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  • posted a message on Which booster is worth more?
    - in terms of getting money value rares, would you rather open TTT or RGD? On one hand, TTT gets you 3 timeshifted cards on top. On the other, RGD has all the new dual lands.
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  • posted a message on Suicide Black....worth a shot?
    EW - I think your perception of Rhaegar will change, maybe upon a re-read. Rhaegar is not B/R, he's every bit as W/R as Dany, but you sometimes have to read between the lines to realise that.
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  • posted a message on Predicting the Superbowl with Magic Cards
    Well, it wasn't really fun, but an interesting idea though
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  • posted a message on Speak your mind to WOTC
    So do we all just bombard MaRo with emails?
    If so, do we start now?


    If you really want to make a difference, you don't start spamming people per email and pat yourself on the back. ESPECIALLY not people who just happen to be the 'face to the world' for the company that you're trying to get to. Yes, we all like to read Mark Rosewater's columns, and yes, we all deep down think that he's the head honcho behind Magic.

    (Doing this is sorta like casting Char on the opponent's 6/6 creature, and THEN attacking with your 2/2 first striker. Plan ahead, ffs.)

    A boycott's a good idea, but first you need to know if
    a - the Salvation populace makes up a big enough percentage of the market for a boycott to get noticed.
    b - people *are* actually going to not buy GP, or if it's just their boiling blood talking.

    My advice would be to write an open letter to Hasbro (probably written by MTGS co-moderators or any prominent members we can find), which addresses what the MTGS community means to us and to the sales of Magic. The letter is then signed by anyone who cares to sign, complete with how many years they've played Magic. And for added effect, how much money each spends on Magic annually, just so Hasbro can add up the numbers for themselves.

    Also, any other Magic community sites who wish to back it up should be put in as co-authors, just to show that stuff like this goes around the Internet fast, and is not just isolated to one URL.

    (And for the full effect, call the document Elfpact and give the title Parun to each one who's signed.)

    Don't use Mod Text
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  • posted a message on Dissension: What to call it?
    Dissension, it's gotta be better than guildpact?

    That's definitely our catchphrase

    we have to tie eating kittens into dissension

    Man, that's the weirdest catchphrase suggestion I've heard so far
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  • posted a message on Guildpact Novel Is Out - spoilers here
    ^ Agree
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  • posted a message on Guildpact story page up
    Hey kalbear - say hi to Ran's board from me Wink
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  • posted a message on Venting on a recent MTGO draft.....
    wah wah

    Flame Warning.
    Keep comments constructive.
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  • posted a message on [GP] Izzet keyword: Replicate
    "Fire flow"
    - what would be the point of playing a Shatter which your opponent could potentially disrupt and turn into a useless spell??
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  • posted a message on Auras as draft archetype
    Dousing Shaman is a must.
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  • posted a message on Voyager Staff
    Obviously, this is no first or even fourth pick. Just wanted to share that this is a fun, effective card that surprised me. It made me go BAH at first. Then I tried drafting it. First off, it's CC 1. That's nice. Secondly, as long as it's in play:

    1 - Opponent can't cast Disembowel, Fiery Conclusion, and other targeted removal
    2 - Opponent can't cast Flight of Fancy, Pollenbright Wings, or any other creature enchantments
    3 - You can unenchant already enchanted creatures
    4 - You can abuse come-into-play effects; both from your own creatures, but also his Hunted creatures.
    5 - It's a versatile combat trick - he can't double block to take down your big critters since you'll just remove one of his blockers
    6 - Screw over a token of your choice.

    Now if only it wasn't a one-shot...
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  • posted a message on Quick question: When do block tournies begin?
    It's been too long since I played competitively. When is Rav Block recognized as an official format, and when can we expect to see Block tournaments on MTGO?
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  • posted a message on POLL - Most played guild at prereleases?
    From the different prerelease reports, I get wildly different impressions of which guild colour combo was the most played. I've read that both Selesnya, Golgari and Boros are supposed to be the most popular combo, overwhelmingly. What impression did you get from your prerelease?
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  • posted a message on (please delete me)
    (sorry, double post)
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