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  • posted a message on Jace
    Quote from Jivanmukta »
    Quote from SpiderClaus »
    stop exaggerating. he wasnt printed in khans block or bfz block. at least think a bit before you post something like this.

    How many times was a Jace printed versus,.... any other PW?

    Ajani - 5
    Chandra - 6
    Jace - 7
    Garruk - 5
    Gideon - 4
    Liliana 4
    Nissa - 4

    So Jace is printed the most by 1. Not really that extreme considering he is the "face" of the game.

    Are you equally upset by Chandra having more printings then every non-jace walker?

    Let's not pretend we don't get what this person is saying.

    Isn't it remarkable that even though he doesn't lead by the most card printings, Jace is still in the vast majority of promotional material, card arts, flavor texts etc? Isn't it also remarkable that he has more tournament-viable cards than any other walker.

    Perception is reality, and he feels like he's there more because of the aforementioned remarkable things.

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  • posted a message on Nahiri the Harbinger
    Harbinger of what, exactly?
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  • posted a message on Can anyone in the Magic universe beat Goku?
    Incorrect as to how the spirit bomb works.

    Goku gathers ki from the environment and people. It is the equivalent of absorbing mana from lands. Ki is quite literally life energy, as is mana. It's insane to draw a distinction between them.

    Just in case you do wish to draw an asinine distinction, do note that I used Chaozu as a reference and then brought up the actual magic users like Babidi and Demigra. You have provided no defense.

    Your knowledge of Magic's lore is lacking. I suggest you brush up on that before you dare call anyone stupid, friend.
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  • posted a message on Can anyone in the Magic universe beat Goku?
    For your last comment about DBZ's villains, I'm going to eviscerate your argument. Magic's creative team cannot, on their best day, create villains like Cell, Piccolo Daimao, Vegeta, Freeza or Beerus. And Toriyama ain't no Shakespeare.

    Typically? According to whom?

    Outskirts Battledome, Death Battle, comicvine and every other forum dedicated to cross-series versus matches.

    I already explained why going "WELL MAYBE MANA OPERATES DIFFERENTLY FROM KI" defeats the ENTIRE purpose of a cross-series versus match. Get over it.

    Chaozu's mental abilities work no differently than any other ki based moves in Dragonball that can be shrugged off with a sufficiently high power level.

    Incorrect. According to the only description of his abilities available, Daizenshuu, Chaozu's abilities aren't ki-based.

    First Appearance: Chapter 80
    Category: special
    People: Ginyu, Gurudo, Cell, Turbo, Freeza, General Blue, Chaozu, Majin Buu (good)
    Special Characteristics: A technique where, without touching them, they move objects with their thoughts. It is also called physic power. Blue guides the objects’ motion with his eyes, while Gurudo and Freeza use their arm movements. Freeza’s ability was passed on to Cell. (Daizenshuu 2, p.205/Daizenshuu 4, p.58, p.69)

    All of Chaozu's powers fall into the "special" category, whereas most other characters' powers are ki-based.

    If you want to use a better example of how true magic works in the DBZ universe then Babidi is a clearer example to use.

    Don't worry, I'll use him too. You know, since this post is going to be my mic drop.

    As you can clearly see with your cursory understanding of DB's lore, Vegeta simply willed Babidi's magic away by powering up his ki. Babidi was actively trying to control his mind, but after he threw his fit and powered up Babidi couldn't penetrate his mind again. This is consistent with what we saw from Chaozu and Nappa.

    Just for fun, Dragonball Xenoverse also shows someone with godly ki cannot be mentally manipulated. What does Goku have? Godly ki.

    Questions like "does The Force affect Chakra" are valid because it would determine how sensing works.

    No, it isn't valid at all. If one is to assume the force has no effect on chakra, then let's say Naruto throws a rasenshuriken. No amount of force pushing would affect it. Versus debates are inherently stupid, but it's rules like "assume all energy works the same" that allows them to even exist in the first place. You're not gonna sit there talking about how different Goku's Kamehameha works from Superman's heat vision. For the purposes of a versus debate, they can interact with each other, and then the one with greater feats wins. Simple as that.

    The biology question is significantly less interesting as their is little indication that basic biology is different.

    It's not interesting, but neither are the semantics of "would this even work the same way"? Look at Jace, and then look at Goku. CLEARLY their biology is different. We know Goku isn't even human by Dragonball Z's verse, which further hampers things.

    Hell, the reason that Goku isn't a blood knight like the rest of the Saiyan's has been chocked up to him suffering brain damage as a youth.


    So, no, I won't grant equivalence between Chaozu's mindfreaker abilities and something that works in a different fashion. The fact that it's ki vs mana isn't the issue, but that both work separately.


    They work the same. Chaozu points at someone or looks in their direction, he starts to mindtouch them. Jace points or looks at someone, he starts to mindtouch them. Same thing.

    It works like this: Chaozu was a supporting character to a minor antagonist. He was never written to be all that powerful.

    Again, versus debate. Narrative importance and authorial intent have no bearing here. Yamcha is an infinitely more important character than Cui/Yakon. Doesn't mean Cui/Yakon wouldn't annihilate him in seconds.

    Using his mental abilities as an argument against character from an entirely different property is foolish.

    No, versus debates are foolish. The only thing that lends them any validity is establishing equivalences and creating a "neutral ground" where both characters have access to their full suite of abilities. Simple, basic stuff.

    Seriously, I don't know how you wrote this "assume that Chaozu's mind magic is equivalent to Jace's or Nicol Bolas'" without choking. Chaozu equal to Jace? Equal to NICOL BOLAS? Ludicrous.

    So you don't have an actual argument other than "Chaozu isn't important in his show. No way he can beat someone in mine." What kind of sense does that even begin to make?

    Your spiderman argument is a non-starter. Shared Universe in a Western Comic.Different rules (and within his own narrative he rarely stays down for long, or loses for long, just like every other traditional story with the only difference being scale)

    What the heck are you even talking about. Spiderman is a narratively more important character than TOAA, Galactus, and pretty much everyone else in the Marvel universe not named Wolverine, yet he still doesn't even begin to compare to the juggernauts out there. This is basic stuff. Narrative importance has no bearing on a characters power level or combat efficacy. Deal with it.

    Chaozu exceeding most magic characters is irrelevant. Most magic characters don't specialize in mental magic and the two you name dropped blow him out the water

    No, it's actually quite relevant. Chaozu being an upper-tier mindfreaker when compared to Magic's characters show just how low-tier Magic's characters are. That goes back to the point of this thread, which is "Can anyone in Magic beat Goku". No, they cannot since Goku puts the telepath (Chaozu) with greater feats (than most of Magic's characters) to shame.

    Because Goku commonly strikes first?

    Yes. Goku tends to strike first.

    Doesn't talk at all?


    And destroys the entire planet with it's presumably millions of innocents on it?


    And you don't see how you're trying to put limits on Goku? Why would you put this fight on a planet with millions of innocent people? To purposefully handicap what Goku can do.

    Your argument here is completely contradictory to the character.

    Good thing Goku's character isn't at all like Funimation's old DBZ dub portrays him. The REAL Goku is callous and doesn't ponder consequences. He'll destroy that planet and then bring it back with the dragonballs.

    Further, if we're taking the characters' morals into play, then they wouldn't be fighting in the first place. Don't you get what a versus battle is about?

    Ultimately, Nicol Bolas would defeat Goku by talking to him. No magic required. Because Goku is an idiot and Nicol Bolas isn't a mustache twirling Toriyama villain.

    Goku wouldn't need more than a kiai, which can be done with just a look, to beat Bolas.
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  • posted a message on How You Make a Return Set Right
    Fanservice, in my experience, ruins works. I'm glad you're excited, really I am, but maybe temper your expectations a smidgen. As you said yourself, we're only 45 cards in.
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  • posted a message on Aberrant Researcher
    You either die a good card or live long enough to see yourself become a *****ty one.

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  • posted a message on Conspiracy 2 Take the Crown
    Oh hey, no Dack this time around probably. Aww.
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  • posted a message on Shadows Over Innistrad April 2016
    Quote from jar75 »
    Quote from Draken »
    Don't know if this was mentioned, but I would LOVE to see a Legendary Sherlock Holmes Character. Maybe UW. If this creature is equipped it can't be blocked and gets +2/+2 and some other neat ability :p

    Holmes would be UB, and I would very much welcome a UB protagonist.

    I wouldn't want a Sherlock Holmes stand-in. It would make me very sad if he wound up being outwitted by Jace.

    Unless it's on a random one-off card like Mr. Hyde in Innistrad 1.0.
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  • posted a message on 4chan poster claims Egypt theme, then another Ravnica block to follow Inistrad
    That's way too much information. I'm skeptical.
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  • posted a message on Is it just me, or does Magic feel like it's in a strange place now
    It's just a mid-life crisis. Everyone goes through them, even Magic. Wink
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  • posted a message on Conspiracy 2 Take the Crown
    This interests me.
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  • posted a message on Deadpool Movie
    Quote from PopeJP »

    I think the issue here is that you're viewing it as a failed parody, but it wasn't really a parody. It is a super hero movie that happens to contain a character who pokes fun at the genre a bit.

    Nah. I say exactly what I'm thinking.

    Let me give you a comparable example. Let's say someone wants to make fun of the fact that women are oversexualized in comic books... so they create a comic book of nothing but oversexualized women doing oversexualized women stuff. At what point does it stop being a satire and starts being just the same overindulgence it's meant to protest?

    That's Deadpool to me. It's a really good movie, but stops itself from being a great movie because it's just a really generic superhero/action movie plot once you take away the references.

    Also, it DID promise to be something unique and different. "Not your typical superhero story," except it is.

    Quote from Raver »
    Just watched the movie. I never laughed so much before at a movie theater before in my life.

    I think the genius of Deadpool's comedy is there's like 3 jokes every minute, so even if some fall flat, you're bound to find enough of them hilarious for the movie to be hilarious.

    Personally, only 3 jokes fell flat for me. 3 out of like a bajillion.
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  • posted a message on Deadpool Movie
    Quote from Highroller »
    Quote from TerrorKingA »

    On topic: I didn't mention my one problem with Deadpool. While it was making fun of the superhero movie genre, it was still just a typical superhero movie. You can't parody while being the thing you're parodying.
    What? No, a parody has to be the thing it's parodying. That's the whole point of parody.

    You're misunderstanding what I said. The point being made is Deadpool acts like it's fresh and going against the mainstream conventions of the genre, but it actually isn't. It brings nothing new to the table, and doesn't try to meet its potential to be more.
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  • posted a message on Deadpool Movie
    You absolutely can. Galaxy Quest is the greatest parody movie of all time, and it's unabashedly the thing it's parodying.

    Never seen it. Don't doubt you.

    Deadpool falls short by parodying the generic superhero movies, while itself still being a generic superhero movie with a really safe ending. The film I feel that will truly defy the conventions of the genre thus far is Batman v Superman.

    And again, I want nobody to think this means I think the film is bad, average or above average. It's a great effing movie, bros. Watch it. Give Ryan Reynolds your money and let Tim Miller get more work.
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  • posted a message on Deadpool Movie
    I dunno what you're talking about. Tom Hardy signed on for Fury Road and any other sequels that arise. The only obstacle a Fury Road sequel faces is director George Miller himself, who wants to do other projects right now, and there's no way WB would let someone else direct a Mad Max movie.

    On topic: I didn't mention my one problem with Deadpool. While it was making fun of the superhero movie genre, it was still just a typical superhero movie. You can't parody while being the thing you're parodying. That's what stops this from being an amazing film, really. Still pretty great though.
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