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  • posted a message on The Alphabetical Card Game
    Teeka's Simulacrum 1 mana
    Artifact Creature -- Spirit
    Remove a Spirit creature card in your graveyard from the game: ~ gains that card's abilities until end of turn.
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  • posted a message on Complete the Card Game
    Enduring Might 1GW
    Enchantment - Aura
    Enchant creature
    :1mana:: Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.

    Laughing Giant 3R
    Creature -- Giant
    He laughed so hard, ponds of tears splashed to the ground.
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  • posted a message on "I Don't Like You" game.
    Ghostly Guard 2R
    Creature -- Spirit
    Creatures can't block.
    2: Target creature may block this turn. Any player can play this ability.
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  • posted a message on Izzet (u/r) discussion
    Quote from salomar »
    This is horribly broken. If you combine this with a source that does 1 damage to each player you get to draw a card and just bring life totals down. This won't work.

    But it's harder to set up than that. You need to have some way to tap your 1/1, as attacking with it will usually get it killed. You need to use several cards together to get the engine running, and if they have creature removal you get card disadvantage.

    I'm unsure why people think why the Izzet ability TRIGGERS on whenever you are dealt damage (by an opponent). That doesn't look like a key mechanic at all to me. Look at the other mechanics, they work whenever *you* want them to work. It might be a triggered ability on something *you* do, but it will probably not trigger on an opponent doing something, because that is simply unplayable.

    So having an ability trigger when you deal damage to yourself is broken, but having an ability trigger when your opponent deals damage to you is unplayable? Odd thing to say. Perhaps a version like mine that combines both averages it out? Try to see what I'm getting at from the cards I made: Izzet themed decks build elaborate chains of abilities, many of which hurt them in the short term, in order to trigger a card draw. The unwieldiness is balanced by the fact that your opponent often helpfully damages you, allowing you to learn from experience rather than experiment.

    Once again, I'm saying: look at what red and blue have in common and start looking for a key mechanic from there, because I think that *will* work and you will get closer in guessing what it will be.

    That's certainly a valid approach, but there are other fun, worthy ones.

    Look at Convoke. Green creates creatures, white gets them to work together, this creates more creatures (and naturalize effects) that green likes. Convoke isn't green and white overlapping. It's green and white working together. Your method easily could have predicted Transmute, but never Convoke.

    There is plenty of support for other routes than mechanical overlap. Char is rumored to fit with the Izzet mechanic like Voyager Staff does with Bloodthirst. If true, it's hard to imagine Izzet doesn't like self-inflicted damage in some way. Anything else would be too similar to Bloodthirst. And flavorfully, red is reckless. Blue is scientific. Reckless science, in a fantasy setting, means "bliss is ignorance." Blue gets to draw cards by letting red create the environment it likes: creatures constantly tapping to attack or do damage, player's life totals plummeting. Then those drawn cards allow red to keep up the burn.
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  • posted a message on Izzet (u/r) discussion
    I think the guild mechanic should be triggered by the Izzet player being dealt damage, and should draw (and possibly discard) cards. It fits the hint that Char works with the theme (as would Sell-Sword Brute), and it makes sense as learning from your fiery explosive mistakes. For fun, some more specific speculation:

    Combat Theorist U/R mana
    Creature -- Human Soldier (common)
    Retool (Whenever you are dealt damage, if ~ is tapped, draw two cards and discard a card.)

    Reckless Artificer 1U/R mana
    Creature -- Human Wizard (uncommon)
    T: Deal 1 damage to target creature you control.

    Goblin Test Subject R
    Creature -- Goblin
    When ~ goes to the graveyard from play, it deals 1 damage to each creature that blocked it and 1 damage to you.

    Experimental Runes UU/R mana
    As an additional cost to play Experimental Runes, tap an untapped creature you control. It deals damage to you equal to its power.
    Counter target spell.

    Izzet Guildmage :symur::symur:
    Creature -- Human Wizard
    1R, T: ~ deals 2 damage to each player.
    1U: Target creature you control becomes a copy of ~ until end of turn.

    The guildmage helps trigger retool with both abilities. It deals you damage, and it gives you an indirect way to tap creatures with retool: turn them into a guildmage on your turn, activate the red ability, and on your opponent's turn you have a tapped retooler.
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