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  • posted a message on [Magic CoffeeHouse] No Knockin' da Helix!
    I'm active on a skateboarding forum, and it was hacked yesterday. Did a nice job too, but a simple reset was all that was needed to fix it. Unfortunately we were hit again today. vBulletin has terrible security measures against hackers, i could read his code somewhat the first time this guy attacked. He made a thread with a bunch of MySQL INSERT INTO statements that de-moded/de-admined all mods and admins and then deleted them as he made himself admin. It's very annoying, I wish i knew how to do this as well so that I could hack our site, but just take control of the situation. Probably should warn Hannes here, apparently this guy struck a bunch of other vBulletin forums over the past couple of days.

    Anyway, how's everyone else's morning?
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  • posted a message on Burn deck for critique
    Oh yeah burn baby burn.dec Well, not so much but I'm thinking of bringing it to PTQs just for fun to see people's reactions. It does a solid amount of damage, but if it hits turn 6 then I know i lost, not too much late game action. Heavy counters kill me, no-stick will destroy me, life gain just steamrolls me. Looking for some input, maybe even sideboard tech?

    Land count is low, but it usually works fine for me since i don't often need more than 3 mana for this deck to work, the Akroma is for late game (and it's a cool card) and fortune thief is a little surprise and delay when it gets past turn 6 and my opponent is at 1-6 life and i just wait for some burn. Is there any non-basics i should be running? Anything I should drop to up the land count? I know magus of the scroll WILL NOT replace cursed scroll but it's what i've got. If someone can name a better replacement I'm awaiting.
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  • posted a message on [Magic CoffeeHouse] No Knockin' da Helix!
    Alacar's signature is ballin'. Katamari Damacy is one of the best games I've played.
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  • posted a message on [Magic CoffeeHouse] No Knockin' da Helix!
    I didn't mean to explain it offensively, but early polytheistic or pagan religions were used to describe the unknown. All life had/has a spirit, the weather was controlled, things that you couldn't describe or couldn't explain were attributed to divine influences. Psychologically, we NEED something to explain what can't be explained, I think there's probably a God/Gods/Goddess/higher power out there, otherwise why would there be so many religions that are so similar. Death is the most unknown thing. We will NEVER know what happens after we die until we die. For the living there will be no definite knowledge to explain death. I won't say religion was strictly created for dealing with Death, but it definitely helps us deal with things we don't know about. I know there are people who attribute their religion not with belief, but with knowledge that God exists. I don't have that knowledge, so it's hard to argue it.
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  • posted a message on How long have you played magic for? Are you planning on continuing for many years?
    Been playing roughly 9 years, love the game so hopefully i'll keep playing it.
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  • posted a message on [Magic CoffeeHouse] No Knockin' da Helix!
    Hello coffeehouse, I feel like I'm really squandering my time NOT hanging out on this thread. Everyone here's cool and I like talking to people.

    @Tanthalas: Put up a trade thread, I'm sure I'd trade with you if something caught my eye.

    Also i want to bring a topic to the coffeehouse, the past 2 months I've been really depressed thinking about Death. How i'm going to die one day, and how it just might be the end of me, forever. I know there's what-his-name's 5 steps in confronting death but it's immature of me to fear something that is most likely over 50 years away. I know all religions point to things beyond death, but I believe that religion was created in order to cope with the unknown things in life, and that belief keeps me from religions whom i doubt. But i was thinking also that when we die, our minds still function because they rely on electricity, we can't breathe or talk or all definitions of being alive, but our mind still stays 'on' for a week or so after we die. One of my theories is that when we die, our senses cease hampering our brains function and we enter a 'dream' where anything is possible. That's where you get those stories of people who have died and then were revived (either in surgery or some other thing) and they recall heaven or other such things. But even that ends eventually, but i was wondering if the sense of time, which governs all things, also leaves us and as we are 'dead' our mind stays constant, or at least our 'soul' that which makes us unique simply stays in one moment in time exploring the new vistas of imagination. Maybe thats all dumb in incorrect, but I'm having trouble sleeping and dealing with my life thinking about how i will die one day and what may or may not happen afterwards.
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  • posted a message on Mark Rosewater Q and A
    awwww, my question didn't make it in. Maybe cause i sent it while i was in the chat as a guest. Oh wellz
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  • posted a message on ~Anime FX~
    bandana guy?? Suwabara is kick-ass! He makes a mean butter roll :glee:. It's perfect, I love it. Thanks a billion!
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  • posted a message on ~Anime FX~
    Sorry I didn't respond earlier, can you put some bread in the banner somewhere? You don't even watch it?! But it's awesome. Swap out Kanmuri (the little kid) for Matsushiro(the afro guy, with sunglasses). Also can you make Kawachi(the blond guy) a little more prominent? And make Kuroyanagi(the guy 3rd from the right) a little less prominent? It looks great, i just wanted some minor modifications, or minor by my standards at least. Text and border are great the way they are.
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  • posted a message on [Magic CoffeeHouse] No Knockin' da Helix!
    @Mr Stuff: I just gave you a sticky for your shop. I'm expecting good work though, if I'm going to have a non-Lord Moo signature it has to be awesome.
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  • posted a message on ~Anime FX~
    One more request ehhh? Make me a signature for Yakitate Jana please! Make it cool and groovy (it'll be my first non-lord moo signature for awhile now). I'll keep my current avatar, so i'll cut that from your work.
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  • posted a message on What are you playing at the Ext PTQ?
    Gifts Rock, love the control.
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  • posted a message on The No-Holds-Bard Final Fantasy thread
    Penelo and Ashe end up having the best magic power, so they'd be best suited as casters. Vaan is very all-around, with solid magic power, great power, and 2nd best speed. I use him primarily for attack, but he heals as well (in a tight spot, gambits set to curaja and curaga). Balthier ends up with the best speed, but the median power. I'd recommend keeping him with a gun anyway, because armor piercing is EXTREMELY usefull later in the game. I consider Fran the worst, at least in terms of max stat, but she can still be good. Surprisingly she has rather mediocre magic power (compared to ashe and penelo) and not amazing power (compared to basch and vaan). She's not the fastest, nor does she have good vitality. If you're looking for a final party of 3 characters at level 99, I reccomend vaan as an attacking, with potential for healing. Balthier at ranged attack, and either penelo or ashe as primary casters/tertiary attackers. But that's just me. Like everyone said, any character can be good with the right equipment. Obviously making the BEST party means that every character in your party will complete the license grid, so you have to use stats to differentiate between what you want your characters to do.
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  • posted a message on Swiss Pairing Programs
    Just so you guys know (hope i'm not necroing) I'm writing a swiss pairings program that works with MySQL and Java. If anyone has any features that they'd like to see in it, PM me or post here. I'm a competent programmer and it should be more user friendly than a lot of other programs.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] The Rock

    That's the new decklist. I haven't playtested against ravager-affinity yet, but I really need someone to describe the advantages of golgari-rot farm. I've maintained that the bounce lands are far too slow for competitive. Especially against BDW and affinity (and to a lesser extent, tog). Turn 1 I'm losing 1-3 life whether or not i get fetches/birds/therapy. Laying golgari rot farm on turn 2 puts me back a turn, unless I have a 1 drop to play with my birds. Is rotfarm for late-game? Also, for decks like azorioustron and TEPs, is it enough to rely on cranial extraction and duress for control? Do I need to put anything else on my sideboard? What's the mirror match look like? I really like trooll ascetic, why do people think it's weak? It's a solid creature that's untargetable and regeneratable. Against control decks, it's a pretty good card unless they wrath/deed. Also, I just noticed I'm running a lot of 2 of's, does that affect consistancy? I'm pretty new to this level of competitive play, and for PTQs I want to make sure I'm as prepared as possible. I'm playing in NY (march 11) and I'm wondering if i have anything to gain from planar chaos? Won't it rotate in by then?

    EDIT: With only 7 basics, should i drop sakura tribe elder for wall of roots?
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