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  • posted a message on 9 more cards leaked on reddit (7 new)
    Sakura-Tribe Scout feels more powerfull to me than the grazer, especially in the context of their respective sets (i.e. the moonfolk that bounced your own land). Thats not even considering how much stronger creatures have gotten on average since.
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  • posted a message on Which wrath creature(s)?
    I like kagemaro, first to suffer, since it is easier to make into a wrath (incl. bigger creatures) the others are mainly small creature killers.
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  • posted a message on Meekstone in Morph deck
    Quote from Reaper9889 »
    I would likely use crawlspace over either. Why prevent them from attacking someone else?
    Meekstone also prevents them from untapping which means your 2/2s can sneak past. A luxury that crawlspace doesn't afford you. If they do block your 2/2, you might be very well forced to flip it or another for combat advantage.

    Meekstone in theory lets you sneak past. In practice, meekstone makes a gigantic stall where none is doing any attacking, with 2/2s or otherwise. Crawlspace just means they wont attack you with much which should not create much stall.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] [PAUPER] Crushing Dreams on a Budget - Child of Alara (UPDATE 07-2018!)
    I think that cloud of faeries makes no sense, but I think I would add rewind - countering 4 spells a turn seems devastating. What about storm btw? If you get to storm count 4 is it -1 point?

    Quote from alexandre »
    ... add Reality Acid (amazing with Capsize).
    without capsize, acid is quite bad. It is passable with capsize, but not that great for a 2 card combo. If you want something like that I prefer Ray of Command. It can easily do a 2 for one on the table (when attacked, steal a creature to block with) and is among the few ways to permantly steal things in pauper (with ghostly flicker)
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  • posted a message on Meekstone in Morph deck
    I would likely use crawlspace over either. Why prevent them from attacking someone else?
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  • posted a message on Finale of Promise
    One annoyance with this and the 0 mana spells in modern is that you would likely like to run cascade and nothing else under 3 than the 0 cost cards, and this cost 2...

    Quote from Empathogen »
    Rules question:
    Does the first part allow for extra costs like Kicker?
    If so, would that Kicker effect be carried over to the copies?

    Yes, you can pay the kicker cost since it is cast (you will need to pay though). I think the copies should copy the fact that you kicked them too, but am unsure.
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 4/8
    Quote from Randy M »
    Is there any card that uses a counter or two as a reanimation cost? Closest I can find is Liliana, the Necromancer

    Well, Grimoire of the Dead uses 3 (but requires you to sac it - on the other hand, it returns all creatures).
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  • posted a message on Muldrotha, Dreamcrusher REDUX
    Overall I think it looks like a really nice deck and I have only a few suggestions, namely:
    Dream Fracture similar to arcane denial but trades a card to them for a mana. The card is much better then you get to duels (where arcane denial is problematic).
    foil - free counter spell! You have some number of ways to get islands into hand, like drawing one dirctly, reach, cultivate or bouncing one with a bounce land (the latter will likely get fetched with the general land fetches you are running), so it should be fairly easy to play for free and then you get to reuse the cards discarded to foil.
    stinkweed imp - it will typically come down, get traded and then dredged back (or prevent others from attacking you at all, which is even better). On average I think you will likely dredge less than 2 non-permanents per time (it is only straightforward if you do not take to many things into account, like that you need 3 mana to play it, it needs to die and so on, and the tutors make it hard to say exactly how many sorceries and instants compared to everything else are left at that point).

    Have you considered running looters? E.g. Looter il-kor, it seems fairly strong with your commander (they also happen to be redicules with stinkweed imp).

    Ohh, also, I think Mnemonic wall is better than scrivener (not necessarily in a 1 vs 1 comparison, but mainly in that the other return wizards have similar stats and 0/4 can sometimes be more usefull than 2/2 - e.g. for blocking 3/3) - you already have 2 better return wizards for the wizard tutor anyway
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] [PAUPER] Crushing Dreams on a Budget - Child of Alara (UPDATE 07-2018!)
    Quote from Fr0sty711 »
    Quote from alexandre »
    Brainspoil - This is a tutor to fetch a combo piece (Peregrine Drake most of the time, sometimes a recurring Wizard - the easiest to cast given the color fix I got). I don't care about CoA because I can choose to put it in the commander zone.

    Peregrine drake - combo, redundancy with Cloud of Faeries, but the drake works with any land.

    Thanks for the quick and precise response.. You make some good points and I'll adjust my deck accordingly.

    You said you don't care about Brainspoil searching for COA in your library because you can always just put him in the commmand zone.. In my above post I mentioned the card oblation. if someone plays this card COA goes into my library correct? .. I can't decide to put COA in command zone due to shuffling it in my library? If I'm wrong on this my bad.

    Also I'm aware of the cloud of faries combo set up like this
    Cloud of Faeries + (Ghostly Flicker/Displace) + (Archeomancer/Izzet Chronarch) + 2 bounce lands (like Izzet Boilerworks) incl. at least 1 blue.

    But what is the Cloud of Faeries with Peregrine drake combo sry if I'm missing the obvious on this.

    They changed the rules on putting commanders in library awhile ago. The corresponding rule is now:
    903.9. If a commander would be exiled from anywhere or put into its owner's hand, graveyard, or library from anywhere, its owner may put it into the command zone instead. This replacement effect may apply more than once to the same event. This is an exception to rule 614.5.

    Regarding Peregrine drake in the cloud of faeries combo: The combo with drake is exactly the same except that peregrine drake replaces cloud of faeries and you can use most any lands (except that one must be blue) instead of the bounce lands.
    I.e. Pegrine drake + (Ghostly Flicker/Displace) + (Archeomancer/Izzet Chronarch) + a set of at most 5 lands that can produce at least 4 mana (incl. 1 blue). Honestly, the lands requirement can be mostly assumed if you have all those pieces in play, at least if you assume that there is not THAT much mass land destruction in the game

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  • posted a message on Crush Dissent
    Quote from dietl »
    Another Mystic Snake variant at common, nice!

    The difference is ofcouse that it is worse with bounce and a conditional counter. I am thinking more Spellstutter Sprite but twice as expensive and the condition is different.
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  • posted a message on If you do X, I'm going to scoop
    I am really bad at answering to threats: I am more likely to do something if someone treatens me not to. Each of the like 2-3 times people have been pulling this scoop threat, I have done what they wanted me not to (at least ones the guy did not even follow through).
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  • posted a message on Snow covered lands use??
    Tainted Pact gets quite a bit better with half/half (ecspcially, if you are only running two basics of each color)
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  • posted a message on Nightveil Predator: House Dimir
    Quote from Jivanmukta »
    As a connoisseur of countermagic I cannot stand by and support the usage of Psychic Strike or Perplex.
    while I agree that he can do better than Psychic Strike (dream fracture would likely be better, ecspecially in multiplayer), Perplex is a fairly good tutor in pauper.
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  • posted a message on Infinite combos for mono red?
    If you have space enough, you can use goblin recruiter, finding Goblin Ringleader (which goes on top), Lightning Crafter, Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and Skirk Prospector. Adding Mogg War Marshal makes it a mana cheaper to start.
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  • posted a message on Commanders that are decent even if you don't "maximize their potential"...
    This is not really in the spirit of the thread, but Zur the enchanter is one of the more extrem examples: You need something like 5 cards or so (honestly, you can get away with just necropotence, but it would likely be stronger with a few combos on top) for him in total and you are then having an extremly powerfull deck.

    Quote from Outcryqq »
    Korlash, Heir to Blackblade is my vote. Get yourself a Helm of the Host, a Phyrexian Reclamation and have fun with a 75% deck.

    I don't get it.

    Edit: On the topic, I think you can build Marath, Will of the Wild without any synergy and he (she?) is still a boss. As long as you have enough lands, Marath provides inevitability all by him(her?)self.

    He wants to get a token of Korlash with helm, sacing the original and then using reclamation on the original repeatedly (each time discarding to the surviving token) to get a lot of lands.
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