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  • posted a message on [JMP] Flying theme - Blacker lotus
    Quote from mikeyG »
    Inniaz is interesting in that you can shift around who has the blockers to stop your flyers and making taking opponents out easier. My only quibble is that if I'm going hard on the flying theme, I'm unsure what I'd want to give to the player on my left. Not any of my creatures since they all have flying and giving opponents my own creatures to block me with is dumb, so I guess group hug enchantments/artifacts?

    But it is an interesting design, I like it.

    Illusions of Grandeur as is classic? There are also a bunch of removal enchantments, card draw enchantments and tokens (heck the card is even white). Finally, you could also give them something and then bounce it.
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  • posted a message on [JMP] Kels, Fight Fixer
    To be honest I was really disapointed with this card, in that the fight fixer clearly should be something like:

    tap: target creature you control fights another target creature

    Prevent all damage done to creatures you control caused by fights

    Something like that (the wording is not correct I am sure, but the idea should be clear).

    Instead the real fight fixer has nothing to do with fights (the mechanic) :/
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  • posted a message on [M21] Conspicuous Snoop— Ondrej Strasky preview
    Congregation at Dawn in modern, could make it into a 1 card combo too, but it would be fragile and hard on the mana (find this/skill borrower, kiki-jiki and mogg fanatic - play this, next upkeep make a ton of copies and kill with the fanatic in the draw step - it can also kill by first playing this/skill borrower and then using Congreation in upkeep for kiki-jiki and mogg fanatic).
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  • posted a message on [M21] Conspicuous Snoop— Ondrej Strasky preview
    Quote from protoaddict »
    Can someone make a combo chain without Kiki-Jiki? Im sure there must be a food chain thing somewhere.

    All these combos die if you draw Kiki.

    Kiki-jiki, Lightning crafter and sac outlet (prospecter or others) is a combo that can be used even if you draw kiki-jiki - it is just somewhat expensive. Outside commander you can just play 2 kiki-jikis (or more if you are very worried)

    EDIT: A combo you could do though: Bastion of Remembrance (or other lose life on death triggers) and Goblin Recruiter into this, Skirk Prospector and a large number of 1 cost goblins would do it too.
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  • posted a message on [M21] Conspicuous Snoop— Ondrej Strasky preview
    Combo: Goblin Recruiter into this, Skirk Prospector, Torch Courier, Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and lightning crafter gives infinite mana and damage for a draw and 3 mana after recruiter (1 mana can be replaced by a gobbo in play) - also known as a t3 kill in commander requiring 3 land and goblin recruiter.

    it works as follows:
    After recruiter and the draw, play this, sac recuiter (using prospectors abillity), play propesctor (sac the extra gobbo if you have one instead of a mana), play torch courier, sac torch to give this haste, tap this to copy it self repeatedly and sac the copies for mana using prospector. When you have 9 mana or more: play kiki-jiki and lightning crafter. Then, repeatedly, copy crafter with kiki jiki, and let the copy of crafter remove kiki jiki, hit something with the copy of crafter’s abillity, sac the the copy of crafter and you are back at the start of the loop with 3 damage dealt and 1 red mana.

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  • posted a message on Banned and restricted announcement June 1st and change to companion
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Quote from seilaoque »

    just go and unban Lurrus from vintage already..... hahaha

    what a weird way to fix the issue.

    How about Lutri, the Spellchaser for edh is he still to bad for it since it always meets the criteria and now you can’t cast from sideboard and you have to pay 3 to your hand

    He might not be too bad (still means that you have to play him but 6 mana even over two turns for that effect but not too ground breaking), but it is hard to get off the banned list once on it, so I imagine he will stay
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  • posted a message on How to multiply Lymph Sliver?
    Quote from Abel88 »
    also the absorb stacks with each sliver on board so having a mass of slivers on board should protect them fairly well

    No, while the card suggest seems to suggest that, that is not true. Having one Lymph Sliver and a bunch of other slivers will prevent 1 damage from any source to each sliver. To be precise: rule 702.63a Absorb is a static ability. “Absorb N” means “If a source would deal damage to this creature, prevent N of that damage.”
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  • posted a message on Gonna be interesting watching the upcoming ban list update next week (reminder: vintage bans = illegal in EDH)
    Quote from bobthefunny »
    Quote from DirkGently »
    we're willing to take steps up to or including changing how the companion mechanic works.
    whoa. That would be pretty crazy. Power level errata? I wonder what they have in mind?

    Where are you seeing this?

    Last few lines of WOTCs banned and restricted announcement: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/may-18-2020-banned-and-restricted-announcement
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  • posted a message on Gonna be interesting watching the upcoming ban list update next week (reminder: vintage bans = illegal in EDH)
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    The only bans in history in vintage are the following

    Ante cards (playing for keeps)
    Conspiracy (has to be draft)
    Throw in the air (these just cause riots from the judges)

    Shahrazad Is also banned, for taking too long in a tournament. Lurrus has potential to get banned, because restricting him does still allow you to use him as a companion, which does seem feasible in vintage to run. I guess they could restrict him and make the requirement that he cannot be a companion.
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  • posted a message on What will you be using/ordering from Commander 2020 and Ikoria in your commander decks?
    I am surprised I do not see Drannith Magistrate more. I guess it dies too fast in multiplayer, but for duels it should still lock down their commander for awhile.
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  • posted a message on I have a casual play only Rofellos deck. I need an alternative for Wirewood Symbiote.
    Cloudstone curio, if I understand correctly what you are after. If you want some cards that goes infinite with your commander, there is a few artifacts that untap creatures for mana, e.g. Umbral mantle and staff of domination
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  • posted a message on B&R Update April 13th 2020
    Quote from Patch8700 »

    Do you mean checks are only done in the first game of a match, or the first match? Because checks are done at the beginning of the match and that's the only time it matters. They are done randomly for every match throughout the tournament. You can't "forget to unsideboard" and get away with it if you get chosen for a deck check.
    I can guarantee you that any issues with companions are overblown. I'm not saying someone somewhere won't try. But let's be honest, none of the companions are very competitive and are unlikely to see much tournament play. They're a gimmick for arena players to play with and that's it.

    Edit: second copy in hand is risky if you're aiming to cheat. Your forgetting about discard and Thoughtseize effects. Also, judge

    I am saying that you CAN cheat by sbing in extra copies in game 2 and 3 (note, Lutri, like the others, specify a rule for your starting deck and those extra copies in sb is fine) and still play your companion and as I also mentioned before, you cant see that ppl sb something in because they just mix their full sb into main deck and extract some cards. This is a new problem! You can cheat on deck construction in game 2 and 3 only!

    I agree that in practice it wont be too important because as Lutri is not that strong (I disagree with that you said that none of them are that strong. The ug one will be very strong in standard fires - one of the top decks - they are mostly following the rule anyway and could use more cards - but luckily it is one of those you cant cheat with)

    (I considered being quite sacastic abou me overlooking discard effects in regards to second copy in hand cheating. I literally wrote that the only way to catch you keeping a second copy in hand is discard effects. They aint common in standard anyway).

    I guess you are right in that judges can see a second copy while walking around, but judges tries hard not to interfer in games without reason (which should be clear) and if you play with your cards close to your body or play with some of the cards in your hand lying face down on the table (both something people actually do) they wont be able to see your cards in hand while walking around. Besides that if you only cheat wit instants or sorceries, people typically play with their gy in a stack, so the judges cant actually see it unless it is the top card of your gy and in your hand.
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  • posted a message on B&R Update April 13th 2020
    Quote from Patch8700 »
    The moment someone with Lutri has a second copy of a card you know they're cheating. As others have pointed out, deck building restrictions have existed for a few decades and it has been fine.

    If you've ever done tournament play, you would know that deck lists are submitted in advance and random deck checks are performed by judges. So in no real sense is anyone at risk of being bamboozled.

    As I mentioned, you can just keep the second copy in hand - that way they typically cant catch you - outside discard effects. It hurts a bit, but if you say play 2 of each card, you are still very unlikely to see both and in that case it does not hurt at all.

    Deck checks: note that the requirement is on your main deck only. You can have cards in sb breaking the singleton rule (if you followed the rules you could then sb in and not play with your companion or you could use it as a wishboard in older formats that has wishes). Failure to de sideboard is typically game loss (I imagine this stuff will get you DQed though if it just smells like this). Thus, you just put your duplicates in sb, shuffle them in and then “forget” to de-sideboard. Heck, deck checks are typically only performed before first game, so you can cheat this way in the second an third game and be fairly safe. Note that this is a new problem. It is not the same thing as cheating by playing more than 4 of a card, because that can be caught by a standaed deck check. You might say that you just check if they sb anything in, but quite many people -as I am sure you know, since you seemingly have played in tournaments - hides the number they sb by shuffling in their full sb and then removing cards. Therefore, yes, you can bambozle people with this...

    (Just in case someone missunderstand me, I am only playing online, so I really really cant cheat with this - I am trying to see what kind of problems this card can cause and no, it is just this card with that issue really it is not the mechanic)
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  • posted a message on B&R Update April 13th 2020
    Quote from Athreos »
    Quote from Reaper9889 »
    I think it is also uniquely bad in that your oppeont can not really check if you follow the requirement - you need judge checks for it.

    You never had to check if the opponent's deck had 5 copies of a card of a minimum of 60. You start with their companion revealed, so you know which criteria all his cards have to meet. Once he plays an illegal card, slap a nearby judge on opponent's face.

    True, but you need something like 8 of a card to match the difference between singleton and two of each card... Also, it is plausible that there is a 2 cards combo with Lutri which was the issue I focused on, which makes it quite different from a normal deck situration

    Also, the second part WAS my point; for the others, you cheating with them will not actually help (since you cant play the card you cheat with). Lutri can not be checked essily and you just have to be a bit careful to cheat with it.
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  • posted a message on B&R Update April 13th 2020
    Quote from Xcric »
    while their logic to ban the card is sound, their logic to print the card anyway feels fundamentally flawed.

    its now banned in 2 formats, and its restriction is so limiting there almost zero chance it's going to show up anywhere else given the nature of variance and how hard decks want consistency.

    I agree. I think it is also uniquely bad in that your oppeont can not really check if you follow the requirement - you need judge checks for it. Every other companion can easily be checked (except theoretically the one that requires you to pick a nonland type) on a card by card level, like if you play the the br companion (requiring odd converted mana costs), then you can only cheat with it by never playing any of your even costed cards - thus non of those cards matters for the game and you are better of by following the constraimt. Here, you can cheat by simply keeping the second copy in hand. Like, say card X is a two card combo with Lutri, then it clearly increases the likelyhood of you winning if you play 4 of card X andd just never play a second copy, ensuring none can see you cheat, outside judge checks.
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