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  • posted a message on [Official] QUESTIONS, Requests, & Help Thread
    There's a APAC "sunflower" Plains from 1997 with Ron Spears art that I want to use to make a custom playmate but I can't isolate, blow up, and keep high resolution. Any tips?

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  • posted a message on Can you suggest some on theme music?
    TY Hackworth! Never would've found that.
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  • posted a message on Can you suggest some on theme music?
    I started another job at a horror movie themed donut shop and I can't play any of my music so I'm looking for music that fits a spooky/creepy theme that's safe for the workplace and families.

    People tell me things like Danny Elfman because he did the soundtracks to lots of family movies with darker vibes but I don't know where to start. Suggestions like Misfits, or Rob Zombie have been going in one ear and out the other because naming specific artists is daunting to me and I haven't found the time to dive into their entire catalogs.

    If you can suggest specific tracks worth considering I will YouTube them and make a playlist of tunes for families that I can play at work and keep with the theme.

    Any genre is fine, I would like to avoid vulgarity, etc
    I listen to a lot of horrorcore hip-hop and some metal like GWAR, but I've avoided putting it on until the shop is locked up and I'm alone with the dishes, trash cans, end of day stuff.

    So please help me find some sensible spooky tunes to play at work. You'd be contributing to a new small business and making the world a little more fun. Thank you.
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  • posted a message on St. Patrick's Day decklist ideas?
    No leprechauns, no problem. Run Gaddock Teeg.
    Teague Pronunciation: TEEG is a common Irish name that was originally a slur against the Roman Catholics in Northern Ireland. St. Patrick was a religious figure. You need access to cards with holy themes to do St. Patrick's day any justice.
    Gaddock Teeg is a kithkin and kithkin are a wee folk.

    Also, it's originally a feast day and Lenten restrictions are lifted on St. Patrick's day so include any cards featuring eating or drinking.
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  • posted a message on "Fears" set is Eldritch Moon
    There's like 100+ plus black cards where purple and/or pink indicates black magic use. Purple and pink gases, miasma, auras, flowing influence, phantom chains, purple energy holding skeletons together at the joints, etc, etc. Also black mages are frequently shown wearing purple or pink cloaks, hoods, face paint, etc. Has nothing to do with gender. Has a lot to do with coloring everything straight murdered out matte black, onyx, or jet means that you can't make out any details.

    Maybe it's a big set for black like Torment was, or maybe just Liliana putting in serious work this set.

    Also, they've used like every other color scheme, they can only do so many sets before they start reusing colors. Not every cold plane can get the blue/white frosty coldsnap patterns etc.
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  • posted a message on Eternal Masters Confirmed
    Can they print one land with "this card is all basic land types in any zone" that way it is fetchable for any color and you would only ever need to own 4 to fix any one 2 color deck.
    I'm sure to avoid being strictly better City of Brass/Mana Confluence they'd tack on a "enters tapped if" clause.

    Anyway, I'm excited about EMA but I won't be able to buy much. My area has many game stores, some will offer msrp presales and raise the prices gradually ever after, some will always be slightly higher than msrp but never restock, some will hoard, and at least one store I know will offer as many preorders as possible but after that will not have much inventory ever and only be able to run a few drafts and a few singles.

    I won't be able to preorder boxes as my money is all tied up.
    I won't be able to attend many drafts as I work all the time.

    I may draft this set once or twice schedule and budget allowing but that will be my entire access until I can get the singles from the bulk box.

    This set is very exciting, but like many of these special releases I can't afford to buy-in. I drafted mm2 once for $35 bucks opened goyf, primetime, and something janky I passed. My prizes we're like Etched Monstrosity level terribad. Horde of notions maybe. Even though I came out of that draft profitably and had a little extra cash on hand afterwards, it just wasn't that fun, that satisfying, and my schedule didn't permit. I believe it's still in stock around me, idk if it's inflated in price grossly or not, but I simply don't need more Sunforgers or Overwhelming Stampedes. I drafted Conspiracy twice and loved it, got a lot of cool reprints and both those drafts came out to be cheaper than one Mondern Masters 2015 draft. Conspiracy is nowhere to be found in my area, and there are no more events planned for it ever.

    I would have loved to buy some premium deck series, some FTV, some EDH Arsenal, Planechase, Archnemesis, Duel deck Anthologies, and although I did pick up a couple PW duel decks and commander precons they just release this stuff too rapidly, it's available for too short of a window, and my budget/priorities/schedule is already taxed out. I don't have any reason to believe I'm the "average" player, I'm probably a bit of an oddity at almost 30 been playing for 20 years. I know I play more casually then I used to despite being hypercompetitive when I first started. I haven't been able to keep a collection long, and everytime I have to rebuild a collection from scratch it gets harder to access top tier cards. I think this set will allow me to obtain a handful of cards I want and can use in some great games but I don't have any hopes that EMA will suddenly put Eternal formats in my reach again. Still I want this set to be a success because it would mean more of this in the future.
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  • posted a message on Help me perfect this new kind of cube, please?
    I thought the pick was soulfire master and hope to table ignite memories, but I happen to know how much burn there is. You're right though, I need to get this on cubetutor.

    I feel there's never a need to Mulligan unless you lucked out with some combo, because to say the blue card doesn't fit the aggro deck's plan is forgetting about all the fine blue aggressive creatures. I see the issue, as grindy games grind on my control decks will be depending on increasingly more narrow counters, restricive removal, or unpopular modes of 3 color charms, but all the aggro player has to stick is a boggle with a sword, or an invisible stalker with an armadillo cloak.

    I appreciate the input so far, but I am slacking by not getting this list up for people to test with or critique in its entirety.
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  • posted a message on would you allow Ali From Cairo as a general?
    What? An exception to the rules in a casual format based on Vorthosian flavor and nostalgia?

    I'd even allow it if Ali was half of a degenerate combo which he certainly is not.

    Could there have been two men named Ali in Cairo? Could one person have two uncles named Istvan? Sure these things are possible. It's also possible that two powerful commanders run into each other and don't try to bash one another with flaming swords and spells that rip flesh off but we don't play that game, these are some of magic's earliest legends from a flavor perspective. Who is Tobias Andrion? Idk, but I know I've been disappointed to see him in my booster, and I know I've never seen him across the table. Just because they call certain creatures legendary doesn't make them epic to me, and just because they don't call them legend doesn't mean you can't build a flavorful deck for them and have a blast with friends.

    The one I'd build if I could is Tamanoa.
    There's only one Tamanoa, it came to exist after a planeswalker did a thing. Akroma is a legend and wasn't even created by a planeswalker. So what's up with that?

    I'd also accept any similar named creatures pre legend rule, flip creatures who become legendary( because they probably became legendary after commanding a long time),

    creatures there are only one of in the lore/unique like all of the nephilim (there is only one of each), Keeper of Tresserhorn was all by himself forever, etc
    Some goofy stuff too like Avatar of Me or Personal Incarnation.
    I would not except Elbrus unless you could explain to me how a knife is leading a military force.
    Also, how many Secrets were delved for that produced an insect hybrid thing?

    So, Konda's dog has enough notoriety to lead a commander deck, but not say Teeka's Dragon if we're doing pets, or Laquatus's Champion (even though every other pit fighter champion is a legend, even several never mentioned in the books)?

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  • posted a message on Help me perfect this new kind of cube, please?
    Yeah, my cube will definitely support aggro as the premier wincon, especially with the inclusion of Armageddon and Ravages of War but I think we are underestimating the power of control when you always hit your land drops, always have access to spot removal, always have access to the best counters, and sweepers in every color. Plus any draw spells. Goblin Guide is good, but won't go the distance in a format with missteps, deed, etc. If you turn one goblin guide, but your opponent turn 1 innocent blood, or turn two watchwolf even, but you have spellsnare I mean, I expect every match up will be as back and forth as it gets. Something to consider is every deck has access to Goblin Guide, or Figure of Destiny, or Black Vise, or Ivory tower, or Swords to plowshares, or lightning bolt. So yes, first person to stick a threat will get ahead, but if you only draft low cmc dudes you will lose to a savage twister and a fusion elemental.
    Iirc mental magic makes every land a 5 color land. This will be a little less efficient than that.
    So of course you can play 1 dude, then 2, and maybe burn a blocker, and maybe equip a sword, but they can Orim's Thunder or whatever and immediately catch up.
    When my project is complete I don't expect threat, answer, threat, answer to be enough. It'll come down to tempo, 2:1, tempo, 2:1. Which is a much more interesting dynamic.
    I've been playing a lot of cube lately and shaping this format from that and I feel like drafting say, the holiday mtgo cube or more recently the legacy cube waiting for the new standard you see disciplined picks leading to the WU control, or the Splinter twin set up, or the Reanimate a Gristlebrand, or the sneak /show an eldrazi.
    The difference here, is that any deck could literally pack all the tricks, and it boils down to what you waste as a land each turn, and how you with your favorite cards answer
    , any particular board state.
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  • posted a message on Help me perfect this new kind of cube, please?
    A little back story:
    I've played on and off since Mirage.
    I've played every format and always had the worst luck... between theft, house fires, random bannings, my collection would grow and then become useless. I'd eventually rebuild and start again and again.

    The price of cards nowadays is higher than ever and I'll never be able to recreate the collections I've lost.

    Back in the day I used to play a format called "5-color" for ante. This format required massive 300 card decks, 40 duals, 20 fetches, power, contract from below,chaos orb, absolutely ridiculous rules council killed this format dead with absurd bans. This was by far the most competitively cutthroat format ever to exist and never again will such an opulent and elitist situation occur within the MTG community.

    Briefly thereafter was a format called "Centurion" that was originally designed by Shaun C******* in Colorado. To my knowledge, this format was only popular in a few regions especially around Northern California like Superstars in Cupertino (later known as Channel Fireball in San Jose) and Eudaimonia in Berkeley. The greater bay area. The few people who were there might remember this format as the most accessible, customizable, and addictive ever. The rules were simple enough but at the time word of mouth only went so far (social media as we know it today did not exist, we had MySpace and like instant messaging)
    Eventually my play group broke this format wide open and the meta ate itself.

    Why was that so long winded? Idk, oldtimeritus?

    Nowadays, I only play limited, commander, and cube. I've bought every commander precon, I've built a particularly nasty EDH that people do not like to sit across from, and I've been winning drafts now at a rate I've never achieved in all my years. I'm conditioned to crazy plays, dodging silver bullets, and miseing all the tings. I'd say that I'm in my prime today as far as play goes.

    A few problems plague my joy:

    I can't spend on cards like I used to.
    I play way better than my wife and many locals.
    My favorite cards are too old.
    My favorite formats are extinct.
    My collection is small, and growing slower than any other period in my life.

    My goals for this new cube:

    To create a unique experience cheaply
    To teach more people how to play casually
    To utilize my favorite cards
    To offer a challenge to players at all skill levels

    The competitive inner spike ruined Centurion. The price to enter ruined 5-color. The small card pools bore me in constructed.

    Here's the gimmick:
    No lands.
    Like the Centurion rules, every deck will be 5-color, and all land are removed from the environment.
    On your turn, during your main phase if the stack is clear; as a special action, you may play any card in your hand as a land. Any land taps for one mana of any of its colors.
    At no time is a card in any zone except for the battlefield considered a land card. No fetching, etc
    Monocolored cards are considered to be basic lands of whatever type produces that color. This is often relevant for domain effects and several other silly reasons.
    Gold cards are considered to be nonbasic lands with no type.
    For the purposes of Snow mana, affinity, and the new cards that care about colorless cards you play as lands that are snow, artifacts, or devoid will have those properties/super types.
    Cards like Goblin Charbelcher
    obviously banned.

    After you draft this cube, there doesn't need to be any deck construction. Every card will automatically be playable.
    Cramming many gold cards means never having to prioritize fixing, you can always just take the card you like and automatically be able to cast it in any deck.

    Cards you'll finally get to play in your deck:
    Nephilim (worst case scenario great lands)
    Other reject rares likeAtogatog
    Synergies that you have collecting dust like all those one of Slivers from random packs over the years
    Sunburst jank
    Domain jank
    Converge jank
    Really lots of stuff becomes great.

    Here's a sample pack from my first version of this cube, I'll have a full list up soon.

    I built my first version of this cube using only cards I have on hand that I can't really use anyplace else.
    There's a few cards that I know that I want to acquire. Some of my favorites like Chaos Orb and Yet Another Aether Vortex plus a lot of stuff that could be useful maybe but could just be 3,4, or 5 color lands likeCromat and some awesome split cards I'm missing like Hit//Run.

    I think that this cube will be very random, fun, but also skill intensive. I want every thing to give lots of options like charms and I want the format to have a lot of nuance like playing a huge creature as a land early, sacrificing it later to reanimate, or bouncing a huge spell back to your hand to cast it in the late game.

    Let me know if this is something you would be interested in trying. Maybe tell me what you'd first pick from the sample pack.
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  • posted a message on Bragging rights - what cards did WotC steal from you?
    Is this considered necro? I wanted to say that there used to be a shop called anycraze back in the day and their website had a card creator and would actually sell you stickers for cheap of the cards you created. I made many dozens of cards in those days as did my friends. We'd order sheets of our stickers and they'd be legal at our kitchen table once approved by the rest of the gang.
    We had Amulet of Vigorfor Zero cmc that just read "permanents come into play untapped."
    Our Panoptic Mirrorcost 4 to cast. We had one affect that was basically Prototype Portal imprinting an artifact land.
    We had a monogreenGiant Solifuge but it had regen instead of shroud but I like the hybrid mana version better. If only we had had the foresight to invent that.
    I could go on for days.
    I wouldn't be surprised to learn they mined that site for ideas because that feature of anycraze was shut down after a C&D order from WOTC.

    I remember Seedtime had inspired a whole cycle of "traps"
    Every set seems to have one of our old cards.

    The one I'm still waiting for is a blue spell we designed to follow upmanipulate fate and foresight called something like
    Forensic Investigation 1UU
    Put all creature cards removed from the game into their owner's graveyards.
    "I'll believe it when we see the bodies"

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  • posted a message on A friend of mine came up with a land cycle.
    I like these as much as I like say the tainted lands from Torment. I'd use a blue one and a white one for some edh decks of mine. Green hasPrismatic Omenor something and black hasUrborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth . Those aren't broken. Your homesteads have applications and could see print.
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  • posted a message on MTGO Tech Support Thread
    I just downloaded the client today, haven't played MTGO since idk, masters edition 1 was new. Anyway, I'll be trading with a bot, select like 20 cards despite tremendous lag, and type "done"

    The bot will take a ticket and say now just

    The problem is that my screen is missing the submit button on the bottom. No matter how I try moving the window, or resizing the window, I can't ever reach the submit button.

    Then the bot times me out and the trade is canceled. How can I fix this? Running windows 10 BTW. Thanks.
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  • posted a message on Innovative Block Designers Wanted: Codename "Hocus" "Pocus"
    Here are a few incomplete ideas which may or may not be worth exploring.

    Auras that enchant a graveyard, a library, an exile, or a planeswalker.

    Equipment that attach to permanents you don't control.

    NonPWs that create emblems.

    A mechanic whereby each color gains something from things it's bad at. "If you can't beat 'ems" Like red permanents that count enchantments opponents control for instance. Since red can't destroy the enchantments.

    Some things like auras, equipment, or fortification that only interact with planeswalkers. Some objects they clearly brought from off world that natives don't understand but work well with PWs.

    Perhaps a "spark" spell type like the "splice onto arcane" or awaken mechanics which do an epic thing and adds "btw target creature is a PW and has this +0:ability"
    Or something that just adds abilities to planeswalkers. Or the next creature you play enters as a PW.
    Or PWs with a negative loyalty that you have to rescue from some sort of torpor or something. Perhaps they enter under your opponents control.

    Combine the
    Bottom of the library matters idea and the everything cantrips idea into some sort of cards replace themselves with the bottom card or pay this cost: swap this in your hand with whatever the bottom card is.
    Not really transmute, transfigure, cycling, or drawing cards but somehow random not random.
    You could maybe do it to your opponents too. Like this set's hypnotic specter might make them discard cards at random but they get their bottom card back or something.

    For the split card creatures both halves could represent the exact same creature but in two different states like super tiny or huge and you mark it with a counter. Or a DFC instead. With lots of opportunities for when "little guy gets big smash a random artifact" or "when big guy shrinks if he was equipped he's smushed to death"
    Tiny guy is hexproof, big guy is a flag bearer
    Tiny guy is unblockable, big guy tramples
    Lots of space of there
    This could lead to some other what's big what's small mechanics. Like limited resources rewards for having very little but also sometimes having fatties without traditional ramp.

    Split card creatures could also represent creatures currently in an alternate dimension of somekind. Possibly dementia space or bizarro world.

    Idk, but there's my brainstorming session. Disregard, dismantle and reassemble as you see fit, or not, at your discretion.
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  • posted a message on Would you rather get a case or six boxes from different cases?
    I'd get whatever was cheaper honestly. I don't think it matters much.

    I did watch a kid come to the store to pick up a box he had preordered, and with his pocket change he bought one loose booster from another box. One pack in that box and the extra booster both contained the same strange miscut crimpy foil rare. The odds of that are so astronomical that I have no idea how they package these things.
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