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  • posted a message on Ultimate Masters Box Topper Pulls
    Just curious what everyone is getting from their buy-a-box packs. Mine hasn't arrived yet but wishing you all good luck! That being said are you opening, selling or stowing your box topper pack?
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  • posted a message on Ixalan Buy-A-Box promo packs
    No SL. They literally grabbed random mythics/rares/foils from a bin and put them in packs of 9. You could get no mythics or all. The only for sure card was a foil alt-art Burning-suns Avatar. All cards have their original set symbols with the exception of the two guaranteed foil lands
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  • posted a message on Ixalan Buy-A-Box promo packs
    Just curious how those of you who bought boxes did with the Buy-A-Box randomized pack? Mine was bonkers. Pulled a Scorpion God, Vraska Relic Seeker, Baral, Fumigate, and a couple rare foils. Really enjoyed opening the pack as apposed to the same old Buy-A-Box promo
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  • posted a message on Snapping Sailback
    Quote from Darlkind »
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Ps did it really only Hunt in water or did it hunt both ways land and water?
    It's primary meal was supposed to be fish, but just like all other theropods it was bipedal on land and could probably snatch a careless passerby.
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    But card wise just a strictly better fungusaur
    Better? Yes. Strictly better? No. Please learn your MtG vocabulary.

    +2 p/t WITH Flash for 1 more mana = strictly better.
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  • posted a message on Several XLN spoilers via Wizards WPN
    That land is bonkers! Super excited to see that they made Cavern of Souls an uncommon (basically).

    Ok. I've seen many references to this. Am I missing something here? One card makes your creatures uncountable and the other produces multi-colored mana... How are these things the same? Like even remotely? Two completely different cards right?
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  • posted a message on Glorybringer Question
    Is Glorybringer's exert effect considered combat damage? Specifically if you have Soul-Scar Mage is in play is the damage converted to -1/-1 counters or is it just standard damage? Thanks in advance!

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  • posted a message on Another possible C17 leak - Ramos, Dragon Engine
    Sooooo... Good in Sliver edh yes?
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  • posted a message on Soul-Scar Mage, red 1 cmc rare
    My oh my. The back half of AKH spoilers have some gems! This set has caught Modern's attention. Super efficient design.
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  • posted a message on All Invocations March 28th
    Nope. Not a fan at ALL.
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  • posted a message on Well, how was YOUR box? (MM17 Edition)
    Quote from Tim_T »
    Alright guys here is my box:

    Mythics- Domri Rade and Sphinx's Revelation

    Notable rares- Arid Mesa, Damnation, Blood Moon (2 stony silence and 1 deaths shadow)

    Uncommons- 1 Molten Rain 1 Inquisition 1 might of old krosa.

    Foils- Foil simic sky swallower.

    Well... anyone wanna send me some pity cards?

    Yea... That's pretty miserable. To date I've opened 55 packs (2 sealed boxes + loose packs) and I've yet to open a fetch. However of the 7 loose packs I've opened I've pulled 3 mythics so there's that (LotV, Craterhoof, Olivia)
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  • posted a message on LotV Price
    How in the hell is her price rebounding so fast? MM17 has only been out a week and it's already going back up. She managed to get down to the $60's for a bit but as of this posting she's already back up to $80. At this rate she'll overtake Goyf :p What's going on?
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  • posted a message on Well, how was YOUR box? (MM17 Edition)
    Well. I cracked my 2nd box last night.... Wish I hadn't. Out of 2 boxes I got NO fetchlands. None. The only notable foil was a Stoney Silence and Flicker Wisp. Only mythics worth anything were a Lilly, Snap and Cavern. I got NONE of the notable rares (Guide, Damnation, Moon, Fetches). No Paths and only 2 IoK's. I maybe got enough value to cover one box. MAYBE. Think it's time for me to bow out of the Mtg lottery for a while. This left a bitter taste in my mouth.
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  • posted a message on Well, how was YOUR box? (MM17 Edition)
    Mine started off with a bang! Lilly in the first 2 packs! Theeeeen.... crap. Other mythics were Bonfire and Revelation. Not a single money rare (not even a cheap fetch) and minimal money uncommons (no paths or inquisitions). And not one foil rare or Mythic. I've got 1 more box to open but I'm eyeing it dubiously. How did you guys do?
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  • posted a message on M:tG Apps
    I like M:TG Tracker
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  • posted a message on Modern Masters 17 packaging
    Quote from dkingsland967 »
    On the other hand, the fact that one of the two Black mythics is already from the Innistrad block could mean that they had the balls to not reprint Liliana at all. It's still possible of course, but from all the sets they can choose from are both Black Mythics really going to be from the same block? It would explain the secrecy they had with the product.

    If MM15 was a reliable indicator, most of the mythics in this set will be from Innistrad and RTR blocks. 9 of the 15 mythics there were from Zendikar and Scars blocks, and of the 6 that weren't, 4 were reprints from the original MM and another had just been unbanned.

    Folks, get ready for some chaff, especially if both LotV makes the cut and Tarmogoyf gets another go-around. For one, I expect all three mythic miracles to be in this set.

    Quote from haloreaper117 »
    As for a LOTV reprint, if she doesn't show up here she will probably be in Amonkhet. Unlike most modern staples where they can't print them in a standard legal set, LOTV isn't a standard warping card. With no strong discard effects and graveyard and discard mechanics leaving standard she could easily be introduced in standard.

    Don't bet on that one. LotV was originally slotted to be the black PW in M15, but R&D decided it would be a mistake to put her in standard again.

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