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    Quote from Daftmouse
    That is one of my favourite jokes.

    As for worst joke, I would have to say the "Green Golf Ball Joke". It is great when you alredy know it but it blows when it is the first time you here it told.
    Once upon a time, there was a young boy, and this young boy was having
    his 10th birthday. His father thinking that it was an important day for
    his young lad, said to him, 'You can have anything that you want for
    your birthday'.
    The boy thought and thought. Finally, he said to his pop, "Dad, I want a
    green golf ball." The man was surprised a bit, but decided to humour his son.
    And so, the boy recieved 1 green golf ball for his 10th birthday.

    On this boy's 13th birthday, when he hit his teens, the father once again
    walked up to the boy, and told him what he had before. The boy thought. And
    thought. Finally, he said, "Dad, I want 10 green golf balls." Now, the father
    was slightly curious about this, and he almost asked his son why. But then he
    decided that it was just youthfulness, and left it at that.

    Upon graduating from High School, the boy was once again given that same
    offer by his father. He thought and thought and thought. Finally, he went up
    to his old man and said, "Dad, I want 100 green golf balls." Now, the father
    was very curious about this, and asked his son, finally, why he wanted the
    balls. The boy just said, "Dad! It's a secret!" The father backed down, and got
    the boy his balls.

    When the boy graduated from college, his father once again offered him anything
    he wanted. Once again, the boy thought. Once again, the boy walked up to his
    father. He said, "Dad, I want 1000 green golf balls." The father decided that
    the boy knew how to live his life. But still he asked, "Why, son? Why do you
    want these green golf balls?" And once again, the boy said,"It's a secret,

    And then came the war. And the boy volunteered himself for his country. And
    when he came back in one piece, his father said, "Son, I will get you anything
    that you want!" And the boy thought. And thought. And he said, "Dad, I want
    10,000 green golfballs." And the father could not hold back his question any
    longer. "Why? Why, son? Why do you need these green golf balls?" And the son
    looked at thim, and he said,"Dad, now, I told you that it was a secret. Please
    don't make me tell you." And the father backed off.

    The boy got married. His father walked up to him, and offered him anything he
    would want on this joyous occasion. The boy thought and thought and thought.
    And thought. And, finally, he said,"Dad... I want 100,000 green golf balls..."
    And the father, keeping calm, asked why. Why the boy wanted so many green golf
    balls. And all the boy could do was look at his father, and say,"It's a
    secret." And the father kept silent.

    Then, tragedy struck. There was a car accident. The boy was mortally injured.
    And the father went to see the son in his final hour. And he asked his son if
    there was anything he could get him. And the son whispered,"Father... Please
    get me 1,000,000 green golf balls..." And the father almost wept. He said,"Son,
    please tell me why you want these green golf balls..." And the son looked at
    his father, and he said, "Alright, dad..."

    And then he died.
    This version is actually quite shorter then the one I hear and tell.

    My friend has told me two of those kind of jokes, where the point is to waste your time. (Yeah, they do take ages longer than reading what you posted) I like them though. :p

    Why didn't the skeleton go to the ball?
    He had no-body to go with.

    Why did the road kill the chicken?
    "You've crossed me for the last time!"

    One I got off wikipedia randomly during Maths:
    Why did the chicken cross the Moebius Strip?
    To get to the same side.
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