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  • posted a message on [Magic CoffeeHouse]Hey, has anyone tried the Coffeecake?
    @ACT: My educational consultant told me to take it, but I never did. I got a 1930 on my SATs, though.

    I am DRUNK. Remember the last time I posted here while drunk? All I can say is that wine is friggin' AWESOME. It's better tasting than beer and a lot more likely to get you drunk. I'm sorry, but I had to post this. When I get a hangover tomorrow, I'm going to regret this.
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  • posted a message on Best Cards per Converted Mana Cost per Set (Nemesis 5)
    Triskelavus. Also, PC timeshifted cards should be a part of the set as a whole.
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  • posted a message on what are the superduper most powerful creatures in legal mtg?
    Darksteel Colossus, Simic Sky Swallower, Avatar of Might, Helldozer, Phyrexian Negator... there are lots. The first two are probably your best bets.
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  • posted a message on [Magic CoffeeHouse]Hey, has anyone tried the Coffeecake?
    @Ninja: I know how you feel. That's why I don't want to be an English major: I hate having to analyze literature. It's the same crap in every class (I've had to read The Scarlet Letter twice, which is an exercise in trying not to kill yourself), and even when you enjoy the story there's always something that the teachers/professors do that makes it significantly less fun. I'm a Communications major for that reason: not only does it give you a good opportunity to improve your writing but it also increases awareness of the media (I want to be a journalist, so both of those are very important).

    I just woke up. I'm gonna have some lunch soon.
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  • posted a message on [Magic CoffeeHouse]Hey, has anyone tried the Coffeecake?
    Quote from Mamelon »
    Hmmm . . . who is this conservative person of whom you speak?

    I just realized a few minutes ago that I didn't say his name. Redface His name is Laton, by the way.

    Also I almost forgot: today I got my summons for behavioral judicial, which I had been waiting for all week. You know the drill: I got angry when the Patriots beat the Chargers and then smashed stuff. I don't know when I'll be going there, but I'm sure everything will go fine.
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  • posted a message on [RBS]. It's what's for dinner.
    Well, I went to a party at the lacrosse house. It was fun but I just wish that when people introduce me to others, especially girls, that they'd be honest with me. It annoys me every time I hear someone says "This is my cousin/sister" when I know they're not. I had some beers, then went back with the guys to have some midnight munchies. I feel tired, so I'll probably go to bed soon.

    And it looks like I won't win FCC this month. I'm in for February so I'll have another chance.
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  • posted a message on [Magic CoffeeHouse]Hey, has anyone tried the Coffeecake?
    Ack! Dance smiley overload! I'm not going to copy Yukora's quote for that reason, but it's great for you to be better.

    @Otaku: Can't say I'm good at making decks, but you might want to consider Thallids and Doubling Season, along with Sporesower Thallid. The new card-drawing thallid makes it a lot more viable. If you don't like Doubling Season, splash blue for Paradox Haze and Coiling Oracle.

    @Gato: I don't know if advertising is allowed here, but I'm sure it's good in small doses. Anyway, I'm not a Colosseum guy.

    @Mr. Stuff: Good to hear that you're having a good time at WSU. Also, I think Extirpate is better than Damnation, as it will surely see eternal format play long after it's gone from Type 2. Hang on to that little number.

    So I went to the lacrosse house for a party. It wasn't a bad time. I just wish that people would be honest with me when they introduce me to people. They keep saying "This girl's my sister" or "cousin" or "girlfriend" when I know that they're not (except for the girlfriend part, since here at Muhlenberg every girl belongs to someone else who's not me). I really feel like people are intentionally being dishonest with me and it's annoying me.
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  • posted a message on Iran
    Quote from Pacman »
    Can you also say why?

    Because they are the only nation in the Middle East that's a true democratic nation and not a secular but repressive dictatorship (Syria, Egypt), a struggling quasi-democracy that can't get its roots down (Iraq, Afghanistan) or a virtual theocracy (Iran, Saudi Arabia)? How's that for ya? Of course Israel has its problems, but it's a freer nation than everywhere else in that region, and to downplay the abuses of each other nation there while playing up Israel's is just ridiculous.

    Also, Pacman, stop bringing the United States into every topic. You treat us like we're the root of all the world's problems. It's not a flawless nation, and our policies in the last six years have been pretty boneheaded, but we're not as evil as you think we are.
    Quote from Trikon
    Israel is the only Jewish country in the Middle East and yet they are trying to be the power house for the Middle East.

    They're not trying to spread their influence or be a power there. They're merely saving their butts. It's not their fault that they have to have a strong military, because if they don't, that's the end of them. Do not confuse their power with a desire for hegemony.
    Israel is trying to take over to much of the Middle East especially when it come to Jurusulum (sic).
    Again, they're defending themselves and not trying to influence the actions of other governments. If anything, it's nations like Iran and Syria that are trying to influence actions in the Middle East. Also, with Jerusalem, they want to split it with the Palestinians but Palestine is being a greedy little baby and wants the whole thing.
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  • posted a message on [Magic CoffeeHouse]Hey, has anyone tried the Coffeecake?
    @Pets: Because my parents are soulless I don't have a cat or dog. I wish I did, though. Once I move out I'll definitely get one, more than likely a dog. What kind I don't know, since there are so many good ones.

    @Lack of Mamelon in debate: Well, with the return of MTGS's prime conservative, it's gotten a lot more interesting, so you might want to check it out. Unlike some other users that share his political views (i.e. Green Arrow), he's actually a likable guy. Also I got another infraction there, so I'm another endless source of entertainment there.

    @Mamelon's posts: I personally enjoy them because they're well thought-out and filled with content. She always brings something new to the table with every post.

    I got back from a Hillel dinner and I'm ready to party. Hopefully there's stuff going on.
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  • posted a message on Iran
    Quote from Tanthalas

    This is a ridiculous statement, and you know it is. To suggest that all of Iran (hell, even that a majority of Iranians) would happily get blown up if they could take Israel with them is so obviously wrong that I don't even know why I'm refuting it. It's pretty much suggesting that the entire nation of Iran is nothing more than a group of suicide bombers on a grand scale.

    The majority of the Iranian people might not want to be sacrificed (as a majority they hate the scum at the top and actually like America), but the fanatical government, made up of fundamentalists, could give a crap less.
    Despite Ahmedinejad's fanaticism (which appears to be at least partly overplayed to shore up his more right-wing support), he doesn't have sole control of anything. He's a president, not a lifetime dictator. He'd have to get past the government, the army, the mullahs, and Khameini to be able to launch nukes at Israel. You can probably add in millions of rioters who don't want to be blown to oblivion to the list of obstacles. It's not gonna happen.

    a. I'll bet that the scummy "religious figures" would love nothing more than to keep Hitler Jr. in place for a loooooong time, since he shares their views.

    b. Why would any of the parties you mentioned give him any resistance? He's the guy the so-called ayatollahs would have loved to have gotten a long time ago as president. Again, they share his hate-filled, Hitler-esque plan for the destruction of Israel and the denial of fact.

    @Blinking Spirit: My hatemongering is justified, thank you very much. Somebody needs to trash on them because they're also hatemongers.

    @sneaky: Israel is certainly a model that other Middle Eastern nations could learn from.
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  • posted a message on Iran
    Quote from Kraj
    Um.... I don't want to read something into this that you didn't intend, but at face value... that's a rather disturbing statement.

    I think he says that because it's the only place where there is an official Jewish homeland. I care more about my country, but Israel is a place where Jews can live in peace with other Jews. If Iran wipes it out, which they undoubtedly will try to because they don't care about being blown up, they will also blow up a model nation. Which is why Iran needs to be overthrown.
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  • posted a message on [Magic CoffeeHouse]Hey, has anyone tried the Coffeecake?
    @Music: I like lots of music, but my favorites include:

    The Offspring
    The Doors
    Blues Traveler
    Dr. John
    Paul Simon

    @2QT: I can't stop you from walking away from Magic, and I understand why you would. That doesn't mean, however, that you have to stop posting here altogether. I never play at college.

    @Alacar: Goddamn, I ****ing hate going to the dentist. I also got drilled the last time I went. It was a drill that sprayed water so you couldn't feel it as much, but it was still balls.

    @Strongbad: Great job getting 1K posts! Good luck coming up with a custom tag.

    I got back from the girls' basketball game. They won by some insane margin. My friend, whose birthday is today, scored 8 points. I got to sit with her friends from home too. Soon I'm going out to the dance club, but that's in a little more than an hour.
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  • posted a message on [Magic CoffeeHouse]Hey, has anyone tried the Coffeecake?
    @Alacar: Nice work on the job! I have yet to hear back from my summer camp job... I should also apply to an internship at either The Daily Show or The Colbert Report. I'm sure that they're hard to get, but they're relevant to my field of study.

    Just finished my workout and I'm going to watch some sports show, then have dinner, then shower, then have fun for the rest of the night.
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