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Ultimate Masters: MMI Review
  • posted a message on Surrak Dragonclaw
    Did someone say amazing EDH general? He will see quite a bit of EDH play.
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  • posted a message on Glory to Phyrexia EDH
    If you are looking for destroy, Phyrexian Rebirth.
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  • posted a message on [Single Card Discussion] Scuttling Doom Engine
    In my own opinion, Scuttling will see a lot more Standard play then Modern. Half of my friends are running Izzet Artifacts with Scuttling and its many combos, like the one with Shrapnel Blast. Izzet because that and Ensoul and Darksteel Citadel or Ornithopter. Izzet in standard got a lot better in M15.
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  • posted a message on Khans of Tarkir Speculations
    Hello, fellow MTG players. I have come to bring you several speculations of cards in the upcoming block, Tarkir.
    First off, I would like to talk about Sarkhan Vol, who's home is this plane. As most people want and I believe, Sarkhan Vol will probably be R/B and have abilities related to dragons like norma. And, my friend took a random guess on what the ability costs would be and is hoping they are right: +1, -3, -7. That is his speculation. It is either that, +1 -2 -8, or some mix of the ones. +1 -2 -7, ect. Or he may have a 0 ability that makes a 2/2 dragon with flying. Who knows.
    Next is some returning abilities. The only ones that have been brought to my attention by a friend is dredge for two reasons. 1: A lot of the blue cards in M15 look towards dredge a little bit, and 2: They are most likely bringing a lot of old abilities back from now until the block after Tarkir mostly because of Convoke making a return.
    Finally, I wanted to mention a few card speculations. First off, dragons are definetly making a comeback. But they all died off on Tarkir it says. So either zombie dragons (going back to the R/B theme with Sarkhan), or just regular dragons. Zombie Dragons would be awesome. Second, more abilities. This block will have warlords, so Bushido. It does make sense, plus it goes with returning abilities.
    Well, that is all for now. If anything else comes to my attention before Wizards says anything, I will say it.
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  • posted a message on [Character Creation Thread] World of Pokemon v.3 Character Registration Center (Always open)
    Your Character's Name: Kyran Ori
    Gender: Male
    Starter Pokemon: Beldum
    Age: 15
    Height/Weight: 6'0"
    Place of Origin: Sevii Islands, Four Island
    Family: Father left him when he was young, mother died giving birth to him. Professor Hyth, a professor researching evolution, acted as a father figure to him.
    General Appearance: Kyran has short, spiky blonde hair, green eyes, and wears black cargo pants, a dark red tee, and black boots.
    Backstory: Will be told during the RP if it comes to him needing to tell it.
    Goal(s): To study Pokemon Evolution and discover new forms of Pokemon Evolution.
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  • posted a message on Salvation's SCCT/OCaaT - Single Card Ideas By YOU!
    Gyrea, Mana Guardian 3GG
    Legendary Creature- Elf Druid {R}
    Elf creatures you control have, "T: Add GGG to your mana pool."
    2GG: Untap target elf.
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