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  • posted a message on [[M14]] Colossal Whale
    Does the new islandwalk wording make it function any differently? Also, how does this differe from O rings function?
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  • posted a message on Comic-Con Magic Panel + Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord
    Quote from urzassedatives
    Not to mention that shocklands' life payment is not connected to being able to use the land.
    And also, this is not a "policy". It was a statement made regarding why they cut Painlands out of the core set.
    It is not a blanket statement to apply to why they do/don't reprint certain lands.

    Not to mention that "policy" isn't new. It was what...5 years ago?
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  • posted a message on My Human NAYA ZOO-Enity.
    You need 4 of each champion, waif, and caged. You want an aggressive efficient first turn. Drop the rallies and the red sun. May want to drop the hellrider too without tokens. You need more burn, so go to 4 Brimstones, and maybe 4 incinerates (sb arc trail?).

    There are probably more changes there. Not sure if the mana base is there to support the 3 colors at a low curve like back when we had the Ravnica lands.
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  • posted a message on Worst Limited Set in terms of Mechanics?
    Quote from TheLizard
    Both of the uncommon Miracles that have been spoiled so far (red and white) seem like perfectly playable cards without the Miracle ability, so I don't think that assessment is really right. I mean, 5 damage for 6 mana is not ideal, but it's fine in most formats.

    5 mana for 4-5 damage to a creature or player is par for your avg common or uncommon sorcery (lava axe, fireball, pyrotechnics). 6 mana to make it an instant by itself seems fine. Potential to play it for 2 mana makes it a bit above the curve, even if it isn't enough to see constructed play. It will be a first or 2nd pick in draft, and is likely to make it in casual burn decks. Successful card
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  • posted a message on [M13] Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker
    Can someone remind me where Bolas left off in the in the story line? Usually the core set previews in some way what is going on with the next block. I would think they'd try to get bolas back in everyone's mind if they are about to mesh the Zendikar storyline with NPH
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  • posted a message on Recommended Bots For New Players
    Does anyone know who the creature bots are attached to? They only buy, and they buy at good prices, but only good cards. I just wonder where they sell them.
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  • posted a message on Recommended Bots For New Players
    Yeah, they are the best i've found so far. Their card prices are decent occasionally as well
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  • posted a message on Recommended Bots For New Players
    I probably should have picked a few more cards and packs to try, but I wasnt very impressed by the bots on page 1. No one should be paying 3.75 for DKA boosters right now, for instance.

    Does anyone have a good booster bot?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] W(x) Death & Taxes
    I've started bringing in Silence for the UR storm decks. Very helpful.

    Affinity destroys me. The starts are just too explosive.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] W(x) Death & Taxes
    I played in a daily today on MTGO. First tournament with this deck and in Modern in general. I ran the list on the front page -2 Thalia (only have 1), -1 Mangara, -1 SoW, +2 Oblivion Ring, +2 Fiend Hunter. Finished 2-2.

    1-2 against Ravager - Starts were too explosive. I was able to drag the 2 losses out, but ravagers moving counters, pumps from delerium master and the guy from M12, and man lands were too much.

    2-1 against RUw aggro deck. Delvers, Steppe Lynx, helix, remand.

    1-2 against RU storm - Land denial and arbiter slowed him game 1, but eventually he combo'd. Game 2 was won with an early Grunt. Game 3 I started with 2 firewalkers and a grunt and thought I'd be fine. Dropped firewalker on my T2, in retrospect I should have cast the grun first, but it wouldn't have mattered. I was safe from grapeshot, but he dropped ~30 goblins on me his turn 3.

    2-0 against POD - arbiters/mindsensors, thalia, and fiend hunter were MVPs, along with the standard mana denial.

    Would silence be a good SB card for the UR storm decks that I've seen quite a few of in testing and when watching the tournaments? Obviously, more thalias would be good. I too think the javaliers might be better than the SoWs. I think I would have pulled out the affinity win if I'd had more removal to get rid of his skirges.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] W(x) Death & Taxes
    I've been finding myself wishing for some form of card draw. This would mean splashing in to blue, black or green. Muldrifter comes to mind, as does dark confidant. Anyone else tried anything for a little card advantage? I find myself running out of steam. Vials would make splashin a creature for draw fairly easy.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] W(x) Death & Taxes
    I'm still playing a mono white version very similar to the one posted in the primer. I like Mangara, but he's kind of slow and you really want Flickerwisp or Stonecloaker first to do tricks with him.

    I'm expecting to see a lot of creatures playing online, so would Fiend Hunter be a better MD option? I can still do all the fun tricks that I can if I have Flicker or Stonecloaker, but I also definitely end up with a body no matter what happens. I guess the only drawback is that a bolt gives them their guy back.

    I'm also expecting a lot of elves and red decks (cheap and still comptetive). I run 3 MD Kitchen Finks. I'm hoping 4 Kor Firewalker and 2 Timely Reinforcements is more than enough for any aggressive red strategy, but what about elves? I haven't tested enough to know if I need to even bring anything in against elves.

    Thanks for the help.
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  • posted a message on Best (Reputable) place to purchase bulk tickets?
    Wilm - it doesn't seem like you're buying bot shares credit with your selling bots. Is that correct or am I doing something wrong?
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  • posted a message on Mono Black Control
    Quote from ptony
    There have been several "Mono Black Midrange" decks placing at events here recently. Smaller events, but events nonetheless. I thought I'd try my hand at one of these lists as I've been going in and out of MBC for a couple of years now. I'm going to try this out at FNM (unless I decide I want to win, in which case I'll play something else).

    I've always taken a small creature base approach, usually 4 beaters, and 2 finishers. I think this list may be strictly better. I can see having issues against tempered steel, and RDW if they have a nutty start, but the SB is pretty good for that. Let me know what you think, or any improvements to be made.

    I think you need more land. You have 8 4cc spells and 6 5+ cc spells (inlcuding BSZ here). You need quite a few swamps for oblit, corrupt, and lash. I'd add at least 1 more. You want to drop a land every turn 1-4.
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  • posted a message on Judge Promo Dark Confidant
    Quote from Zakman86
    Once you figure in everything (hotel, product, foils, etc.), you generally get about $1k in compensation for working a GP. I'm perfectly fine with not getting it in cash (and it being non-taxable).

    You aren't reporting and paying taxes your all of your earnings? Just because it isn't cash doesn't mean it is non taxable. Tsk Tsk.
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