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  • posted a message on Secret Lair
    Not for me but I understand that not everything will be. Feels off that Wizards is effectively moving into the singles market. FTV kind of did that but that was only 1 product/year: this is like 7 FTV "Drops" and I'd guess they'll be once a quarter for all of 2020. And only available from WotC for 24hrs? I thought they we're trying to help the LGS or at least wanting it to look that way. My year of being disappointed/mystified in WotC's decisions continues...
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  • posted a message on 2019 Grand Prix Schedule
    Anyone know when the next year's Grand Prix schedule tends to be available? I'm surprised there's nothing on the mothership 4 months out.
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  • posted a message on Best software for 1-1 testing
    I'm looking to test out some decks in a 1-1 format on a single machine. Reading through the full software list thread, it appears there's a lot of options to choose from. Do any of the third party apps stand out for this purpose? I really like an undo/rewind feature, support for older cards, and as much automation as possible.

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  • posted a message on Choose your own Sealed
    My LGS does sealed for FNM, but instead of being the normal distribution of sets, each player can pick any 6 boosters from those they have available (typically all sets in standard). At the risk of this tread being derailed by a discussion of whether or not this is a good idea, I'm looking for thoughts as to what would be the most competitive 6 boosters to choose.
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  • posted a message on "Selling a whole collection" thread
    I'm preparing to sell a large portion of my collection, and am looking for advice on how best to do so. I know this question comes up often, but I think the best strategies tend to shift as well. I'll post what I've learned from my research and some outstanding questions; if anyone has extra advice I'd love to hear it.

    My goals in this is to A) turn my more expensive cards into MTGO tix/packs, and B) significantly reduce the bulk of my collection. For tickets, I understand that CapeFearGame buys singles and bulk commons/uncommons at a 20% premium if you choose to take MTGOtrader bot credits instead of cash.

    I've sorted my collection first into rares/mythics or common/uncommons and then by expansion, The rares I scanned into DelverLens add sorted into <$1, <$5 and >$5 categories, the latter of which I'll sell as singles. I used tcgplayer price lists to pull out the money commons/uncommons (thank you Aether Vial!), and just for fun set aside the commons/uncommons I felt had potential to be chase cards in the future; the rest of I'll sell as bulk for ~$3/1000 cards. I also removed and scanned all foil cards as Cape Fear Games offer a higher bulk-rate for those.

    ...Or that was my plan until I realized that the shipping costs for bulk commons/uncommons mean I'll be lucky to break even. I may do it anyway as a least it will be equivalent to just buying tix online with the added value of no longer having to store the cards, but I'm also going to see if any game store within driving distance (from Charlotte) or Craigslist is interested.

    Some outstanding questions/comments:
    • I haven't really considered shopping around to other online stores with buylists as I read only CFG offers MTGO credit. Does anyone know of somewhere else I should consider.
    • Yes, I could possibly have higher profit margins on eBay, Pucatrader or other outlets; it's worth more to me not to have to deal with individual transactions and the 20% MTGO bonus goes a long way to making up the difference.
    • I have about ~300 foreign language cards, but I haven't seen any information about whether they are worth more/less or details on selling them.
    • I'm planning on just demoting surplus basic lands to my lgs, unless there's a better option. Are foil basic lands worth selling?
    • I have lots of non-game paraphernalia from pre-release/older sets, e.g. (empty) Onslaught Tournament Pack boxes, "pro tour player" trading cards, extra pre-release inserts, etc. I assume not, but is there a market for any of that stuff?
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  • posted a message on Hour of Devastation Promo Materials and New Cards
    Eternalise has to be something like Embalm, but it also has to follow "modern design sensibilities". One of those is to avoid repetitive game play, which Embalm already skirts awfully close to, so I think any kind of infinite (or even three time) recursion is out.

    I think a powered-up Embalm is more likely. Getting a +1/+1 counter is probably out as A) they don't want to mix counters and B) that would be too close to poorly received Megamorph. I suspect indestructible is too good to be on than many creatures, though it does match the flavor of "Eternalize" and is less OP in a -1/-1 counter set.

    What if instead a counter, the token it creates just has +1/+1 to its base P/T? That solves the mixed counter issue, is doable as they're printing token cards anyway, and gives the promo cat splash value (a 2/2 double strike is so much better than 1/1). The downside is that doesn't seem very "eternal", but perhaps that's the best creative could find?.
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  • posted a message on Wait, what is this "Full Trade List"?
    From the mothership MTGO anouncement article:
    This new "binder" will automatically be updated to contain every digital object in your collection that could be traded, and will be updated each time you add or remove products, either through store purchases, events, or trades.

    So if I open a buy bot and accidentally select my Full Trade List, suddenly my entire collection is available for trade? Why would I ever want to do that?

    What I've been wanting forever is a "Never Trade List" where I can put cards I have in decks I don't want to break up accidentally. This seems like the exact opposite.
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  • posted a message on Is there some mtgo rule against high life totals?
    Yup, I've brewed that deck though haven't picked it up for a while. iirc if you type in anything higher than 254 it doesn't accept it, but you can type in 254 and then hit the up arrow as many times as you like! I can understand the token limit and how it could make the interface unwieldy, but I wish max life would be like 9999 Frown
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  • posted a message on Best online draft simulator
    Which online draft simulator has the best bots? I've been using Top8 and like the interface, but it feels like the bots get far too attached to the colors of their first few picks. The others I know of are draftsim and tapped-out, but I don't know if they're any better.
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  • posted a message on Can anyone tell me what's up with the art on [card]Unknown Shores[/card]?
    I found myself staring at a copy of Unknown Shores the other day and it feels like the art has absolutely no relation to the card. It's showing some sort of green sludge in a stone factory, no sign of a coastline or anything. Does anyone have a better interpretation? Seems like a rather uncharacteristic miss by Wizards as far as I can tell. Thoughts?
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  • posted a message on MTGO "Choose a number" interface, specifically Volcano Hellion
    Is there anywhere to get more information on how specific cards are handled by the MTGO interface? I'm specifically wondering about Volcano Hellion's "any amount of damage" ability: when I use it, the interface seems to limit me to 99 damage. I tried testing it in solitaire, and once I had more than 99 life, it seems to change the limit to 256, but that looks like the upper limit no matter what my (or my opp's) life total is. I'd love to find official info on how to override that or confirming that that is a limitation of MTGO.
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  • posted a message on "Cross" block constructed
    I've always been interest in a format where you have to play block constructed decks, but each player can choose whichever block they'd like. Does anyone know if such a format has a name already?
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  • posted a message on Least common evergreen keyword pairings
    I'm working on a "cycle" of colorless creatures each with two evergreen keywords. As they're suppose to have an otherworldly flavor, I want the keyword pairs to be unexpected and a little jarring, i.e. keywords that haven't often, if ever, been printed on the same creature. Obviously I still want them to be sensible, so I'm not looking for "Flying, Reach" or "Defender, Trample". I'm curious what people think are the best keyword pairs for this cycle.
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  • posted a message on Work that Name
    Slip white mana
    Instant (C)
    Tap target creature.
    Slide black mana
    Instant (C)
    Target creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn.

    Glow Mite white mana
    Creature—Insect (C)
    Whenever Glow Mite attacks, untap another target creature you control.

    Shooting Stars
    Liquid Flame
    Snow Sprite
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  • posted a message on Setshifted
    I can't seem to find a card named Mercenary Enforcer. Phonetically, the closest I can see is Myr Enforcer, so we'll just go with that.

    Boros Enforcer 5RW
    Creature—Human Soldier (U)
    First Strike
    Boros Enforcer costs 1 mana less to cast for each creature that attacked this turn.

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