on double sleeving?
    For the absolute best double sleeving. Go with KMC's perfect fits as the inner sleeve. They tend to be the most consistent inner sleeves on the market.

    Go with Dragon Shields Matte as the outer sleeve. They have a textured back which makes shuffling smoother, they come in packs of 100, not to mention they are the toughest sleeves out there. Plus there is a ton of colors to choose from.

    When it comes to what double sleeve, i personally double sleeve all mythics and high value rares. Other rares, uncommons, etc on your binder you can single sleeve.

    A quick side note ! Double sleeving also helps prevent the curl, foil cards gain over time. Since the card is kept in a tighter seal, the card has less place to bend. A very nice bonus if you are someone who enjoys foils.
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  • posted a message on opinions on coresets
    The original M10 was pretty good.

    It had great cards. Both powerful and worthy of being in a core set.

    Plus the box looked really nice.

    M13 was pretty neat too.
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  • posted a message on From the Vault: Demons ?
    Wow really ? I knew Dual Decks were canceled but didn't know FTVs were too. Well that's some major suckage and now i feel like a total noob.
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  • posted a message on From the Vault: Demons ?
    I have been a huge fan of From the Vaults ever since the first FTV: Dragons was released.

    Maybe because Dragons are my favorite creature type, maybe because of nostalgia, maybe because of the collector value, whatever it was, i really enjoyed it.
    With that said, Wizards did a FTV: Angels. Dragons and Angels are the only creature based FTVs, so i've been thinking if a FTV: Demons would be in the near future.

    It would make sense since, well, can't really have Angels without Demons. Not to mention Dragons, Angels and Demons represent the most powerful creature type of their respective colors.

    But what would that FTV contain ?

    Lord of the Pit is the first ever demon in magic. Released all the way back in Alpha, it's only fitting for it to be the main center card.
    Griselbrand would easily be on his right as the front card. Probably the best Demon ever printed. Besides, we had Avacyn, Angel of Hope in From the Vault: Angels so you need her nemesis in there.
    Demonic Tutor would complete the podium by being the front card on the left. The best tutor ever (ok maybe apart from Vampiric Tutor). Not a demon but hey, it has ''demon'' in it's name and art and fits the flavour pretty well.

    Now the 4 cards behind them ?

    Tombstalker Probably the most played demon before Griselbrand came around.
    Reiver Demon an iconic demon. Printed in DD Divine vs Demonic, his art and variants of it were used on multiple other illustrations of other mtg cards. Overall pretty nice resume under his wings.
    Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath a demon Planeswalker, played a roll in the multiverse story line and would be a pretty cool thing for commander players. (Although any Ob Nixilis version would do)
    Rakdos the Defiler talking about well known demons. The Parun and guildmaster of the Cult of Rakdos. One of the few Paruns to still be alive
    Promise of Power just like Demonic Tutor, this card just fits with the flavor pretty well. Also printed in DD Divine vs Demonic makes it a parallel to FTV: Angels.
    Rune-Scarred Demon a demon with a Demonic Tutor attached to it. A commander favorite and all around a very well liked and known demon.
    Grinning Demon is an historic demon. Why ? In 1995, afraid of main stream critcism, Wizards stopped using ''demonic'', ''demons'' and pentagrams on their cards. Demons were replaced by the ''Horror'' type. Fast forward to 2002 Onslaught (when i started playing Magic) and Wizards decided to bring Demons back. Grinning Demon being the very first.
    Demonic Pact fits the flavour deliciously, Plus it has a very important significancy story-wise.
    Sol'Kanar the Swamp King not only the first ever multicolored demon but one of the very first multicolored cards in MtG. An iconic legendary demon that's actually somewhat still good despite being an old school card.
    Seizan, Perverter of Truth a demon spirit and a multiplayer favorite. Represents Kamigawa and the Onis pretty well. Kuro Pitlord was my original choice to represent Kamigawa with it being the most powerful demon stat wise but i didn't want this to have to many DD Divine vs Demonic reprints.
    Abyssal Persecutor very well known demon and the polar opposite on Platinum Angel, who was in FTV: Angels.
    Butcher of the Horde the only demon in magic to have white mana in it's mana cost. The color that we least associate demons with. Since FTV: Vaults has an Angel with black mana in the form of Tariel, Reckoner of Souls, it's only fitting FTV: Demons has the same.
    Now i'm not going to lie, this last card is pure flavor (and value) although the chances of it being printed are slim to none. Why i didn't include in the 15. That card is Damnation. Yes, it's a great card. Yes, it's a rare card. But flavor wise ? Chocolate on top of chocolate. [CARD]Damnation|Planar Chaos[/CARD Would make this FTV Epic !

    Final list: (Resume)

    Lord of the Pit
    Demonic Tutor
    Reiver Demon
    Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath
    Rakdos the Defiler
    Promise of Power
    Rune-Scarred Demon
    Grinning Demon
    Demonic Pact
    Sol'Kanar the Swamp King
    Seizan, Perverter of Truth
    Abyssal Persecutor
    Butcher of the Horde

    Anyway, let me know what you think. Btw would green mana have Hydras or Beasts ? blue mana would have Sphinx or Leviathans ?
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  • posted a message on You shouldn't buy Master 25
    I personally think Wizards should simply stop doing ''masters'' sets every year. Doing it every year does make things lose their value but most importantly, it makes the cards loose their ''special'' feel. Just look at planeswalkers now and then. We get so many planeswalkers per set now that they have become just another card type.

    If they did a masters set every 3 years or so, would allow them to put more value into each set since the reprints would happen less often. Wizards would make money, we would be happy to see awesome sets, win win situation. Original Modern Masters was great for that reason.

    Overall i don't think the problem is the set itself but rather the fact these types of sets don't feel special to us players anymore.
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  • posted a message on Dominaria General Discussion
    I can see that.

    Maybe he's after the Supreme Verdict at the end of the Maze ?
    Maybe something with the Nephilim ?
    Also, the Gatewatch's headquarters are the in Ravnica. Being taking care of by Jace's assistant Lavinia. Maybe he seeks to destroy the Gatewatch's ''center of operation''.

    Lastly i think it's interesting to note that of all 10 guilds, Dimir is the most mysterious one. Little is known of them except ''They claim that they take orders from some greater power.''. I don't know but is it possible that power is Bolas ? I mean BU are colors Bolas knows one or two things about.

    Anyway, i'd love see the Elder Wurms who never were properly named (and we only ever saw 2). Would be awesome if a Mythic in Dominaria would be the last living Elder Wurm.
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  • posted a message on Dominaria General Discussion
    Dominaria is the nexus of the Multiverse right ? ''The source of everything''
    With so much story there it's obvious very powerful characters will be waiting there.

    When it comes to Liliana, Razaketh used a hidden clause in their contract manage to gain control over Liliana. Also remember then when she killed Kothophed, the first demon she killed, Kothophed told her that killing him would not give her what she seeks. Adding to that Nicol Bolas is the one that redirected her to those 4 demons for the ''deal''. Possibly because he wanted her as a future servant.

    Knowing Bolas, he would know better. There must be something in her contract that even by killing all 4 demons will not free her. Something she clearly is not aware of. Bolas could have corrupted or kill her before but didn't, maybe because he knows ultimately she is bound to serve him ? Maybe the contract, since performed by 4 demons serving Bolas was signed not by/only them but Bolas aswell ? Maybe he is the one who created such ''spell'' a contract spell that a black mana user can do and when done bounds servitude to Bolas ?

    I don't know but i don't really think Liliana will be set free.

    It's also interesting that Ajani and Garruk's (2 of the strongest planeswalkers lore wise) whereabouts are unknown. Unless Ajani is indeed waiting for them in Dominaria.

    Garruk is heading somewhere unknown to us, slowly becoming a demon.

    Lastly i find it interesting that Bolas is going to Ravnica. House to Niv-Mizzet. Either Bolas wants to stop Mizzet waking his planeswalker spark as he sees him as a threat if he later decides to join the Gatewatch OR and personally this is what i like to think, Niv-Mizzet is actually the right hand to Nicol Bolas. Will Bolas ignite his planeswalker spark ? Bolas is ruthless, yes, but he is also incredibly smart. He knows having pawns such as Tezzeret is good but risky as their loyalty comes from his influence. Having a right hand such Niv-Mizzet, someone who actually wants Bolas to succeed, maybe in the promise of power and knowledge beyond comprehension ? I don't know but it will be interesting to see what interaction they'll have. Both of them are ancient smart narcissistic dragons, Niv-Mizzet would make a great right hand for Bolas.
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